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					One of the biggest residential and commercial roofing builders in North America is
GAF Materials Corporation GAF Materials Corporation (GAF). In fact, their sales far
exceeds $2 billion. GAF is also a multi-awarded company, having achieved first spots
in terms of the qualities of their vents and shingles, innovations with regards to these
roofs, and the most popular brand used.
GAF roofing products range from different designs as well as different uses. There are
a few popular choices when it comes to GAF shingles.
The GAF shingles GAF shingles are made of fiberglass asphalt complete with
adhesive seals. They also give shadow accent effect. They are highly practical yet
stylish at the same time. They are known to withstand wind and fire, having attained a
Class A classification. These types of roofs are also algae resistant, especially to those
areas where rains often occur.
Grand roof shingles are sold at a much lesser cost than when you purchase roofs or
ordinary wood shakes. They are normally 50 percent bigger and 33 percent thicker.
With the proper combination of contrasting colors, these roofs allow for flexibility in
design. Because they are somewhat heavyweight, they are considered to be highly
durable. Like the GAF 30 Shingles, they are known to resist wind and fire.
Select 40 roof shingles from GAF last longer and more durable. They are 17 percent
thicker and heavier. They provide a shadow accent effect as well as appear classic
with their wood shake look. With superstrong adhesive seals, they are thought to
withstand strong winds of even up to 80 mph.
The strongest among all types of GAF shingles are the ultraroof shingles. They are
heavier and much thicker, about 25 percent. They appear like any other type of GAF
roofs. They can resist wind and fire, and can offer protection against algae. However,
one distinct feature is its ability to last longer than any other types in the series. This is
due to the use of the most durable adhesive seals used.
Aside from roofing, GAF also offers decorative stones to further accentuate the
overall design and architecture of your own home. They make use of natural stones
that offer both durability and aesthetic value to any property. They can be used as
interior or exterior walls. Moreover, they are known to withstand fire and are
available at a fraction of the typical costs of decorative stones available in the market
GAF Roofing is a well-known name and definitely worth considering if you need to
install a roof. However, make sure to do your due diligence and find out about other
suppliers so you can compare prices and features and make an informed decision
before you proceed with your project.
As you can see GAF roofing products supplies alot of the shingles in demand today.
However, GAF shingles are not the only roofing material roofing material choice for
your home. Be sure to check out all of the roofing possibilties before choosing which
roofing material is right for your home.