From Dry Sherry to Cream Sherry by gyvwpgjmtx


									The Spanish have developed a very special wine which has become increasingly
popular. It is Jerez sherry. It is from the Spanish region called the Cadiz region. This is
in the southern part of the country. There are many different kinds of sherry wine
from dry to sweet. One of these sweet varieties is known as cream sherry. It is often is
used as a wine to be enjoyed with dessert. No wonder it is so popular particularly in
the British Isles. Sherry has been part of the world for hundreds of years. People know
this because of ancient writings. You might have even had some if you were in Greece
in the fourth century BC.
  The type of sherry known as Jerez sherry can be found in various types. The drier
kinds are usually lighter in color while the sweeter varieties are darker in color. The
sweeter ones are often referred to as cream sherry. Sherry can range from a pale
yellow to a dark mahogany.
  In the category of dry cherry there are different types. They are labeled by the type
of juices from the grapes that are used. They are also subject to total fermentation.
One dry sherry that is totally clear and straw color is known as Fino. Fino sherry is a
very delicate sherry with a pleasant fragrance. The process for this sherry includes the
use of yeast or flor. The yeast or flor is utilized to age it properly. Fifteen to eighteen
percent is the alcohol content. If you go a bit darker you will find the amontillado.
The amontillado is amber in color. The alcohol content can be in the range of
seventeen to twenty- two percent. If you see a dry sherry that is not quite dark
mahogany but darker than amber you are looking at an oloroso sherry. You can
confirm this if it has a nice fragrance.
  The other type of sherry is the sweet sherry. This is where you would find the cream
variety. The grapes used in this sherry are usually the Moscatel and the Pedro
Ximenez. Right after harvest they are put through a process to make sure that enough
sugar develops inside the grapes. This is called soleo or over-maturing. Next the
grapes are made into wine. In order to age the wine properly and have it oxidize as it
needs to be it will be put into a solera. Solera refers to the special process the wine
barrels and the wine are subjected to. This sweet sherry is to be stored in more than
one barrel while it ages. It involves getting rid of a certain amount of sherry in the last
barrel and replacing it with new sherry. This is done until the last barrel has all newer
sherry in it.
  The sherry that comes for the Pedro Ximenez grapes often includes raisins in
addition to alcohol. This sweet sherry also has a very appealing fragrance. Fragrance
can be a very important part of enjoying a wine. In English the sherry made from
Moscatel grapes is known as Muscat. Muscat has a rich and dark hue. It is very sweet.
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