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Product sheet Buffalo Milk Mozzarella                                        No revision: 03

Product description
Campania’s Buffalo Milk Mozzarella.
String paste cheese produced with buffalo milk. D. O. P. cheese.
Ingredients: pasteurized buffalo milk, sodium chloride, milk ferments milk
Organelectic characteristics
Soft, slightly firm paste. Sweet, aromatic, slightly acidic taste.
Colour: milky white.

Chemical-physical characteristics
     Humidity                                              58-62 %
     Lipids                                                22-26 %
     Fat/ss                                               min 52 %
     Salt                                                 0,4-1,0 %

Microbiological characteristics
      Escherichia Coli                                 < 103 ufc/g
      Staphylococcus Coagulasi+                        < 102 ufc/g
      Salmonella                                     Absent in 25 g
      Listeria monocytogenes                         Absent in 25 g

                                                                             Nutritional characteristics
Shelf-life (TMC):                                                            (average values per 100 g)
to be consumed preferably within: 31days from production.                    Proteins: 17 g
Preservation temperature:                                                    Carbohydrates: 1,8 g - of which Sugars: 1,8 g
0° C/4° C.                                                                   Fats: 21 g
                                                                             Energy value:
                                                                             264 kcalories/100 g – 1097 kJoules/100g

                                                                             OGM: the product is not made of and doesn’t
                                                                             contain genetically modified organisms in
                                                                             conformity with what formulated by the Reg. CE
                                                                             n. 1829/2003 and is in conformity with the
                                                                             European norms on the track-ability and labelling
                                                                             of the genetically modified aliments
                                                                             (Reg. CE n. 1830/2003)
                                                                             Allergens: the product belongs to the categories:
                                                                             milk and milk-based products.

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