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					     Introducing Pulse Smartpen – Never Miss a Word

                                       The Pulse Smartpen ..… Bridging the gap between Analog and
                                       Digital Note Taking.
                                       Livescribe’s PulseTM smartpen revolutionizes the simple act of writing, giving
                                       users all the portability, flexibility and ease-of-use of a pen with the
                                       functionality and power of a computer. Using an application called Paper
                                       ReplayTM, Pulse records and syncs audio with whatever you write. Users can
                                       then tap directly on words or drawings with Pulse to replay what was recorded
                                       from the moment they were writing.

    Users can also pause, fast forward, rewind, slow down or speed up recordings using a printed toolbar within the
    notebook. The Smartpen comes with a 3D recording headset especially designed for far-field recording - each
    earbud has an embedded microphone for recording in a large room or a noisy environment. With the Livescribe
    Desktop software, users can transfer notes to the PC to backup, replay, search for words within their notes, and
    share them online. Notes and drawings can also be shared with friends and colleagues as interactive Flash
    movies (or pencasts) online. Pulse also works with pre-printed materials on Livescribe dot paper, such as
    calculators and other utilities that enhance productivity. The Smartpen responds to pre-printed and handwritten
    commands, providing immediate visual and audio feedback. The Paper Replay Notebook costs around the same
    price as a regular notebook and users can print their own dot paper for free on their personal printers.
    Handwritten files can be exported in PDF and other picture formats, while audio files can be exported in MP4 or
    WAV file format for sharing.
                        1                         PulseTM Smartpen
                                                  1. Power button                                   3-D Recording
                                                  2. Headset jack                                   Headset
               5                                  3. Built-in microphone
                                                  4. Display
                                   9              5. Speaker
                                                  6. USB connector
                                                  7. Infrared camera                                USB Mobile
                                                  8. Removable ink cartridge                        Charging Cradle
                                                  9. Rechargeable lithium battery

    The 2GB Smartpen captures over 200 hours of recorded audio and up to 20000 pages of digital notes and comes
    with a Smartpen case, 3-D recording headset, 3 black fine point ink cartridges and 1 stylus cartridge, a USB
    mobile charging cradle, Livescribe Desktop software for pen and application management and a Livescribe
    account with 250MB of online storage. An optional feature that enhances the functionality of the 2GB Smartpen
    is MyScript for Livescribe, handwriting recognition and conversion software that can be downloaded directly
    from internet.

    Ideal for use in lecture halls, conference rooms and boardrooms, the Pulse Smartpen is a “must have” for all
    students, lawyers, advocates, journalists, court stenographers, executives and personal assistants – in fact,
    anyone who needs to accurately record minutes, lessons and conversations.

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