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					                            Board Meeting Minutes
                            Date: September 6, 2007

In Attendance: Marilyn Riggins, Kathy Pham, Vivian Veiga, Adriana Ramirez,
Dottie Hammer, Caron Rose, Vilma Q. Iglesias, Carolyn Guthrie, Judity Grey, Vivian del
Rio, Yvonne Mendolia, Laura Leigh Rampey, Marcia Perozo.

   The NBPTS Conference was held on July 26-28, 2007 in Washington, DC. This was
    the NBPTS’ 20th Anniversary! Dottie Hammer, Angie Gonzalez, Kathy Pham, and
    Caron Rose were able to attend. Discussed the fact that NBPTS-MD is a pioneer
    within the District.

Third Annual Distinguished Teacher Forum, November 29 to December 3, 2007 aboard
the Navigator of the Seas. Sessions: "Making Data Work for You” with presenters:
Charley McClaren, NBCT and Pam Burtnett, NBCT.      The Care Model: Closing the
Achievement Gap with presenters: Joan Procida, NBCT and Wendy Paser, NBCT.
Supporting Minority Candidates through the National Board Process with presenter:
Joyce Loveless, NBPTS. These should be very good sessions. They will address equity and
fairness issues. Become an Advocate for Quality Teaching in Florida and NBPTS!
Charley McClaren, NBCT and Pam Burtnett, NBCT will guide us through this process.

NBCT of MD along with Hillsboro County will be working with the District, UTD, FEA
and NEA in a researched based pilot program to encourage more minority participation in
the NBPTS process; to assist minority candidates as they complete the process and to
have more minority candidates achieve. 30 NBCTs will get additional trainings on how to
help minorities achieve. Angie Gonzalez and Dottie Hammer will be meeting with Bob
Husbands, FEA to plan the pilot program on September 13th.
   Approval of Minutes: Marcia moved to approve the minutes. Kathy seconded the
    motion. The minutes were approved as amended.
   Budget Report: $8,000 balance in account. Survive and Thrive will be a big
    expenditure. We never had an accountant. Patti went through the books and balanced
    it from the very beginning. Met with the accountant to get everything in order to
    submit proper forms to the IRS. They need this information to keep our 5013C status.
    Once this is cleared we can find donors again. We have $250 and $100 checks from
    McGraw Hill and State Farm for Survive and Thrive. We will have a financial
    statement from now on.
   2007-2008 NBCT of Miami-Dade Calendar: Our meeting dates for this year will be
    on the first Thursday of each month on the following dates: These dates will be listed
    on the calendar on the website.
         September 6th, 2007 – CPL’s Presentation Room
         October 4th, 2007 – CPL’s Computer Lab
         November 1st, 2007– CPL’s Presentation Room
         December 6th, 2007– CPL’s Presentation Room
         January 10th, 2008– CPL’s Computer Lab
         February, 7, 2008– CPL’s Presentation Room
         March 6th, 2008– CPL’s Computer Lab
         April 10th, 2008– CPL’s Computer Lab
         May 1st, 2008– CPL’s Presentation Room

   Survive and Thrive, September 8, 2007 – Kathy Pham. Everything is set to go.
    Equipment is set up in the rooms as requested. There are plenty of volunteers to help.
    We need to find a way to identify participants who registered late or walk-ins to let
    them know they may not be getting lunch. Laura Leigh suggested using dots on their
    name tags if we have more participants than boxed lunches. Make sure everyone
    brings their cameras to take pictures. Marcia’s husband will attend to take pictures
   Nominations of Board Members for slate of officers to be voted on October 4th, 2007.
    Current Board Members are:
        1. President: Dorothy Hammer- OK
        2. Vice-President: Karen Solis-will not run as vice president. Would like to
           remain on the board.
        3. Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Pham- OK
        4. Recording Secretary: Yvonne Mendolia- OK
        5. Treasurer: Patricia Perez-Glen- OK
        6. Committee Chair: Michelle Ivy- Moved to Jacksonville. Will not be running.
        7. Parliamentarian: Marilyn Riggins- OK
        8. Historian: Linda Dunn- Need to confirm with Linda.
        9. Members at large: Caron Rose, Mark Rosenkrantz & Leslee Vichengrad
           (Moved to North Carolina).
   Need a Vice-President. Dottie went over the duties for that office. Historically, the
    VP has taken on membership as their main duty. Dottie will put out email for VP
    candidate and ask Mark as well.
   Marcia will be a board member. She was Historian before she went to China. She is
    interested in Committee Chair position.
   November 1st meeting Carolyn Guthrie will discuss the NB renewal process. Carolyn
    will bring a guest speaker to discuss the renewal process.
   We will reaffirm our by-laws at the next meeting. By-Laws will be posted on the web
    site and emails to be sent.

       Lecture series meeting: Dr. Paul George at the Historical Museum, history of
        education in Miami. His cost would be $500. We could also have Dr. Bob
        Farrell, history of education professor from FIU (Jill’s husband – smaller stipend.
       We don’t have any money to commit to the $500 stipend. We will wait to see
        what happens with Survive and Thrive costs and hear from the IRS.
       NBPTS is rolling out an advocacy link on the website for NBCTs only.
       Important to send thank you notes to legislators that have supported funding for
        NBCTs. Kathy will find out who we should write to. Hand written letters get to
        the top of the pile vs. emails.
       Put together a wish list of events once the tax issue is resolved with the IRS and
        once we secure additional funding. Kathy went over the previous wish list.
       Carolyn presenting to the Board in October for Celebration. Newly certified
        teachers will be free. All previously certified NBCTs will need to pay.
       Carolyn is also working on a fall symposium for MDCPS and a spring one for
        NBCTs in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. NBCT-MD can
        piggyback on events sponsored by other groups to pay for food, etc.
       Meeting adjourned at 7:10PM.