Fractional Jet Ownership For The Elite

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					The business elite find that travelling by world-class private jet is not only a luxury in
their world, but it is also a significantly better use of their time as opposed to the
potential delays and waiting time with commercial flights.
  With fractional jet ownership , a business buys the use of a private jet within that
company. For example, one large private jet company offers 1/16th ownership shares
in a private jet. For this investment, the business is guaranteed to have a jet available
whenever it requires one. If its particular jet is unavailable, the jet company will
provide another jet for use. If that alternative jet is not available, the jet company will
charter another aeroplane to use. The concept is similar to, but not the same as, resort
time-share plans. There may be fees to pay and contracts to sign, so legal advice is
  Some private jet companies offer shares in the jet while others offer a certain number
of hours. For its investment, which can run from £40,000 to multi-millions, a
business receives a guaranteed flight when needed, captain and complete crew,
scheduling to its needs, and maintenance. Amenities on board the aircraft vary
according to the type of jet; there are business aircraft that are designed for special
luxury travel and business accommodation.
  Savings in the long run are considerable, and include costly time savings ranging
from four to eight hours per flight. When a business requires top-notch travel luxury
and convenience along with significant financial savings, fractional jet ownership is
the answer. It is a trend that is growing among the business elite, and is even
beginning to filter down to individuals and smaller companies.
  Flexible scheduling for time and destinations is one of the greatest advantages to be
found within fractional jet ownership over booking commercial flights. Business
travellers go where they want, when they want. Private jets can utilise thousands more
smaller airports than commercial flights, and this places arrivals and departures closer
to home and to the designated destination.
  The type of jet selected can vary according to business needs. Options by model
include luxury seating, speed, space for luggage, number of passengers that can be
carried, computer and Internet options, work spaces, conference settings, music and
video, meal preparation and other options that are expected as standard on luxury
flights. These are options desired by high-powered business people, celebrities, and
others who prefer not to travel commercially.
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