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					       February 2009                                                                                           cpaa
l.i                                                               Care Programme Approach Association

       The CPAA                                                            Categories
      Awards 200 9                                       The categories for this year are as follows:
 The CPAA invites entries for the       Excellence in Providing CPA Information
 2009 good practice awards.             Criteria: Clear and easy to understand information resources available for service users and /
                                        or carers, produced from involvement with them. Examples could be written leaflets, easy read
 If your organisation / department is   documents, resources produced in electronic or audio visual format.
 successful the award will include:-
       Certificate                     Excellence in Monitoring and Evaluating the CPA Process
                                        Criteria: Best example of monitoring and evaluating the CPA, based upon national standards,
        A feature in the CPAA’s        with a focus on driving up quality. Submissions might relate to an overall view of the CPA
                                        process or a specific element of the CPA process e.g. meetings.
 journal ‘The Approach’.

        A formal letter from the       Excellence in Innovation/Innovative Practice
                                        Criteria: Best example of an innovative approach to the implementation / development of any
 CPAA to your Chief Executive,
                                        aspect of the CPA process. Submissions can come from a wide spectrum, examples might
 Chair or Director, along with a copy   include initiatives to support and engage diverse communities, service user / carer
 of the certificate.                    involvement, service user designed / developed documentation.

             Eligibility                Excellence in CPA Policy and Practice Standards
                                        Criteria: The production of local CPA policy and practice standards which accurately reflect
                                        and explain, in a clear and easy to understand format, all aspects of the national CPA
 In order to enter for an award, you
 must be a fully paid up member
 of the CPA Association.                Excellence in Partnership Working
                                        Criteria: Best example of an approach which promotes and supports a fundamental principle of
          Submissions                   the CPA – that of partnership working. Examples might include a jointly provided service, a
                                        multi-agency initiative, a service user / service provider collaboration.
 Submissions must be largely
                                        Excellence in Supporting/Promoting Recovery
 jargon free and currently in use
                                        Criteria: Best initiative to support the development and delivery of recovery focused
 (not draft or planned for launch).     approaches. Examples might include resources to influence practice e.g. training materials,
                                        recovery workbooks, recovery self-help groups, adoption of recovery principles into
 Wherever possible submissions          organisational policy and practice.
 should include evidence of service
 user     involvement    in    their    Excellence in CPA Training
 production together with any           Criteria: CPA training is provided jointly for health and social care staff and as a minimum
 positive feedback received with        covers the principle elements of the CPA process e.g. Assessment Care Planning, Care Co-
 regard to quality, relevance,          ordination, Evaluation and Review. Evidence must demonstrate that training aims to engage
 usefulness, difference made etc.       learners and support a range of learning styles by delivering content in a variety of formats.

                                        Journal Awards – most useful article to be nominated by the CPAA
                                        A voting sheet listing articles from Issues 20 – 23 will be emailed to all CPAA members end of

  Deadline for Submissions                     Awards Presentation                                     The CPA Association
 All entries must be submitted, along
                                                                                                            Walton Hospital
                                            The awards will be presented at
     with an application form (see                                                                         Whitecotes Lane
                                                      the CPAA’s
attached) to the CPA Association no
              nd                               Annual General Meeting                                 Chesterfield. S40 3HW
later than 22 May 2009. You must                                                                        Telephone: 01246 515 975
 follow the instructions given on the                15th July 2009                                Email: cpa.association@derbys
            application form.                 in the CPAA East Region.