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Buddhism _ Meditation by dfsdf224s


									        Leeds Buddhist                    DIARY of Events – Autumn 2005                                                           Buddhism &
We provide a comprehensive                Thursday 1st September         Regular Thursday Friends Night begins
programme of courses and retreats                                        Day Retreat for the Newcomer’s Mandala – all those who
exploring Buddhism and                    Saturday 17th
                                                                         have attended the Beginners and Continuation courses
Meditation. The Centre is part of         September
                                                                         in 2004/5 (Held at Heddon Place)
the Friends of the Western
Buddhist Order (FWBO), an                 Sunday 18th September          Full Moon Mandala Night
international movement dedicated                        th
                                          Monday 26 September            Beginners Meditation & Buddhism (Basic Course)
to the application of Buddhist
principles in contemporary society.       Saturday 8 October
                                                                         Day Retreat
                                          Monday 17th October            Full Moon Mandala Night
For Enquiries & Bookings
                                          Friday 11 to Sunday
                                                                         Weekend Retreat
 Tel:                                     13th November
 0113 2783395                             Monday 14th November           Beginners Meditation & Buddhism (Basic Course)
 Email:                                   Monday 14th November           Continuation Course
                                                             th        Wednesday 16
                                                                         Full Moon Mandala Night
 Book Online:
                                          Saturday 3rd December          Day Retreat
                                                                         Full Moon Mandala Night/Friends Night
 Post:                                    Thursday 15th December         Last Friends Night at Swarthmore Centre this session
 Leeds Buddhist Centre
 9 Heddon Place
 LS6 4EL

Our beginners and regulars classes
are held in Room 110, Swarthmore
Centre, 4 Woodhouse Square, LS3
Access to the Swarthmore
The Swarthmore is located in Leeds                                FWBO Leeds registered charity no. 515679
City Centre, near the Leeds General
Infirmary and Park Lane College on                                                                                                    Leeds
Woodhouse Square at the bottom of
Clarendon Road. Pedestrians and                                                                                                   Buddhist Centre
cyclists can also approach using a
bridge at the end of Gt. George Street.
                                                                                                                                  Autumn 2005
         Introduction                                    Beginners Meditation & Buddhism                                             Day Retreats and
What is Buddhism?                           Basic Course                              Continuation Course
                                                                                                                                     Other Activities
                                                                                                                                  Going Deeper
Buddhism is a means to individual and       This course gives an introduction to      For those who have completed our Basic
social transformation. The word             meditation and basic Buddhist             Beginners Course and who wish to            There are a range of other groups
'Buddha' means 'one who is awake' -         principles. The course consists of 5      understand Buddhist principles, ideas and   and activities for those who have
in the sense of having woken up to          Monday evenings, followed by a day        practices in more detail and depth. The     attended the Beginners and
reality. Buddhists believe everybody        retreat to give a deeper experience of    course provides an opportunity to broaden   Continuation courses.
has this potential for Enlightenment        meditation. The courses are held at the   your experience of meditation. The course
and that, if we wish, we can use the        Swarthmore Centre,                        consists of 5 Monday evenings, followed     Retreats
principles and practices of Buddhism        4 Woodhouse Square, only ten minutes      by a day retreat. Courses are held at
                                            walk from Leeds Town Hall. (see           Swarthmore Centre,                          By stepping away from our routine,
to begin on the path of personal
                                            directions overleaf)                                                                  retreat affords us the opportunity to
growth and spiritual development,
                                                                                                                                  feel, notice, and become aware of our
leading to greater awareness,
                                            Cost: £45/£30concs.                       Cost: £45/£30 concs.                        present life situation – inner and
integration and compassion.
                                                                                                                                  outer. The perspective we gain may
                                            Starting                                  Starting                                    enable us to re-enter life in a way that
What is Meditation?                                                                                                               will more effectively support our
                                            Monday 26th September 7- 9.15pm for 5     Monday 14th November 7- 9.15pm for 5        practice and values.
Meditation enables us to put Buddhist       weeks, followed by a day retreat on       weeks, followed by a day retreat on
ideas into practice. We teach two           Saturday 5th November 10 – 4pm            Saturday 7th January 10 – 4pm               Day Retreats
meditation practices; one is a simple
                                            Monday 14th November 7- 9.15pm for 5                                                  These day retreats follow a simple
and direct way of developing                                                          For booking/details see overleaf.
                                            weeks, followed by a day retreat on                                                   format including meditation, reflection
awareness and calm; the other allows
                                            Saturday 7th January 10 – 4pm                                                         and discussion.
us to cultivate emotional warmth,
                                                                                                                                  Day retreats will take place
kindness and friendliness towards
                                            For booking/details see overleaf.                                                     at Swarthmore Centre on
ourselves and others. Both practices
are simple in their form but far                                                                                                  Saturday 8th October 10am–4.30pm
reaching in their effects. Meditation is                                        Friends Night
a method of self transformation                                                                                                   Saturday 3rd December 10am–
placing us at the point from which we      A chance to meditate with others, receive ideas and share ways of deepening our        4.30pm
can creatively shape our own destiny.      understanding and practice of meditation and Buddhism.
                                           Held at the Swarthmore Centre (during term time).                                      Cost £15/£8 concs. Please book
                                           Thursday 7 - 9.30pm, from 1st September onwards. Suggested donation £5/£3.50
                                                                                                                                  Weekend Retreat
                                                                   Full Moon Mandala Nights                                       An opportunity to deepen our practice in
                                           Join us at our monthly celebration: a puja (devotional practice), performed on each    the company of other members of the
                                           night of the full moon. Held at Heddon Place community. Suggested donation £5/3.50     Sangha in the peace and quiet of the
                                           See for Sangha Night dates or contact the Centre.          Yorkshire Dales
                                                                                                                                  Friday 11th November – Sunday 13th

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