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									If you have ever looked at a jeweller’s window display you will have probably
admired how well presented the items of jewellery are. The same can be said of other
items as well - cameras, for example. The reason for this is that case insert foam has
been used to protect them during transport and is doubly useful in that it also makes
an excellent display medium.
  A jewellery box without the foam insert will mean that the contents will roll around
in transit and may very well arrive at the retailers in a damaged condition. Foam
inserts for cases make certain that the item being transported will be delivered in
perfect shape. The foam insert is then used to show the item of jewellery, for instance,
in the best possible fashion and encourage a consumer to consider buying it.
  The inserts will, of course, need to be precision engineered to provide the best
possible protection for the object being delivered. Technical Foam Services are able to
provide you with a wide range of foam inserts for cases to make sure the exact needs
of you, the customer, are met.
  Typically, a manufacturer of these inserts will be able to match a product to the type
of foam used to make the insert. Soft foam inserts might be needed or a more robust
grade of foam depending upon what is being transported. When it comes to the
window display itself, black foam is very popular for the aesthetic appeal in a
jewellery shop as gold and silver will stand out to the best possible effect against a
dark background. Electrical items, cameras, mobile phones, watches and perfumes,
for example, look attractive on the store shelf when displayed on a black backdrop.
Other colours are available to maximise the visual attraction of the item being shown.
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