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					Superior technology
for contract cleaning

Brush vacuums, wet and dry
vacuum cleaners, high performance
industrial vacuum cleaners.

Perfect wet or dry vacuuming.
Various sizes and performance classes.

                                         Hako –
                                         from product
                                         to service.
They swallow up all kinds of dust.
the Hako Supervac range.

Hako-Carpovac                                                                    Hako-Supervac 100
Powerful upright brush vacuum for thorough,                                      ”The” vacuum cleaner
gentle carpet cleaning                                                           for maintenance cleaning. Ultra quiet!

Brushing and vacuuming in                                                        Compact vacuum cleaner for
one operation – this means                                                       use in hotels, offices and
intensive, thorough yet gentle                                                   hospitals etc. Extremely quiet.
cleaning of carpeted floors.                                                     Highly manoeuvrable and
The Hako Carpovac brushes                                                        sturdy as a result of five
the carpet pile thoroughly,                                                      castor wheels and low
rapidly removes even                                                             weight.
stubborn dirt and ensures
that an optimum cleaning                                                         Robust quality – ideal for
result is achieved on                                                            industrial use.
carpeted areas subject to a
lot of wear.
                                        As a result of the integrated carrying                                             The suction performance can be
                                        handle at the centre of gravity of the                                             adjusted directly at the handle
                                        machine, rollers and a low weight,                                                 (5 stages). This enables even curtains
                                        transport is made easy, even when                                                  to be vacuumed without problem.
                                        negotiating steps and stairs.

Optimum cleaning result –               Multi-micro filter system to             Comprehensive set of accessories as standard. Long vacuum filter hose (2,5 m).
brush height infinitely variable with   separate the smallest dust particles     Suction hose in several parts consisting of synthetic material handle and
electronic adjustment and pressure      and biological dirt.                     3 metal tubes. Various filters, as well as universal dust nozzle, upholstery tool,
control.                                                                         brushes and crevice tool.
. Wet or dry vacuum cleaners –

   Hako-Supervac 140/290/550                                                    Hako-Supervac 3000
   The range of vacuum cleaners for daily                                       High performance industrial vacuum cleaner
   wet and dry cleaning.                                                        for wet and dry cleaning.

   Extremely handy, operator-                                                   The Hako-Supervac 3000
   friendly wet and dry vacuum                                                  can cope with any applica-
   cleaners. The compact build                                                  tion as a result of the power-
   means that the machines are                                                  ful 3 x1000 watt capacity.
   particularly stable.                                                         Whether dry vacuuming dust
                                                                                and wood shavings or even
   Further advantages:
                                                                                oily substances or simply
   Four wheel chassis with
   steering castor wheels for                                                   vacuuming liquids – the
   easy manoeuvrability, impact-                                                Hako-Supervac 3000 is
   resistant synthetic material                                                 always the right choice.
   container, noise-reduced
   cooled vacuum motors.                                                        The cooled by-pass motors
                                          Hako-Supervac 290 with floor nozzle   and indestructible tank made         Equipped as standard with numerous
                                          for daily maintenance cleaning.       of chrome steel guarantee            accessories for wet and dry cleaning.
                                          Robust, quiet, professional.          a long machine life.                 The vacuum hose is particularly

   Hako-Supervac 550. Swallows            Comprehensive range of multi-pur-     Further advantages:                  Handy drainage hose for easy
   everything in sight. Seen here being   pose accessories for daily wet and    Sturdy connections between suction   emptying of liquids.
   used as a wet vacuum in kitchen        dry cleaning depending upon the       head and tank, robust chassis with
   areas.                                 type of machine and application in    stable handle.
Performance and quality down to the very last detail.
                                     Carpovac               100                   140 L                  290                 550                 3000
 Application                         dry                    dry                   wet/dry                wet/dry             wet/dry             wet/dry
Voltage                              230 V/50 Hz            230 V/50 Hz           230 V/50 Hz            230 V/50 Hz         230 V/50 Hz         230 V/50 Hz
 Power capacity                      1000 W                 900 W                 1000 W                 1000 W              2 x 1000 W          3 x 1000 W
 Pressure                            180 mbar               185 mbar              217 mbar               217 mbar            217 mbar            217 mbar
 Air capacity                        32 l/sec.              42 l/sec.             54 l/sec.              54 l/sec.           2 x 54 l/sec.       3 x 54 l/sec.
 By-pass-motor                       no                     no                    yes                    yes                 yes                 yes
 Noise leve                          59 dbA                 67 dbA                66 dbA                 69 dbA              71 dbA              75 dbA
 Gross container volume              6 litres               4 litres              21,5 litres            36,5 litres         72,5 litres         76 litres
 Weight w/o accessories              6,7 kg                 7,9 kg                8 kg                   9,4 kg              22,6 kg             24,6 kg
 Cable length                        7,5 m                  10 m                  10 m                   7m                  10 m                10 m
 Length – suction hose               2,5 m                  2,4 m                 2,5 m                  2,6 m               2,6 m               2,5 m
 Nominal Ø accessories               –                      36 mm                 38 mm                  38 mm               38 mm               50 mm

                                    All Hako-Supervac vacuum cleaners have been manufactured in accordance with the CE guidelines
                                    and fulfil the European safety norm EN 60 335.

  In the interest of technical progress we reserve the rights to alter equipment without prior notice.

Other solutions for floor care :

Single disc machines for cleaning        Automatic scrubber-driers for inten-       Brush vacuum for cleaning various         Vacuum sweepers for thorough
hard floors and carpets.                 sive wet cleaning of hard floors.          types of carpet pile.                     cleaning of special floor coverings
                                                                                                                              in sports halls.

Hako is the right partner:

Cleanliness with safety                  Sales, hire, leasing, rental              We are there for you day and night        Hako is never far away
Hako machines adhere to strict           Hako allows you to individually plan      Reliable after-sales service and excel-   The efficient Hako sales and service
quality regulations/standards.           capital investments depending             lent logistics guarantee that machines    network mean that Hako is always
Quality made by hako. We also take       upon customer’s demands and the           can be ready for operation around the     close at hand.
care of what we sell – World-wide.       available means.                          clock.

                                         Hako-Werke GmbH                                                                      The Hako sales offices
                                         Hamburger Straße 209-239                                                             and service depots
                                         D-23843 Bad Oldesloe                                                                 are always close at hand.
                                         Telefon: ( 0 45 31) 8 06-0

                                         Telefax: ( 0 45 31) 8 06-3 38
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