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									                         Single Assessment Process for Older People in Greenwich
                                        Newsletter January 2004

Happy New Year!
The April 2004 deadline for SAP is approaching rapidly and many of you will be wondering
whether we are making any progress in Greenwich! This newsletter will update you!
Like most places in the country we do not anticipate that SAP will be fully implemented by the
deadline but we should be well on the way in certain key areas. Read on for further details.........!

What is the Single Assessment Process (SAP)? A reminder!
A better name for it might be the shared assessment process. Shared with the older person who
must have their wants and needs at the heart of the assessment and, given the older persons
consent, shared between staff and agencies carrying out further assessments and care. We must
try to reduce older people being asked the same questions over and over again. If someone
needs to be referred to a different agency it makes sense that the information already
collected should be passed on - working more closely together to benefit the older person.
To help this process we have to agree on a basic assessment format between health and social
care. We also need the technology to facilitate the sharing of information but more of that
Types of assessment identified in SAP
There are 4 types of assessment described as part of SAP:

         Contact                  Overview                    Specialist                   Comprehensive

       First contact -       Provides an overall         Assessments currently         A combination of overview
       personal              picture of the person       used by professions in        and specialist assessments.
       details and           - mobility/general          their work. If an             This gives an in depth
       users view of         health/social               overview assessment is        understanding of needs - as
       their needs at        situation/previous          available some                when an older person needs
       the present           services etc.               questions will already        long term care or a
       time                  Contains an element         have been answered            multidisciplinary assessment
                             of screening for                                          in a hospital ward
                             problems sometimes

      It is these 2 types of assessment that
      have to be agreed between health and
      social care

   It is important to remember that SAP only applies to older people who appear to have 'significant needs' or
    needs that are not clear cut. The majority of older people seeking help from their GP, do not require a contact
    or overview assessment. However, the majority of older people eligible for Social Service assistance will need a
    full assessment. Assessment must be kept in proportion to the needs of the individual.
                                          PTO To find
               02/10/11 Draft Single Assessment Newsletter out how we are progressing in Greenwich
               Produced by: Maggie Rastall - SAP lead - Tel: 07931 595671
Where are we in Greenwich in deciding on the assessment tool?
The DOH has an accreditation process in place for tools that have been developed for SAP. We
plan to choose one of the accredited tools rather than design our own. Many of you will have seen
the Easycare and Cambridge Tool (CAT). Feedback from the Greenwich pilot was unanimous in
saying they were too long and unwieldy to be shared easily between agencies. If we have to use a
paper based system in the early stages of implementation, photocopying and faxing would be
impossible. In December 2003 another tool called FACE was accredited by the DOH and is much
shorter. We are currently trying this tool out - early feedback is positive. We hope to complete
the feedback process about this tool by Mid February 2004.
If this tool is acceptable we will move to the first stage of implementation. This will be in
discreet areas such as the Access Service in Social Services and with a GP practice such as the
Vanbrugh (to be agreed). If this is succesful we will plan a phased implementation across
If you would like to see the FACE tool or try it out and give feedback before Mid Feb.
then please contact:
Jan Hall : Email Phone: 0208 921 3154

Will we have IT systems to help with SAP?
The answer in the short term (certainly by April 2004) is probably 'no' - but things are improving
with lots of national initiatives that will improve communications both within health and social
services. The good news is that all these national initiative have SAP firmly on the agenda!
In Greenwich we have a group of IT people meeting regularly from across health and social
services looking at SAP. They are currently looking at interim solutions that can be used in the
short term for those staff who have access to and use computers - we don't want to go
backwards to hand written assessments! We will be testing out these interim solutions as part of
the phased implementation discussed above.
Mobile Technology Pilot
There are mobile devices that can be taken out to people's homes (similar to a laptop but
smaller) so that an assessment can be completed at the time straight onto the computer. We
have a small amount of money to try out this technology. Watch this space - we may need
volunteers to trial the devices

I would like to know more about SAP?
Maggie Rastall is the SAP Lead for Greenwich and can be contacted on 07931 595671 or email: She is keen to talk to groups of staff - so do contact her to arrange this.
Steering Group Members can also keep you informed:
 Social Services        PCT                   QEH                      Oxleas                  Others
 Griff Jones            Neil Kennett-Brown    Karen Sevardei           Estelle Frost           Tina Sinclair
 Nikki Conway           Marta Aujeet          Karen le Ball            Ann Waterworth          (housing)
 John Auld              Chris Rawlings        Steve Lewis-Jones
 Beverley Mulholland    Ann Cochrane
 Martin Wilson
 David McMillan

              02/10/11 Draft Single Assessment Newsletter
              Produced by: Maggie Rastall - SAP lead - Tel: 07931 595671

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