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Bright ideas budget

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					                                                                                           Leaflet No.H20

                                                              Information Factsheet

                          Bright ideas budget

The council is committed to giving tenants the       accepted as a bid to the fund without the need
opportunity to influence the delivery of housing     for a written application.
services on their estates. What greater way to       Any work carried out by the council will be
do this than give tenants the opportunity to bid     charged against the budget. The improvement
for resources to improve the area where they         must be something that will be a one off cost to
live?                                                the budget rather than something that will incur
                                                     regular or long-term maintenance and upkeep
The bright ideas budget allows bids to be
made to pay for works to improve the security,
environment or quality of life of tenants in your    In some circumstances the council will need
local area. You live there so you know what it       to consult with the wider community before
is like in the daytime, in the evenings and at       making a decision on the progress of your bid.
weekends. This makes you the local experts on        If your bid is unsuccessful you will receive a
what is best for your estates. To date, the bright   letter outlining the reasons why your bid has
ideas budget has a track record for paving           failed. This may give you the chance to change
the way for many improvements, including             the details of your bid so that you can re-apply.
improved street lighting, additional fencing,
gates, the hiring of rubbish skips to support        Further information
neighbourhood clean ups and new security             If you have any queries about the bright ideas
doors.                                               budget or you want to request an application
                                                     form then please contact the Participation and
What are the rules for applying?                     Development Team by emailing: residents@
You can only bid for funding through this  , or by telephoning (01788)
budget if you are a Rugby Borough Council            533604
tenant. The bid must be to make improvements
to the security, environment or quality of life
of tenants in your local area and must be less
than £5,000. The idea must benefit at least five
households except in rural areas where this is
reduced to just two households.
You can bid for funds by completing an
                                                             Rugby Borough Council’s
application form or by speaking to your housing       Customer Services Centre is located in the
officer, property maintenance officer or warden                 Town Hall Reception
who will complete the form for you - but you
still need to say who else supports the bid.           The Customer Services Centre has ramped
If an idea is mentioned at a tenants meeting          access, automatic doors and induction loops.
                                                      There is reserved parking available for people
or during tenant consultation exercises and                          with disabilities.
is supported by the group this can also be                         Rugby Borough Council
                                                                   Town Hall, Evreux Way
                                                                     Rugby, CV21 2LG
                                                                    Tel. (01788) 533533