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									2009 9 30, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. released the "Sustainable Development Report 2009"
(English version * 1), the report summarizes the Fuji Xerox and its affiliated
companies in fiscal 2008 in the corporate social responsibility achievements, the
Chinese version released on October 5.

 Fuji Xerox Sustainability Report 2009, to "social harmony" as the theme, introduced
in Japan and Fuji Xerox employees around the world to build a sustainable
community initiatives, as well as their respective surface local social problems of the
efforts. Including: How to build a business so full of energy to the organization and
staff; 2008 in China, the integration of resources put into the circulatory system
operations; and the Philippines slum housing and other donor activities. In addition,
the report also describes the highest Fuji Xerox Management Layer and the Japan
International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Mrs. Ogata, chairman of the talks, through
the talks, Fuji Xerox Learning how to manage globalization in different areas of

 2009 Featured on Sustainable Development Report

1, top management commitment President of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Zhong Shan who
discusses the company to meet customer expectations and in business administration
insists the basic position. Fuji Xerox will also create value for customers, promote the
sustainable development of society. In order to raise awareness of Fuji Xerox's
business concept, he also corporate social responsibility activities, an overview of the
whole situation, and for different stakeholders, the activities carried out in detail.

 2, three key reports Fuji Xerox introduced the section of its business in various
countries and regions need to solve local social problems to help the efforts.

 (1), a key report: knowledge innovation help business and sustainable development
of society

Face the challenges of globalization and unprecedented economic recession, how to
revive the lost energy of the enterprise? Fuji Xerox knowledge innovation consulting
sector KDI (KnowledgeDynamicsInitiative) a series of moves, and the sector reform
to help customers promote innovative case will be introduced in this chapter.

 (2), two key reports: integration of resources and the circulatory system, build a real
well-off society

 China is building throughout the country to vigorously strengthen environmental
protection. Based on the "waste problem without borders," the idea, in January 2008,
Fuji Xerox launched the integration of resources in China, the circulatory system.
This section will introduce the Fuji Xerox employees and distributors the spirit of
"recycling is essential," the idea of social activities undertaken, but also about their
environment-friendly building well-off society efforts.

 (3), three key reports: create a mutually beneficial society

In the Philippines, poverty is the biggest social problem. Fuji Xerox Philippines Inc.
of people living in slum housing assistance provided. Three key reports presented by
the assistance activities, the local people's self-development capacity to be increased
at the same time, as well as the cohesion between Fuji Xerox employees to be

 3, Fuji Xerox's initiatives

 Fuji Xerox introduced the section to help visually impaired children to better learn
and textbooks to promote increased activity. Adhering to the production of increased
provision of textbooks free of charge on the basis of color copying services, Fuji
Xerox is also actively engaged in a potentially meaningful activity. The activities
require administrative departments and schools, publishing houses and volunteers
Cooperation To increase the textbooks Electronic Version of the use and increase the
standardization of the publication of textbooks.
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