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                   pathology (including squint) in children of school age. No routine sight
                   testing service can be offered to children of school going age. They
                   should be referred to School Eye Clinics via the School Health
                   Department, Tel: 47-0150.
                   Groote Schuur Hospital
                   Tel: 404-5097 (Outpatients)
                n General and specialist clinics, from age 12 years upwards.

                   Tygerberg Hospital
                   Tel: 938-5509
                n Daily emergency clinic, retinal clinic and artificial eye clinic.

                   School Health Department
                   Mountain Road
                   PO Box 7
                   Tel: 47-0150
                n Nurses visit schools to perform eye tests. Referrals then made to School
                   Eye Clinics.


           Assistance, Aids and Appliances

                State Assistance
                (See: Handicap – Government Provisions and Services, p 67)
                   Association for the Physically Disabled
                n Advises on applying for grants,aids and appliances. Applies for state aids,
                   lends wheelchairs and other mobility aids for limited periods.

                SA Red Cross Society
                21 Broad Road
                Wynberg 7800
                Tel: 797-5360
                Tel: 948-4208 (Bellville depot)
           n Temporary loan of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

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            St Giles Association for the Handicapped
            71 Klipfontein Road
            Rondebosch 7700
            Tel: 689-8328
         n Temporary loan of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

            Sporting and Social Activities for the Disabled
            St John Ambulance
            St John Gate
            183 Sir Lowry Road
            PO Box 2207
            Cape Town 8000
            Tel: 461-8420, Fax: 461-7700
         n Temporary loan of wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

            The Rachel Swart Fund
            71 Klipfontein Road
            Rondebosch 7700
            Tel: 689-8376
         n Fund to assist people with physical handicap with immediate help.

         Orthopaedic Clinics

            Groote Schuur Hospital
            Tel: 404-5131
            Appointments: Tel: 404-5124
            Amputation follow-up clinic: Tel: 404-5124
         n Fortnightly clinic, multidisciplinary services.
         n Inpatient services, daily outpatient clinics.

            Maitland Cottage Home for Physically Disabled Children
            corner Kildare and Norfolk Roads
            Newlands 7700
            Tel: 64-2090
         n An Orthopaedic Hospital for children under 12 years.

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                Princess Alice Orthopaedic Hospital
                corner White and Main Roads
                Retreat 7945
                Private Bag X2
                Plumstead 7800
                Tel: 72-1112
           n Non-acute orthopaedics. Daily outpatient clinics. Also inpatient services.

                Red Cross Children’s Hospital
                Telephonic consultations: 658-5290
                Appointments: Tel: 658-5059
                Clinic hours: 08h00–12h00, Mondays and Fridays.
                Children catered for: Diagnosis and management of non-emergency
                orthopaedic cases.
           n Emergency cases other than trauma are dealt with at the General Surgical
                Outpatients Clinic.

                Red Cross Children’s Hospital Fracture Clinic
                Telephonic consultations: Tel: 658-5290
                Appointments: Tel: 658-5059
                Clinic hours: 13h00–16h00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.
                Children catered for: Follow-up of fractures. Acute fractures are dealt with at
                the Trauma Unit.

                Tygerberg Hospital
                Tel: 938-5333 (all Orthopaedic Services).
                Clinic hours: Mondays to Fridays, 08h00–16h00.

                Association for the Physically Disabled
                Tel: 685-4153
           n Provides details on out of town services.

           Orthotics and Prosthetics
                Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre
                Conradie Hospital
                Pinelands 7405
                Tel: 531-5300
           n Orthopaedic appliances and aids. Hospital referrals only.

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         Other Relevant Services

            Association for the Physically Disabled
            — 71 Klipfontein Road
              Rondebosch 7700
              PO Box 1375
              Cape Town 8000
              Tel: 685-4153
            — Tygerberg Branch
              Libertas Medical Centre
              PO Box 144
              Goodwood 7460
              Tel: 592-4173
            — Worcester Branch
              PO Box 878
              Worcester 7850
              Tel: 0231-72002
            — Paarl Branch
              PO Box 2657
              Paarl 7620
              Tel: 02211-68 2770
            — Vredenburg Branch
              PO Box 114
              Vredenburg 7380
              Tel: 02281-32304
         n Information, advice and assistance on all matters of concern to people with
            physical handicap.
         n Social work counselling service.
         n Advice and assistance in finding employment and applying for grants and
            other forms of assistance. Social and occupation groups with transport
         n Centre for mobility and independent living aids.
         n Advises on grants, aids and appliances.

         n Applies for state aids, lends wheelchairs and other mobility aids for limited

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                DPSA (Disabled People of South Africa)
                74, 8th Ave
                Rondebosch East 7700
                Fadiela Lagadien at Tel: 696-9171
           n A national organisation promoting the awareness of issues facing people
                with disability.

           (See also: Cerebral Palsy, p 38; Mental Handicap, p 74 and Child Care
           Information Centre, p 44).

                Adventure Playground (See: p 87)

                SA Riding for the Disabled
                PO Box 235
                Constantia 7848
                Tel: 794-4393/5548

                St Giles Association for the Handicapped
                St Giles Centre
                71 Klipfontein Road
                Rondebosch 7700
                Tel: 689-8328
           n Provides a variety of day and evening recreational, cultural, sports and
                occupational facilities.

                Toy Library for Children with Mental Handicap
                24 Sawkins Road
                Rondebosch 7700
                Tel: 689-1519 / 685-4103 (ext 248/9)

                Western Province Sports Association for Physically
                Disabled People
                Miss Dawn Hare
                Kalk Bay 7975
                Tel: 788-4602
           n Regular weekend and evening meetings. An up-to-date list of sports clubs
                for people with disability is obtainable.

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         Residential Home

            St Joseph’s Home for Chronic Invalid Children
            Pallotti Road, off Modderdam Road
            Montana 7490
            PO Box 21110
            Durrheim 7491
            Tel: 934-0352
         n A home for chronically ill and physically handicapped children 2–18 years.


            Astra School
            Pallotti Road
            Montana 7490
            PO Box 21106
            Durrheim 7491
            Tel: 934-0155 / 6
         n School with hostel facilities for children with physical handicap, 6–18 years.

            Tembaletu School
            NY 77
            Guguletu 7750
            PO Box 2228
            Clareinch 7740
            Tel: 637-5902 / 633-2613
         n School for children with cerebral palsy and physical handicap.

         Training and Employment

         — Cerebral Palsy, p 38.
         — Vocational and Employment Services, p 71.
         — Work Assessment Units at Hospital s, p 72.

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           Paediatric Medical Services

           Community Health Centres

                General Paediatrics
                Khayelitsha Site B
                Tel: 361-3470 / 1 (Thursday afternoons)
                Khayelitsha - Nolungile
                Tel: 387-1107 / 1200 (alternative Thursday mornings)
                Tel: 386-1121 (alternative Thursday mornings)
                Tel: 637-1280 / 03 (alternative Friday mornings)
                Mitchells Plain CHC
                Tel: 32-5161 (3 x per week)
                Heideveld Minicipal Clinic
                Tel: 637-8033 (Mondays)
                Hanover Park
                Tel: 637-8036 (first Monday of the month)
                Heideveld Municipal Clinic
                Tel: 637-8033 (Mondays)
                Mitchells Plain CHC
                Tel: 32-5161 (3 x per week)
                Tel: 637-8033 (Dr Abdurahman, second Friday of the month)

                Allergy Clinic
                Mitchells Plain CHC
                Tel: 32-5161 (alternative Tuesdays)

                Asthma Clinic
                Heideveld Municipal Clinic
                Tel: 637-8036 (ext 210) (Tuesday afternoons)

           Patients to general paediatric medical clinics must be referred.

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         Teaching Hospitals

            Groote Schuur Hospital
            Tel: 404-9111, Fax: 404-4248

            Red Cross Children’s Hospital
            General Information: Tel: 658-5111
            Poison Information Service: Tel: 689-5227, 24 hour service.
            Emergencies: 24 hour service
            Children who are acutely (seriously) ill or injured should be discussed
              with the appropriate registrar on duty:
            — Medical, 658-5075
            — Surgical, 658-5059
            — Trauma, 658-5000
            When acutely ill or injured children are referred after consultation, a letter
            marked ‘URGENT ’ must accompany them to the registrar in the
            appropriate Outpatient Department or the Trauma Unit.
            General Paediatric Specialist opinion:
            — Mornings only, Tel: 658-5362
            — Mondays to Fridays, 09h00–16h00
            — After hours: Tel: 658-5362 / 5075
            Telephonic consultations: These are encouraged and are time saving. For
              general paediatric specialist consultations phone the above numbers. For
              subspecialist consultations use the number under the appropriate
              subspecialist clinic.
            Referrals: Patients may be referred without appointment to the general
              paediatric consultant on duty. Provide the patient with a letter with details
              including previous X-rays, results of investigations and current medication
              and treatment. Patients requiring subspecialist care need to have an
              appointment at the appropriate clinic.
            Surgical: See under “Paediatric Surgery”.
            Children over the age of 13 years are not seen at the Children’s Hospital.
              There are certain special clinics for adolescents at Groote Schuur
              Hospital (See: Adolescent Medical Services, p 12).
            Sub-Specialist Clinics operate by appointment only (unless otherwise
              stated). The telephone exchange at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital
              allows direct dialing to hospital extensions, which should facilitate the
              making of appointments.

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              General Paediatric Clinics are also held at the following local provincial
                hospitals. For timetables consult each hospital:

                 Somerset Hospital
                 Green Point
                 Tel: 402-6911, Fax: 402-6000

                 Tygerberg Hospital
                 Tel: 938-4911, Fax: 931-1451

                 Victoria Hospital
                 Tel: 797-8131

           Paediatric Surgery Services

              Red Cross Children’s Hospital
           n A complete paediatric surgical service is provided for neonatal, older infants
              and children up to the age of 13 years.
           n For emergency referrals and telephonic consultations, contact the paediatric
              surgical registrar on call (Tel: 658-5111).
           The out-patient service provides the following:
              Trauma Unit
              — Casualties: Tel: 658-5000
              — Surgical Emergencies: Tel: 658-5059
              General Paediatric Surgery Clinic
              — By appointment: Tel: 658-5290
              Surgery Day Unit
              Telephonic consultations: 658-5160
              Appointments: Tel: 658-5059 for a Tuesday clinic appointment at Surgical
              Outpatients Department (09h30)
              Type of patient catered for: Well children requiring minor surgical procedures
              including inguinal hernias, undescended testes, and those needing
              Venue: The Day Unit is located in A7. Tel: 658-5058 for any queries.


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