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									Doublespeak / Newspeak Dictionary Assignment                           AP English IV                  R. Mitchell

Purpose: Students will realize the impact of language and how it directs social opinion. Also, they will
realize the bias inherent in much of language, exploring denotation and connotation.

Grading: The project is a test grade, and points are determined according to the rubric provided.

Due date: The project is due in its entirety on or before 31 August 2010. It is due on this date regardless of
whether you are present in school or not (even if the absence is excused). Thus, you are strongly
encouraged to complete and submit it as soon as possible. Late dictionaries will be penalized ten points
per day. Dictionaries received on or before 27 August 2010 will receive a ten point bonus.

Essential Questions:
        - What part does language play in the production and consumption of values?
        - How does George Orwell use language and rhetorical devices to develop the themes and achieve
                 specific effects in 1984?
        - Why are the themes of Orwell’s novel relevant to life experiences today?

[ELABLRL1] I can analyze, evaluate, and apply knowledge of the ways authors use language, style, syntax, and
rhetorical strategies for specific purposes in nonfiction works.
[ELABLRL2] I can evaluate the way an author’s choice of words advances the theme or purpose of the work.
[ELABLRL3] I can deepen understanding of literary works by relating them to their contemporary context or
historical background, as well as to works from other time periods.
[ELABLRL4] I can employ a variety of writing genres to demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of significant ideas in
literary works and technical documents, demonstrating awareness of an author’s use of stylistic devices and an
appreciation of the effects created, analyzing the use of language and other particular aspects of a text that contribute
to theme or underlying meaning, analyzing multiple, relevant historical records of a single time period and examining
their critical relationships to a literary work, and including a bibliography which records sources.
[ELABLRL5] I can understand and acquire new vocabulary and use it correctly in reading and writing.
[ELA12LSV2] I can formulate reasoned judgments about written and oral communication in various media genres,
identifying and evaluating strategies used by the media to inform, persuade, entertain, and transmit culture; analyzing
the impact of the media on the democratic process at the local, state, and national levels; identifying and evaluating the
[ELA12C1] I can use appropriate conventions.
[ELA12C2] I can produce writing that conforms to requirements and cite sources correctly.
[ELA12C3] I can acquire and use new vocabulary.
[ELA12C4] I can explore life experiences related to subject areas, determining strategies for finding context and
contextual meaning.
[ELA12W1] I can select a focus relevant to the purpose, and I can support statements and claims with specific
[ELA12W2] I can produce writing in a specific genre.
[ELA12W3] I can use research and technology to support writing, documenting my sources correctly, using
systematic strategies to organize and record information, and designing and publishing documents accurately.
[ELA12W4] I can plan and draft independently and resourcefully, editing to make improvements, clarifying my voice,
and revising to improve sentence variety and style.

Instructions: Collect and NEATLY record at least fifty words and/or phrases that serve as examples of
“doublespeak” (minimum fifteen) or words that are “Newspeak.” Cull them from any source, including
magazines, television, newspapers, the Internet, etc. Each entry must include the word(s), the part(s) of
speech, the definition in context of its use, its location (where you found it), and the meaning with an
explanation of how the word or phrase is an example of either doublespeak or Newspeak. You may not
use 1984 itself as a source, although you may find language from the novel in other sources, which is
perfectly acceptable. Your dictionary entries do not have to be in alphabetical order.

ethnic cleansing (noun phrase: adjective and gerund) – the killing of Croatians by the Serbians (Tom
Brokaw, NBC Nightly News, 6:30 p.m., 10 August 2008); the phrase is a euphemism for the elimination of
one race of people by another in order to achieve racial superiority [doublespeak]
app (noun) – a program designed to allow movie trailers to play on a “smartphone” (Jess Cagle, “Editor’s
Letter” from Entertainment Weekly, #1116/1117, 20/27 August 2010); an abbreviation for the word
“application,” it is a program designed to allow other programs such as videos, games, search engines,
maps, etc. to run on an electronic device, particularly the cell phone [Newspeak]

                      20 points                19-13 points              12-7 points              6-0 points
Number of             The dictionary           The dictionary            The dictionary           The dictionary
“doublespeak”         includes at least        includes fourteen to      includes nine to five    includes four or
words (must           fifteen correctly        ten correctly             correctly identified     fewer correctly
include citations)    identified               identified                doublespeak words        identified
                      doublespeak words        doublespeak words         with citations.          doublespeak words
                      with citations.          with citations.                                    with citations.
Number of             The dictionary           The dictionary            The dictionary           The dictionary
“Newspeak” words      includes at least        includes thirty-four      includes twenty to       includes ten or fewer
(must include         thirty-five correctly    to twenty-one             eleven correctly         correctly identified
citations)            identified Newspeak      correctly identified      identified Newspeak      Newspeak words
                      words with               Newspeak words            words with               with citations.
                      citations.               with citations.           citations.
Parts of speech       All entries contain      Most entries contain      Some entries contain     Most entries do not
                      correctly identified     correctly identified      correctly identified     contain correctly
                      parts of speech.         parts of speech (no       parts of speech (no      identified parts of
                                               fewer than 80%).          fewer than 50%).         speech (fewer than
                                                                                                  50% are correct).
Contextual            Each entry contains      Most entries contain      Some entries contain     Most entries do not
definitions           a contextual             a contextual              a contextual             contain a contextual
                      definition that          definition that           definition that          definition that
                      defines the word(s)’s    defines the word(s)’s     defines the word(s)’s    defines the word(s)’s
                      meaning with             meaning with              meaning with             meaning with
                      precision and            accuracy (no fewer        accuracy (no fewer       accuracy (fewer than
                      assiduousness.           than 80%).                than 50%).               50% are correct).

Explanation of the    Each entry contains      Most entries contain      Some entries contain     Most entries do not
meaning of the        an accurate,             an accurate,              an accurate,             contain an accurate,
“doublespeak” or      thoughtful definition    thoughtful definition     thoughtful definition    thoughtful definition
“Newspeak” word       that explains the        that explains the         that explains the        that explains the
                      word(s)’s meaning in     word(s)’s meaning in      word(s)’s meaning in     word(s)’s meaning in
                      the “doublespeak” or     the “doublespeak” or      the “doublespeak” or     the “doublespeak” or
                      “Newspeak”               “Newspeak”                “Newspeak”               “Newspeak”
                      language.                language (no fewer        language (no fewer       language (fewer than
                                               than 80%).                than 50%).               50% are correct).
Creativity/Style      The dictionary’s         The dictionary’s          The dictionary’s         The dictionary’s
(extra credit)        binding is exemplary     binding is creative       binding is creative or   binding is creative or
                      in a unique, creative,   and attractive and        attractive and adds      attractive (+3-0
                      and attractive way,      adds to the overall       somewhat to the          points).
                      and it conveys an        impact of the project     overall impact of the
                      extra dimension that     (+9-7 points).            project (+6-4
                      enhances and                                       points).
                      enriches the overall
                      impact of the project
                      (+10 points).
Dictionaries submitted early will have the opportunity for revision (to earn additional points).

Name: __________________________________________________________ / Rubric Score: ______________________________

Date Received: _________________________________________________ / Points added/subtracted: __________________

                                                                       Final Score (test grade): ___________________

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