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									                                                                                                      Spring/Summer 2008
                                                  By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen
                                            Pest Control Services Rokill Limited Bournemouth Dorset

                                                  BUG BYTES
                       Rokill Service Control Tel: 01425 482001 Fax: 01425 482055
Welcome to the first edition of Bug Bytes. The newsletter will be produced periodically to keep our customers
up to date on changes relating to Rokill news, innovations and seasonal pests. If you have internet access
you can log on to www.rokill.co.uk for the very latest news. We are very keen to hear your feedback and
welcome suggestions on how we can improve our service. We will provide a bottle of champagne for the best
suggestion received at info@rokill.co.uk or by post to Rokill Limited, Rossland House, Headlands Business
Park,           Road
Park Salisbury Road, Ringwood BH24 3PB 3PB.

Heat Treatment
Rokill’s specialist heat treatment team offers a unique pesticide free
option for insect control. The treatment can be used against a variety of
pests including bed begs, stored product beetles and moths. A heat
generator is used to raise the temperature within an enclosed area to 52
degrees C. This temperature is high enough to kill all insect life stages,
but low enough to ensure there i no risk of d
b l             h            h    is                     lap
                                         i k f damage. A l top computer
with temperature sensors is used to accurately monitor the temperature
and ensure even distribution. It also allows accurate graphs to be
produced, showing the exact temperature during each point in the
treatment. The results can be spectacular, with dying insects pouring from
every crevice of the treated machinery! Please contact Rokill Service
Control for a free, no obligation site survey.
                                                   We are now able to provide an internet based reporting system
                                                Roscan utilises bar code technology. Hand held computers are used
                                                    to scan pest monitoring points throughout the premises. Digital
                                                  reports are produced and downloaded to a secure customer web
                                                site. Checklists, site plans and heath and safety information can also
                                                be accessed via the site. Roscan is particularly useful for those who
                                                  are responsible for managing the pest control at multiple sites, as
                                                detailed information for each site is available at the click of a mouse.
                                                  Please contact Rokill Service Control for a free no obligation site

                                                                                       Strange behaviour?
                                                                          Inner city mice are becoming increasingly
                                                                           difficult to control. Their diet is changing.
                                                                        Availability of fast food and other food debris
                                                                         on the streets is a major factor. Often they
                          What is that smell?                                 will feed selectively, and may ignore
  It is an unfortunate fact that when rodents infest a site, they will     traditional wheat based rodenticide. We
occasionally die in inaccessible places. This can lead to unpleasant           have specialist baits available that
smells and even fly infestation. Rokill is able to provide state of the  incorporate pasta, high fat and even fish to
      art solutions to these types of problems. Microzone Ozone          accommodate the changing tastes of these
 Machines are used to help remove the smell from the air (and not            mice. The most extreme example we
just cover it up as with conventional air fresheners). We also use a encountered was in a London pub. The mice
                                       wall                  cavities.
  boroscope camera to investigate wall, floor and ceiling cavities      i th b
                                                                        in the basement would only eat pasta b
                                                                                           t      ld l       t   t based d
This has regularly led to the retrieval of carcasses that could not be     bait and the mice in the bar preferred the
    found by conventional means. Please contact Rokill Service          high fat option. This presents an interesting
  Control for more information or a free, no obligation site survey.       challenge for our technicians and regular
                                                                           refresher training ensures they have the
                                                                                         necessary skills.
                                                      -Rokill-                                   Spring/Summer 2008

                                               BUG BYTES
                      Rokill Service Control Tel: 01425 482001 Fax: 01425 482055
                                                    Wasps (Vespula vulgaris)
                                                    W       (V     l     l   i )
                             It’s that time of year again when wasps are building their nests. Did
                               you know we have 8 different species of social wasp including the
                              largest of all the hornet? A fully developed nest may contain 8,000
                               wasps! Rokill can treat wasp nests for a one off fee. We can also
                              supply wasp traps for outside areas. Please contact Rokill Service
                                                  Control to arrange a treatment.

                                                                  Ants (Lasius niger)
                                  Ants have already become a problem for many businesses this year due to the
                                  climate changes we have been experiencing. Ants are obviously a foreign body
                               threat, but also thought to spread disease such as summer diarrhoea, E. Coli & other
                                bacteria. Rokill can quickly and effectively treat these pests on a one off basis or as
                                  an addition to an existing service agreement. Please contact the Rokill Service
                                               Control for further information or to arrange a treatment.

    Seagulls are becoming more apparent at this time of the year and whilst, nesting and
nurturing their young, they can become very territorial and aggressive, often causing distress
to humans in and around their nesting areas. Rokill has a specialist, experienced bird team &
  can provide long term prevention from these and other types of pest birds. Please contact
    Rokill Service Control for more information and to arrange a free, no obligation survey.
                                                           Fly Control
 Rokill can offer up-to-date technology in fly control with proven effectiveness. This can vary depending on the species
of fly, through treatments, electronic fly control units, fly prevention screens which can be installed to windows & doors.
Please contact Rokill Service Control where you can make an appointment with your area surveyor to discuss suitable
                                       options specific for your premises and needs.

                                                                      Environmental initiatives
                                                  Rokill is committed to operating in an environmentally sensitive
 Would you like to save money? Why not pay by
                                                  manner and participates in schemes to ensure waste pesticide,
   direct debit and save 3% on your quarterly
                                                   tubes from fly killers and cardboard are recycled. We will be
invoice. Ask Rokill Service Control for a mandate
                                                   assessed against ISO14001 the environmental management
                                                                       standard later this year.

                   Health & Safety
   We take health & safety very seriously and all our
  team members are fully trained professionals. We
   have won the Royal Society for The Prevention of
   Accidents gold award consecutively for the last 5
 years The society has awarded us a gold medal to
 recognise this achievement. To further improve our
 systems we will be assessed against ISO18001 the              Awarded for the fifth year running in March 2008
Health & Safety management standard later this year.

                   Charitable works
     Rokill/Rocare staff raised £1026 through a raffle
      and other games at the Christmas party. The
               has been d
       money h b               t d to Dorset’s D f
                          donated t D      t’ Deaf
                   Children’s Society.

   We recently donated £500 to Great Ormond Street                Rokill Field Biologist Paul Westgate has been
   Children’s Hospital through a sponsored endurance           awarded the Charles Keeble Award for achieving the
       go kart race organised by one of our clients.            highest score in the UK of the British Pest Control
                                                               Association’s Accredited Pest Control Exam taken in

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