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Respiratory Disease Respiratory Disease Seamus Doyle SHEQ


									    Respiratory Disease

    Seamus Doyle SHEQ Manager
           Group Member
             Sub Group
Chair for the Training & Communication
                           Respiratory Disease
   Project Summary
   Cutting any concrete or stone products can create hazards that can cause respiratory disease. The hazards can be
   eliminated or controlled and through this project we aim to identify a range of practical interventions to achieve this
   for all kerb, paving and block cutting activities. To deliver this goal we require:
   • A supply chain solution that works for all
   • All stakeholders to help devise and take ownership of the solutions
   In line with HSE strategy to address Occupational Health issues (through its Disease Reduction Programme), this
   working group has been established to facilitate identification of interventions and lead on their implementation.
     The group consists of representatives from:
     • Construction
     • Manufacturers
     • Hire Companies & Associations
     • Local Authorities
     • Highways Agency
     • Subject Experts
     • Training Bodies
     • HSE
                    A HSE web site has been established for stakeholders, to allow stakeholders to discuss issues with
                    each other and directly with the working group members and communicate progress. We welcome
                    your contribution to this work. Feel free to
                    • Invite a colleague to the site by clicking on invite
                    • View the sites documents
                    • Start a discussion
Rob Ellis (Project Manager) HSE
                   Respiratory Disease

Seamus Doyle     -     Daniel Contractors Limited (National Joint Utilities Group)
Denis Doody      -     Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians
Tony O’Mara      -     Union of Construction Allied Trades and Technicians
Ian Evans         -    Association of Public Service Excellence/ Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Hans Fairley      -    Andrea Stihl Ltd
John Howe         -    Interpave
Tony McCormack   -     Paving Expert
Sam Over          -    Flintshire County Council
David Rhodes      -     Costain (Highways)/Civil Engineering Contractors Association and Major Contractors Group
Phil Sutton       -    Durakerb
Andrew Bowden     -    European Power Tool Association/Makita
Rebecca Ward       -   Construction Confederation
David Pierre       -   Hire Association Europe
Steve Williams     -   Highways Agency
Kevin Fear        -    Construction Skills
Keith Harwood     - Surface Transport Streets (Transport for London)
                  Respiratory Disease
There are and will still be problems……..

Not everyone will comply overnight there will still be operatives who think they will not be affected.

There will still be operatives who take a chance saying ‘well, I only have one cut left, it won’t
happen to me’

From time to time there will be problems with the components on the suppression kits.

Some operatives complain that sometimes water suppression is a 2 man job.
                       Respiratory Disease

                                                                                        Project Close
                                                                                       2nd Quarter 2009

     Select Best

                   1.Agree Best Options
                                                                  1st Working Group
                   2. Formulate Action
                                                                  Monitoring Meeting

Feb 07      Mar 08         Apr            May   Jun   Jul   Aug      Sep     Oct       Nov       Dec
              Respiratory Disease
 Inputs                          Outputs                                                Outcomes

                    Activities              Participati          Short                Medium                         Long
                                            on                   Term                 Term                           Term

                                                                Specific training      Training material        Workers on all major
                                             Construction        introduced to         widely available         contractor sites
Stakeholder                                industry training        courses                                     trained and
WG input                                      providers                                                         implement good
                                                                                    Contractors support
                                                                                     training through
                                            Contractor                                 re-education
Money         Develop                                           Contractor              programme
              training                                         organisations
Research      material                                         endorse new
on                                                                                                      Contractor audited for
                                            Trade Union’s                                            competence in handling and
                                                                                                     maintenance against training
          Respiratory Disease
                   Lord McKenzie

Need to encourage strong collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain

The need to make construction healthier (Clearwater 2010).

I cannot over-emphasise the importance of getting key health risk messages through
To SMEs. There were an estimated 4.3 Million business in the UK at the start 2005
and, of these 99.3% were less than 49 employees.

The construction industry employs around 2.1 million people, of which 849,000 are
Estimated to be self-employed contractors. Those working for the smaller companies
face a disproportionately high-risk (roughly double) of injury and ill health compared to
Those working for larger employers.
      Respiratory Disease

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
To change the world.

                                    Nelson Mandela
                 Respiratory Disease

Silicosis has been known about for over 500 years
                  Respiratory Disease
The Principal Contractor should be engaging with:

•   Clients
•   Designers
•   Product manufacturers
•   Plant Hire Company’s
•   Supply Chain
                Respiratory Disease

Types of Contract:

•   Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
•   Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
•   Public Private Partnership (PPP)
•   Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO)
Respiratory Disease

               Is this
               acceptable on
               public highway?
Respiratory Disease

                 Or this?
Respiratory Disease
                  Respiratory Disease
health effects of silicosis and COPD

In respect of suffering from silicosis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD what does
this all really mean for you? For thosewho are exposed to the hazards a great deal. If we take
exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust as an example and say exposure to RCS above
the exposure limit over a long period, say from the age of 20 to 40, this could mean:

At the early stage of lung disease you may notice some occasional breathing difficulties, occasional
breathlessness when running for the bus and possibly bouts of persistent coughing

Later on as the disease progresses you may need an inhaler and find that you cannot sleep properly
through the night. You cannot play sport and walking long distances may also be difficult.

By the time you are 60 you could be housebound in need of regular portable oxygen from a cylinder
via a mask. Your doctor may be advising you that you could soon need a wheel chair.
Respiratory Disease

               If we cannot
               eliminate the risk,
               then we must put
               adequate control
               measures in place
                   Respiratory Disease
To summarise the key points…………………………………..

• The importance of consulting and engaging the workforce in the procurement of RPE and PPE is

• Educating and raising awareness of the potential hazards if water suppression is not used.

• Accurate and meaningful risk assessments/method statements that are reviewed on a regular basis

• Tool Box Talks given on a regular basis to reinforce Risk Assessments and training

• Ensure that operators are competent and confident through training
                  Respiratory Disease

He shortens his life and he hastens his death
Tally hi-o, the grinder
Will drink silica dust in every breath….
Won’t use a fan as he turns his wheel
Won’t wash his hands before he eats his meal
But dies as he lives as hard as steel
Where rests the heavier weight of shame?
On the famine-price contractor’s head
Or the workman’s under-taught and fed
Who grinds his own bones and his child’s for bread

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