Texas FFA State Trap Shoot

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					Texas FFA State Trap Shoot
When: June 6-7 2010

Where (Event): Hill Country Shooting Sports Center Kerrville, TX

Hotel (Location): YO Hilton Resort, Kerrville, TX. If you need a room ask for the
discount for the FFA Trap Shooting Event. Student’s rooms will be paid for by the
Bellville FFA. Parent’s rooms extra.

Meet: At the YO Hotel between 3:00-4:00pm, will practice that evening at the Hill
Country Shooting Sports Center. Students need to make sure they have transportation.
Diezi’s cell 281-433-0098

June 6, 2010 Events:

Will meet at hotel 3:00-4:00pm, Practice will be in the evening at the Hill County
Shooting Sports Center. The Bellville FFA will pay for one practice round/shells.
Students can pay for extra rounds and shells.

      Students will need to bring their own 12 gauge shot gun, safety glasses and ear
       protection approved by the National Skeet Association. Make sure your gun is
       clean. Know safety practices on gun and at the range at all times.
      Shooting vest will be provided by the Bellville FFA and given back after the
       event. Team t-shirts will be given out.
      AA Shot Shells will be provided for one practice rounds (25) and the FFA Trap
       Event. Students can bring their own ammo if needed for extra shooting or for the
      Bring snacks, drinks if needed, lunch will be provided the day of shoot by River
       Star Farms.
      Make sure to bring hunters education card. Meal on Sunday on your own

June 7, 2010 Events:

       Shooting event will start between 8:00-9:00 am, breakfast own your own.
       Contest students will be shooting 100 rounds

       Awards will be between 4:00- 5:00 pm., depends on the amount of teams.
       Make Bellville FFA Proud!!! Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

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