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					              Read & Write 9 Gold

                           Beginner’s Guide
                                 Quick Start

This is a quick introduction to using Read & Write 9 Gold. If you need more information on
using the software, please refer to:

   •   The Read & Write 9 Gold Training Guide, in your section

   •   The Read & Write 9 Gold Help

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Text-to-speech is one of the most useful features of Read & Write 9 Gold. The program can
read text, both from an existing document and as you type. It can be set to read each word,
sentence, paragraph or a selection of text. You can choose different voices and select the
pitch, speed, and volume that suit you best.

You can select the way text is displayed or highlighted during speech:
•      Text can be colour highlighted in the document.
•      Text can be brought into the Text Reader window, where the colour of highlighting
and size of font can be changed to suit your needs.
•      Speak using One Word Display: this will display one word at a time as it is being
spoken in a large letterbox display.
•      No visual display.

When a text is read to you, it will increase your recognition of words and understanding
of the text.

When the program reads aloud the text you have written, you will quickly be able to identify
mistakes in spelling, punctuation and meaning.


   1. In Microsoft Word type this text:

           This is to show how text can be read to you by the software.

   2. Highlight the text and click on the        button.

   3. Click on the         button to stop reading.

   4. This is how Read & Write 9 Gold will read for you. Simply click in the text you

       want to hear and click on the          button.

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                                Speech Maker

Read & Write 9 Gold can convert text to an audio file. The playback voice can be adjusted
to suit the individual’s needs. This feature is really useful, as files can be saved to an MP3
player and listened to at a suitable time.

For students with learning difficulties, it is extremely helpful to be able to listen to
information instead of having to read it. All course notes and information can be accessed
in this way, making content more readily available for all students.

   1. In Microsoft Word type the following text:

       Fred the frog sat on his old mushroom, very tired of his surroundings. He
       wished for a new home, but he could think of none better than his mushroom.
       One day, a turtle walked slowly by his mushroom. Fred saw this as a chance
       for travel, so he jumped on the turtle's back.

   2. Highlight or select the text that you have just typed and click on the         button.

   3. The textbox will open. Click the               button.

   4. Click on voice settings and choose Texthelp Tina UK as your voice.

   5. Click on the         button to test the voice. If you are happy with your voice, click

                  . If not, then change to your preferred settings.

   6. Click on the               button and choose a suitable destination to save your file. To
          play this audio file, simply double click on it.

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                           Screenshot Reader

You can access most text using Read & Write 9 Gold. However, some features such as
Inaccessible Flash and "Locked" PDF documents will not allow this. The Screenshot
Reader removes these barriers, meaning that you can now access all features.

You can use the Screenshot Reader to read aloud text on the screen. In particular, it
can read aloud text used in images or any application.


   1. Click on the          button. Your cursor now looks like this:

   2. Select the area of text you want to read aloud.

   3. Read & Write 9 Gold reads the text aloud and highlights the text as it is being read.

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PDFaloud is an additional toolbar that will read text aloud from a PDF document.


   1. For this exercise you will need a PDF document saved somewhere on your

   2. Click on the            button.

   3. Find the PDF document you have on your computer and click on Open.

   4. The PDF document will open and there will be an extra toolbar.
       If the toolbar is grey, just click in the PDF document.

   5. Click on the           button. Then click on the text you wish to read.

   6. The text will be read to you and highlighted at the same time.

   7. Click on the            button at any time to stop PDFaloud reading.

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                            Screen Masking

Many people find reading text easier when certain colours are used. This is particularly true
for anyone with dyslexia. The Screen Masking feature in Read & Write 9 Gold means you
can select different tints and colours to make reading easier. As well, you can underline text
or block out unnecessary text, to aid concentration.

There are many choices to suit individual user preferences.

The Screen Masking feature therefore enhances the user’s reading ability, improves focus
and ultimately provides a more relaxed and enjoyable reading experience.


   1. Open up a Microsoft Word document containing text.

   2. Click on the         button.

   3. Notice how the document colour changes from white to a pale yellow.

   4. Click on the         button again. The colour changes back to white.

   5. For more information on changing the options, please click on the         button.

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  Read & Write 9 Gold has an advanced Spellchecker which corrects even the most complex
  spelling mistakes. You can choose to use the Spellchecker as you type, or run it when you
  have finished your work. Spelling mistakes will be identified and the Spellchecker will
  suggest corrections. Meanings are also given to help you make the right choice.

  These suggestions and meanings can be read aloud by Read & Write 9 Gold.

  The Spellchecker lets you work independently and increases the accuracy of your work.

  1. Open Microsoft Word. Type in the following exactly:

         This is a mistike I have made on porpose.

  2. Click on the        button.

  3. The Spelling Helper Panel appears:

  Texthelp Systems Limited                                                           Page 7
   1. Click on mistake and click on the          button to correct it.

   2. ‘porpose’ will now be highlighted and a list of suggestions will come up.

   3. Click on ‘purpose’ in the suggestions list. A list of definitions appears in the right

       panel. Click on the first meaning and then click the          button. The meaning will

       be read aloud to you. Click on the         button.

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In Read & Write 9 Gold you have a choice of 3 dictionaries to improve your understanding
and use of words. It helps you find alternative suggestions for words and you can listen to
the definition and a sample sentence for each selected word.

These descriptions and sample sentences will help to increase your vocabulary.


   1. In Microsoft Word type: This is a picture of me.

   2. Double click or highlight the word picture.

   3. Click on the         button.

   4. The Dictionary panel opens:

   5. Click on the top meaning (1) of picture. This will highlight the description and a
      sample sentence which uses the word.

   6. Click on the          button.

   7. The description will be highlighted and read to you.

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                           Homophone Support

Homophones are words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and have different
meanings. It can be difficult to know which word to use. Read & Write 9 Gold’s Homophone
Support feature identifies and defines over 1400 homophones. The Same Sounding Words
Panel shows possible words that could be confused.

It then defines each word, so you can choose the correct one to use.

   1. In Microsoft Word, type the following exactly:

       ‘It was a lovely day, sew they went four a vary long walk.’

   2. Click on the          button.

   3. The text changes to show, in blue, all the words that could be confused with others.

               It was a lovely day, sew they went four a vary long walk.

   4. The Same Sounding Words window opens:

Texthelp Systems Limited                                                            Page 10
   5. Select ‘So’ from the list on the left.
   6. Click on the definition that appears on the right.

   7. Click on the         button.

   8. Click on the Replace button

   9. Follow steps 5 to 8 replacing the words ‘four’ to ‘for’ and ‘vary’ to ‘very’.
   10. The finished text should now read as follows:

       ‘It was a lovely day, so they went for a very long walk.’

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                            Word Prediction

Word Prediction can help to develop your writing skills by providing the tools to
construct sentences with ease. The Word Prediction tool learns your style of writing and
predicts the word you want to use next. As you type, a list of suggestions will appear in
the Prediction Panel.
Indicators beside each word show context accuracy. This means that you will be less
likely to make a grammatical mistake, thereby increasing the quality of your work.
The Word Predictor will also predict words for when you spell phonetically. This
improves the quality of the prediction suggestion list and means that if you are prone to
phonetic errors, you will find the Word Prediction more useful.


   1. Click on the         button.

   2. In Microsoft Word type: I am writing this to show

   3. The prediction window will look like this:

   4. To insert any word from the window, press the corresponding Function key or
      click on it.

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Read&Write 9 Gold has an easy to use simple calculator. It can carry out the most
common functions and you can see your calculations as you go.


   1. Click on the         button.

   2. Click on                                .

   3. Click on the         button. Click on       and then    .

   4. The answer will be read to you. To hear it again, click on the      button.

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