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					Draft pending approval at the December Board Meeting.

Lanikai Elementary Public Charter School
Board Minutes
November 12, 2008

Board Members Present:
      Louis Saint-Cyr         Paul Vierling         Phil Whitesell
      Ilan Noy                Roni Willkie          David Sauceda
      Darraghlynn Lee

Board Members Absent:
      Savannah Shumock & Griffin Lockette (student council)

Community Members Present:
    Dawn Skaggs        Ann Pederson                 Kim Simunovich
    Clark Fremgen      Donna Therrien               Ana Murray
    Tonya Taylor       Lisa Kreitzer                Jaime Higgins
    Kim Stankovits

   1. Call to order at 6:35pm

   2. Community input
    Tonya Taylor, PTA President: Expressed concerns about the need for more
        communication and better notification about meetings and school events.
   Board response: The board clarified some misunderstanding in the communication and also
   agreed that there needs to be increased options for communication such as an email listserve
   and a more effective web page to provide another source of information.
    Donna Therrien, parent & recent Facilities Committee member. Expressed concerns
        about the school office’s service and responsiveness as the first line of communication at
        the school.
    Ana Murray, parent & PTA Vice President: Expressed concerns about school expenses
        and requested that the school budget should be available to parents. Ana submitted a
        written request for a copy of the Board by-laws and a copy of the school’s charter.
   Board response: The budget was reviewed and has been made available to parents. Paper
   copies were available to parents in June and again in August and September at open forum
   budget meetings. After sharing with the public, the budget was approved. The final budget
   is flexible and available every month by e-mail. It was also noted that a copy of the budget
   should be posted on the Finance Committee website.
    Dawn Skaggs, parent and Health & Safety Committee member: Complemented the
        administration and board for the changes with regard to bullying and classroom climate.
        Principal, David Sauceda, noted that the counselor, Danielle Clarke, connects well with
        the children and has made a significant impact in this area.
Draft pending approval at the December Board Meeting.

   3. Student Council – no report.

   4. Executive Comittee
    Phil Whitesell: November 6 meeting report attached at the end of minutes.
    Note – Diedre Leyne and Donna Therrien have resigned from the facilities committee.

   5. Principle Report
    Video presentation recapping events such as our military partners, professional
      development sessions, assemblies, holiday celebrations and a peek into the life of a
      Lanikai student.
    Reported a count of 330 to the CSAO as of the October 15 deadline – kudos to the office
      for their accuracy.
    MCAF community partnership continues to be successful. Thanks goes out to:
      LCPL Jeremy Dionne            LCPL Travis Heatwolf            LCPL Colby Wyatt
      CPL Stephan Burge             PFC Chase Chapman               LCPL Russell Thompson
      LCPL Reggie Wesley            LCPL Shaun Parsneau             LCPL Eric Meyer
      SGT David Pedrianes           CPL Carter Wanamaker            LCPL James Spence
      LCPL Kurt Miller              LCPL Juan Lopez, Jr.            LCPL Nick Montez
      LCPL Ty Enz                   CPL Fitzgerald                  LCPL Gabriel Rojo
      LCPL Kyle Smail               Sgt Benjamin Warshaw            LCPL Jason Luke
      CPL Omar Caraballo            LCPL Vanessa Vallejo            LCPL Jessica Hargis
      LCPL Stephanie Rodriguez LCPL Thomas Noceda                   MSSGT Catimon
      LT.COL Antonio [Commanding Officer]
      We are grateful for their support to this year’s Fun Fair and after school tutoring.

   6. Enrollment Committee – no report

   7. Facilities Committee
    Continuing to look at a temporary shade coverings as part of the solution to appropriate
      eating space for students.
    Ceiling fans were installed in the A Building as scheduled over the October break.

   8. Health & Safety Committee
    The committee is working to encourage healthy snack sales.
    The lunch is still being looked into, it has also been noted that Lunch Bunch as been
      making improvements.
    The student council is asking students to vote on the lunch schedule; recess then lunch or
      lunch then recess.
    Health & Safety Committee will operate as two task forces. The Nutrition and Wellness
      task force, and The Emergency and Evacuation Task Force.
Draft pending approval at the December Board Meeting.

   9. Policy committee
    Phil Whitesell moved that the board approve the Enrollment Administrative Procedures.
      2nd by Roni Willkie; Unanimously passed.
    Phil Whitesell moved that the Enrollment Administrative Procedures be forwarded to the
      principal for implementation. 2nd by Roni Willkie; Unanimously passed.
          o It was noted that this has been in process for 10 months and the final document
              was approved by both the policy and enrollment committees.

   10. Strategic Planning committee

   11. Finance committee
    Currently in the process of transitioning our bookkeeping software to Quickbooks.
       Quickbooks has a ―dashboard‖ feature that allows tracking of critical financial elements.
       The transition has created a delay in monthly reporting.
    The committee invited Bob Roberts, the Charter School Administrative Offices Chief
       Financial Officer, to review our current financial reporting methods. He recommended
       reporting on a quarterly basis—currently monthly—and observed that our reporting is
       detailed. The finance committee will continue reporting monthly until stakeholders are
       familiar with the budget.
    The committee is continuing to plan for the future with budget cuts in mind.

   12. AdHoc School Web Site Committee
    The committee is sensitive to getting community input to ensure the best comprehensive
       website to meet the school’s needs.
    The board chair stated that as Ilan Noy is the chair of the committee it is important to
       keep him informed of ongoing events and tasks as they are carried through. This also
       allows Ilan to keep the board informed about progress.

   13. Minutes Approval
        Darraghlynn Lee moved to approve posting a draft of minutes via email to be posted
          on the website, and then officially approved for the record at the Board meeting. 2nd
          by Ilan Noy. Unanimously approved.
              o Discussion led to the procedure of email request for comments on draft to be
                  submitted to the secretary within 5 days, a revised draft will be submitted and
                  members will have three days to review. After that time with a majority
                  approval (4/7) the minutes will be posted on the website as a draft copy
                  pending approval at the next meeting.

   14. Adjourned: 8: 05 Phil Whitesell moved to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Roni Willkie.
       Unanimously passed.
   15. Closed Session: Reconvened to discuss a personnel matter.
Draft pending approval at the December Board Meeting.


                                        WORKING TOGETHER

                                             Nov. 6, 2008


Cj Baehr, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and representing the Health and Safety Committee

Ann Pederson, PCNC, member of the Enrollment Committee

Louis Saint-Cyr, Board member and chair of the Executive Committee and representing the Facilities

David Sauceda, principal

Paul Vierling, Board member and chair of the Finance Committee

Phil Whitesell, Board member and chair of the Policy Committee

   1. All present received a hard copy of the description of each of the Board standing committees.
      These were reviewed and discussed. Membership of some committees, notably the facilities and
      policy committees, needs to be increased. Strategies for increasing participation in all
      committees were discussed including recruiting persons who have shown interest or expertise
      in a particular area and/or inviting persons to act as consultants to a committee for particular

   2. Committee descriptions will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at its next meeting, in
      accordance with the policy on committees.

   3. The group agreed that the Board and committees should focus on three general priorities as
      they work on specific projects and policies:
    Providing a firm financial basis for all school activities;
    Supporting school staff and administration in the WASC accreditation process;
    Improving communication throughout the school community. The planned improvements to the
      school website should facilitate this process.

   4. While the number of Board and committee members attending the session was not as high as
      the Executive Committee had hoped for, those present agreed the discussion was worthwhile
      and that efforts to enhance Board-committee collaboration and communication should be

   5. After the close of the formal discussion, delicious pupus were shared poolside.

Notes submitted by Whitesell, Nov. 7, 2008