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									           Heel and Sit News
  Heel and Sit News                              ~~*~~                        March, 2010

Great WWII British Aid Headed by a Dog
                                                       Barkers for Britain was so successful
                                                   that nearly 30,000 tags were issued in the
Fala and the Barkers for Britain                   United States between April and October
                                                   9141, and another 1,000 were exported to
    Arguably history‘s best known                  Australia for Barkers chapters there. Mrs.
presidential pet was Fala, a Scottish terrier      Wales Latham, president of the national
given to Franklin Roosevelt in 1940 by his         Bundles for Britain organization, wrote to
distant cousin Margaret Suckley. Fala              Fala—―the first dog of the United States and
appeared in political cartoons, news articles,     a great leader of all loyal American
movie shorts, and even FDR‘s campaign              canines‖—and thanked him for raising ―his
speeches. Secret Service agents called Fala        voice in loud barks for the courageous
―The Informer‖ because, during secret              people of Great Britain.‖
wartime presidential trips, the dog was                The galleries of the Franklin D.
instantly recognized while out on his walks.       Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
But this celebrity was put to good use in          have a permanent exhibit on Fala, which
1941 when Fala was named national                  includes Barker for Britain items.
president of Barkers for Britain.                                  ~From National Archives and
    Great Britain was besieged by Nazi                       Records Administration Publication
Germany‘s aerial bombing, and U-boat                    ―Prologue‖, Winter 2006, Vol. 38, No. 4
attacks on shipping caused shortages of                    From Pasanita Obedience Club News
supplies. In the United States, a nationwide                                    November, 2009
effort to provide nonmilitary aid to the
British people was organized under the
name Bundles for Britain, which collected          Dax, Off to a Great Start
cash contributions and donations of clothing,
blankets, and other basic necessities.                 Congratulations to Cindy Herl and Dax.
    Barkers for Britain was created as a way       Cindy says, ―Dax and I want to say ‗Thank
for dog lovers to support the nationwide           you‘ to Penny, Deb, Barbara, and Art for
Bundles effort, not by donating goods, but         putting on a great 3 day obedience trial. I
by buying memberships. Local Barkers               was thrilled and very surprised that Dax on
chapters were established in towns and cities      her first time showing went HIT winning the
across America, and upon payment of 50             run-off on Sat, for her 1st Novice leg. On
cents, a new member dog received an                Sun., we again had a very nice score and lost
official Bundles for Britain tag to wear           the run-off for the 2nd Novice leg. Just to
proudly on his or her collar. Fala was issued      prove to me, that she is a dog after all and
Tag #1, and as national president he was           not a robot, today she NQ'd but I am thrilled
often asked to sign membership certificates        she did such a nice job 2 days in a row.
with his paw print.                                Again, a big thank you for all the hard work
                                                   that was done putting on this trial.‖

                                                that have been impounded and extends the
Lure Coursing in May                            holding period for five days.
                                                    It also gives shelters greater flexibility in
    Pocatello Kennel Club Lure Coursing         decisions to turn over seized animals for
will be holding the 4th bi-annual AKC Lure      research purposes to the University of Utah,
Test/Trial on May 1 and 2, 2010, in             which Seelig indicated is neutral on the bill's
Blackfoot Idaho at the Eastern Idaho State      proposals.
Fairgrounds. Junior Courser (JC) and                Daniel Alix said that prior to his
Qualified Courser (QC) tests will be            encounter with animal-control employees,
conducted prior to each day's trial. There is   he wrongly assumed that licensing fees
space for camping with self-contained RVs       helped fund a pet identification program that
with power available.                           was intended to help reunite owners with
    The premium will be announced upon          lost pets.
completion.                                         Instead, when his dog made a great
    There will be a Fun Run after Best in       escape and disappeared off the streets of
Field on Sunday.                                South Jordan, Alix spent the entire day
    We look forward to your participation at    going from shelter to shelter trying to find
this event.                                     his pet.
    For immediate information, please               The reunification happened at the
contact: Fred Hughes, Field Trial Chairman      Midvale center, where Alix asked why he
or Joyce Hughes, Field Trial Secretary at:      hadn't been notified.
cell 208-241-7773, home 208-233-9323,               He said the worker told him it wasn't her
curlytails@q.com, or Christine Nelson at        job to take those steps to take care of his
RNdrylines@yahoo.com.                           property. When he started writing down
                                                information from tags on other impounded
                                                animals so he could notify the owners, he
Utah Legislature: Bill Seeks                    said he was threatened with arrest.
More Pet Owner Notification by                      "I know they're overcrowded, so why
Animal Shelters                                 wouldn't they try to call me? It is because
                                                there is a system in place that creates an
    SALT LAKE CITY Calling the current          environment where they feel like they do not
system "deluded, disorganized and               have to."
misguided," a beagle owner pleaded with             Alix said the issue is not about animal
lawmakers Wednesday to impose tougher           rights, but about property ownership rights.
owner notification requirements on animal-          "I own that dog. He's my security
shelter employees.                              system, my hunting partner and my
    His personal account of a run-in with       children's companion. I pay to protect him,"
Midvale animal-shelter workers was enough       through obtaining required pet identification
to convince the House Natural Resources,        tags.
Agriculture and Environment Committee to            "We need a more robust system," Alix
unanimously send HB107 on for additional        told the committee.
consideration.                                      The bill can be viewed online at
    Sponsored by Rep. Jennifer Seelig, D-       le.utah.gov/~2010/htmdoc/hbillhtm/hb0107.htm.
Salt Lake, the bill would require employees
of animal shelters to make "reasonable              By Amy Joi O'Donoghue, Deseret News
efforts" to contact owners of dogs and cats             Published: Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010

Exposing HSUS – Humane                         Why Do Sled Dogs Run?
Watch.Org                                          At 10 degrees, the Minnesota air is just
                                               cold enough for the dogs with heavier coats,
    Kelly Smith, director of marketing and     like the left wheel-dog, who dips his snout
commodities for Missouri Farm Bureau, told     in the snow more often than the dogs ahead
                                               of him. I am seated in the basket of the sled,
a large Polk County audience last week,
                                               as stiff as a quartered moose. Behind me,
―What they are after is the abolition of all   riding the runner, is the musher, Kelly
animal agriculture.‖                           Murphy. We slow now and then to let the
    ....In the February edition of the         teams behind us stay close, and when we do,
association magazine (Jeff Windett,            the dogs — seven of them, right and left of
                                               the gangline hooked to their harnesses —
executive VP of Missouri Cattleman's           look impatiently at us, haunches quivering,
Association) cited annual statistics on the    ready to pull and pull again.
HSUS. They should be of interest not only          We have been sledding down an old
to producers, but to anyone who ever           portage road, along the lip of a beaver dam,
                                               through a tunnel of young white birch with
donated a dollar to HSUS:
                                               rosy bark, all within the Boundary Waters
    • HSUS used 28 percent of its $130         Canoe Area Wilderness. Now we break onto
million annual budget to solicit more funds;   the open ice, wolf tracks looping away to the
    • HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle was paid          low, wooded islands in the distance. I take
$250,000;                                      my turn at the handle bow — riding where
                                               the musher rides, minding the brake —
    • 41 employees were paid more than
                                               while Murphy jogs ahead of the dog team.
$100,000;                                      They follow him in a wide curve, cutting a
    • HSUS employs more than 300 people,       new track that will eventually lead us back
60 of them full-time attorneys;                to the place on the portage where, overnight,
    • HSUS spent nearly $20 million on         the wolves reduced a deer to a few scraps of
                                               hide. We are six miles out from where we
campaigns, legislation and litigation.         started, so this is only a sprint for the team.
    And what about saving those poor,              I listen to the one-way singsong between
abused pets featured in HSUS TV spots?         Murphy and his dogs, encouragement and
Windett states that HSUS gave just half of 1   caution and admiration. I watch the driving
                                               legs ahead of me — 28 of them — on dogs
percent ($450,000) of its total budget in
                                               whose frames are small and light, nothing
grants to organizations providing hands-on     like the creatures I'd imagined. And as we
care to dogs and cats.....                     cut through the white ash swamp, hissing
www.buffaloreflex.com/articles/2010/02/10/     across the ice, I find myself wondering, why
           opinion/doc4b71ddb977a8d175         do sled dogs run?
                                                   It is not a matter of driving them. All the
           Animal rights a high stakes issue   work is in pacing them, restraining them.
                          By Jim Hamilton      When Murphy stands on the brake and sets
  Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010      the snow hook — a two-pronged anchor —
                                               the gangline quivers with tension. The dogs
                                               torque forward again before he can shout,

"Let's go!" All the one-word answers to my       We will have regular and non-regular
question are too simple: love, joy, duty,        classes at both shows.
obedience.                                           July 17th & 18th, 2010, Farmington,
    The dogs were out yesterday, and they'll     Utah. We will be in one of the small air
be out again tomorrow. They don't run for a      conditioned buildings on mats!
reward or toward a goal — the greyhound's            November 6th & 7th, 2010, Farmington,
mechanical rabbit. They get yelled at when       Utah. We will be in one of the small heated
they chew on the gangline and petted when        buildings on mats!
the run is over. They don't catch or flee            Hope to see you all at the shows!!
anything. They would keep running if the             Edie Schoepp
musher fell off his sled.
    The start is a mayhem of yelping and         Paws in the Alley
baying and yipping. The finish is 21 dogs,
three teams' worth, silently lapping the air         Intermountain Therapy Animals is a
with their tongues. And between the two —        Utah non-profit organization serving over
start and finish — is a reason the dogs          100 hospitals, senior and youth care
describe in the only way they know how, by       facilities, schools and libraries. They are
running and running and never letting the        holding a fund-raiser bowling game, the 2nd
line go slack.                                   Annual Paws in the Alley 2010 on Sunday,
                                                 March 28, 2010 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at
           By VERLYN KLINKENBORG                 Olympus Hills Bowl, 4015 South Wasatch
        New York Times, February 14, 2010        Blvd. The $50.00-entry fee per player (4 per
                                                 team) is a donation to ITA, and includes 2
Regional Qualifier for National                  games, shoes, sandwiches and snacks, a soft
                                                 drink ticket, and a prize drawing ticket.
     Golden Spike Dog Obedience Club is          Okay. Yeah. Beer is available for
proud to announce that they have been            purchase…
selected as a permanent location for the             Spectators are welcome for $5.00
Region 10 (ND, SD, WY, MT, ID, UT, NV)           donation.
National Obedience Regional qualifier. This          There will be team prizes for: most
is for dog/handler teams seeking points to       strikes, and for most gutters. There will be
qualify for the National Obedience               an individual prize for highest game score.
Invitational. Our first qualifier will be held   Don‘t be discouraged! Everybody knows
March 18, 19, and 20, 2011. The trial will be    that two of prizes will go to the very best
open to purebred and mixed breed dogs.           bowlers, and that competition for the most
                                                 gutter balls will be stiff. So… There will be
                                                 great prize drawings throughout the event.
Upcoming UKC Shows                                   You can enter your team online at
                                                 www.therapyanimals.org or by calling 801-
   Mark Your Calendars for the 2010 UKC
Obedience shows!

    March 13th & 14th, 2010 Farmington,
    We are sharing the Legacy Barn with the
DOCNA agility trial! UKC obedience will
be at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon both days!

                                                   Dogsled Team. The visit included a Buffett
Jamaican to Train for                              concert where the "Margaritaville" singer
Iditarod with Mackey                               dedicated a song to the young musher, said
                                                   team founder Danny Melville.
     Jamaican dog musher Newton Marshall                Marshall sometimes sings reggae songs
arrived in Alaska on Sunday to begin a kind        to himself on the trail to keep his spirits
of three-month Iditarod boot camp with             up, he said.
reigning champ Lance Mackey.                            As the training begins, Mackey hopes
     Mackey, who plans to lend Marshall            that kind of crossover appeal brings more
his lead dog from last year's winning team,        worldwide fans to dog mushing. He's also
is a blunt-talking cancer survivor who's           getting paid for his troubles, though
won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race three         Mackey and Melville declined to say what
years in a row. Marshall took up the sport         the Jamaican team is paying for the
on a Caribbean island where it never               training.
snows. Singer Jimmy Buffett is his main                 "We're trying to get as much
sponsor.                                           recognition for this sport as possible,"
     In other words, Hollywood might as            Mackey said. "In return, it opens doors for
well start casting the movie now.                  potential sponsorships, and anything I can
     After training with three-time Yukon          do to stand out a little bit, to maybe come
Quest champion Hans Gatt last year,                up with some of them corporate sponsors,
Marshall placed 13th of 29 mushers in the          this is maybe one of those stunts."
1,000-mile race from Whitehorse to                      That said, the musher says Marshall
Fairbanks. Now it's Mackey's turn as               came to Alaska to get a job done and is
mentor, and his family spent three months          already a veteran of the Quest -- a race
building a cabin next to their Fairbanks           billed as the toughest in the world.
home, where Marshall will live and train                A Quest race marshal who said he
until the Iditarod in March.                       initially dismissed Marshall's entry as a
     "He's going to be doing everything that       publicity stunt later awarded him the race's
we do," said Mackey, who is also a four-           Challenge of the North award, Melville
time Yukon Quest champion.                         said.
     ―From cleaning dog crap to cutting meat.           "At the end of the day, people knew he
Prepping for the races. Obviously the              was a musher," he said.
training part of it. Everything that it takes to
make this household run, he's going to be          DRY RUNS IN JAMAICA
involved in,‖ Mackey said.
     Mackey's wife, Tonya, greeted                     Melville founded a Jamaican tour
Marshall with a hug at the Anchorage               company roughly 25 years ago. It now
international airport Sunday afternoon as          offers what he calls adventure tourism --
the family prepared to climb into the black        sliding down zip lines, tubing down rivers.
Dodge pickup Lance won at the last                 While traveling in Canada, he said, he
Iditarod for the hours-long drive back to          noticed a dog sled on wheels and realized
Fairbanks. Mackey waited at home where             the contraption could be used to run dogs
he'd been running dogs until about 2 a.m.          in Jamaica.
     Marshall, 26, said he met the champion            The company soon began offering dry-
musher in Toronto earlier this month for a         land sled dog tours and eventually
fundraiser for the fledgling Jamaica               competing in mushing competitions.

     At the Iditarod, Marshall will use one     GSLDTC Meeting Minutes
of four teams from Mackey's Comeback
Kennel, said Theresa Daily, who runs a             Following are the minutes from the
mushing Web site in Chugiak and handles         February Board and General Meetings.
public relations for Mackey and other
                                                Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club
     The team Newton is leasing will likely
include dogs that helped win the Iditarod            Board Meeting Minutes
each of the past three years, Mackey said.                 Feb 15, 2010
     "Larry, my famous leader, will
probably be with Newton," Mackey said.          Attendance:
"He's 9 years old now and nearing his              Board Members: Linda Benton,
retirement."                                    Michelle Larson, Wendy McCleery, Nancy
     Asked if losing some of his front-end      Cook, Penny Morrison, Dorathy and
dogs will handicap his own Iditarod             George Hart, Judy Campbell, Donna Smith,
chances, Mackey said no.                        Tom & Linda McLelland, Sandy Gage,
     "It's forced me to let some of the older   Warren Stockton, Elaine Wallace.
guys go and ... put some faith in some of       Excused: Stephanie Evans,
the young dogs," he said.
     As for Hollywood -- it's no mistake             Meeting brought to order by President
that Melville named the Jamaica Dogsled         Thomas McLelland at 7:45 PM
Team to recall the Jamaican bobsled team,            Michelle motioned to accept Jan min. as
made famous in the Disney movie "Cool           listed in Newsletter, Wendy 2nd, all agreed.
     While no motion picture is in the          President’s Report:
works, "Don't think I'm not working on it,"        Nothing.
Melville said.
     "Underdog," a documentary about            Executive Secretary’s Report:
Marshall's run in the Yukon Quest, is              Judges for the Sept shows : Karen
scheduled to air in Canada early next year,     Winters – Agility, Mel Stanley, Bonnie Lee
(2010) he said.                                 & Suzy Osbourn – Rally & Obedience.
     Meantime, Mackey has a book on the         Should we start looking now for the next
way and recently extended a deal for a film     June show judges?
about his life.
     "Nicolas Cage was one of the people        Home Secretary Report:
they wanted to talk to about playing me,"         Nothing.
he said.
                                                Treasurer’s Report
                     By KYLE HOPKINS                Everything is paid to date. Armory paid
 Published: November 30th, 2009 10:25 AM        through March. Columbus Center through
                                                April. Ada & Sally airfare sent (they are
                                                tracking judges for the TDX)

                                                Vice President’s Report:
                                                    A card was sent out to Evelyn Schmidt
                                                for her surgery.

                                                  get tangled in the chute is the main reason
Show Report:                                      for the possible change. The Tire, they are
   Nothing                                        talking about lowering it 4‖ and the Pause
                                                  table will be electronic, so the judges no
Training Report:                                  longer have to count.
    Looking at having another good sign up             Also the club should set up a fund for a
for classes in March.                             new timer.
    All instructors, please remind ALL                 Obedience – Will be doing 4 days of
participants to WATCH THEIR DOGS and              Obedience and Rally at the May shows.
PLEASE Clean up after them if they have an        Need stewarts. Thursday & Friday is where
accident.                                         we need the most help.
                                                       Rally – Same as above
Hospitality:                                           Tracking – Update on the GSDC, Penny
    Brandi & Stephanie will bring cookies         will be their Sec‘t. Cathy Murray will be
for the Feb General Meeting.                      doing their hospitality.
                                                       Wendy passed out the TDX premium
Trophy Report:                                    lists.
    Need help filling about 5 spots for the
sponsorship of trophies for the June shows.       Old Business: None
Will get with Linda to discuss. Passed
around a ―note card‖ that was on a trophy         New Business: - Ann moving end of March.
from the Rapid City Shows. The card had a         She is the one who has been instrumental in
personal note of remembrance of a club            having agility at the IKC Shows. IKC MAY
member‘s animal that had passed. Thought          ask GSLDTC to take over the agility at their
that would be something our club could do         shows.
also.                                                 Dick Dotson passed away Feb 14, 2010

Committees:                                       Next Board Meeting: March 15th at
     Advertising – Linda distributed a            Dorothy Hart‘s House
preview of the Member Directory for               Next General Meeting: March 22th
review. Will also show us the DVD of the          Columbus Center 7:00pm
TV news spot.
     Agility – There are 4 changes coming to      Donna motioned we adjourn the meeting,
agility. One is already in the place the others   Elaine 2nd, all agreed.
still to be voted on and approved, but should     Meeting ended at 8:50 pm
be ready to make changes to equipment
when approved. The current equipment              Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club
change is to the agility weave poles. The           General Meeting, Feb 22, 2010
poles will now be 24‖ apart instead of 22‖.
Jeff is in the process of making new weave           Member Attendance: George and
poles for the June shows.                         Dorathy Hart, Jack & Donna Smith,
     Others changes we should expect will be      Stephanie Evans, Warren Stockton, Penny
to the Chute, the Tire and the Pause Table.       Morrison, Linda Benton, Tom and Linda
The chute changes will be to the chute only,      McLelland, Wendy McCleery, Sandy Gage,
the barrel will remain the same. But the          Judy Campbell, Brandi, George & Baylee
chute will now be 4‘. Have had many dogs          Rodrick, Cindy & Katie Dale, Tysen &

Clarissa Ranson, Cassie Rigby, Jenny        Taylorsville, UT 84123
Robinson                                    mfcjc@aol.com
   Excused: Michelle Larson, Nancy Cook     Border Collie & Blue Heeler
   Guests: Sandy Schildroth, Catherine
McBride, Brandon Beattie                    Treasurer’s Report
                                               Everything is paid to date.
   Meeting brought to order by Pres. Tom
McLelland at 7:30.                          Vice President’s Report:
Minutes:                                        Will show Rally DVD as the
   Minutes for the Jan General Meeting      presentation after the meeting.
were accepted with Linda making the
motion and Cindy 2nd.. All agreed.          Show Report:
                                               Paperwork in for June shows
President’s Report:
   Tom welcomed all guests.                 Training Report:
                                               Sign up is Wed March 3rd. Expecting to
Executive Secretary’s Report:               have another good sign up for classes.
   Gave a list of judges set for the Sept   Class instructors are set.
shows. Karen Winters for Agility, Mel
Stanley, Bonnie Lee and Suzy Osborne for    Hospitality:
Rally & Obedience                               TDX menu is made up, just getting
                                            things together. Cindy Dale & Jack Smith
Home Secretary's Report:                    will bring cookies for the March General
   New members voted in with Linda          Meeting.
motioning and Cindy second. All agreed.
                                            Trophy Report:
Tina Woods                                      Showed tags that another club made up
328 E 12100 S                               and attached to trophies. Is good idea and
Draper, UT 84020                            maybe we would like to do something
jademmastiffs@msn.com                       similar. Trophies set for June Shows,
Mastiffs & Bulldogs                         flashlights and photo cubes. Still need to get
                                            High in Trail and High Combined.
Catherine McBride & Brandon Beattie
11624 S Colchester Dr                       Committees:
Sandy, UT 84092                                  Advertising – Membership Directories
Mcbride.catherine@gmail.com                 are complete. Website is updated. TDX
Shiba Inu                                   premium is on site. Will show the TV news
                                            spot before tonights presentation of the
Sandra Schildroth                           RALLY DVD.
815 Westminster Ave                              Agility – There are 4 changes coming to
Salt Lake City, UT 84105                    agility. One is already in the place the others
sschildroth@msn.com                         still to be voted on and approved, but should
Poodle Mix                                  be ready to make changes to equipment
                                            when approved. The current equipment
Tysen & Clarissa Ranson                     change is to the agility weave poles. The
5172 S 1130 W                               poles will now be 24‖ apart instead of 22‖.

Jeff is in the process of making new weave
poles for the June shows.                      Disclaimer
    Others changes we should expect will be
to the Chute, the Tire and the Pause Table.        “Heel And Sit News” is mailed by the
The chute changes will be to the chute only,   10th of each month. Deadline for
the barrel will remain the same. But the       submission of articles and information for
chute will now be 4‘. Have had many dogs       that issue is the 1st of the month. Opinions
get tangled in the chute is the main reason    expressed in "Heel and Sit News" are not
for the possible change. The Tire, they are    necessarily those of the Great Salt Lake
talking about lowering it 4‖ and the Pause     DTC, the Staff, or the Board of Directors.
table will be electronic, so the judges no     Articles appearing in "Heel and Sit News"
longer have to count.                          may be reprinted, provided credit is given
    Also the club should set up a fund for a   the author and source. Materials submitted
new timer.                                     for publication in "Heel and Sit News" will
    Obedience – Still needing stewarts for     be kept for 30 days following the mailing of
the May shows. The IKC & BBKC will             the issue in which they appear. Following
provide lunch.                                 publication, materials will be discarded
    Rally – Ditto on the stewarts needed.      unless otherwise requested at the time of
Need approx 10 stewarts each day to cover      submission.
both Obedience and Rally, for 4 days of            Please send submissions and Letters to
shows. Need to find someone to replace         the Editor to Marlene Fairchild, 419 Blaine
Michelle as the chairman for Rally at the      Ave., SLC, Utah 84115. Phone: 485-2381.
May shows as she will be out of town during    E-mail MFSAMMYDOG@AOL.COM. For
the show.                                      address changes, please notify Marlene
    Tracking – TDX Premiums are in the         (above) AND Judy Campbell, 14008 So.
mail                                           Point View Ct., Draper, Utah 84020; home
                                               phone, 801-571-6747; cell 801-599-7473 or
Old Business: None                             e-mail jluvsbears@aol.com.
New Business: We have been informed that           Website: www.gsldtc.com.
we will need to be out of Room 101 of the          Please send web pictures and updates to
Columbus Center by 9 pm each meeting.          Linda Benton at poodlelady1@msn.com.
Motion on the floor to move the meetings           Please send trophy sponsorship forms to
from 7:30 pm to 7 pm to accommodate and        Sandy Gage, 1192 So. Montgomery St., Salt
ensure we enough time to complete our          Lake City, Utah 84104.
meetings monthly. Donna 1st, Linda 2nd,
motion passed. March Meeting will start at 7   Officers:
pm.                                            President                 Tom McLelland
                                               Vice President            Penny Morrison
   Wendy motioned and Judy seconded for        Exec. Secretary           Dorathy Hart
meeting to adjourn. All in favor.              Home Secretary            Judy Campbell
   Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.              Treasurer                 Donna Smith
Next Board Meeting: March 15th at              Board of Directors:
Dorothy Hart‘s – 7:30pm                        Show                      George Hart
Next General Meeting: March 22nd –                                       Warren Stockton
Columbus Center – 7:00pm                       Training                  Wendy McCleery

                        Nancy Cook         the Columbus Center, 2530 South 500 East,
Hospitality             Michelle Larson    Salt Lake City, Utah. Note the new
                        Stephanie Evans    General Meeting Start time!
Trophy                  Sandy Gage
                                           Program: Shirley Sadler from Midvalley
                                           Animal Clinic will do a program on Bladder
Agility Chair           Elaine Wallace
Tracking Chair          Wendy McCleery
Obedience Chair         Donna Smith        Next Class Sign-up: Wed., April 7,
Rally Chair             Michelle Larsen    2010, at the West Jordan Armory.
Advertising Chair       Linda Benton

              ~~~~ * ~~~~

“Heel And Sit News”
c/o 419 Blaine Ave.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Next Board Meeting: Mon., March 15,
7:30 p.m., at Dorathy Hart‘s house.
Next General Meeting: Monday,
March 22, 2010, 7:00 p.m. in Room 101 at


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