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									                            Puriton Primary School
                                  Food Policy

Puriton Primary School acknowledges that healthy eating is very important to school
life as exemplified by its inclusion as part of National Healthy School Status (NHSS).
Puriton Primary School aims to achieve NHSS in July 2007

All teachers have read this policy. A copy is available to staff and parents/guardians
on request from the school office. A statement on the Whole School Food Policy is
also to be found in the School Prospectus and on the school’s website.


At Puriton Primary School we are committed to improving the health and well-being of
our pupils and staff. We believe that promoting and establishing life-long healthy
eating patterns in our pupils; educating our pupils about different types of food in
the context of a balanced diet; and developing pupils’ skills in how to plan, budget,
prepare and cook is essential to each pupil’s health and well-being as well as their
intellectual abilities.

This policy is a ‘stand alone’ policy in the school but it is not seen in isolation. This
policy is inextricably linked to our other health-related policies including Somerset
County Council’s Food Safety Policy, compliance with which confirms our school’s
commitment to the highest standards of food safety. Other policies include Design &
Technology, Health & Safety and PSHE and are integral to our school’s approach to a
healthy lifestyle.

Definition of a Whole School Food Policy

Our Whole School Food Policy is a shared, evolving document for all stakeholders who
interact with our school. It expresses a common vision of the ethos, status and role
of all aspects of food and drink within our school. It covers all aspects of food and
drink provision and education, including the formal curriculum, extra-curricular
activities, school meals, packed lunches and food provided at the school other than
school meals. It also covers pastoral care and welfare issues related to food and
involvement of the school in national food-related initiatives and events.

At the time of writing/revising this policy Puriton Primary School:
    Has hot meal provision. This service is provided by Somerset Catering Services.
    has a fruit tuck shop
    has easy access to free, clean, palatable drinking water for pupils

Mrs Harris the Head Teacher is responsible for overseeing all aspects of food in the

At Puriton Primary School we work as a whole school community to achieve the
following aims regarding food and drink throughout the whole school day.

      To set out a co-ordinated approach to food and drink throughout the school
      To communicate our shared vision, ethos and values on all aspects of food and
       drink in our school;
      To improve the health of pupils and staff by helping to influence their eating
       habits through increasing their knowledge and awareness of food issues,
       including what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet and hygienic food
       preparation and storage methods;
      To strive to ensure that pupils are well nourished at school by providing every
       pupil with access to safe, tasty and nutritious food and free, clean and
       palatable drinking water during the school day;
      To ensure that food and drink provision in the school reflects the ethical and
       medical requirements of staff and pupils (e.g. religious, medical, vegetarian and
       allergenic needs);
      To make the provision and consumption of food and drink an enjoyable and safe
      To promote healthier eating practices to the wider school community and
       support and influence parents/guardians/pupils to follow healthier eating
      To introduce and promote practices within the school that reinforce these
       aims and to remove or discourage practices that negate them.


  1. To work to ensure that the following agencies are actively involved in
     developing and amending this policy and accept and embrace this policy:
         Governors
         School Management
         Teachers and support staff
         Pupils
         Parents/guardians

  2. To integrate these aims into all aspects of school life, in particular:
         Food and drink provision within the school
         The curriculum
         Pastoral and social activities
         Extended school provision

At Puriton Primary School we provide many opportunities for our pupils to learn about
food. These include:
 Art
 Design and Technology
 Drama
 Literacy
 Geography
 History
 Information Technology
 Numeracy
 Modern foreign languages optional French club
 Music
 Physical Activity
 Science
 Heath/Global weeks

 Food topics are covered in the national curriculum frameworks for Science, Design
and Technology, and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).


Puriton Primary School offers a daily lunchtime catering service to all its pupils. This
is delivered by Somerset Catering Services who is responsible for providing a school
meals service that meets the ‘Government Standards for School Food’ (including the
new food-based standards for school lunches)

Puriton Primary School provides each pupil who is entitled to a free school meal with a
hot/cold meal from the school canteen each day.


Puriton Primary School endeavours to identify the special dietary requirements
(consider medical/allergenic/cultural/religious/ethical requirements) of our pupils and
staff. In response to these dietary requirements we ensure that food and drink
provision throughout the school day reflects these. Puriton Primary School welcomes
the opportunity to work with parents/guardians and pupils to ensure any special
dietary needs are met.

At Puriton Primary School approximately 80% of our pupils bring a packed lunch into
school. The Government’s new food-based standards for school lunches do not apply
to food and drink that has been brought in from outside school, however Puriton
Primary School endeavours to ensure that pupils’ packed lunches are healthy and
nutritious as we recognise the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet for pupils’
health and well-being.


Puriton Primary School has implemented a whole school policy that free, clean and
palatable drinking water is accessible to pupils and staff throughout the school day.

 Each pupil has a water bottle that has been brought in from home that s/he is
expected to bring in each day. Pupils are actively encouraged before morning break
and before afternoon break to fill their water bottles. Water bottles are kept by the
sink during all lessons. Children are allowed access to water throughout the day and
we have water breaks during class time.


At Puriton Primary School during morning break we only allow our pupils to eat fruit
or vegetables. All key stage one classes receive a free morning break time snack of
cut and washed fruit or vegetables, which is shared in a family setting for all class
members. This is part of The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

There is a morning break time tuck shop for all pupils that only sell fruit and
vegetables. The fruit and vegetables are prepared by staff members and are sold in
cups of mixed fruits and vegetables. Pupils and parents/guardians can pay in advance
or on the day. There is a named member of staff who has achieved Level 2 Food
Hygiene certification who is responsible for ensuring that safe food hygiene and
preparation practices are carried out by the parents/guardians who prepare the fruit
and vegetables for morning break.


At Puriton Primary School we have a welcoming dining environment that encourages
the social interaction of pupils. Children enter the hall in class groups but are able
to sit in mixed age and gender groups.

At Puriton Primary School we recognise the importance of investing in training for all
our teaching, non-teaching and catering staff. We believe there is a strong
correlation between high quality, targeted, accessible training for our staff and staff
who can plan and deliver high quality food provision or high quality education in food.

At Puriton Primary School staff members have completed training related to food
safety and hygiene, nutrition, food education or the school provision of food and

Monitoring and Evaluation

The Whole School Food Policy is consulted upon, monitored and evaluated through an
annual review process involving Parents/guardians, teachers, non-teaching staff,
catering staff, Key Stage Co-ordinators, subject leader for Food Technology, Senior
Management Team, food providers, and the Governing Body.

Mrs Karen Turnbull is responsible for organising and overseeing the annual process of
consulting on, monitoring and evaluating the Whole School Food Policy.

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