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					                                                                                              February 2006

New window dedicated
The magnificent new window commemorating the life and
work of former vicar Canon Maurice Ridgway was formally
dedicated during morning service at St Boniface on Sunday
22nd January, in the presence of several members of the
Ridgway family. Canon Ridgway, Vicar from 1949 to 1962,
oversaw the restoration of St Boniface after the War, and was
a much-respected member of our community.
The new window, which has replaced the plain glass in the
Ridley side-chapel, has been fully funded by contributions
from the Ridgway family and from many local friends and
organisations. The theme of the window is the resurrection of
Christ. The figure of the risen Christ is shown in the centre
light, robed in white and pale gold. The window makes a fitting
memorial to a man who did so much for our church.

Confirmation                                                                                   Contents
                                                                                         •         3rd Sunday Changes 3
                                                                                         •         A doll named Horst 4&5
                                                                                         •         Faith in scouting 6
                                                                                         •         Target 1250 - get involved! 7
                                                                                         •         A Confirmation story 8
                                                                                         •         Bunbury School news 8
                                                                                         •         St Judes 9
                                                                                         •         Calveley spectacular 10

                                                                                               Bunbury Young Christians
                                                                                                Relive the excitement of
                                                                                                    Cinderella 2005!
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      The group of 13 teenagers and adults confirmed by Bishop David of                      Special Offer - 2 copies for £15!
              Birkenhead on December 13th. Article on page 8                                 Orders to Teri Williams (260279)

The sound of music
The week before Christmas several         whenever he wants – ed), then the
intrepid bands of wandering minstrels     Dyer girls led a group which over three
attempted to extort cash from innocent    evenings raised £100 for Oxfam. And
householders – yes, we’re talking carol   finally, on Christmas Eve, the Evertons,
singers. First, George led a band of      Stockmans and Mulcahys (pictured)
family, friends and tuneful hangers-on    raised £88 for Cancer Research,
around the Acreage and Sadlers Wells,     playing to the queues at Burrows, in
collecting £66 for Save the Family (Mr    what may become an annual event.
Fairclough can have the washers back      Very well done to all.

               Womens World Day of Prayer - March 3rd, St.Judes
                        Parish Link is produced for all in the parishes of Bunbury and Tilstone Fearnall

Set their house in order                                                                 prevailing westerly winds and the
For most of us St. Valentines Day           shelter for tits and warblers. Holes are     strongest sunlight. Tilt the box forward
conjures up visions of roses and cards.     in short supply, even in the countryside     slightly to deflect rain. Most birds are
It also signals the start of the new        - aging trees are rare in commercially       territorial so spread boxes around and
breeding season for birds. Over the         managed woods. Many hole-nesting             keep them away from bird tables as
coming weeks the birds will begin to        birds now rely on artificial boxes put up    the disturbance can distract the
establish territories and we will hear      by well-meaning humans. Most boxes           parents and attract predators. A good
their songs becoming increasingly           can be cheaply made - a 4ft length of        nest box is one way to help wildlife and
strident. There is a serious shortage of    6” x 1” board and a handful of nails are     can be very rewarding as it gives us a
suitable nesting sites in many parts of     easily transformed into a standard box.      chance to watch the residents rear
the country for birds such as swallows      The conventional 6” circular-holed box       successive clutches over the coming
as fewer buildings remain dilapidated       will attract tits and house sparrows but     years.
and farm barns are converted to             woodpeckers need a deeper cavity and
housing. House sparrows, formerly one       a larger hole. Chemicals can harm            Liz Jones
of Britain’s commonest urban birds,         birds so water-based preservatives
struggle to build in their favoured sites   should be applied externally only.
under eaves, as new houses lack the         Ideally, it should be possible to open
chinks and crevices that they depend        the box to allow anti-parasite cleaning -
upon. Modern homes have fewer               but not before August 1 because it is                     Gentle Yoga
climbing plants loved by blackbirds and     illegal to disturb a nesting bird. Correct           Peckforton Village Hall
robins and the mania for garden             siting, away from predators or poor              Tuesday mornings 9.30 – 11.30
makeovers has seen the loss of              weather is crucial. North and east                   Contact Julie Markman
overgrown corners that once provided        facing sites miss the worst of the                        01829 260989
                                                                                            Suitable for all ages and abilities
     The Reverend RICK GATES The Vicarage, Bunbury           01829 260991
                                     Rick’s e-mail: Rick@prayer.fsnet.co.uk
     The Reverend Jane Stephenson (parish curate)                   250249
     Peter and Kath Collinge (pastoral support)                     260077

St Boniface
     Churchwardens:                    Barbara Croley                  260344
                                       Walter Done               01244 332563
      Youth Worker                     Johnny Gillett                  260680
      Secretary                        Jill Robey                      260081
      Flowers                          Margaret Bourne                 260944
St. Jude’s
      Churchwardens:                   Bob Gardner                       260555
                                       Ann Latham                        260488
    Secretary                          Carolyn Johnson                   260703
    Organist                           Ann Badrock                       260343
    Churchwardens:                     Barbara Croley                  260344
                                       Walter Done               01244 332563
     Organist                          John Batchelor                  261056
     PCC contact                       Yvonne Wood               01270 528442

     SOVEREIGN                                                                               Nicola Roberts, expert in

      WINDOWS                                                                               curtains and soft furnishings
                                                                                             Tel: 01829 262464 or 07903 825837
                                                                                               Ivy House, Alpraham, Tarporley, Cheshire

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      STUBBS                                                                             Garden
                          FULLY GUARANTEED FOR 10 YEARS
       01829                                                                             Services
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Peace in our time?
I expect by now all your Christmas           whom His favour rests”. (Luke 2,14 ).            disciples, foreigners in fact any who
decorations are down and packed away         Peace? Surely there must have been a             would receive God’s grace and respond
in their boxes, the lights correctly         mistake? There has been nothing but              with faith. Peace however did not come
labelled, checked ready for next year        wars and trouble ever since the birth of         to Jerusalem, the city of peace, on the
and back in the loft. If that’s the case,    Jesus and before that. Ever since the            contrary the city through its leaders
good on you! Ours are down and in            fall, mankind has been at enmity with            rejected Jesus and therefore proved
boxes, and put away in places to be          God, but God had chosen this time and            unworthy, God’s favour could not rest
handy for next year – places we’ve           method to effect a reconciliation.               there.
already forgotten about! In recent years                                                      What about now, in 2006? Can we
we’ve had part of the angelic host flying    Who were these people on whom His
                                             favour rested? Certainly amongst them            automatically expect God’s peace and
round the light fitting in the front room                                                     favour to rest on “us”, a so-called
and creating a hazard to navigation to       were Elizabeth and Zachariah, Mary and
                                             Joseph, Simeon and Anna, and an                  Christian nation? If we are honest, don’t
anyone over five foot six.                                                                    we, like the Jews of old, long for health,
                                             unknown number of shepherds.
2000 years ago some shepherds were                                                            security, friendship and salvation for
surprised, in fact terrified by the real     To the ears of the shepherds and for             ourselves our families and our nation?
thing. Remember the carol….                  that matter the rest of the Jewish               The good news is that God’s offer still
                                             nation, the word peace or “shalom”               stands, and still on the same terms.
 Shepherds keeping watch by night            would create the idea of health,
 Saw around a glorious light                                                                  God has not withdrawn His offer of
                                             security, friendship and salvation, it is        peace and favour to all who are willing
 Heard an angel voice proclaim               what individuals, families and the
 Christ is born, in Bethlehem                                                                 to respond to Him, willing to experience
                                             nation desired above all, and they               His presence in life, willing to
 Soon by many a heavenly tongue              believed it would be present because             experience the God who is prepared to
 Glory be to God was sung,                   God would be present with them, and              befriend and to share all the
 Peace on earth goodwill to men              consequently his favour would rest with          experiences of life, good and bad. The
 Christ is born, in Bethlehem                them.                                            offer is open to all. The choice is ours to
But scripture says:- “Glory to God in the    Further reading in Luke’s gospel shows           make.
highest, and on earth peace to men on        that God’s favour came to outcasts,              Kath and Peter Collinge

An only son
   ‘And the word became flesh and lived among us, and we                come into our inheritance: we are the living beneficiaries of a
   have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full       living Lord.
   of grace and truth.’ (St. John1, 14)                                 Jesus came not ‘in terror, as the King of Kings’ but as a
The only son of a king is the heir presumptive; all his father’s        father’s only son. His recurrent message was that God is not
power, authority and influence is his by right. The big                 only mindful of us as a creator but as a father – indeed, even
difference between the earthly crown prince and Jesus is that           more than that, as our ‘Dad’ (Abba). But God loves us more
Jesus inherited his kingdom from the beginning, while his               than any earthly father could ever love us and Jesus came to
father was and is alive, for both he and his father live, of            underline that truth.
course, in perpetuity.                                                  God loves us so much that he’ll even accept us for the rest of
And similarly Christians have been made inheritors of a                 eternity. And that’s a long, long time to love anybody!
kingdom. We don’t have to wait for anyone to die before we              Eric Wallington

3rd Sunday - time for a change?
For the last 2 years at 10.00 on the 3rd     style, continue to focus on praise but           leaders. To achieve this we need to
Sunday of the month we have been             also include more in-depth teaching              draw on a wider number of people.
running an all age service, informal in      specifically aimed at adults.                    As this service will only be once a
style and focused on developing praise       We would also like to offer a separate           month the commitment would be quite
and worship at St Boniface. In this          and perhaps a different sort of KKs on           light - with any luck, just three times a
service the children remain in Church        this 3rd Sunday. The form it would take          year!
throughout rather than going to their        depends on whoever felt they could
"Kingdom Kids" (KKs) groups as they                                                           If you feel you could help please
                                             take it on. It could retain a similar            contact Rick Gates as soon as possible
usually do.                                  format as on the other Sundays or                (tel: 01829 260 991).
We would like to make some changes           perhaps offer an entirely different take
to this 3rd Sunday morning service           on how children can meet with God.               Paul Holbrook, Worship Committee
starting in February but to do this we       If we can find some new leaders then
need more help!                              this would help spread the workload
The plan is that the 3rd Sunday morning      more evenly and avoid the possibility of
service should retain its more informal      over-committing our existing KK
A doll named Horst
Many of our readers will recall Joy Parker’s account of              allowed into England, as long as a guarantor would pay £50
meeting her “adopted” Jewish-American family at Easter.              and agree to pay for the child’s care and education. Lilly was
Here she gives us an exciting postscript to her visit:               to be one of those who escaped.
                                                                     Lilly’s parents took her shopping for her voyage and told her
In February my elderly aunt Lilly Rosenberg had a phone call         she was to be travelling to England to stay with a nice family
from Germany. “Do you know someone called Horst?” She                and learn a new language. They valiantly hid their own
didn’t, except for the doll which accompanied her when she           distress at parting.
travelled to England from Nazi Germany in 1939 on the                One week later they took her to the station and said goodbye.
Kindertransport. Horst was a cloth bodied doll with a                She never saw them again. Two months later World War II
porcelain head. Lilly wondered if the doll had been called           began.
after someone….for the woman on the phone told her that
Horst wanted to speak to her….he had belongings from her             Lilly would often cry herself to sleep, comforted by her doll,
parents.                                                             Horst. Her parents wrote how lucky she was to have two sets
                                                                     of parents and encouraged her to make pictures for my
So begins a remarkable tale which spans seven decades and            grandma, her foster-mother.
comes gift-wrapped with a joyous ending. To get there you
must wade through sorrow, intolerance, unspeakable terror            Werner finally managed to escape to England. (After the war
and the worst and the best that humankind has to offer.              Werner and Lilly emigrated to the US). Their parents were
                                                                                                deported to Poland in 1942 and
Seventy-one years ago, life was                                                                 perished in Auschwitz.
beautiful in Halberstadt, a small
picture-perfect town at the foothills                                                             Lilly’s last birthday present from
of mountains 120 miles southwest                                                                  her parents was a diary. Like Anne
of Berlin.                                                                                        Frank, she chronicled what
                                                                                                  happened to her. A museum in
Ernst and Margarethe Cohn were                                                                    Halberstadt asked her for a copy
prosperous and cultured. Ernst was                                                                – the original is in the Holocaust
a chubby, happy man who owned a                                                                   Museum in Washington DC.
linen store beneath their home. Lilly
remembers lots of music, dancing                                                                  Lilly received a call from Jutta
and parties and fun with her best                                                                 Dick, curator of Halberstadt
friend, Ruth. But by the time she                                                                 Museum asking her to speak
was six, things had begun to                                                                      about her experiences. Lilly, a
change.                                                                                           qualified dress designer, but now
                                                                                                  a New York tour guide, had no
“My first experience of feeling                                                                   wish to go back. But when she
different was when children started                                                               heard she would be talking to
to throw stones at us and say,                                                                    children, she decided to go.
‘Jews’. She didn’t understand why
this was happening. Their parents                                                                 “I told the children that if life had
tried to shelter Lillyan and her older                                                            been normal, I would have been
brother Werner from what was                                                                      brought up in that town. But life
going on in Germany under the new                                                                 was not normal. I told them to be
leader, Adolph Hitler.                                                                            very careful of the decisions you
                                                                                                  make in life.
On the night of November 9th 1938,             The last time Lily saw her parents
when Lillyan was 10 years old, the                                                             “But the children complained that
government incited mobs to riot against Jews, loot Jewish                                      they had nothing to do with the
businesses and torch synagogues. Many Jews were killed and         Nazis, or the killing of 6 million Jews. They said, ‘We were not
30,000 arrested in what is now called Kristallnacht, the           even born’. I told them they were right. You are not
‘Night of Broken Glass’.                                           responsible for what happened two generations ago, any
                                                                   more than American children are responsible for the slaves in
“It was terrible”, Lilly remembers. At around 2am two SS           America. But I told them that all the decisions they make
thugs pounded on the door and took away her father. Two            from now on they are responsible for. Therefore, make them
more returned later for ‘Mr Cohn’, meaning her brother.            very carefully so that what happened to me will never happen
“My mother said, ‘You’ve already got him’. And they left. My       again”.
brother hid. We were horrified”.                                   The trip was heartbreaking. She saw her childhood home had
Her father was taken to Buchenwald, a concentration camp             been bombed in the war and the site built on. She visited the
that had been opened just a year earlier, and returned five          town’s memorial at the Dom, or cathedral, that marks the
weeks later, emaciated and with his head shaved. His store           spot where all gathered for deportation. Inscribed are the
was shuttered. Signs on park benches, shop windows…                  names of Ernst and Margarethe Cohn. It was very upsetting.
everywhere said: ‘Jews not welcome’.                                 Lilly was ceremonially given the Freedom of the City and there
After Kristallnacht, Jews in England demanded that their             was a lot of media coverage.
country relax immigration restrictions. Children would be            Shortly after Lilly’s trip, Horst asked his son-in-law to run a
computer search on Lilly Cohn, something he had done many              On July 12th , 2005,Lilly and Horst were reunited. “We got on
times before. This time the computer struck gold: Lilly Cohn           just fabulously”, Lilly says, “He brought out so much. His
of Halberstadt was Lilly Rosenberg of Beechhurst, New York:            father risked his life. You were not supposed to deal with
he had finally found her.                                              Jewish people”.
That is when Lily’s phone rang, and the museum passed on               To encourage others to repatriate Jewish possessions there
Horst’s phone number.                                                  was a media event the next day to show the items, including
“I called Horst, and he said to me, in German, ‘Are you the            the two paintings by Lilly’s mother.
little Lilly I used to play with?’”                                    Horst had one more surprise. He pulled a sheet off a table
Lilly didn’t remember but the two                                                      and unveiled an entire set of silverware –
families had been close and whenever                                                   20 place settings, with the initial ‘C’
the Hesses came, Horst and Lilly had                                                   stamped on every piece.
played together. She had even named                                                     Lilly was overwhelmed: “It is very
her doll after him. “So I must have liked                                               meaningful to our family and our
him,” Lilly says.                                                                       grandchildren and these things will remain
As he spoke on the phone Horst told                                                     in our family from generation to generation.
her he was looking at two paintings                                                     It is our unthinkable story. It is unbelievable.
done by her mother. “I said, ‘How can that          Lilly with Horst the doll           And our grandchildren witnessed it. That is
be?’ He said, ‘Yes, we’ve had them all                                                  tremendous”.
these years’”.                                                         Because of the interest in the story in Germany, Lilly allowed
Then he told her how it came to be. After war broke out, Lilly’s       the museum to exhibit the items for several months, but she
father had asked his non-Jewish friend if he would look after          now has them safely at home.
their furniture and belongings and hold them for him. One              There is one loose end. Horst’s sister also had one Cohn
night he secretly stored everything in a barn in the country.          possession. Before she died, she donated it to a museum in
Horst and his brother served in the German army during the             Berlin. Lilly spoke to the museum director, who said they
war. It was only after Germany’s defeat that Horst’s father            never had returned anything to a Jewish family.
told his sons of his arrangement with the Cohns. Before                “I told him of my speech to the students, that you are not
Horst’s father died, he made him promise to do everything in           responsible for things that happen before your time, but you
his power to find anyone in the Cohn family and return their           are after. I said, ‘You’ll have to make your decision and you
belongings.                                                            will have to live with it’”.
After explaining about the possessions Horst asked, “How               The item?
can I get them back to you?” Lilly was astounded. She                  A copy of the Ten Commandments. In Hebrew.
immediately called her sons and they agreed to go to
Germany with her and her husband.                                      Joy Parker

            Caroline White
                                             St.Boniface - an open church?
                                              The visitor’s book is one of the first         we hope to give the church a good
    Wedding Photography                       things to be seen as you enter our             spring clean and we need heavy-duty
    07711 631171/01606 881807                 church, and it also makes fascinating          labour.
          online gallery:                     reading. One of the most repeated              There will soon also be a new flower
  www.carolinewhitephotography.co.uk          comments is how wonderful to find an           rota available for those who would like
                                              open church. We are very fortunate             to help with this task or perhaps make
                                              that our church is open, and it is good        a donation towards the flowers.
                                              to meet up with visitors sometimes.
                                              They are not always from foreign lands;        Can we therefore justify the comments
      Mark Lewis                              many are from our own country. They            “It is wonderful to find a church open
                                                                                             and isn’t it beautifully - kept! You must
                                              are amazed at the children’s holiday
                                              club banners, and the fact that we             have dedicated members!”? Yes, we do
                                              have a considerable number of                  have wonderful members - they are
    General garden                            children who come each Sunday and              just a bit shy at coming forward!
  maintenance and all                         bring their parents. Unfortunately at          And remember the comment: isn’t it
  those DIY jobs you                          the moment there are only a few                wonderful to find a church open, and
                                              people on the rotas and sometimes              so beautifully kept.
  don’t have time for.                        they have to be called on at very short        Barbara Croley
                                              notice to rally round for duty on a
   Enquiries welcome.                         Sunday. So please if you can, put your
                                              name down for door, sidesmen or
    07792 550151 or                           coffee duty? You are needed!
     01829 260962                             Sometime in late March or early April

Faith in Scouting
As if Christmas wasn't busy enough, we      So far, we have had a great time with        its heart. Our service in Bunbury will
had to put in an extra service! This was    both the Wednesday and Friday Scouts         probably not be so large or racially
our Confirmation Service and I was          looking at the nature of 'faith' What is     diverse, but it will be an opportunity for
more than happy to make such an             it? Why is it important for many people?     many young people to take up
addition to the hectic diary. For me it     How is it different between religions? All   responsibilities and reflect their own
was great to see our seven teenage          this through games, lively activities and    faith to their community.
candidates take up the challenge of         some pretty diverse music.                   Many are saddened at figures showing
confirming their faith and their place as   And now, for those who wish to pursue        the sharp decline of young people
members of the Church. A thrilling          the 'My Faith' badge for themselves, we      attending church nationally. Those
conclusion to our preparation, but by no    are beginning plans for a Scout Sunday       figures may be correct regarding regular
means 'the end'.                            Service. Look out for reports in the next    attendance, but what they don't show is
2006 has now begun with more 'faith'        issue of the Link. In my time at St          the current increase in spiritual interest
amongst the youth - this time the           George's Church, I twice had the honour      and real faith expressed by many
Scouts and their 'My Faith' badge. Yes,     of hosting such services. This was with      teenagers. It's an honour to be around
you did read that right! A surprise to      the internationally diverse Scouting         at this time to support these young
those who shake their heads at the          units of Singapore. It was a grand affair    people.
relatively recent changes in the Scout      with the church packed full of Scouts        Johnny
Promise? Let me assure you that ‘faith’     and Guides, Cubs and Brownies,
is still valued in the Scouting             Rainbows and Beavers, and even
movement.                                   Daisies from the USA - all celebrating
                                            Scouting and the Christian principles at

St.Boniface Christmas roundup
The Christmas season is always busy         performed a Nativity Play: over thirty       School service, a memorable highlight
at St Boniface, and this Christmas was      children aged from 2 to 10 turned up         of which was the choir singing
no exception. Thanks to Margaret            to take part. Each was issued with an        plainsong, led by Mrs Phillips.
Bourne and her flower ladies, the           appropriate costume (thanks to
church looked its best, with festive        Sarah’s mum, an unflappable infant           The Crib Service on Christmas Eve is
arrangements on each pew-end and            teacher) and you would never have            always full – this year Father Christmas
striking displays elsewhere. The tree       known from the confident                     read us a story, and all the children
too, was magnificent: thanks to the         performances that there was no               were given presents for their parents –
team involved in putting it up (and         rehearsal! Well done to all the              copies of the 100-Minute Bible, which
taking it down again!).                     Kingdom Kids and especially to their         perhaps added a spiritual note to all
                                            leaders.                                     the excitement!
As usual, the Christingle service on
                                                                                         Children finally tucked up in bed and
December 11th saw a packed Church ,         Later that day was the candlelit service
                                                                                         waiting for Santa’s visit, the popular
then on 14th it was the turn of             of carols and readings organised by
                                                                                         Midnight Service, again taken by Rick,
St Boniface to host the Tarporley High      George: as usual the church was full to
                                                                                         led us into Christmas Day and a busier-
School Carol Service, from which the        bursting, and the reflective service
                                                                                         than-usual Christmas Day Communion
retiring collection was kindly donated      made a good start to Christmas week.
                                                                                         Service. Phew! Did our Churchwardens
to the Target 1250 appeal. At the 10        Two days later the pews were packed
                                                                                         ever manage to go home that week?
o’clock service on 18th Kingdom Kids        yet again, this time for the Bunbury

                                                                                         SMART STATIONS
     PMI Health Group Ltd                                                                         Discovery Club
     PMI Health is one of the leading          Our expert team of employee                        6-14 year olds
     employee healthcare solutions             healthcare consultants and                 Maths and English skills developed
     providers in the UK. With over 20         occupational health physicians and
     years’ experience in health risk          nurses can advise and support you in      using computers. A fun way to learn
     management we can create a                all areas of business health .                in a highly focussed setting.
     bespoke solution to your business
                                                                                            Coffee Club — Over 15s
                                                                                         Discover what your computer can do
      PMI Health Group Ltd.                                                               to help you get back to work, chat
      The Courtyard
                                                                                         with your grandchildren or just learn
      Hall Lane
      Wincham                                                                                    to surf the internet.
      Cheshire CW9 6DG                                                                       Tel: 01829 771967 (Tattenhall)
     Tel: 01606 352035          www.pmihealthgroup.co.uk                                       info@smart-stations.co.uk

                     Target 1250 - how you can get involved
Target 1250, the new St Boniface Church fundraising                      from the Sir Ranulph Fiennes evening of £2,367.75. And
campaign, had a fabulous official launch on 3rd December.                many thanks to the local 10 year old who donated £5 – a
We were lucky enough to host an evening with Sir Ranulph                 very generous 5 weeks’ pocket money!
Fiennes who is, according to the Guinness Book of Records,               The next project is more ambitious. We want to replace the
‘the world’s greatest living explorer’. For an hour and a half a         unreliable Victorian heating system which is slow and
sell-out audience of over 200 sat motionless on our hard                 expensive to operate and needs frequent repair. It is going to
pews, transfixed by this inspiring man’s incredible and often            cost £30,000, but it’s definitely an achievable target if we all
amusing stories. As a thank you he was presented with a                  help.
picture of St.Boniface by Ian Conway - photo below.
“I often give talks and lectures about my adventures, but the            What can I do?
one in Bunbury was a particularly special one for me. It is
always a real pleasure to return to St Boniface, the beautiful           Give! If every family who gets the Link donated just £20, we
church where Louise and I were married earlier this year and             would reach our new target straight away! But any donation,
I am delighted to be able to help them with their fundraising            of whatever size, will really be appreciated. All you have to do
campaign.” - Sir Ranulph Fiennes                                         is complete the donation form below and return it with your
We all enjoy our historic church building, whether we use it             cheque to the address shown. If you are a taxpayer we can
for worship every Sunday, come along to the Christmas                    claim an additional 28% from the government at no extra
service or simply admire it as part of the view. The aim of              cost to you - just complete the Gift Aid declaration on the
Target 1250 is to preserve and restore the fabric of this                form.
magnificent village landmark. We hope that anyone who                    Support! Our launch evening was a huge success and we
cares about the future of our beautiful                                                      hope you will want to join us at future
church will support the Target 1250                                                          events. The next one – a Burns’ Night
campaign.                                                                                    Ceilidh - is taking place on Jan 28th. It’s
                                                                                             another sell-out, so we’re hoping to have
                                                                                             a great evening’s entertainment and at
What needs to be done?                                                                       the same time raise lots towards our
The fabric of this Grade 1 listed building                                                   new target. Target 1250 plans to hold
is constantly under review and there is                                                      lots more events with something for
a rolling programme of essential                                                             everyone: we’re hoping to hold a family
repairs. St Boniface costs £1000 a                                                           event in the spring, so look out for
week to run, so extra funds for major                                                        details in the Link.
maintenance or restoration projects are extremely limited.               Fundraise! You, or your club or organisation, could also plan
Our beautiful church hides many problems, both inside and                your own fundraising event to help our campaign along. It
out, that need attention: parts of the building, after so many           doesn’t have to be anything complicated – you could hold a
hundreds of years, are quite literally crumbling away. If                coffee morning, a jumble sale, a quiz night. You could be
these problems are not addressed soon the church will                    sponsored to do something and we can make your
continue to deteriorate. Target 1250 is aiming to raise funds            sponsorship collection very easy for you by helping you set up
to tackle one problem at a time, so we can all see real                  an online sponsorship form that you simply email to your
progress.                                                                friends and family. And of course you will get lots of free
                                                                         publicity in the Link!
Amazingly, the target for our first project, to repair an area of
crumbling masonry on the north wall, has already been                    If you would like any help or advice or would like to tell us
reached, thanks to a very generous anonymous donation of                 about your fundraising plans, or perhaps you have a
£1,000, sponsorship money from local runners who ran the                 suggestion for an event, please contact Katie Mason, 01829
Dublin marathon totalling over £707 and the money raised                 260374, email jkbkmason@aol.com.

  I would like to make a donation of    £20      other amount            Yes I want all donations I have made since 6 April 2000 and all future
£_____________. Please make cheques payable to Bunbury PCC.              donations to qualify for Gift Aid until I notify you otherwise.

  I would like to help Target 1250 in other ways (please specify).       Signature


Address:____________________________________________                     Date


____________________Postcode:_______________________                     In order for the scheme to apply you must ensure that you pay a total
                                                                         amount of Income and/or Capital Gains tax equal to that which we re-
Phone :_______________Email:_________________________
                                                                         claim – currently 28p in every £1 you give.

    Please return this form to Katie Mason, Target 1250, 2 Beeston Hall Mews, Beeston, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 9TZ
One person’s journey to confirmation
I went to Rick’s confirmation classes because I wanted to                and in that moment I knew that He accepted and loved me,
discuss all sorts of issues connected with Christianity. Having          just as I was – as He always has accepted and loved the
been baptised as a baby within the Catholic church, and                  people that come to him. Then all thirteen of us knelt in turn
again as a young adult within a Pentecostal church (in a                 before the Bishop. He put his hand on our heads, said that
river!) I felt I was fully ‘done’, but during these enjoyable and        God had called us by name, and asked Him to confirm us
fruitful discussions I decided I would like to be confirmed –            with His Holy Spirit.
really as a public statement of my gratitude to God and the              Afterwards we gathered with friends and family who had
Anglican church for having borne with me and my cherished                come to witness the event, had photos with Bishop David in
prejudices on my long and circuitous journey to a reasonably             his hat, and some champagne and cake. It was almost like a
solid-feeling faith. However, after making this decision I               wedding, and I suppose that’s not a coincidence! All in all, it
realised that God wanted more for me; to swallow my pride                was an unexpectedly moving occasion for me, and one that I
(and more prejudice) - and be baptised the ‘normal’ way, in              think will stay with me for the rest of my life.
simple humility and obedience.
                                                                         Amber Middlemiss
On the day I was nervous and excited, but luckily Geoff, one
of my companions on the confirmation course, was also going              Those confirmed by the Bishop of Birkenhead on December
to be baptised – his first time! Bishop David was lovely –               13th were: Annabelle Church, Cathy Dewson-Smith, Emily
chatty and easy-going - but neither of us expected him to                Dyer, Hannah Dyer, Catherine Latham, Geoff and Sharon
throw several handfuls of water over our heads as we knelt in            Lomax, Freya MacGregor, Katie and Becky Mason, Amber
front of him! The experience was very powerful for me – the              Middlemiss, Laura Stockman, and Leonie Williams.
water trickling down my scalp felt like Jesus touching me -

Operation Christmas Child                                                 Bunbury School
We have published several pieces about OCC in recent Links,               Spring term got off to a chilly start with a shortage of oil for
but readers may be interested to find out ‘What happened                  the heating system, but the school was soon warmed up
next’. Firstly, a big thank you to all those who made the effort          and back into the swing after the Christmas break. During
to donate a box or boxes to. Our local collector, Nicola                  the third week in January the whole school took part in
Elsegood, reports a significant increase this year, with several          maths week, where the theme of Shape and Space was
people donating for the first time: This Christmas she                    incorporated in lots of exciting activities, including trips to
delivered over 150 boxes from the Bunbury area to the                     the Salt Museum at Northwich and art projects using artists
Wrexham warehouse. In total, the warehouse handled well                   such as Kandinsky and Mondrian as inspiration. To add to
over 80,000 Christmas boxes this year, sending them to                    the excitement, the same week saw the school undergoing
countries as diverse as Swaziland, Romania, Mozambique and                its regulation OFSTED inspection: never a dull moment!
India. The following is taken from the OCC newsletter: ‘As I
walked into the small hospital ward, she was sitting on a bed             Bunbury Parents Association is looking for new members.
looking out of the window. “She’s only five years old and she’s           The Association raises extra funds for the school through
very ill”, said the doctor. As I handed her a shoebox, the                social events. It is a good way of getting to know other
vacant look on her little, withdrawn face appeared to change              parents and making a very worthwhile contribution to school
and was replaced by the biggest smile I’ve ever seen…Her                  life. Please contact Kay Carson on 261461 if you would like
mother had tears running down her face. She then smiled and               to know more. The Community Christmas Card organised by
in broken English simply said “Thank you”’.                               the association this year raised a worthwhile £40 for charity.
If anyone would like to find out more about OCC, or join the
team who support OCC year-round, ring 01978 337722

                                                                     TARPORLEY DENTAL PRACTICE
             Aura                                                                       Established 1978
         Holistic Beauty Spa                    Mr J.E.Hopkins, B.D.S, Mrs T Banerjee, B.D.S, Mr G.P.E.S.Skilton, B.D.S, Mrs C.Stein, B.D.S, D.P.D.S

        Exotic facial & body treatments                                      DENTAL CARE FOR ALL THE FAMILY
           Waxing, eyelash tinting,
             Manicure & pedicure
                                                 Ozone therapy - painless restorations without injection                   ‘Denelea’
          Sports & remedial massage              Preventive Dentistry                                                      13.Nantwich Road,
                   Reflexology                   Cosmetic Dentistry - crowns, bridges, veneers                             Tarporley, Cheshire
             Indian head massage                 White Fillings (mercury free)                                             CW6 9UN
            Reiki, Hopi ear candles
          Bridal & evening make-up               Tooth Whitening

               Wyvern House
           Bunbury Lane, Bunbury                                          TELEPHONE:01829 732213 (24 Hours)
            Tel: 01829 260330                                                       New patients welcome
  Ring for current offers

News and views from St. Jude’s
The district service for the Women’s      beautifully remodelled with new units,
World Day of Prayer, prepared this year   generous work surface and new floor           Defending the faith
by Christian Women of South Africa,       covering, as can be seen in the               Bob Gardner has contacted the Link
will be held at St. Jude’s Church on      photograph. Many thanks to all                with the question ‘Do we need to
March 3rd.                                concerned, especially Mrs Beaumont,           apologise for the Christian Faith?’
                                          Mrs Lea and helpers. New unisex               Following the theme of Paul Holbrook’s
South Africa is often called the                                                        piece, ‘A politically-correct Christmas’ in
‘Rainbow Nation’ and is one of the        toilets, including disabled facilities,
                                          have been created in the hall and             the last Link, Bob wonders why no-one
most ethnically diverse countries in                                                    seems to speak up for Christianity. Do
Africa. The country is faced with         these are now decorated (thanks to
                                                                                        you think that Bob has a point? Do you
some desperate threats to health                                                        think we can still honestly call our
and social justice and women and                                                        society ‘Christian’, however much you
children are at particular risk,                                                        may wish that were the case? Bob feels
especially from AIDS, violence and                                                      that some of the old hymns like ‘Fight
organised crime.                                                                        the good fight’ and ‘The king of love my
Please join us, at St Jude’s, in                                                        shepherd is’ best express the Christian
praying with the women of South                                                         faith. What do you think?
Africa on March 3rd at 2-30pm,
followed by afternoon tea in the
Parish Hall. (Men and children are
equally welcome).                                                                         ST JUDES CHURCH HALL
The extensive array of Christmas
flowers at St.Judes was beautifully       Bob Gardner and David Wright) and are                IS AVAILABLE FOR HIRE
arranged by Ruth Aidley and her team.     just awaiting floor covering. Where                 TELEPHONE 01829 260555
St Jude’s Alpha group had an enjoyable    necessary, the doors have been
and relaxed late New Year party on        widened to be wheel chair friendly. The
January 10th.                             hall is now a delight to use. It is also
                                          available for hire – contact Bob
The family and friends of Alan Roden,     Gardner on 01829 260555 for details.          A joke from St Jude’s Beavers:
who died in October, have kindly          The hall itself is spacious, situated         Q: What did the beaver say to the tree?
donated an oak bench for the sunny        conveniently on the A51, and there is
side of the church yard.                                                                A: It’s been nice gnawing you.
                                          ample parking space.
The Parish Hall kitchen has been          Linda Downey

Fancy Dress Hire
Over 400 adults’ and
kids’ costumes
Wigs, hats & party products.

Call Charlie Vegas on:
Bunbury 262470

         ANDREW P. DEAN
    (Dip. N.T.C., C.G.L.I., A.V.C.M.)

             Tel: 01829 261222
                                            Happy new year! St.Boniface bellringers and their families celebrate on New Year’s Eve

Calveley School                            Ice spectacular lights up Calveley
This winter the planned building works    In the November Link there was a            This year the centrepiece of the display
have now been completed with the          report of a forthcoming ice angel event     was the creation of an 8 foot ice angel.
final resurfacing and landscaping of      at Calveley School on 10th December         The Christmas atmosphere was further
the car park to be finished over the      as part of the Calveley Recreation          enhanced by the playing of the
Easter break.                             Project. Here is what happened:             Tarporley bell ringers.
As one of the schools involved in the     “6 lantern workshops resulted in an
CBS county sustainable food               impressive procession of 65 coloured
procurement trial, we are all looking     lanterns along Calveley Lane. The
forward to the launch of the new          procession was led by a locally formed
menus created from locally sourced        street band and arrived at Calveley
fresh produce. In addition to the new     School where the lanterns formed an
menus, the school will be running a       integral part of the main display for the
programme of farm visits connecting       event which 350 people attended.
food to field, cooking lessons with the
cooking bus, vegetable patches at
school where children can grow
vegetables and fruits, new dining                                                     Whilst locals munched on locally-
tables which will allow sandwich and                                                  produced hot dogs supplied by the
dinner children to sit together and                                                   Great Tasting Meat Company and
socialise at meal times as well as a                                                  enjoyed homemade soup and other
range of educational projects                                                         refreshments, they were treated to an
developing the children’s                                                             outstanding display of fireworks and
understanding of healthy eating,                                                      pyrotechnics illuminating the skies and
nutrition, conservation and                                                           the ice angel.
environmental issues. As a rural
                                                                                      We hope that we will be able to
school we feel it is extremely
                                                                                      continue hosting this event in the
important that we support local
                                                                                      future and would like to thank all the
producers and allow the children to
                                                                                      volunteers and the Rural Development
appreciate and benefit from the range
                                                                                      Fund for supporting this community
of produce grown locally.
December was a full social diary for
                                                                                      Annette McDonald
the school, the annual lantern
procession was held on the 10th
December, a highly enjoyable cheese       Tarporley art honour
and wine evening was held courtesy of
                                          Tarporley High School’s art department      window. The students worked in groups
the Blunts at Wettenhall, and despite
                                          were accorded a particular honour           of four on images of figures, landscape
the building work all enjoyed the
                                          recently when they were approached by       and architecture to compose a
Christmas fair.
                                          the Conway Centre, Anglesey, to create      traditional painting mounted in an oak
The school curriculum now includes        a commission piece for the centre’s         frame, which they decorated in gold
French and the range of after-school      church. A mixed group of 21 students,       and vermilion. Tarporley has now been
activities has also grown. Calveley now   (several from the Link area)                asked to extend the project, a
offers an after school club which runs    volunteered their time and talents to       challenge they are keen to take up.
every afternoon till 5.40 and the         create 12 panels for a gothic-style
addition of Mr Crew, a PE and sports
specialist, to the staff team has
resulted in a wide variety of sporting          Calveley
activities being introduced as well as
the continuation of the after school          Coal Company
football club which has been well                                                        Your local independent garage
supported by fathers. We would like to    Not only…                                     Servicing all makes and models.
congratulate all the children who took    Coal, smokeless fuel,                              M.O.T. Testing Station
part in the Rural sports hall athletics   logs, kindling,                                       Bodywork repairs
                                          bottled gas,                                    Free collection and delivery
trials and have resulted in our team      spare parts
getting through to the finals which are                                                       within 10 mile radius
to be held on the 2nd February.                                                             Courtesy cars available
                                          But also...
The Calveley school choir is growing in   Garden mulch, peat, bark.
                                          sand, gravel, cement etc.
size and demand for performances!
This term the choir will be visiting          Free Delivery or Collect                          Wardle Service Station
Tarporley hospital. The success of the                                                      Calveley, Tarporley, Cheshire
choir reflects the dedication and              01829-261199 - day                           Tel: 01829 260230/260811
                                               01829-260009 - evening                            Fax: 01829 261100
talents of Mrs Holmes.
        Community news                            The family of the late
                                                  Nancy Stockton wish to thank
                                                  sincerely all relatives, friends and
                                                  neighbours for their expressions of
                                                  sympathy and for their kindness
                                                  shown at this sad time, and for the
                                                  donations received, They write: “We
                                                  were comforted that so many were
                                                  able to attend the funeral and would
                                                  like to thank Rick for such a lovely
                                                  and fitting service.”
                                                  We are sorry to report the death at        Pictured above are Beth Tweddle and
                                                  91 of Bessie Hamnett. Eric                 parents Ann and Jerry meeting up with
                                                  Wallington writes: ‘Bessie was born        former Bunbury friends the de Bell
                                                  at Tilstone Bank in Alpraham and as        family at their new home in Australia.
Baby Fenella Warren-Wailes,                                                                  Beth was competing in the gymnastics
                                                  a young woman worked at the local
christened at St.Boniface on 18th                                                            World Championships where she won
                                                  dairies. After marriage to Jack, she
December, with parents, Lorna and                                                            the bronze medal modelled above by
                                                  joined him at the garage at Beeston.
Kevin. They write from their home in                                                         Esther age 7.
                                                  She was a talented home-maker and
Miami, “Thank-you once again to all
                                                  a very good cook. At one time her          Advance notice of another Midnight
concerned for the wonderful day and
                                                  claim to fame was that she made the        Walk for St.Luke’s Hospice on 17th
the caring attitude of all at your very
                                                  best trifle in Cheshire! She was a very    June. Details from Jane Thompson
friendly church ”.
                                                  independent lady, with plenty of grit      01606 551246
Many congratulations to Katie Everton             and determination. After Jack’s death
and Laura Mulcahy, flautists in                   she lived alone and not until her last
St.Boniface services, who recently                days did she consider going into a
celebrated their 18th birthdays.
                                                                                                      Church notices
                                                  home. She had a long and busy life
Many happy returns to cricket club                and she will be much missed.’              Help needed! - St.Boniface maintains
member Paddy McBennett who                                                                   graveyard plans showing the location
celebrated his recent 40th with a
spectacular party.
                                                    Take up chocolate                        of graves and their reference number
                                                                                             in the registers but this work is not up
Congratulations to Bert Thornhill who
                                                        for Lent!                            to date and needs an organised person
celebrated his 90th birthday on January              - how’s that for an invitation?!        with some time and patience to work
                                                                                             on it. A volunteer with time and skills
10th. Bert, a former churchwarden,                If you like films, if you like
                                                                                             and the interest to do it as a one-off
used to live on School Lane and now               discussion, if you like ‘Chocolat,’ join
                                                                                             project for the church would be very
lives in Richmond Village.                        our Lent Course and put them all
                                                                                             welcome. Please contact either of the
Please continue to pray for for Benjamin                                                     wardens.
Thomas, Neville Edgeley, Rob Williams,            Beginners, experts, drop in to any of
                                                                                             Rick, Johnny and other members of the
Mary Cruikshank, Claudia McCloughlin,             the sessions: all welcome.
                                                                                             church have IT systems which
Camilla Broster, Peter Overy, Elizabeth           Starting date probably Wednesday           malfunction at critical times. Is there
Barry, Maxine Sweeting, Robert Jones,             8th March 2006 at St.Boniface              an expert out there who could possibly
Sandra Rowley and James Bartlett. And                                                        help at short notice, and would be
special prayers for Rick and Lin as Rick is       Details to follow. Ring Rick 260991
                                                  or Rev Jane Stephenson 250249              willing to be contacted? Names and
faced with yet more medical treatment.                                                       contact details to Rick please!

                                   J&M Cars                                                         GEOFF & NIGEL
                                 (based at Wettenhall)
                                                                                                    BURROWS, Dip.F.D.
                                                                                                      FUNERAL DIRECTORS
                                Private Hire/Taxi Service
                                      4-16 seaters
                                                                                               Complete Funeral Arrangements
                             Airport/Station, Business, Weddings,                               Personal day and night service
                             Restaurants and all social occasions
                                   Lady drivers available                                              Tel: 01270 524243
                              Tel: 01270 528006 or 629788                                          A.W.BURROWS & SON
                                  Mobile 07951 590 756

                                  www.jandmcars.co.uk                                              Snowdrop Villa,
                                                                                                  Swanley, Nantwich
                                                                                                     CW5 8QB

                                            1    10.00am            Holy Communion              St Boniface
 •   Cheshire’s only direct
     supplier of DELL                       5       8.00am          Holy Communion              St Boniface
 •   Specialists in upgrades
                                                    9.30am          Holy Communion              St Jude
     and repairs                                   10.00am          Family Worship              St Boniface
                                                   11.00am          Holy Communion              Calveley
 •   Broadband provision

 •   Internet & E-mail service providers    8      10.00am          Holy Communion              St Boniface
 •   Full networking and cabling            12      9.30am          Morning Worship             St Jude
                                                   10.00am          Holy Communion              St Boniface
 •   Virus removal & reconfiguration                6.30pm          Evensong                    St Boniface
 •   Comprehensive web design & E-
     commerce solutions
                                            15     10.00am          Holy Communion              St Boniface

 •   Efficient personal service             19      8.00am          Holy Communion           St Boniface
                                                    9.30am          Holy Communion           St Jude
          Kevin Thompson
                                                   10.00am          Family Worship           St Boniface
           01829 261685
                                                   11.00am          Holy Communion           Calveley
          M 07773 321779
                                                                    BCP with St Christopher Chorale
                                             22    10.00am          Holy Communion              St Boniface

                                            26      9.30am          Morning Service             St.Jude
                                                   10.00am          Family Communion            St Boniface
     Digital information technology ltd
                                            1    10.00am            Holy Communion & Ashing         St.Boniface
                                                  7.30pm            Holy Communion & Ashing         St.Boniface
Ian Bulkeley
Paving, walls, fencing,                     3        2.30pm         Womens World Day of Prayer      St Judes
garden improvements,
                                            Looking ahead
landscaping.                                May
                                            13th                    Tarporley School Ball       Chester Town Hall
01270 780834        07778 358285

                                                The Good Companions are casting now for Anything Goes. We need
Graham Rathbone & Sons                          singers, dancers, back-stage help and general bottle washers, jobs for
                                                everyone,please contact Jim Walker 261227 urgently.
Electrical                                      No previous experience necessary.
Contractors                                     Performance dates 12th to 15th July.

NICEIC approved contractor
01829 261174                                    Don’t miss…..
                                                Amid all the other big-budget blockbusters in the cinema at the moment,
                                                the re-make of Lassie is easily overlooked, but here’s what a young
                                                reviewer and her dad thought of it: ‘Lassie is a great film, about the classic
       R.F. Burrows                             dog everyone loves. I liked it because not only is it a British film, but it is
                                                moving and funny.’ It also features a galaxy of veteran actors, from Peter
          & Sons                                O’Toole to James Fox.

      Family butchers est.1924
                                           The National Trust at Erddig need volunteers to help groups of children aged 5 –
        Finest quality, locally-sourced,   11 learn what life was like in Victorian times. Training is given and expenses paid.
        additive-free meat and poultry     If you can offer one day a week or fortnight, 10-2.30 during term time, please
        Gold award-winning sausages        contact Jill Burton on 01978 315156.
           Good selection of cheeses
                                           Link is edited by Lucy Munro (tel. 260487) and Jill Robey (tel. 260081). We welcome all
            Bacon and cured meats          contributions. Our deadline for the March edition is Friday 17th February. Please send
                                           material to lucykmunro@hotmail.com.
                                           Our vicar, Rick Gates, is back at work and always available in times of sickness,
                                           bereavement or any distress (see p 2 for phone numbers).
               01829 260342

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