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					MANCHESTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY                                                                        PAF2 [2007]


 Approved Programme Specification Title                          BA (HONS) Design and Art Direction
 As indicated in Section 1 of the current PS1

 Request for Approval in Principle for*                          Periodic Review

 Proposed Implementation Date for                                September 2009
 Reviewed/Modified programme:

Sections A-E to be completed by Programme Leader


 1      Provide a summary of the changes proposed to the approved Programme
        Specification details as listed in Section D
        (eg new routes and subjects, stage and exit awards, mode of attendance, new/amended collaborative provision,
        changes to/addition of new subject benchmarks)
 To bring the programme into line with the new Contextual and Professional studies
 framework introduced to the faculty in 2007.

 Review studio taught units to address technical competence and employability issues

 To reconfigure the curriculum through re defining the relationship between graphic design
 and advertising in the programme.

 To configure the programme in a way that facilitates support for the new part time provision
 in BA (HONS) Creative Practice

 PAF2                                                        1                                    Revised Summer 2007
 2      Proposed additions/changes to Collaborative/Academic Partnerships
        Complete only if the changes in Section 1 involve new or amended collaborative/academic partnership activity.
        If the programme has no collaborative activity or the proposed changes do not relate to collaborative arrangements
        indicate N/A
        Do the changes proposed represent
        -   an extension of existing
            arrangements with a new       None

        -       Approval of an existing award              None
                to a new partner(s)

        -       Approval of a new award to                 None
                an existing partner(s)

            -Approval of a new award to a                  None
             new partner
        Name of any proposed new                           None
        collaborative partners to the

        Please confirm that a completed
        and signed APA1has been                            N/A
        submitted in respect of each
        prospective new partner
        NB Collaborative proposals will not be
        considered for approval in principle without the
        required APA1 form(s)


                                                           2007 / 08
 3      Faculty Strategic Plan
        Give Year of the Plan in which proposals were

 4      Briefly indicate to which of the University’s strategic objectives the proposals
        will make the most significant impact

 Through the changes proposed the programme team seek to:
 Increase flexibility in terms of student choice, delivery and resource exploitation;
 Address the employability agenda through curriculum adjustments and Professional studies;
 Improve diversity within the student body via expanding progression agreements and
 Foundation degree recruitment in line with university and faculty objectives.

 PAF2                                                         2                                      Revised Summer 2007

5      Provide a brief rationale for the changes proposed to the programme

The faculty introduced a new Contextual and Profession Studies framework in September
2007. The content, choice and structure of the framework would be of great benefit to
students on the D+AD programme offering significant improvements at levels 1 and 2 in
particular. Through minor modification the programme was brought into the framework for
academic year 07-08. Aligning with the new framework required changes to Creative
Professional and Technical Studies 1, Contextual Studies 1, Creative Professional and
Technical Studies 2, Contextual Studies 2, Creative Professional and Technical Studies 3,
and Contextual Studies 3. However due to the structure of the existing programme some
studio units now duplicate effort covered by the framework and the range of adjustment
would be better achieved by full review.

Review studio taught units to address technical competence and employability issues. The
shift to the new contextual and professional studies framework will require curriculum
changes in the other studio units to address technical input lost from the current Creative,
Professional and Technical Studies units. In addition the current programme addresses
employability in an ad hoc way which now needs to be brought into sharper focus an aligned
with faculty objectives.

To reconfigure the curriculum through re defining the relationship between graphic design,
art direction and advertising in the programme. The current programme lacks clarity for the
students in relation to the communication design activities they engage in. Whilst this can be
seen positively as offering a huge range of choice of media practice the expectation cannot
be effectively resourced and fundamental skills and concepts required by communication
design graduates are not fully developed.

To configure the programme in a way that facilitates support for the new part time provision
in BA (HONS) Creative Practice. The Design and Art Direction programme team supported
the only part time provision in the faculty through the part time BA (Hons) Graphic Design.
This programme is now being run out in favour of a faculty wide flexible study scheme to be
introduced as BA (Hons) Creative Practice. The D+AD programme will configure its unit
structure to align with the flexible study route as effectively as possible. The review also
offers the opportunity to investigate the relationship between this programme and other
areas of provision in promotional culture such as Illustration with Animation, Photography,
fashion and Contemporary Film and Video.


                                                       BA (Hons) Design and Art Direction
6      Final award(s)/title(s)
       (including any PSRB final awards conferred as
       an automatic result of successful completion
       of the programme)

7      Combined Honours                                N/A
       Subject(s)offered through
       programme specification
PAF2                                                         3                       Revised Summer 2007
       together with associated final
       award(s)(where appropriate)

                                                      Certificate in Higher Education in Design and Art
8      Interim exit award(s)/title(s)                 Direction
       (including any Combined Honours interim exit
                                                      Diploma in Higher Education in Design and Art

                                                      Full Time 3 years
9      Mode(s) and duration

                                                      Level 6
10     FHEQ position of final award(s)

11     Awarding institution (including
       PSRBs which confer a final award as an
       automatic result of successful completion of
       the programme)
12     Teaching Institution(s)

                                                      Direct progression
13     Relationship with Foundation

Administrative Details

14     Home Department/ School/                       Manchester School of Art
                                                      Art and Design
15     Home Faculty

                                                      Department of Art and Design History
16     Servicing
       Department(s)/School /Institute

External References/Relationships

17     QAA Benchmark Statement(s)                     Art and Design / History of Art and Design

18     Existing Collaborative/Academic Partnership

       Does the Programme include any
       collaborative/academic                         No
       partnership arrangements?
       Type of partnership                            None

       Name of approved partner(s)                    None

PAF2                                                       4                          Revised Summer 2007
Regulatory Compliance

 19     Compliance with MMU Regulations either for Undergraduate or for Taught
        Postgraduate Programmes of Study

        Is the existing programme fully
        compliant with MMU Regulations?        Yes

        If no, provide brief details of approved variations/exemptions to MMU Regulations and
        the date of approval

        Does the Programme Team
        propose to retain the existing          N/A
        Are there any new/additional
        proposals for variation/exemption       None
        as part of this proposal?
        If yes, provide rationale and brief details of the proposed variations/exemptions
        (see guidance notes at back of form)

        Any requests for additional exemption/variation must be submitted to the
        Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-committee of the Academic
        Development committee prior to the review/modification event

Academic Ethical Issues
 20 Academic Ethical Issues

        Will any of the proposals for
        change have ethical implications         NO
        which need to be addressed by
        the Faculty?
        If yes, provide brief details of the issue(s) and an outline of how the Faculty’ will
        address them

 PAF2                                              5                             Revised Summer 2007
Impact on Existing Provision

 21     Impact on existing University Provision
        Indicate the impact of changes on the following areas of the University and outline the
        nature and outcome of consultations undertaken with relevant staff in these areas
        (specify date and name of person with whom consultations have taken place as well as the outcome)
        Other Programmes directly affected                 None
        by proposals

        Same/similar subject providers                     None
        within other Faculties

        University Combined Honours                        NA

        University Foundation Year                         None

 To be completed in consultation with the Faculty Registrar or nominee responsible for PARM procedures
 within the Faculty

 22     Provide any additional information which will affect the arrangements for the Review or
        Modification event

        Is the programme content and structure
        considered to be complex provision                 NO
        If yes, explain how the design and structure of the review/modification event will reflect the
        degree of complexity in the provision (consider type and length of event, number of external assessors
        required etc)

 PAF2                                                       6                                    Revised Summer 2007
To be completed by the Programme Leader
1      Consultation with Stakeholders
       Indicate the date, nature, and outcome, of consultations undertaken with the following
       Current Students                      Course Committees 30 June 06, 19 July 06, 17
                                             Jan 07, 30 May 07, 28 Nov 07, 19 Jun 08

                                                         and QAP
                                                        06-07 Action 1
       External Examiners                               Discussion with new external examiner January
                                                        28th 2008
       PSRBs                                            N/A

       Existing Collaborative Partners                  N/A

       Other interested parties                         BA Creative Practice
       (please specify)

To be completed by or in consultation with the Head of Department (or equivalent budget holder)
                                           Current 78                                Current PT: none
2      Change of annual                        FT:
       student intake                    Proposed 78                              Proposed PT: BA
                                               FT:                                             Creative
3      Change of Funding body
4      Programme Resource changes

                                                        No implications. Jayne Burgess 19th January
5      Library Resource changes                         2009.

                                                        No implications. John Haigh 16 January 2009.
6      Information Systems Resource

                                                        No implications as per e-mail Heather Wilson
7      Estates Resource changes                         15th January 2009.

                                                        Consultation sent 15th January & 10 February &
8      Student Services Resource                        11 March.

                                                        No implications. Rosalind Cusack 20th January
9      Media Services Resource                          2009.

PAF2                                                     7                                   Revised Summer 2007
10     Student Resource changes

11     Additional Resource Change

PAF2                                        8                           Revised Summer 2007
We, the undersigned, confirm our support for the proposal as outlined above.

1     Head of sponsoring MMU department (or equivalent):

      Signed             ________________________________                      Date___________

      Name (print)       ________________________________

2     Head(s) of servicing academic department(s)

      Signed             ________________________________                      Date___________

      Name (print)       ________________________________

      Signed             ________________________________                      Date___________

      Name (print)       ________________________________

      Signed             ________________________________                      Date___________

      Name (print)       ________________________________

3     Approval in principle of Faculty Academic Development Committee

       Date of meeting:                                        Minute ref:

4     Approval in Principle of the sponsoring Dean(s)

      I confirm that the changes to resource plans identified above have been included
      in the updated faculty strategic plan and that any funding issues have been
      considered and resolved by the Faculty

      Signed             ________________________________                      Date___________

      Name (print)       ________________________________

PAF2 Guidelines 2007/8                           9
(Revised Summer 2007
      DVC:      Deputy Vice Chancellor
      FADC:     Faculty Academic Development Committee
      AQSSc:    Academic Quality and Standards Sub-committee
      CASQE:    Centre for Academic Standards & Quality Enhancement

PAF2 Guidelines 2007/8                              10
(Revised Summer 2007