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									 1st Quarter 2007

PROPER NEWS                                                                                          1st Quarter 2007

                           Welcome to our 2nd Edition                                            Inside this issue:

Welcome to our second GPRA newslet-                                                              Editor’s Waffle       1
ter. The Garsfontein Proper Residents
Association (GPRA) is a community-
driven initiative and this newsletter is                                                         Communication         1
one of the tools we use to keep in touch.
Please let us know what’s happening                                                              Latest News           2
in your street for publication in this
                                                                                                 Police Feedback       2
A warm welcome to the guys from Win-
dsor St, who joined our sms system.
Only if we communicate with each other,                                                          Trauma Centre         2
can we form a united front to keep crimi-
nal elements out of our area and out of
our lives.                                                                                       Scams & Warnings      3

In this edition, we focus on our Police
service and how we as community can            Our aim is to secure the area within the
                                                                                                 Get Involved          3
help them to protect us.                       borders of Hans Strijdom Drive, Atter-
                                               bury Road, Windsor Street and Jacque-
 Please consider the options in “What          line Drive.                                       Important Notices     3
can I do?” seriously and get involved in                                                         Thank You’s
the community. After all, it is ours!
                                                                                                 Smalls                4
                                                                                                 Contact details       4
                                                                                                  Special points of in-
We’re very happy to report that our Article    When paying by internet transfer, kindly
21 Company has finally been registered and     quote your account. no. as reference. (acc
we have opened a bank account. Unfortu-        no. is the first letter of your street name and    • Latest News
nately, we were unaware of the fact that the   then your house number, with the exception
bank account has to run for 6 months before    of Bernice Place becoming bp. E.g. L641)           • Feedback from the Police
we are able to load debit orders.
We have made 4 options available for pay-      After a long paperwork battle, Thomas won          • Contact details
ment in the interim.                           and our domain name (www.gpra.org.za), is
  a) Cash                                      registered. Thank you to Arkateq for hosting
  b) Checque – made out cash or GPRA           our website free of charge.                         For The Community
  c) Stop order                                After visiting our site, please let us know
  d) Internet transfer                         what you think and what else you would like
Please contact us for the banking details.     to see there.

  Disclaimer Notice: The views, comments and opinions expressed in this Newslet-
  ter are those of the individual contributors and are not necessarily shared by the
  residents or members of the GPRA.                                                                 By The Community
Page 2                                                                                                         Proper News

Latest News
Hello All                                                     nately this is the only way to manage the patrol, to the
We trust you are all safe and well.                           benefit of the contributing members.
    The GPRA area’s good record for low crime has                 If there is anybody new that is interested in joining,
continued throughout the festive season and through           please do not hesitate to contact either of us. The more
January and most of February, with only two incidents to      Street Patrol members we have, the better our security
non members, of which we do not have much informa-            will be.
tion.                                                             We are planning a community braai and get together
    Again, we would like to stress the fact that the guard    after the school holidays. Date and time will be for-
on the quad bike is EXCLUSIVELY available for the             warded as soon as we receive confirmation.
members of the GPRA Street Patrols. Residents only            Let’s all help through being alert and contributing in
belonging to ASS armed response alarms are entitled to        making the GPRA area the safest neighborhood in
ASS armed response vehicle and not the quad bike.             town!
Non GPRA Street Patrol members that need assistance           Keep safe
are to contact the Garsfontein Police Station or their        Yours truly,
own armed response company. If they make use of the
Street Patrol Guard they will be charged a fee. Unfortu-      Nikki and Dicky

Police Feedback
               With Garsfontein police station adopted          The “peak times” for burglaries are between 6am and 12
                by National Police Commissioner Jackie        noon, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, but
                Selebi, it means more resources for them,     please be vigilant at all times.
                which leads to better service and ulti-       In the past few months, we had virtually no reported crimes in
mately a safer community for us.                              the GPRA area, for which we are thankful.
The GPRA area falls under Sector 3 of the Garsfontein
police station, with Inspector Henriette Ras as our sector      The latest statistics show that 4 out of every 10 house rob-
                                                              bery incidents happen when gates and doors are left open/
manager. Contact her on 082 334 7880.
                                                              unlocked. Please make sure that you lock your security gate,
She is also on our sms list and has the full support of the   and remember to turn your alarm on before going to bed at
station commander.                                            night.
     When you send an sms, please give as much infor-
mation as possible, e.g. colour of clothing a suspicious        Another big problem is cars parked outside with valu-
person is wearing, make and colour of car (with reg no        ables clearly visible. That is an invitation for trouble.
if possible) and where seen. Please remember to add           Please put your laptop, handbag, etc. in the boot if you’re
your name or the first letter of your street name plus        not taking it with you.
street number (e.g. L641).
     We’re also in contact with our neighbouring com-          There is also a problem with “guards” at the Garsfontein
munities to encourage unwanted elements to perma-             Laerskool. They were not appointed by the school, so please
                                                              don’t support them.
nently leave our greater area, not just to move “next
                                                              On Good Friday, 6 April, at noon, there will be a short
      Garsfontein Police Station: 012 365 1256                prayer meeting at the Garsfontein Police Station. Please
            Metro Police: 012 358 5216                        join us and show your support for our girls and boys in
     ASS Control Room number is: 086 12345 00                 blue. Contact Eva van Rooyen on
           Trauma Centre: 076 882 4629                        082-780-6966 for more info.
                                                              See you there.

                      An Important Telephone No: 076 882 4629
                        This number is an emergency number for any trauma situation (including attempted
                     burglaries, hi jacking, accidents, etc.) affecting you or a neighbour. The Trauma Centre
                   will organise someone to assist / support you, whatever the crisis may be.
                    This service to the community is based at Lux Mundi and is available to anyone in our
                    area in need. For more information, or if you would like to become involved, contact Koos
            Burger on 012 993 2533.
1st Quarter 2007                                                               Page 3

Scams, Problems and Warnings
A scam that is happening again: a man and a                Look out for:
woman arrived at a small pre-school, claiming to           • A box type black BMW
look for place for their kids. They looked around            PKZ 446 GP with four
and before they leave, one of them asks for water.           black male occupants
When the lady of the school returns, the                     were involved in criminal
“prospective parents” and the schools’ laptop were           activities
missing.                                                                                       Be Vigilant
                                                           • White Toyota Corolla,
                                                             TLJ54_ GP
At the Garsfontein Laerskool after school centre,
the children are harassed by a man asking for              PLEASE DO NOT confront any of these people. If
food. Please teach your kids not to give food to           spotted, contact the Police and give clear details of
beggars. Rather support one of the projects aimed          where seen.
at helping and uplifting, rather than begging.

What Can I Do To Help?
                                    •   Volunteer to help out at the Police station by answering the phone, helping
                                    people fill in forms, etc. You don’t have to go for a whole day, even an hour
                                    whenever you have the time, will help. Please contact Tys Oelofse on 082
                                    577 2744 / tys.oelofse@absamail.co.za. He will give your details through to
                                    the Police.

                                      •       Attend the Community Policing Forum, where you get the opportunity
   to hear what is happening in the greater Garsfontein area, with feedback from the Police, the Metro police and
   the city councillors about matters that concerns the whole of Garsfontein. The CPF meets on the first Thursday
   monthly at 6pm, with the next meeting on 3 May. Contact Tys Oelofse on 082 577 2744 / tys.oelofse@absamail.
   co.za. for more info.
On the 7th of June, the CPF has their Annual General Meeting. Please make an effort to be there. Every vote
counts. The AGM will take place at Lux Mundi at 6pm

Kollie & Martie from Margate St usually represent the GPRA at the Crime Combating Forum Police meetings. If
you have any problems /matters you would like them to pass on to the authorities, contact them on 012 993 3985 /
082 557 2917 or martie@mates7.net.

                   Special Notices                                          Thank You’s
            The Garsfontein Police would like to
             meet regularly with business own-                  A BIG Thank You goes to Thomas of
             ers & managers in our area to dis-
             cuss crime prevention and the
                                                                Arkateq. Not only do they provide the
    safety of their staff, customers and stores.                infrastructure for our sms system, they
                                                                now also host our website FREE OF
   Please invite the owners/managers of the
                                                                CHARGE. Please visit their site
   stores you use regularly to attend the next
   meeting, to be held at Lux Mundi in Floris St                           www.arkateq.com
   on 10 April at 11am. For more info contact                   and try to support them.
    Insp. Ras on 082 334 7880
Page 4                                                                                                         Proper News
                                                              SMALLS: SMALLS: SMALLS: SMALLS: SMALLS:

                                                               Basie and Tanya, young adults in Gerhard Potgieters’
                                                               household (Street leader Braude St.) are willing to do
                                                               holiday home care services, swimming pool mainte-
                                                               nance, grass mowing, animal feeding.
 For the Community, By the Community                           Phone Tanya @ 076411260 or Basie @ 0728064245
                                                               for their prices.

Phone: GPRA Office: 079 592 0095
Dicky 083 285 2900
                                                                 Africa Security Response: As member of the
Nikki 082 593 8877                                               GPRA Street Patrol, you can have your alarm
Website: www.gpra.org.za                                         monitoring done by ASS for an amazingly low
                                                                 R180/month (excl VAT). Contact them on:
                                                                 086 12345 00 or info@africasecurity.co.za

         We’re on the Web!!
                                                                          For Company Registrations
          www.gpra.org.za                                                       Sheryl Boswell
                                                                         083 263 7918 / 012 993 1964

Street Leaders:
Street leaders have been nominated in each street. They                                             @tterbury Café
will come and see you from time to time, and if you have                                            698 Windsor St
any issues, you are welcome to contact them with your is-
sues and these can be discussed at our monthly street lead-                                             Venue for
ers meetings.                                                                                      Functions, Parties
Our current street leaders are:
   Windsor        :   Jurie          082 901 7084                                                  (up to 30 people)
   Hesteleen      :   Any volunteers? Please?                                                            Training
   Floris         :   Any volunteers? Please?
                                                                                                    Refreshments by
   Margate        :   Martie         082 557 2917
   Levinia        :   Nikki          082 593 8877                                                    arrangement
                      Dicky          083 285 2900
   Wena           :   Bonnie         082 843 7752                                                    Contact Celia
   Kelder         :   Jonathan       083 257 7907                                                    082 770 2161
   Sher           :   Dio            082 821 9344
   Glossoti       :   Gerhard        082 940 1541
                      Koos           083 450 2476
   Thelma         :   Riaan          082 447 8786                                 flat–
                                                                          Holiday flat–Ballito (Sleeps 6)
                      Tinus          072 160 1171                      100m walking distance from the beach
   Harry          :   Any volunteers? Please?                             For more information, contact
   Ivan           :   Any volunteers? Please?                                 Dicky on 083 285 2900
   Esther         :   Piet           082 809 9786
   Yvette         :   Any volunteers? Please?
   Vercuill       :   Liz            082 871 0556                            To Place Your Ad Here
   Nieuwehout     :   Harold         079 321 2700                         Contact Martie on 082 557 2917
   Braude         :   Gerhard        082 901 6842                         Smalls cost R50 per newsletter
   Bernice        :   M Mitchell     082 806 6137

Tuinhulp / Garden help: Mac Mathebula werk die afgelope jaar op 'n byna daaglikse basis by my - sedert Janu-
arie ook by my buurman oorkant die straat. Op hierdie stadium het ons egter nie meer genoeg takies om hom
"voltyds" besig te hou nie. Is daar dalk iemand in die buurt wat tuinhulp benodig? Ek kan Mac met die grootste vry-
moedigheid aanbeveel. Die taal is soms 'n probleem, maar hy leer vinnig en is baie eerlik en betroubaar. Hier by
my het hy algemene tuinwerk gedoen, geverf, 'n skaduhuis vir my clivias gebou en dies meer.
Kontak Chris Vlok by Thelmastraat 742 Tel: 012 998 5942 / 082 921 5625

               Newsletter edited by Martie from Mates Printing & Signage (012) 993 3985 / 082 557 2917
                          “We specialize in small quantities”   Website: www.matesweb.net
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