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									                                                                The Lod ge                                                               Beaty Production s

                                                                at Prince’s Grant

                                                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                                                                 Newsletter Date

                                                         6 - 12 MAY 2 0 1 0

D     uring the past week, Prince’s
Grant hosted a very successful La-
                                                  Homeowners will notice that we are
                                                  doing some extensive work in the
                                                                                                             Prince’s Grant will again host the
                                                                                                             SAA Pro-Am Invitational Golf Tour-
dies Golf Day with R3,840 raised by               gardens surrounding our Lodge.                             nament. The event is scheduled for
way of a raffle which money will go               This work will continue for the next                       4 - 9 October 2010. More about
towards the school feeding scheme                 couple of weeks and should be of                           this in the weeks and months
supported by our Prince’s Grant la-               great benefit to the general look of                       ahead.
dies. Well done to our lady captain,              the estate once completed.

Jeanne Miller, and her team, and to
Kim Holt and her Proshop team, who                Some very good news is that the
made this such a fantastic day.                   Sunshine Tour has announced that

                              COMMITTEES & GATHERINGS

The Board held its bi-monthly meeting on 24 April 2010 and the                          tive power was discussed, but due to the costs involved, it
main issues of discussion were:                                                         was decided not to proceed with this at this stage.

   The Lodge Management - It was decided that Lilien Paxton                           A list of projects currently undertaken by the Estate Manager
    will be helping out as an interim measure until a new man-                          and her team was discussed. The list is available on the
    ager and/or management contract is considered. The Board                            Prince’s Grant website and homeowners who notice mainte-
    also decided to appoint a “Lodge Custodians’ Committee”                             nance issues are encouraged to list these with the Estate
    which committee will consist of between three and five                              Manager.
    homeowners with specific expertise in interior design and/or
    hotel management.                                                                  As reported last week, the Chairman of the Board, Dave
                                                                                        Miller, indicated he wished to resign from the Board with
   The various committees, i.e. building, golf, amenities, secu-                       immediate effect.
    rity sub-committee and golf custodians’ committee, gave
    feedback on the progress made.                                                  The next Board meeting is scheduled for 26 June 2010.

   The Board has decided to sell Lot 13, a property that was
    donated to the Homeowners’ Association by the developers.
    The proceeds from this sale will be used for the purposes of
    the Prince’s Grant Golf Development Fund.

   The Board adopted stricter measures for levy defaulters;
    these measures will include the suspension or restriction of
    services to a property where the owner has defaulted on
    levy commitments.

   A proposal by the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal to undertake
    an intensive research program on the possibility of alterna-
                                The Lodge
                                    at Prince’s Grant
  Friday Night
    Specials                                                                SUNDAY
    (14 May)                                                                 9 MAY
   Bacon, Liver &
 Onions served with                                                       MOTHERS’
  Mash & Gravy                                                            DAY LUNCH
                           The Travelling Fairway Feast is just around
                            the corner...make sure you don’t miss out
         Or                  on this special, super fun and mysterious
  Traditional Oxtail
                           event. Remember that it s a charity event so   WEDNES-
                            bring your friends and/or family. Enjoy an
 served with Braised        adventurous evening with Elgin Boutiques’
        Samp                Wines including a delectable three course      12 MAY
                                  BOOK NOW AT THE LODGE
Upside-Down Apricot                                                        TRAVEL-
Pudding served with                  NEWS                                 LING FAIR-
      Custard                                                             WAY FEAST
     R75.00             We are giving more attention to events at
                       Prince’s Grant with the focus on business           14 MAY:
                       conferences, functions and especially wed-           19H00
                       dings. We are excited to say that we have 4
                           weddings booked so far for 2010.                  DGB
                                                                            AT THE

                                                                                MAY 2010

                                                                                01 Sat     Betterball Stableford
                                                                                02 Sun     Central League – Bluff
                                                                                04 Tue     Ladies Open Day
                                                                                           ( Shotgun Start @ 9:00 )
                                                                                05 Wed     Individual Stableford
RESULTS                                                                         08 Sat     Combined Stableford
                                                                                12 Wed     Individual Stableford
                                         NOTE THE FOLLOWING
GOLF RESULTS                                  CHANGES:                          13 Thurs Senior League
                                                                                 15 Sat    4 Ball Alliance
                                      The Sanlam Cancer challenge
Tuesday                                                                                    -2 scores to count
                                      takes place on Saturday, 26
April 27, 2010                        June. As a result, the Monthly            19 Wed     Individual Stableford
Format: Betterball Stableford         Mug moves to Saturday 12 June.            22 Sat     North Coast League—Darnall
                                                                                           Betterball Stableford
-W.Peterson & V.Baptiste 44 pts       Owing to the Soccer World Cup,
                                      The Prince’s Grant Club Champi-           26 Wed     Individual Stableford
-A.Husain & D.Dawah 43 pts.           onships will now take place on            29 Sat     Monthly Mug (Individual Medal )
                                      7th and 8th August. The 9th Au-
                                                                                30 Sun     Central League - Athlone
                                      gust is a Public Holiday.
April 28, 2010                        The Festival of Golf:
Format: Individual Stableford         23 – 25 September

-M.Peterson 37 pts.                   Please take note that the
                                      first Inter Estate Challenge
-I.Swaffield 33 pts.                  will be held on the 23rd May
-J.Lalloo 32 pts.
                                      at Mount Edgecombe. A list                           LADIES OPEN DAY
                                      will be up in the Proshop if
                                      you want to add your name.                              RESULTS FOR
Saturday                                                                                    TUESDAY, 4 MAY
May 1, 2010
                                                                                      ARE AVAILABLE ON THE
Format: Betterball Stableford                                                        PRINCE’S GRANT WEBSITE
-S.Gavin & J.Gavin 46 pts.
-J.Horn & S.Horn 45 pts.

-B.King & A.King 41 pts

                                   PRINCE’S GRANT. THE WAY LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED.

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                               4450 Postal Address: P.O. Box 4038, Kwadukuza (Stanger), 4450
           Tel: (032) 482 0002 Fax: (032) 482 0013 e-mail: website:
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