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Sweeping Brooms / Brushes                             HANDLES, STAYS & SOCKETS

                                                      Made from ‘A’ quality wood the
HARD BROOMS                                           Wooden handles are available in 3 sizes.

                                                      (B018) 48” x 15/16”
Our hard brooms are made from                         (B043) 60” x 15/16”
Natural Bassine, ideal for outdoor work, for wet
                                                      (B019) 60” x 11/8”
or dry rougher surfaces. Available in four sizes.
                                                      (B018T) 48” x 15/16” Threaded
(B009)   12”   Bassine   Broom   Head
(B011)   18”   Bassine   Broom   Head                 On larger brooms, it is normally a very
(B013)   24”   Bassine   Broom   Head                 good idea to strengthen the join between
(B015)   36”   Bassine   Broom   Head                 handle and broom head. Using either a
                                                      galvanised socket or broom stay does exactly
The Sherbo broom head is perfect for
heavy work where long bristles are
required.                                             (B048) Galvanised socket & Bolts
                                                      (B017) Broom Stay
(B016) 13” Sherbo Broom Head

The Deck scrub has extra stiff short bristles
for hard scrubbing. Fits handle B018
                                                      Hand-held Brushes
(B024) Deck Scrub
                                                      BANISTER BRUSHES
SOFT BROOMS                                           6” Banister brush, with lacquered wooden
                                                      handle and available in three types.
The soft brooms are made from
Black flagged coco fibre, which is
specially treated dyed coco where the ends            (B021)       SOFT Coco Hand brush
have been split. It sweeps better then plain
                                                      (B021N)      MEDIUM Economy Hand Brush
fibre, especially in drier dusty conditions.
                                                      (B022)       STIFF Bassine Hand Brush
(B008)   12”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head
                                                      The hygiene range of banister brushes are designed
(B010)   18”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head
                                                      to be extremely robust and resist corrosion
(B012)   24”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head             and moisture absorption. Available in
(B014)   36”   Soft   Coco   Broom   Head             BLUE, RED, GREEN or YELLOW and
                                                      a choice of textures.

                                                      (HY009)      SOFT 317mm Brush
THREADED BROOMS                                       (HY010)      STIFF 317mm Brush

New to our range is the Threaded Broom heads, which   SCRUB BRUSHES
are available in a variety of types including deck
scrub and PVC broom head . All fit handle B018T.      Single wing, union mix (polypropylene/bassine). The
                                                      Union mix has the excellent wear and resilience of
                                                      Polypropylene and the water retention of bassine.
(B009T) 12” Bassine Filled Threaded head
(B008T) 12” Soft Coco Filled Threaded head            (B023)       Single Wing Scrub Brush
(B024T) 9” Threaded head Deck Scrub

                                                      The sink brush has the union mixture as above but
                                                      with longer bristles.

                                                      (B029)       Sink Brush

                                                      For more aggressive scrubbing or scratching
                                                      the Wire Brush is perfect. It has a rubber
                                                      handle, plastic backed and four rows of
                                                      heavy-duty wire.

                                                      (B030)       Wire Brush


                                                                       Lightweight Hygiene range

    Tube brushes can be used for those hard
    to small hard to reach places. Available in two sizes              The lightweight hygiene range are ideal for the catering trade,
                                                                       kitchens, pubs, schools and elderly people’s homes and other
                                                                       hygienically sensitive areas where proprietors have to “register
    (B073)          Tube Brush 356mm x 4.8mm                           their premises” under the Food Safety Act 1990. All items in the
    (B074)          Tube Brush 318mm x 7.9mm                           range can be boiled if required.

                                                                       Available in four colours – GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE or RED.

    The polyester range of scrubbing brush are available in BLUE       (HY024)       Soft Broom head 275mm
    or RED. They form part of the Hygiene Range of brushes and         (HY023)       Stiff Broom head 275mm
    are designed to be very robust and to resist corrosion, rotting,   (HY026)       Scrub Broom head 275mm
    moisture absorption and associated bacterial contamination.

    (HY006)   Grippy Scrub Brush
    (HY004)   Double Wing Scrub Brush
    (HY007)   Short Handle General Brush
    (HY017)   Round Hand Scrub

                                                                       The tile scrub has very stiff polyester bristles and
                                                                       connectors to the handle via a swivel connector
                                                                       which gives extra manoeuvrability for those
                                                                       hard to reach places. available in BLUE only.

                                                                       (HY008) Tile Scrub

    NAIL BRUSHES                                                       HYGIENE RANGE HANDLES

    Several nail brushes available; wooden and plastic backed.         (HY011) Premium Hygiene Handle 1360mm
    Plastic nail brushes available in BLUE or RED.                     (HY025) Lightweight Hygiene Handle 1195mm

                                                                       The hygiene range handles has a
    (B027) Wooden Nail Brush                                           1.2mm wall thickness and is anodised to
    (B028) Plastic Stiff Nail Brush                                    BS1615.
    (HY005) Plastic Soft grippy Nail Brush
                                                                       Available in four colours – GREEN, YELLOW,
                                                                       BLUE or RED.

                                                                       We have a variety of dustpans, including metal and lobby dustpan
                                                                       & brush sets. The plastic dustpans and economy sets are available
                                                                       in BLUE, RED, GREEN or YELLOW. The lobby are only available
                                                                       in blue/black as shown. Other colours are available to order.
    10 Plastic dish brush, available in BLUE only
                                                                       (D033)        Economy Dustpan & brush set
                                                                       (D015)        Large Plastic Dustpan
    (HY013) Dish Blue
                                                                       (D046)        Metal Dustpan
                                                                       (D016)        Lobby Dustpan & Brush

        Guide to colour coding…
        Help prevent cross contamination                 Single

             Sanitary appliances & washroom floors

             Wash basin & other washroom surfaces

             General lower risk area (excluding food area)

             General food & Bar Use


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