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									iWeb is a web designing application that makes use of CSS to create professional
looking websites. When you buy a Mac computer, the iWeb application comes
pre-installed in the system. The preloaded app also contains stunning iWeb templates.
Even if you have never used the powerful web designing application from Apple
before, you will be able to create within couple of minutes.
  Many people hire the services of a web designer to design their websites. However,
the iWeb application will help even a novice in creating professional websites. It will
eventually help in saving huge money that you may have spent in hiring a web
designer to design a website for you. iWeb is a WYSIWYG application which the
means the application is very simple and user-friendly.
  Here are steps on how to create a website by using the iWeb application: Launch the
iWeb application and then click on 'File' and then click on 'New Site'. You will be
prompted to select an iWeb theme. You can choose a theme from the preloaded iWeb
themes available on your PC. You can even download free iWeb templates and make
use of it. You will be provided with eight template options namely: Welcome, About
Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast and Blank. If you do not want to use a
template, you can choose 'blank'. Start with the welcome page. On this page, you will
see several text boxes. You can click on them and edit them and add your own text.
You can click on the media button and will open a separate window from you can
choose a picture. You can even use the drag and drop method to add the images. You
can now add another webpage to your web site. For doing this, click on 'File' and then
click on 'Select New Page' which will again show you the eight templates. You can
choose any type of page and proceed ahead. You can add any numbers of pages to
your site. The text and the images can be added to the pages by following the step 1
and step 2. You link the pages of your website by creating hyperlinks between all the
pages of your site. To do this, click on 'Insert' and then click on 'Hyperlink' and then
click on 'Webpage'. You can even hyperlink an external webpage by adding the URL.
Once your website is ready, you can proceed ahead and publish it. You can do this by
clicking on 'Flie' and then click on 'Save'. You can then publish your website that is
created through iWeb on MobileMe. You need to create an account on MobileMe
before you make use of it. If you do not have an account, iWeb will prompt you to
create one when you click on 'Publish Site'. You can go through the subscription
details to understand how much you need to pay to make use of MobileMe. If you do
not want to use MobileMe, you can save click on 'File' and then click on 'Publish to
folder' for using a different hosting provider. This is how you can create websites
through Apple's iWeb application. All the iWeb templates are truly rich and that is one
of the reasons why you can find so many sites offering free iWeb templates on the
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free iWeb templates

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