Small Business Survival Requires Sales Urgency by valchester


									                Small Business Survival Requires Sales Urgency

Many small business owners fail to understand the importance of urgency, particularly
throughout the sales process.

Traditional models emphasize the need to create a sense of urgency in prospects to increase sales
now, as opposed to some undetermined time in the future.

In order to overcome the classic objection--I have to think it over, or I’ll get back to you—it is
imperative to think like a problem solver. The first step in overcoming this objection is to listen
carefully to the buyer's unique circumstances. Next repeat the problem back in paraphrased

The buyer appreciates someone who has finally listened to their situation and been empathetic. A
consultative selling position is now established. More careful listening and additional questions
for clarification leads to more information and ammunition. Once the problem is fully
understood, you have the right to offer the appropriate, individually tailored solution.

The benefits of your products and services now become more tangible. Once the prospect
visualizes their situation improving, their reluctance begins to wane. A sense of urgency
develops naturally when the prospect understands you have the solution to relieve their pressure.

Now, instead of thinking it over or getting back to you, the prospect moves forward and becomes
a valued customer. When properly nurtured, this relationship can lead to a powerful testimony
and referrals.

Incorporate urgency in your pitch to dramatically increase sales.

Don’t delay! Do it today!

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