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									Cornerstone Christian College
Student handbook

      “Live the questions”

Welcome to Cornerstone
    Welcome from the Director of Student Affairs
    Welcome from the SRC
FYI (for your information)
    What is the vision of Cornerstone?
    What are the values of Cornerstone?
    What do we believe?
    Our Philosophy of Education
    What do we expect of you?
    Who do we contact if we have a college issue?

Student Life (its happening…)
The Student Representative Council
   What is the SRC?
   Who are the SRC members?
   Who can I talk to besides the SRC?
   Where can I relax at CCC?
   Are there any student led initiatives?
   How do I hand in my assignments for grading?
   How will I receive my assignments back?
The Student Affairs Office
   Who is the director of student Affairs?
   What does the office of Student Affairs do?
   What special services does the office offer?
   Are there any special events or activities I should know about?
   Does CCC value pastoral care of a home church?
   What if I’m an international student?
   What about living in residence?

Academic Life (be in the know!)
   Academic calendar (not in this version)
   Probation and Conditional Acceptance
       • What’s my status in the first term?
       • What happens if I don’t meet the requirements?
       • When does registration occur?
       • Until when can I change modules?
       • How are my modules refunded for change or cancellation of
       • Can I change my stream?
       • Can I audit a module for no credit?
       • What if I withdraw from a programme or want to leave
41                                                                           2
       The module system
       Class Timetable
       Exams, assignments – all you need to know
            • Where do I hand in my assignments?
            • What should my assignments look like?
            • How do we grade you?
            • What if my assignments are late?
            • How are exams conducted?
            • What happens if I miss an exam?
            • What makes me eligible for a re-evaluation exam?
       Class Behaviour
       Academic Integrity
           • What is plagiarism?
           • What is cheating?
           • What are the consequences of cheating and plagiarism?
             • Why is your work moderated?
       Academic Appeals
       The Big Day: graduation

     All you need to know about using the Library and Computer Lab
            • What facilities are available?
            • How do I look up information about where to find books,
                journals or videos?
            • How do I make photocopies?
            • How do I access the computer lab?
            • How do class readings work?
            • What are the rules for the reference library and study area?
            • How do I borrow and return books?
            • Achtung: fines!
            • What happens if I lose a book?
            • Library co-operation and behaviour?
            • What library hours?

     Financial Policy (read this carefully!)

           • What do I pay? (payment plans)
           • What if I don’t pay my fees?
           • When are refunds applicable?
           • How do I pay?
      Scholarships and Bursaries
           • How do I apply for financial aid?

                                        3                                         40
   Disciplinary Procedure
   Harassment policy                               Your address book
   Change of Address
   Visitors                                 Name    address    email   Cell/tel

College Address:
524 Lansdowne rd

Tel: +27(0)21 7610241
                                                                      39                                                             4
The Registrar needs to be informed of all address changes, either of
your personal residence or your local church.

FEES                                                                        Welcome from the Director of Student Affairs
Graduation certificates and grade reports will be withheld unless all the
financial requirements have been fully met. All enquiries are made to the   Welcome to Cornerstone and a new world of learning,
Registrar or Director of Administration.
                                                                            being challenged and getting to know fellow students !
VISITORS                                                                    We’ve tried to set out a user friendly handbook for
Prospective applicants to the college may, after having made prior
                                                                                                         as resource
                                                                            students that you can use as a resource for many of
arrangements with the Registrar and lecturer concerned, sit in on a         the questions you might have about the college as a
lecture. It is recommended that such students arrange to visit on a
Wednesday so as to join the student body in the weekly Chapel services.     new student.

                                                                            My role as the Director of Student Affairs is to provide
                                                                            pastoral guidance and assistance to all students as
                                                                            well as the organization (together with the SRC!) of
                                                                            some key college events. Please know that I am there for
                                                                            you and that you can come to me at any time with a
                                                                            concern or issue, whether it be personal, interpersonal or
                                                                            a general query or concern.

                                                                            Take a good look through this handbook to student life
                                                                            and feel free to direct any other questions you might
                                                                            have to myself or the SRC.

                                                                            In Christ,

                                                                            Dr Nadine Bowers
                                                                                        Student Affa
                                                                            Director of Student Affairs
                                                                           5                                                                           38
Welcome from the SRC
                                                                               STUDENT DISCIPLINE PROCEDURE

                           Hey Guys                                            On occasion, the College may deem it necessary to discipline a student
                                                                               due to actions that are contrary to the values held by Cornerstone, and
                                                                               which adversely affect the student body and life of the College. In such
                           Welcome to Cornerstone, a whole new chapter         circumstances, discipline will be administered through the following
                           which I can guarantee you will in some way          procedure:
                           or another, change your life. Cornerstone is
                           the doorway to a whole new experience. You’ll           1. The Director of Student Affairs will meet with the student(s) to
                                                                                      determine the facts.
                           be able to experience the vast cultures,
                                                                                   2. If needed, the Director of Student Affairs will meet with further
                           nationalities and many challenging ideas                   eyewitnesses of the event to gain clarity of the facts given.
                           which will presented to you. Cornerstone is             3. The Director of Student Affairs will then meet with the Principal
                                nutshell,                              I’m
                           in a nutshell, an experience of a lifetime. I’m            and/or the Dean to discuss the matter.
                           so happy you chose to join us in this                   4. If further guidance is needed to determine discipline necessary
                           journey.                                                   for a given case, the student(s) will be required to attend a full
                                                                                      disciplinary committee, consisting of the chair-and vice-
                                                                                      chairperson of the Student Representative Council, a senior staff
We, the SRC, being lead by myself, are there to serve you as an                       member, a person from the Board of Trustees, the Director of
individual. We will be your voice and representatives during any                      Student Affairs, the Dean, and the Principal. This committee will
        forums.                          there,
college forums. However, it doesn’t end there, we’re also your friends.               then determine the necessary disciplinary action. Written records
We’re there for you when you need an ear, a shoulder to cry on or just                are kept of each action taken.
                                                                                   5. Prior to a full disciplinary hearing, the SRC are to be informed as
some support. We’re there to support you during your stay at                          to the students(s) concerned and the perceived need for the
Cornerstone. We want to make your stay at Cornerstone an enjoyable                    hearing. This information will be conveyed to the SRC via the
one. Be sure to check out the SRC related chapter within this student                 Director of Student Affairs. The matter will be discussed with due
hand book, it’s bound to answer any questions you may have. In it                     respect for confidentiality issues.
you’ll be given a brief introduction to the rest of the team and a brief
explanation of their individual portfolios.                                    HARASSMENT POLICY

                                                                               Cornerstone Christian College seeks to promote a working and learning
As I have already mentioned, I hope your stay at Cornerstone is one of         environment that is positive and uplifting for both employees and
an enjoyable nature and that we’ll all in time to come be able to share        students. Therefore, any form of harassment, will not be tolerated. This
the many good memories made. Please, feel free to grab me (or any              includes, but is not limited to sexual harassment and any other form of
other SRC member) and have a cup of coffee in the Sugar Bowl. I’d              harassment related to race, gender, ethnicity, age, or physical or mental
love to get to know you as a friend!                                           disability.

                                                                               Students with harassment complaints should report the incident to the
In Christ,                                                                     Director of Student Affairs.

Mncedisi (Welcome) Zulu
SRC Chairperson
                                                                         37                                                                              6
    Charges for photocopying and printing are not included in the
    above fees.
    Students utilising the University of Stellenbosch photocopy facility will
    be levied a photocopy fee by the university.
                                                                                  (Frequently asked questions)
Contact: Admin Office (Room 24)
                                                                                                What is Cornerstone’s vision?
                                                                                  Cornerstone Christian College is a community of learning
How do I apply for financial aid?                                                committed to a Christ-centred, biblically-shaped worldview,
                                                                                 preparing leaders for service in churches and communities.
For students who are in financial need, the college has certain
scholarships available on application. In addition, students may be
assisted by a bursary allocation in the form of a Campus Employment
                                                                                        What are Cornerstones Core Values?
position, where the student’s account will be credited with a maximum of
43 hours work per month.                                                                    •    Respect

The Criteria for a Scholarship is as follows:                                               •    Integrity
   1. The student must be a member of and be recommended by
      his/her Church by submitting a letter of recommendation from the                      •    Excellence
   2. The student must have a distinct call of God to prepare for some                      •    Unity
      definite Christian service and be prepared to enter the field and
      loyally work within it for at least three years after qualification, if
      possible. A testimony describing the call in detail and an                            •    Creativity
      undertaking to this effect must be provided.
   3. The student must demonstrate a genuine need for financial
      assistance by completing the Financial Aid form, available from
                                                                                    What to expect from us (our Philosophy of
      the Bursary Office.                                                                         Education)
   4. The student must have a sense of commitment to finish the
      training (failing which all monies granted must be repaid) and            Cornerstone Christian College is a community of learning committed to a
      signing an undertaking accordingly.                                       Christ-centred, biblically-shaped worldview, preparing leaders for service
   5. Second and third year students have to ensure that their student          in churches and communities. In all of our programmes and activities we
      account has been paid in full before they can be considered for           encourage students to have a passion for God, personal holiness, a high
      financial aid for the next academic year.                                 value for people, personal integrity and growth toward wholeness.
   6. Foreign students cannot be admitted to the College unless they
      can pay 40% of the tuition fee prior to starting the academic year,       In acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all facets of life, we
      including the registration fee. The balance is to be paid by the end      strive for academic excellence, which includes a commitment to
      of the first semester. Students from SADAC countries are eligible         scholarship, an ability to think creatively and critically with an openness
      to apply for up to and no more than 40% bursary assistance. No            to continual learning. We aim to produce graduates who are self-
      financial assistance is guaranteed to any foreign student.                managing individuals, contributing workers, and critical citizens.

                                                                                The faculty is committed to using educational approaches
                                                                                accommodating diverse learning styles which encourage the above
                                                                 7                                                                                    36
values. We seek to avoid approaches to teaching and learning that             Foreign students will only be admitted to the College if they can pay
dehumanize or promote unhealthy competition.                                  60% of the tuition fee prior to starting the academic year, in addition to
                                                                              the registration fee. The balance is to be paid by the end of the first
The college exists to provide Christian-based higher education and            semester.
training for as wide a group as possible. No one will be excluded on the
basis of, for example, race, sex or physical disability. At the same time     When are fee refunds applicable?
we intentionally include and support the educationally disadvantaged.
Recognizing that our students come from a variety of backgrounds, the
curriculum is structured to give them the skills needed to live out the       4.1.      A non-refundable administration fee of R750 applies to all
Good news of Jesus Christ in a diverse community and broken world in a                  registered students.
spirit of love, reconciliation, justice and peace.                            4.2.      A 100% module fee refund applies if notification of withdrawal is
                                                                                        given prior to the first day of term.
                                                                              4.3.      A 75% module fee refund applies if notification of withdrawal is
 What do we expect of you? (Student Conduct)                                            given prior to the second week of term.
                                                                              4.4.      A 50% module fee refund applies if notification of withdrawal is
                                                                                        given prior to the third week of term.
Having outlined what you can expect from us – what are our                    4.5.      No fees will be refunded beyond the third week of the term.
expectations of you as a Cornerstone student? As a student
of this college you are expected to live by a pattern of                      How do I pay?
conduct which at all times reflects the highest standards of
Christian life both on and off the campus and that respects                          Fee payments are strictly by cheque or as a direct deposit into
and values the various denominational and cultural                                   the Cornerstone bank account. For security reasons no cash
backgrounds your fellow students come from.                                          payments will be accepted.
                                                                                     Direct deposits can be made into the following account:
1. Spiritual Example                                                             Account Holder:        Cornerstone Christian College
To demonstrate our commitment to Christ through the practice of the              Bank:                  Nedbank
spiritual disciplines; to demonstrate our commitment to the Body of Christ       Branch:                Epping-107510
through our loyalty to His church; to demonstrate our commitment to the          Account number:        1075030269
work of Christ through our being good stewards.                                  Swift number:          NEDSZAWJ

2. Moral Purity                                                               Please ensure that the deposit slip is faxed to: Administration
To engage only in those activities which glorify God with our body, mind      Department at 088 021 761 1913 and includes the student’s full
and spirit. To read, watch, listen to and engage in only those things that    name.
are of positive benefit to our spiritual well being. To respect the gift of
sexuality that God has given us and to make wise decisions regarding                 Cheques must be made payable to Cornerstone Christian College
sexual purity. Students are expected to abstain from involvement in                  and can be handed in at our offices on campus between 08h30 and
sexual relationships until marriage and to abstain from the use of                   15h30 or mailed to P O Box 430; Plumstead; 7801.
                                                                                     Queries regarding student fees can be directed to The
3. Personal Integrity                                                                Administration Department at (021) 7610241 or e-mail:
To live in a manner that inspires trust and confidence, showing the fruit  
of the Spirit and seeking to demonstrate the character of Christ in all our
behaviour.                                                                    NBNBNBNBNBNBNBNB
                                                                       35                                                                           8
First instalment due: 28 February                R5 665                      4. Family Responsibility
Second instalment due: 30 June                   R5 665                      To give priority to fulfilling family responsibilities and to preserving
                                                                             the family unit.
Plan D-Full payment in 9 monthly instalments
Total Cost for the year                     R14 837
Amount payable at registration               R2 800                          5. Responsible Lifestyle
Instalment on a monthly basis beginning                                      To seek to avoid activities which are offensive to others or which
28 February and ending 31 October           R1 337.50                        lead to addiction. We therefore expect there to be no alcohol,
                                                                             tobacco or addictive substances on campus, at college-related
Developed World Student Fees                                                 activities or in any public place or context where the name of the
Full Tuition                                      $ 4 410                    college can be brought into disrepute.
Cost per credit                                       $35
                                                                             6. Appearance
                                                                             To ensure that at all times our appearance and dress will be neat
    •   Students are responsible for the full payment of all fees.           and modest so as to enhance our Christian testimony, avoiding
    •   Students must ensure that they are issued with an official           pride, elaborateness and sensuality. We require that students be
        Cornerstone Christian College receipt on payment of                  sensitive to the cultural and fashion differences of the community.
        account.                                                             The Director of Student Affairs will monitor and advise in this area.

What happens if I don’t pay my fees?                                         7. Social Obligation
                                                                             To fulfil our role in society in a responsible way, we seek in our
Following registration students have the option of settling their account,   activities and attitudes to address injustices in a spirit of love and
by arrangement with the finance office, utilizing any one of the             understanding. We aim to cultivate a community that is sensitive
payment plans stipulated in the table of fees listed above.                  to cultural differences.
    •   Students who fail to comply with payment arrangements, as per
                                                                             8. Theological Diversity
        the agreed payment plan, will be granted a grace period of 15
        additional days to fulfil payment obligations on the outstanding
                                                                             Since the student body comes from diverse theological
        balance. After this the College reserves the right to withhold       backgrounds, there will inevitably be differing convictions in
        certain privileges from the student until such time as the full      matters of belief and practice. We encourage free expression of
        outstanding balance has been settled.                                one’s beliefs, with the one limitation that no one is to ridicule a
    •   Should a student still fail to settle an outstanding account,        fellow student’s convictions and practices. In a corporate setting
        the following consequences will prevail:                             students are to refrain from practices which may give offence to
        1. semester results and the certificate of qualification will be     others. This is in no way to bring such practices into question, or
            withheld; and                                                    to limit the student’s practice of them within his or her own church
        2. the student will not be permitted to register for the following   setting.
            academic year; and
        3. admission to the College residence will be refused until the      9. Violation of Academic Integrity
            outstanding balance (with interest and costs if applicable)      Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity in all
            has been paid in full.                                           their assignments and exams. Academic integrity requires that
        4. After a 15 day grace period a penalty fee of 5% per month         one gives proper credit to one’s sources and never represents
            will be charged on all accounts with an outstanding balance      someone else’s work as one’s own. Violation of academic integrity
            beyond 31 October
                                                                             can take several forms, the primary ones being plagiarism and
                                                                9                                                                           34
cheating, both of which will be treated with appropriate penalties
(see pg. 28 for forms of breach of academic integrity such as
                                                                        Financial Policy (read this carefully!)
plagiarism, cheating and punctuality and absenteeism).
                                                                     What do I Pay?
Unwillingness to uphold these standards may result in
appropriate disciplinary action (see Disciplinary Action).              •   Every student must pay the standard registration fee of R2
                                                                            800 in order to be registered as a student. A continuation fee
                                                                            of R320 per semester will be charged to students registered for
                                                                            the completion of senior project papers or fieldwork.

                                                                        •   Fees will be based on credits. Each credit costs R110.00. In
                                                                            addition each full-time student will pay an SRC levy of R270.
                                                                     Description          Year of Study          No of         Cost = R110
                                                                                                                 Credits       per credit
                                                                     Degree               1st                    126           R13 860
                                                                                          2nd                    128           R14 080
                                                                                          3rd                    120           R13 200
                                                                     Certificates                                120           R13 200
                                                                     BTh (Academic                               24            R2 640
                                                                     Residence Fees       Self-catering for                    R6 500
                                                                                          10 months

                                                                     Payment Plans for the degree programme

                                                                     Plan A – Full payment at registration receives a 5% discount
                                                                     Total Cost for the year                        R14 130
                                                                     5% discount                                        707
                                                                     Amount payable at registration                 R13 423

                                                                     Plan B-Full payment by 28 February
                                                                     Total Cost for the year                         R14 130
                                                                     Amount payable at registration                   2 800
                                                                     2.5% discount                                       354
                                                                     Balance payable by February                     R10 976

                                                                     Plan C-Full payment in 2 equal instalments
                                                                     Total Cost for the year                        R14 130
                                                                     Amount payable at registration                  2 800
                                                                      33                                                                            10
    •   Lost books must be replaced by the borrower. If a book is not
        returned within 30 days after the due date it will be considered
                                                                              Who do I contact?
        missing. The borrower will be given 30 days from the time the
        book is declared missing to replace it and settle any fines that      There are various people who you may need to contact with queries or
        have accrued. Failure to settle such matters within 30 days will      concerns during your time at Cornerstone. The list below will give you
        result in a cessation of library privileges.                          some indication. If you’re not sure feel free to ask the Director Student
                                                                              Affairs or alternatively a fellow student for advice.
Library Co-operation and behaviour
We need co-operation to achieve the right atmosphere for the library           Principal               Prof John Volmink        Principal’s suite
facilities, hence the following guidelines. These will be enforced and                                                          johnv@cornerstone.or
those who refuse to comply will be denied access to the facilities. Written                                           
warnings will be given, and if there is further lack of co-operation, a        Vice Principal          Dr Ashley Smith          Admin section
disciplinary hearing will follow.                                                                                               ashley@cornerstone.
    •   No food or drink is allowed in the library.                            Dean                    Dr Wayne Herman          Room 21
    •   A quiet atmosphere must be maintained.                                 (Curriculum/                                     wayne@cornerstone.
    •   No cell phone conversations are allowed anywhere in the                Academic Queries)                      
        library. Cell phones must be switched off.                             Counselling             Dr Ashley Smyth and      Admin section
    •   No littering.
                                                                               Department                                       ashley@cornerstone.
                                                                                                       Mrs. Geraldine 
    •   The librarian’s computer, desk and office area are out of bounds,
                                                                                                       Franciscus               Room 3
        as is the library store-room.
    •   Available books are those on the shelves and on the trolley.
    •   Books may not be marked in pen or pencil.                              Christian Studies       Rev Marius Brand         Room 21
    •   Lost books must be replaced by the borrower.                           Department              and                      marius@cornerstone.
    •   All books removed from the library must be issued in your name.                                               
                                                                                                       Dr Jessie Rogers         Room 18
What are the library hours?                                                                                                     jessie@cornerstone.o
Monday – Thursday                0900 – 2130                                   Community               Dr Sam Kareithi          Room 20
Friday                           0900 – 1700                                   Development                                      samuel@cornerstone.
Saturday                         0900 – 1300                                   Department                             
                                                                               Director of Student     Dr Nadine Bowers         Room 26
                                                                               Affairs (General                                 (downstairs)
                                                                               Student Queries and                              nadineb@cornerstone
                                                                               Registrar (Grade        Mrs. Caroline De Wet     Room 24 (downstairs)
                                                                               Queries, registration                            caroline@cornerstone
                                                                               of subjects)                           

                                                                               Student                 Mncedisi (Welcome)       0832648944
                                                                               Representative          Zulu
                                                                               Council                 Ryan Jooste              0833210090
                                                               11                                                                             32
Vice Chairperson                                                    identify additional readings that the student may want to photocopy for
Financial Office       Financial              admin@cornerstone.o   his or her own use.
Letters for Proof of   Mrs Caroline De Wet    Room 24               What are the rules for the reference library and study
Student Status         Registrar                                    area?
Letters of Reference   Dr Nadine Bowers       Room 26
                       and faculty
                                                                        •   If you use journals, please put them back on the shelf.
Change of address      Mrs Caroline De Wet    Room 24
                                                                        •   Replace journals from box files in the correct boxes.
notification           Registrar
                                                                        •   If you use books from the general shelves while in the library,
                                                                            place on the trolley when you’ve finished.
Library, Computer      Mrs. Jeanette Harris   Library
                                                                        •   This is a work and study area and therefore not an area for
Lab & Photocopy
                                                                        •   Reference books and text books are for use in the library
                                                                            only and may not be borrowed.
First aid              Mrs. Geraldine         Reception
                       Franciscus and Mrs.    naomi@cornerstone.o
                       Naomi Smith                   How do I borrow and return books?
Public Relations and   Dr John Volmink and    Room 25
Fundraising            Mr. Selwyn Page        selwyn@cornerstone.   You are allowed to have three books for one week and two books on
                                                    overnight loan.
Residence              Ms Phindeka Mini       078 3016149               • Once a book is in your name you are responsible for it.
                                                                        • If you are issued with a book and then decide not to take it, do
Security and           Mr Victor Weber        Admin section                 not put it on the trolley or let someone else have it unless you’ve
Maintenance                                                                 had it taken off your name.
                                                                        • It is not wise to allow other students to use your borrowing

                                                                    Achtung: fines!

                                                                        •   A fine of 50c per day will be charged on overdue books.
                                                                        •   All fines will have to be fully paid up before graduation.
                                                                        •   You can renew books after a week if no-one else has
                                                                            requested them.

                                                                    There will be severe penalties imposed on those found removing
                                                                    books from the library without having them issued i.e. a fine of

                                                                    A fine of R150 will be imposed on those who remove textbooks and
                                                                    reference books from the library area without permission.

                                                                    What happens if I lose a book?
                                                                         31                                                                              12
        card in order to be issued books as well as to be able to

        make photocopies.
        On completion of your studies the card can be returned for a
                                                                               Student Life (its happening…)
        partial refund if in good condition.
    •   Copies are 25c each with a minimum purchase of R5 per time.                     STUDENT REPRESENTITVE
    •   Loading of cards is done once a day. Cards and money can be
        handed to the librarian at tea-break, and will be loaded after tea.                    COUNCIL
How do I access the computer lab?                                              Hey guys, if there is at all a part of the student hand book
                                                                               2007 that you should take seriously, this is it. We are your
    •   The computer lab is available to students free of charge for           voice and we can only be your voice if you make full use of
        internet access and other computer tasks.                              us. Help us to raise your concerns and matters with those
    •    All students must sign a computer lab use form before                 concerned. However, we aren’t only about problems! We’re
        accessing the computer lab. The lab will open when the
        library opens and close 15 minutes prior to closing hours of
                                                                               also about solutions and ideas. We want you the student, to
        the library.                                                           help us bring the SRC to a completely new level. But before
    •   Students requiring use of the computer for academic purposes           you can actually start bring your ideas and concerns before
        take precedence over those checking e-mails etc.                       us, allow us to answer a few frequently asked questions.

How do class readings work?                                                    What is the SRC?

    •   Students will be given the opportunity on the first day of class to    The well thrown around term SRC, stands for “Student Representative
        purchase the entire set of readings for the class at a discounted      Council.” The keywords being “student representative.” It is the council’s
        rate of 25c per page. Those who choose to take advantage of            job to stand and represent you the student, whenever the need arise. We
        this saving will sign a form requesting the readings and their         are there for you! We will provide leadership and coordination wherever
        student accounts will be debited by the appropriate amount.            necessary. Each year, near the end of the academic year, students elect
    •   College staff will make every effort to make the copies and put        a new council to represent them the following year.
        the readings in student boxes within 2 working days. Additionally,
        there will be one set of readings in the library, stapled together     Who are the SRC members for 2007?
        for reading purposes.
    •   Anyone who wishes to photocopy these notes must do so by               The SRC consists of eight members who are ready and willing to work
        placing them on the photocopier one page at a time. Under no           alongside you. Below you will find a brief description of each individual’s
        circumstances are students to remove the staples so as to use          portfolio.
        the automatic document loader on the photocopier, as the staple
        holes often cause the photocopiers to jam.

Please note that when textbooks are available in the library, it will be the                          Name: Mncedisi (Welcome) Zulu
student’s responsibility to either use the textbook or make his or her own                            Contact Number: 079 6139835
photocopies. The readings that will be made available to students under                               Email:
this policy will generally be articles and/or out of print books that the
lecturer deems necessary for the module. Each lecturer will indicate on                               Welcome is the Chairperson of the SRC 2007.
the signup form exactly how much the photocopying of readings will cost,                              Together with the rest of the council, it is his
based on the number of pages to be copied. This does not eliminate the                                responsibility to be your voice with regards to
possibility, however, that during the course of the term the lecturer may                             anything you feel that needs to be raised with the
                                                                                                      faculty. He will lead all student related meetings.
                                                                   13                                                                           30
                                                                        ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT USING THE LIBRARY &
                                                                        COMPUTOR LAB
                                                                        The Library area includes the Computer Laboratory and the Photocopy
Vice-Chairperson                                                        room. It will play an important role in your studies. We want it to be a
                                                                        comfortable, user-friendly place where you are able to find information
                   Name: Ryan Jooste                                    and study profitably. To gain the maximum benefit you need to become
                   Contact Numbers: 689 4267 / 083 321 0090             familiar with the facilities and understand how to use them. In order to
                   Email:                          make the set-up as efficient as possible it is necessary for everyone to
                                                                        treat the facilities with respect, and to be considerate to fellow students
                   Ryan is the right hand man to Welcome. Where         and staff.
                   ever Welcome is unable to fulfill his role, Ryan
                   will step into take over. Ryan will also therefore   What facilities are available?
                   be leading various student related meetings.
                   Ryan will also be active in the running of the           •   General Books                    loan for overnight or a week
                   spiritual activities throughout the academic year.       •   Reference Books                  for use in the library only
                                                                            •   Text Books                       for use in the library only
                                                                            •   Journals                         for use in the library only
                                                                            •   Videos                           two day loan
                                                                            •   Filing Cabinet                   topical information
                                                                            •   Daily Newspapers                 for reading in the library
                                                                            •   Computer Lab                     free of charge
                                                                            •   Photocopy Room                   purchase copy card
Secretary                                                               The library stocks a variety of books on all the subjects you will study,
                                                                        but there will be times when you will need to explore the resources at
                     Name: Juanita Balino                               public or university libraries. All the textbooks required are kept on
                     Cell Number: 797 1663 / 082 051 5165               reserve each term, but in limited numbers.

                     Juanita is the lady who keeps us all to our        How do I look up information about where to find
                     word. She keeps record of all the various SRC      books, journals or videos?
                     related meetings. She is in charge of all SRC
                     administrative related issues.
                                                                        Information about books, journals and videos can be found on a
                                                                        designated computer in the reference section of the library. Explanation
                                                                        on usage will be given.

                                                                        How do I make photocopies?
                                                                            •   All students are required to purchase a plastic re-loadable
                                                                                blank card from the library at R11 each. You will need this
                                                                 29                                                                                 14
and complete stage 2 of the form. This must be returned to the QA
office within five (5) working days.                                              Public Relations Officer
Stage Three                                                                                             Name: Jason Keith
If the student is still dissatisfied with the process thus far an investigatory                         Cell Number: 781 0436 / 073 740 5328
panel, consisting of faculty and chaired by the QA Coordinator, will be                                 Email:
formed. The assessment will be sent to an external moderator for
evaluation. The faculty on the panel will then consider the rational of the                             Jason is the guy behind all inter-college
student, assessor, internal moderator and external moderator and make                                   activities and college fundraising. Whereever
a decision based on the evidence. The investigatory panel will complete                                 the college is involved in a specific event,
stage 3 of the form based on these findings and the QA Coordinator will                                 Jason is the representative. Any notices that
report the outcome to the student.                                                                      are to be placed upon the SRC notice board
                                                                                                        are to go through him.
If the student remains dissatisfied he/she has the right to appeal to the
Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Contact: Carl Badenhorst (Quality Assurance Office: room

                                                                                  Social Concerns and Missions Coordinator
    •   Graduation requirements include both academic and spiritual
                                                                                                         Name: Angie May
        achievements. In order to graduate the student must complete all
                                                                                                         Cell Number: 072 944 5075
        assigned courses with 50% pass mark. In addition to academic
        achievements, the student must have sustained a record of
        acceptable co-operation at the college and must be
        recommended by the faculty to the Board of Trustees for                                          Angie is the facilitator with regards to all
        graduation.                                                                                      mission awareness within the college. She will
                                                                                                         constantly provide the student body with
    •   Graduating certificates and Grade Reports will only be issued                                    updates based upon the correspondence
        when all outstanding work is completed and fees have been paid                                   received. Should you require any information
        in full.                                                                                         with regards to the compulsory mission weeks,
                                                                                                         feel free to contact Angie.
    •   Each graduate is eligible for an academic transcript, which is
        obtained upon request only. A Certificate of Conduct is included
        with the transcript. A service fee is charged for transcripts issued
        after the first copy.

    •   No student can graduate if they have outstanding fees.
                                                                 15                                                                           28
                                                                           •   To provide feedback to the college on the overall assessment
Music/Creative Arts Coordinator
                                                                       As a result certain of the student’s assignment/exam/projects need to be
                                                                       kept in order to be moderated at the end of each semester. Those
                   Name: Judith Lebona
                                                                       assignments that have been chosen for moderation will be indicated on
                   Cell Number: 073 799 5805
                                                                       your module outline. Once they have bee graded they are submitted to
                                                                       the Quality Assurance (QA) office from where they will be distributed to
                                                                       the moderators and returned to the students at the end of the semester.
                   Judith is the representative from the SRC who is    Should a student wish to view his/her assignment/project/exam
                   charge of managing all forms of worship that will   arrangements can be made with the Quality Assurance Coordinator.
                   be held during the chapel sessions. Judith will
                   also provide leadership and facilitation to all
                   creative interests and programs which may arise     ACADEMIC APPEALS
                   from the student body. Speak to Judith if you
                   want to be part of worship or drama.                What are the possible reasons for an academic
                                                                           •   Unfair assessment
                                                                           •   Invalid assessment
                                                                           •   Unreliable assessment
                                                                           •   The assessor’s judgment, if considered biased
Sports and Recreation Coordinator                                          •   Inadequate expertise and experience of the assessor if it
                                                                               influenced the assessment
                   Name: Grant Adams                                       •   Unethical practices
                   Cell Number: 859 1905 / 082 934 8484
                   Email:                       There are three (3) stages to the appeals process within a specified time
                                                                       frame. At the end of each stage there is an exit point to end the process,
                                                                       otherwise it continues to the next stage. There is an official Academic
                   Any sports related issues; Grant is the man to
                                                                       Appeals Form (available in the Quality Assurance Office) that needs to
                   contact. Throughout the academic year Grant
                                                                       be filled in, and adhered to, throughout the process. A student may
                   will provide sporting and recreation activity
                                                                       collect a form from the QA Office or Registrar’s office to start the
                   opportunities for those who choose to partake.
                   We highly recommend you partake as this is a
                   great way to meet fellow students and build long
                   lasting friendships.                                Stage One
                                                                       In the case of a student disagreeing with the assessment given, he/she
                                                                       must explain the reason in writing (stage one of the form) to the assessor
                                                                       within five (5) working days after receiving the assessment decision.

                                                                       Stage Two
                                                                       The appeals form is brought to the QA Office with the completion of the
                                                                       assessor’s rationale - within five (5) working days. The QA Coordinator
                                                                       will register the appeal and in the case of the learner remaining
                                                                       dissatisfied will forward the form and assessment to the internal
                                                                       moderator for the module. The moderator will consider the assessment
                                                                       decision and the rationale of the assessor, re-evaluate the assessment
                                                                          27                                                                           16
Types of plagiarism:                                                           Treasurer
   • Blatant cases, including collusion (knowingly working with
       another student) and concealing sources.                                                        Name: Munashe Nyatsambo
   • Less serious cases such as negligence, ignorance and self-                                        Cell Number: 078 168 5909
       plagiarism.                                                                                     Email:

What is Cheating?                                                                                      All SRC monies will be well watched by
                                                                                                       Munashe. With regards to any financial
    •   Cheating on an exam or assignment may also take various                                        requirements for student related functions,
        forms, such as using unauthorised material during an exam,                                     Munashe will coordinate making sure that your
        copying another student’s work, or assisting another student in                                money gets spent wisely.

What are the Consequences of Cheating and
Plagiarism?                                                                    Please feel free to speak to any of the SRC members in regards to
                                                                               anything that relates to the student life with on the campus.
    •   Blatant cases of plagiarism will result in failure of the module.
    •   Less serious cases, at the lectures discretion, will result in a 0%    Who can I talk to besides the SRC?
        grade for the assessment.
    •   Learners may go through the academic appeals procedure if              Should you require counseling services, career counseling, financial
        they feel they have been unfairly dealt with.                          assistance, conflict resolution, college residence or any assistance with
    •   Cheating will result in failure of the module.                         regards to student affairs, please feel free to chat to the Director of
    •   A reoccurrence of such activities will result in a disciplinary        Student Affairs, Dr. Nadine Bowers.
        hearing and may result in expulsion.
                                                                               Where can we relax at Cornerstone?
MODERATION                                                                     The sugar bowl is the lounging area where all students are able to take
The moderation system at Cornerstone Christian College is designed to          some time out and relax alongside the lecturers. Free coffee is available,
ensure that all learners are being assessed in a consistent, accurate and      so grab a cup and help yourself and have a chat with a fellow student.
well-designed manner, and that all assessments are credible, fair,             Games are also available, such as foozball for your entertainment.
reliable and realistic. This involves internal and external (for exit level    Please respect these goods as they do come out of the SRC funds.
modules only) moderation and students appeals procedures.
                                                                               Do we have Chapel gatherings?
Why is your work moderated? :
    •   To verify that assessments are clear, fair, valid, reliable and        Chapel is run by a Spiritual Life Committee, lead by Dr. Nadine Bowers.
        realistic.                                                             They organize and lead all chapel gatherings throughout the year.
    •   To identify the need to redesign assessment if required.               Please feel free to join this committee. For further information, speak to
    •   To provide appeals procedures for dissatisfied students.               Ryan Jooste or alternatively Dr. Nadine Bowers. Chapel is held each
    •   To evaluate the performance of assessors.                              Wednesday (usually in the Sugar Bowl), however announcements to the
    •   To compare the moderated results of each assessment with               venue of Chapel gatherings will be made before each gathering.
        those of the previous 3 years to look for deviations that should
        then be investigated and reported on.                                  Are there any Student-Led Initiatives?
                                                                      17                                                                                 26
Keep your eyes glued to the SRC notice board found in the Sugar
Bowl, for any information with regards to any up and coming student                 •   Students will be notified of re-evaluations at least 2 weeks prior
related events. Should you require any further information, feel free to                to the scheduled examination date.
chat to any SRC member.
                                                                                    •   Students who pass a re-evaluation will be given a minimum pass
How do I hand my assignments in for grading?                                            mark for the module, whilst students who fail the re-evaluation
                                                                                        will fail the module and will be required to retake the module at a
Once your assignments are complete and ready for grading, you can                       later time. Results are published at the end of the term after
either place a hard copy in the lecturers pigeon hole (found at the back                which the final re-evaluation is written.
entrance of the college) or alternatively hand it to the lecturer personally.   CLASS BEHAVIOUR
If for some reason your assignment is late and you are unable to hand it
in on the due date, a penalty of 3% will be subtracted for every day late       It is discourteous to enter a lecture room late. Do apologise to the
there after. In order for you to minimize the penalty, you can email your       lecturer preferably at the end of the period. Habitual lateness is not in
assignment to the lecturer concerned. However you need to place a hard          keeping with Cornerstone’s idea of Christian standards.
copy of your assignment in their respective pigeon holes. Lecturers will
not mark electronically nor will they print out your assignment. Emailing       Students may be excused by the lecturer on an individual basis for major
your assignment through is merely just a sign of completion. PLEASE             unplanned, unanticipated and unavoidable disruption which may make it
NOTE: Assignments that are more than a week late will NOT be                    impossible or difficult for a student to be present in that class.
accepted for grading.
                                                                                ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
How will I receive my assignments back from the various
lecturers?                                                                      Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity in all their
                                                                                assignments and exams. Academic integrity requires that one gives
Once your assignment has been graded and your mark has been                     proper credit to one’s sources and never represents someone else’s
recorded, the lecturer concerned will either hand your assignment back          work as one’s own. Violation of academic integrity can take several
to you personally during a lecture or alternatively they may place it within    forms, the primary ones being plagiarism and cheating, both of which will
your pigeon hole (found near the back entrance to the college) for you to       be treated with appropriate penalties.
                                                                                What is plagiarism?
                                                                                    •   Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as if it were your
Who is the director of student affairs?                                                 own, intentional or unintentional.
Dr Nadine Bowers is the Director of Student Affairs. Her office is one              •   ‘Someone else’s work’ means anything that is not your own idea,
you will definitely get to know and one that is there for you as a student.             even if it is presented in your own style. It includes material from
Find her at room no 26 next to classroom 6.                                             books, journals or any other printed source, the work of other
                                                                                        students or staff, information from the Internet, software
What does the Office of Student Affairs do?                                             programs and other electronic material, designs and ideas. It
                                                                                        also includes the organization or structuring of any such material.
Nadine is there to provide pastoral care, promote and facilitate the                •   Whenever one quotes directly from another source or uses an
spiritual life activities of the college, guide you with regard to academic             idea or structure from another source, that source should be
and vocational issues you may have and assist the SRC. This office also                 properly acknowledged through the use of quotation marks,
plans college retreat, the camp and sees to the general wellbeing of                    reference notes, and bibliographical entries, as appropriate.
                                                                     25                                                                          18
What if my assignments are late?                                           students. She is there to assist and care for students so feel free to
                                                                           make an appointment with her.
   •   Marks are deducted for late assignments at a rate of 3% per
       day.                                                                What special services does the office offer/facilitate?

   •   Assignments that are more than one week late will not be            1.Career Counseling:
       accepted.                                                           The Director of Student Affairs or any other faculty/staff member is
                                                                           available to students for career counseling. Discerning God’s call upon
   •   Assignments will not be accepted beyond the last day of             your life is not an easy task. Please seek wise counsel and prayer from
       evaluation week each term.                                          someone you trust. CCC can help to equip you with the proper tools you
                                                                           need for your future serving God and his children.
How are exams conducted?                                                   CCC offers professional counseling. The Director of Student Affairs can
                                                                           put you in touch with such services through the Psychology department.
Learners may not leave the examination room within the first 30 minutes    3.Conflict Resolution: If you have a private concern or grievance with
of the exam or within the last 15 minutes of the exam. Exam timetables     others in the Cornerstone community and which do not involve violations
are drawn up by the dean’s office and released two weeks prior to the      of college standards, you should first try to resolve your conflict with
evaluation week.                                                           those involved. In most cases, discussion on a one to one basis is
                                                                           advised. There are times when you may feel that you need clarification
What happens if I miss an exam?                                            or that you were misunderstood, leaving the conflict unresolved. If this
                                                                           occurs make an appointment with the Director of Student Affairs who will
   •   If a student misses an exam, the absence will only be excused       discuss the concerns with the student and help locate resources to
       without penalty on the basis of a doctor’s certificate.             resolve the problem.
   •   This must be presented to the principal or academic office
       before noon on the day of the student’s return. In the case of      Are there any special events/activities I should know about?
       serious illness or an emergency, arrangements can be made to
       take an exam at another time. This must be approved by the          There are six major events/activities throughout the academic year which
       Department Head and the Dean.                                       are of extreme importance to all.
   •   If a doctor’s certificate is not presented, a 50% penalty will be
       incurred for the outstanding work.                                  1.College Camp
   •   Absenteeism on an exam day due to a personal crisis will be         Every year Cornerstone holds a college camp during the Orientation
       reviewed on an individual basis. Students are required to notify    Week. Although second and third year students are given the choice to
       the Dean or lecturer on the morning of the exam. Students are       attend the camp or not, it is highly recommended. First years are
       expected to take final exams at the scheduled hours.                expected to attend the camp. The camp is a great opportunity for all
                                                                           students to get to know staff, the SRC and their fellow students. Many
What makes me eligible for a re-evaluation exam?                           great long-lasting friendships and memories are made during the course
                                                                           of these camps.
   •   Degree students who score from 45% to 49% for their Final Mark      2. Connections
       are eligible for a Re-evaluation.                                   Students are either assigned or sign up for a Connections group, which
                                                                           meets on a weekly basis. It is a time to get together with fellow students
   •   Re-evaluations take place (4) four times each year. Re-             and faculty/staff members to share, to encourage each other and to pray
       evaluations are exams that assess all the outcomes of the           together. Connections groups are diverse and student led.
       module and will be scheduled for students who have qualified for    3. Community Week
       such from the previous term.                                        Community Weeks are practical weeks of ministry in which all students
                                                                           are expected to participate. They usually run in June/July and Sep/Oct of
                                                                          19                                                                             24
each year. Your participation is monitored and recorded by the                 EXAMS, ASSIGNMENTS – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW
ministry leaders. Reports are written for each student, with a copy
placed in the student’s file. Participation in Community Week is required
for entrance into practical Fieldwork modules in the third year of study.      Where do I hand in my assignments?
4.Quiet Day
For many years, it has been a tradition for Cornerstone to honor what          Students need to hand in their assignments either personally to the
used to be a public holiday in Southern Africa – Ascension Day. On this        lecturer involved or place it in their box allocated at the student entrance.
day, every one at Cornerstone (students and staff) leave the campus and        Check with the lecturer concerned and take note of their instructions
move to a announced venue to engage in a day of fellowship and                 regarding this. Your assignments will either be handed back to you in
reflection.                                                                    class or in your pigeon hole.
5.Graduation Dinner
The graduation dinner is usually held a week before the actual                 What should my assignments look like?
ceremony. It is an opportunity for the students to let their hair down and
spend some time together. The purpose of the dinner is to recognize
those students graduating and to give credit to their contributions to the     Second and third year students are required to type assignments. All
                                                                               first year students are strongly encouraged to type all assignments for
college during their period at Cornerstone.
                                                                               the sake of clarity of thinking and ease of reading/marking. See also your
5.Graduation Ceremony
                                                                               academic handbook regarding referencing, layout etc.
This ceremony is held at the end of the academic year. It is a formal
function which involves the broader family of Cornerstone. The ceremony
is organized by staff and fellow students in order to honor all students on    How do we Grade You?
the completion of their courses.
                                                                               A = EXCELLENT (75% - 100%)
Does Cornerstone value pastoral care of a home church?                             Represents a high level of information gained, ability to use
                                                                                   methodology, ability to communicate and evidence of originality.
Cornerstone places a high value on relationships with the local church
and students are therefore expected to be a member of a local                  B = ABOVE AVERAGE (70% - 74%)
congregation, to serve in the congregation and to attend services                  Represents an above average grasp of the information and
regularly. During their time at Cornerstone, students are under the care           methodology, ability to communicate and evidence of originality.
of their church or denomination. Any student considering changing
church membership is encouraged to discuss this with the Director of           C = AVERAGE (60% - 69%)
Student Affairs. Out of town students are encouraged to find a spiritual           Represents acceptable work, but tends to be mechanical and
home and become full, affiliate or associate members of a local church             lacking in originality and depth. It may reflect a lack of concern to
so that consistent pastoral care from that church can be experienced.              excel or an inability to demonstrate insight into the material studied.
Support is also provided in this regard from the Student Affairs Office.
During the first week of the second semester, all new students are to
                                                                               D = BELOW AVERAGE (50% - 59%)
present a personal evaluation from the church to the Director of Student
Affairs from their pastor/minister stating that they are in good standing          Represents unsatisfactory achievement in all areas but is passable.
with their church.
                                                                               F = UNACCEPTABLE (below 50% for degrees, 40% for
What if I’m an international student?                                          diploma)
                                                                                   Represents work that fails to meet the requirement for a module.
We will do everything possible to make you feel at home here in SA.
Please see the International Students handbook for more information

What about living in residence?
                                                                         23                                                                           20
Can I audit a module for no credit?
                                                                               Each residence student will be placed with a roommate for the duration
    •   Students may audit modules at a cost of half of the part-time cost     of their stay due to limited space. Most residence rooms, however, are
        for that module. They are required to do the set readings for the      en suite and the residence is equipped with a store/ironing room,
        course and/or any other work as determined by the lecturer, but        residence lounge (with TV & video machine) and kitchen.
        do not have to complete the final assignments or take tests or
        exams. Modules audited will be stated as such on the transcript.       Residence students are expected to keep their residence rooms clean at
                                                                               all times and will be required to be on a cleaning roster to clean general
                                                                               residence areas.
What if I withdraw from a programme or want to leave
college?                                                                       Prayer meetings and socials are organized by the residence committee.
                                                                               The residence matron, Ms Phindeka Mini, is on site to provide support,
    •   Students who withdraw from a programme before its completion           care and oversight to all the students.
        need to submit a letter of withdrawal to the Registrar and             The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the management of
        complete a withdrawal form, which is available from the registrar.     residential life and all enquiries are made through this office.
        In addition, the student account needs to be settled.

    •   The Registrar needs to be informed of all address changes,
        either of your personal residence or your local church.

All modules at Cornerstone are designed to utilise continuous evaluation.
Marks for each module are determined according to the structure of the
module, as follows:
Option A:
    •   The final mark is calculated on the basis of continuous
        evaluation, but at least one individual assessment (examination
        or assignment) is worth more than 25% of the final mark.
        Students who fail the final mark by 5% or less are eligible to write
        a re-evaluation examination.
Option B:
    •   The final mark is calculated on the basis of continuous
        evaluation in which no individual assessment is worth more than
        25% of the final mark. Students who fail the final mark by 5% or
        less are eligible to write a re-evaluation.
                                                                       21                                                                               22
                                                                                    granted special permissions. In extraordinary circumstances
       Academic Life (be in the                                                     the dean, in consultation with the faculty, may grant such
                                                                                    requests if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the most
              know!)                                                                recent results are not a true indication of the student’s
                                                                                    capabilities. The decision of the faculty is final in such matters.

                                                                            When does registration occur?
What’s my status in the first term?
Students are accepted for a probationary period of one term from                •   Registration occurs annually, at the beginning of the first term,
the time of registration in order to determine whether they meet the                before classes commence.
financial and academic requirements. The probationary period may
be extended at the discretion of the Faculty.                               Until when can I change modules?

What happens if I don’t meet the requirements?                                  •   After registration has been completed, modules are added or
                                                                                    dropped through the Registrar’s Office. No changes can be
   •   First year students who perform poorly in the first term will                made after the second week of the semester.
       be given another term to improve their marks with probation
       extended for the semester. The minimum semester pass level           How are my modules refunded for change or
       shall be 50% of modules for all students. Warning letters will be    cancellation of module?
       issued to all students who fail a first term module.
                                                                            A non-refundable registration fee of R150 will be required from all
   •   Students who fail to pass 50% of the modules in which they
                                                                            students. Module fees will be refunded on the following basis:
       have enrolled in any semester will be placed on academic
       probation for the following semester. Students on academic
                                                                               With notification prior to the first day of term……       ……… 100%
       probation must pass at least 75% of their modules. Failure to do
                                                                               With notification prior to second week of term….         ……… 75%
       so may result in the student being asked to (1) leave the college;
                                                                               With notification prior to fourth week of term……         ……… 50%
       or (2) change to a part-time status. Failure to meet minimum
       pass rates may also jeopardise a student’s bursary status.
                                                                            After the third week of the term no module fees will be refunded.
   •   Students must complete two thirds (2/3) of the modules for the
       prior year before enrolling in modules for the following year.       Can I change my stream?
       Students who have not met this requirement may only enrol in
       the prior year modules that they have not completed. In addition,        •   Under special circumstances and by agreement of the faculty,
       students must have completed all of their first year modules prior           students may change departments at the beginning of the first
       to enrolling in any third year modules. These requirements are in            semester of the second year of study. This may require the
       addition to the normal module sequencing requirements, and                   student to complete additional modules. No changes can be
       subject to the constraints of the module timetable.                          made after that time.

   •   Students who fail to comply with the above requirements
       may appeal to the dean in writing at least two weeks prior to
       the beginning of the following semester, if they wish to be

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