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Bridges of Hope (PDF)


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									                                 HEALTH AND WELLNESS
                                   EDUCATION CENTRE
                                  IN ASSOCIATION WITH
                              Invites you to a SETA Accredited
                               Open Workshop
              to train Facilitators, Trainers & Peer Educators
                     to make most effective use of the

                             Bridges of Hope
                       3x global award winning package of
            Training Activities and Behaviour Change Techniques to
            address wellness and HIV-related issues, stay healthy,
                live positively and realize life goals and dreams

           Get the training materials and learn to use them on a 5-day workshop programme:

                       Shangani Lodge, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
                                      17th – 21st May 2010
                                 from 08h00 to 16h30 each day

  Why attend this programme?                                            Who is it for?

  •   To gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve real         Trainers, educators and facilitators
      impact when you facilitate Bridges of Hope based group training      Company wellness and HIV focal
      sessions.                                                            persons
  •   To learn about the key behaviour change concepts and                 EAP practitioners
      techniques underpinning the design of Bridges of Hope, and how       Peer educators / HIV Champions /
      to apply them.                                                       Counsellors
  •   To learn how to adapt Bridges of Hope activities and techniques      Youth and Community Leaders
      to address wellness and HIV-related issues facing colleagues,        Leaders and educators in Faith
      families, friends and communities.                                   Based Organisations
  •   To enhance self-awareness and communication skills                   Anyone else interested in enhancing
  •   To obtain the physical materials (e.g. complete Bridges of Hope      the impact of group training and
      kit) and plan how you will start implementing what you learn.        education they provide to address
  •   To get accreditation against 4 Health & Welfare SETA Unit            wellness and HIV-related issues.
                                         What is Bridges of Hope?
    Bridges of Hope is a package of powerful and practical participatory training materials, activities and
    behaviour change techniques. These enable people to explore and address a wide range of wellness issues
    around HIV prevention, support, VCT, treatment and positive living, linked to achieving their life goals and
    dreams. The activities and methodologies are designed to ‘touch the heart, not just the head’ - they actively
    engage and involve participants in a way that enables them to internalise the messages, and apply them in a
    practical way to their own personal situation.      All activities are designed so that they can be used
    effectively with both literate and non-literate groups.

    The Bridges of Hope package has been continuously developed, updated and refined by the Training
    Consultant, Peter Labouchere since its inception in 2000. It is now being used in over 60 countries
    worldwide with a diverse range of business and community programmes.

                    Awards won by Bridges of Hope based programmes
♦   Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 2003 and 2008 Workplace Awards
    for Business Excellence (for Standard Chartered Bank’s global Living with HIV program in 2003 and for
    Standard Bank’s Africa-wide HIV and Wellness Education Programme in 2008.)
♦   AfriComNet 2008 Award for Excellence in HIV and AIDS Communication in Africa (Best
    community/interpersonal strategy, campaign or tool)
♦   Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 2009 Community Investment Award
    (for Standard Chartered Bank’s programme to “Educate one million”.)

Below are some illustrations of a few of the Bridges of Hope activities being used by Peer Educators in
different countries.

 Fig 1: Participants at a market try    Fig 2: During a Bridges of Hope community        Fig 3: At a market in Gaborone,
 to reach the island (representing      outreach session in Swaziland, peer              PSI Botswana staff use a Bridges
 their life goals and dreams) and       educators explain how the ‘White Blood           of Hope activity ‘Can you tell who
 avoid falling amongst the crocodiles   Cell’ is pushing ‘HIV’ down into one corner of   is living with HIV?’ to address
 (dangers and problems in life          ‘the human body’, so that the ‘White Blood       issues    around   stigma,   living
 including HIV) by walking on stick     Cell’ remains free to fight off other            positively with HIV and Voluntary
 bridges.                               ‘Infections’.                                    Counselling and Testing.
    Fig 4: Facilitating the Wildfire activity at Bauze Youth   Fig 5: A Standard Chartered Bank Bridges of Hope
    Centre, Lusaka, Zambia, to demonstrate how HIV can         trained Wellness Champion using the interactive Forum
    spread in a community, and to get participants thinking    Theatre drama technique with work colleagues, to build
    about the risks they take in their sexual behaviour.       their skills and strategies for supporting someone who
                                                               discloses that they are living with HIV.

                             Further Information about Bridges of Hope
Introductory video:
Contact: Peter Labouchere Tel: +263 13 43254       E-mail:

                                                 Costs and Booking
To train, accredit and certify all Participants in a 5-day Bridges of Hope workshop.

The Cost of the 5-day Bridges of Hope Workshop is R7 500 exclusive of VAT
Early registration - For bookings made with full payment before 9th April will be entitled to a 10% discount.

                                                The Cost includes:
•     A complete Bridges of Hope kit (Enhanced 2010 edition of this global award winning package, with T-shirt
      and revised and updated Users Guide.)
•     Copy of the best selling book “HIV & AIDS” by Marina Coleman with cartoons by Sifiso Yalo
•     All facilitation, training and follow up.
•     Free membership of the Bridges of Hope Users Group, with inclusion in an e-mail group to exchange ideas
      and keep informed of latest revisions, evaluations, updates, case studies, additional activities and other
•     A smart Bridges of Hope presentation certificate for those who complete the Bridges of Hope
      certification process by applying what they learn with their colleagues and communities).
•     The manual : You Can Make a Difference plus portfolio of evidence.
•     Accreditation against 4 Health & Welfare Unit Standards,
•     Assessment per Unit Standard, moderation, certification and uploading on the SETA/SAQA National
      Learner Database.
•     Lunch each day and morning/afternoon refreshments.
                                          The Cost excludes:
•   The above costs are exclusive of VAT and do not include travel, accommodation or food allowance for

                                      Accommodation & Meals
Should you require accommodation and Airport transfers, Shangani Lodge is offering special rates for the
delegates for accommodation as follows:

•   Single room, inclusive of breakfast & vat: R590.00
•   Twin room, inclusive of breakfast & vat: R820.00
•   Dinner: R120.00 p.p.

                                           Airport transfers
(OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg): R150.00 per trip up to 3 guests and R50.00 thereafter per
additional guest.

                                   Cancellations & Substitutions
Cancellations received in writing more than 21 days prior to the event carry a 50% cancellation fee. Should
cancellations be received later than 21 days before the event, the full workshop fee is payable and non-
refundable. Substitutions at no extra charge are welcome.

In the unlikely event that this workshop is cancelled for any reason, all monies paid for the workshop will be
refunded in full.

                                            Payment Details
Please return the booking form and make full payment by direct deposit or electronic transfer to:
       Account Name :        Top Community Training Services
       Bank          :       ABSA Balfour Park
       Account No    :       405 783 4294
       Branch Code :         633-005
       Reference     :       Bridges ToT

Please FAX confirmation to: +27 11 485-3536 or scan and e-mail to:

                      Directions to Training Venue: Shangani Lodge
Address: 27 Voortrekker Street, Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
For directions click:

Please complete and return the form on the next page, preferably by e-mail to:
        Attn:         Beverley Katz , Health & Wellness Education Centre
        Address:      PO Box 781462, Sandton 2146
        Tel:          +27 11 485-5155
        Fax:          +27 11 485-3536
        Cell:         +27 82 561 7911
                                                     th   st
                Shangani Lodge, Edenvale, Gauteng, 17 – 21 May 2010

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Postal Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Tel Number: ___________________________________________              Fax: ___________________________________

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