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									Flyers are paper advertising, often featuring graphics and text, that businesses hand
out for free to inform customers about their products and services. Sometimes they
provide information about specific discounts, special offers, or new products. Flyers
can be handed out in person, send out via mail, displayed in the company location or
other locations, or digital versions can be send out by email. They can be used by
businesses, artists, performers, freelancers, or anyone else wanting to convey
information about themselves to their potential customers.
  Flyers are a very cheap and price effective advertising strategy, which is an
advantage especially to a small business that might not have a large start up budget.
When printing out flyers, most printing companies offer a discount for a large amount,
so it is more effective to print off one large batch rather than several small ones.
  Flyers have a large reach and can be distributed in many ways. It is important that
they include all of your business's contact information so that when someone receives
a flyer they can very easily see how to contact you if they are interested in the offer
  One of the disadvantages of flyers is that they are so widely used by other businesses
that your customers might just take them for granted and not pay much attention to
"just another flyer." This is why strategies to make your flyers stand out and make
people notice them are very important. You can make your flyers catch people's eye
by having an eye catching design. Try to select colours, fonts, and graphics that will
appeal to the demographic that you are marketing to. You can even choose different
shapes, sizes and even textures (such as fuzzy, shiny or transparent) to make a flyer
different from all the others.
  Also, customers often throw away or recycle flyers shortly after receiving them. If
you give your customer a reason to keep your flyer, it will automatically make it more
effective. An example of this is including something useful on the flyer such as a
calendar or schedule that people will want to hold on to for reference. You could also
include a coupon that the customer can redeem for a free product or a discount, giving
them another reason to save your flyer.
  Often, your flyer is the first impression that a potential customer has of your
business, and so they will base their opinion of the company on the messages that the
flyer conveys. That is why it is essential to ensure your flyers put forth the right
message in the customers mind. can supply the widest range of services for graphic
design and printing, including flyers design and magazine design , dealing with the
small to the large orders.

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