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									On Campus

            On Campus

            Take advantage of residence life
            If you are going to stay in a residence on the Main Campus of the UFS in Bloemfontein in 2008, you will
            benefit from the new educational approach to diversity in our residences.
                As from 2008 a process of racial integration will begin in order to increase the diversity in the
            residences on the Main Campus of the UFS.
                Over and above the formal qualifications you will obtain, the new approach to residence life will have
            an important educational benefit for you. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle
            diversity, which will give you a definite advantage compared to many other jobseekers in South Africa.
               The building of friendships and personal networks and contacts across racial and language
            boundaries will also benefit your career.
                In order to ensure that we all make a success of the new approach, several support and facilitating
            structures have been put in place, ensuring UFS residents being better prepared for the future.

            General enquiries regarding Junior and Senior residences:
            •   051 401 3455, E-mail: Naidoom.rd@mail.uovs.ac.za
            •   051 401 3562, E-mail: vkhetha.rd@mail.uovs.ac.za

            Please visit the studentportal at www.ufs.ac.za/studentportal

            Academical year dates 2008

            First semester 2008                                     Second semester 2008
            First term                                              Excluding Faculty of Health Sciences
            First years arrive:   12 January 2008                   Third term
            Seniors arrive:       20 January 2008                   Residences open:     13 July 2008
            Semester starts:      28 January 2008                   Start:               14 July 2008
            Lectures start:       4 February 2008                   Lectures start:      21 July 2008
            Lectures end:         20 March 2008                     Lectures end:        26 September 2008
            Residences close:     21 March 2008                     Residences close:    27 September 2008

            Second term                                             Fourth term
            Residences open:      13 April 2008                     Residences open:     5 October 2008
            Lectures start:       14 April 2008                     Lectures start:      6 October 2008
            Lectures end:         23 May 2008                       Lectures end:        7 November 2008
            Residences close:     21 June 2008                      Residences close:    7 December 2008

            Examinations                                            Examinations
            Starts:               26 May 2008                       Starts:              10 November 2008
            Ends:                 19 June 2008                      Ends:                5 Desember 2008

            End of First Semester                                   End of Second Semester
On Campus

            20 June 2008                                            6 December 2008

                                       Junior residences
Most of the undergraduate students reside in the 18 junior residences.

Ladies residences
Akasia                                                Vergeet-my-nie
Warden: 051 401 2468/076 450 4504                     Warden: 051 401 2485/082 565 0880
Prime: 051 401 9141                                   Prime: 051 401 9145
E-mail: akasiakh. rd@mail.uovs.ac.za                  E-mail: vermnkh@rs.uovs.ac.za
Madelief                                              Wag-’n-Bietjie
Warden: 051 401 2421                                  Warden: 051 401 2201
Prime: 051 401 9435                                   Prime: 051 401 3178
E-mail: madelikh.rd@uovs.ac.za                        E-mail: wagnbkh@rs.uovs.ac.za
NJ van der Merwe                                      Welwitschia
Warden: 051 401 2159/084 581 5278                     Warden: 051 401 2516/082 782 9033
Prime: 051 401 9144                                   Prime: 051 401 9151
E-mail: njvdmkh@rd.uovs.ac.za                         E-mail: welsits@student.uovs.ac.za

Roosmaryn                                             Kestell
Warden: 051 401 2563/072 217 6117                     Warden: 051 401 2146/083 356 4563
Prime: 051 401 9146                                   Prime: 051 401 9546
E-mail: derckm@rd.uavs.ac.za
                                                      Emily Hobhouse
Soetdoring                                            Emily Hobhouse
Warden: 051 401 2169                                  Warden: 051 401 2147/072 537 9998
Prime: 051 401 9150                                   Prime: 051 401 3664
E-mail: soetdkh@student.uovs.ac.za                    E-mail: hobhoukh@rs.uovs.ac.za

Men’s residences
Abraham Fischer                                       Prime: 051 401 9143
Warden: 051 401 2121                                  E-mail: khayal@student.uovs.ac.za
Prime: 051 447 0730 / 401 9147
Administrative Officer: 051 401 3470
                                                      Warden: 051 403 6600/ 084 550 5545
E-mail: afisher@student.uovs.ac.za
                                                      Prime: 051 444 0461
Armentum                                              E-mail: reitz@student.uovs.ac.za
Warden: 051 401 2697/082 929 9409
Prime: 051 401 9152                                   Tswelopele
E-mail: verwoerd@student.uovs.ac.za                   Warden: 051 401 3224/082 626 9384
                                                      Prime: 051 401 3646
JBM Hertzog                                           E-mail: tswelop@student.uovs.ac.za
Warden: 051 401 2211
Prime: 051 401 9148                                   Villa Bravado
E-mail: jbmhertzog@hotmail.com                        Warden: 051 401 2203/082 376 0435
                                                      Prime: 051 401 3609
                                                      E-mail: villab@student.uovs.ac.za
Warden: 051 401 2859/083 278 8810
                                                                                           On campus

Prime: 051 401 9142                                   Postal address for residence mail:
E-mail: karee@student.uovs.ac.za                      Name of residence
Khayalami                                             P.O. Box 12950
Warden: 051 401 2483/072 272 0959                     Brandhof 9324

            Residence dining-hall catering
            Three meals per day are offered, from Mondays to Fridays, in two dining halls, namely, Roosmaryn and
            Soetdoring. During weekends, three meals will be served in Roosmaryn, while lunch will be available at
                Catering on campus has been privatised and handled professionally. Since January 2001, students may
            select their own plate of food as all dishes are sold per portion. A budget meal of the day is available daily.
                 No cash is needed for purchasing meals. Every student pays for meals according to his/her budget
            at the cashiers at Thakaneng Bridge, next to the ABSA branch. Student cards are updated daily at 15:30,
            and following each transaction at the dining halls, a receipt is issued showing the new balance available
            on the card. Cash purchases can also be made.
                These student cards can be presented as payment at residence dining halls and at some restaurants
            and take-aways at Thakaneng Bridge and will only be accepted as long as there is a credit balance
            For enquiries contact 051 401 9300.

            What to bring along?
            Rooms are furnished with the basics. You may bring your own curtains and linen. We recommend extra
            blankets for winter.
            • Two padlocks for cupboards
            • Toiletries
            • Reading or desk lamp
            • Radio
            • Students may bring frying pans or two-plate stoves for preparing food, but may not use it in their
                rooms. These appliances may only be used in the communal kitchens. If they are to prepare their own
                meals, students should also bring crockery and cutlery.
            • For a minimal fee, students may install refrigerators in their rooms. You may also use an immersion
                heater, microwave oven, and personal computer in your room.
            • You cannot bring your own furniture or heater.
            • Every residence is equipped with industrial washing machines and tumble dryers. Students are
                requested to use this equipment with care. You need to bring your own iron, washing powder, laundry
                bag, clothes pegs, etc.
            • A laundry service is also available at an affordable tariff. Contact Kovsie Laundry Service 051 444 6348.
            • In addition to clothes for everyday wear, bring outfits for social occasions, church and any sports you
                are planning to participate in. Men should bring a sports jacket and tie. A tracksuit and running shoes
                are recommended, and an overall or old clothes for dirty work during rag week (painting, float building).
            No equipment or furniture may be removed from the rooms or residences.

            Kovsie Support Services
            Kovsie Health
            Medical practice (Councelling Building)
On Campus

            •   Medical practice on campus for students as well as personnel.
            •   Immunisations are provided, including flu injections, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, etc.
            •   Medication is available after consultation.
            •   For an appointment, phone 051 401 2603.

•   Clinics are for students and personnel.
•   AIDS Centre – obtain information, testing and counseling regarding AIDS and AIDS related matters.
•   Family planning / contraceptive clinic / counseling and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.
•   For an appointment, phone 051 401 2603.

Sports medicine clinic (Mabaleng A Building)
• Specialists with regard to sport.
• Sport physicians
• Physiotherapists
• Dieticians
• Psychologist
• Bio-kinetics Service
For an appointment, phone 051 401 2530, E-mail: gesal.fin@admin.uovs.ac.za

Kovsie Counseling and Development (KCD)
Enquiries: 051 401 2353

This unit provides the following services to the entire student population of UFS.

Psychological services
All services are free for registered Kovsie students. Our services are highly confidential and we offer
personal counseling in respect of a number of emotional, personal and developmental issues. These
include depression, anxiety, relationship problems, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, low self-esteem,
mourning/grief, adjustment problems, assault, rape and violence.

Academic support
•   Monthly study courses on a Friday from 09:00 - 13:00.
•   Career counseling for prospective as well as current students.
•   Course information.
•   Learning development: Many students experience learning problems, which cause them to fail or
    underachieve. Learning development programmes include the evaluation and treatment of test and
    performance anxiety.

Study reading development
This course is an integration of reading and study skills. The study reading course is presented free of charge
every term and includes one theory session and one practical computer-based application every week.

Culture of learning programme
The main aim of the Culture of Learning Programme is to assist with the creation of a culture of learning
on the UFS campus. The Culture of Learning Programme uses senior students (tutors) to assist in various
aspects of student life, such as study skills, as well as adjustment to university life. This peer group
support is offered to first-year students by senior students to enable them to perform better academically.
The tutors are selected by the Culture of Learning Office and are then trained and supervised by KCD.

Career guidance
                                                                                                                  On Campus

Career evaluation and guidance are offered to Grade 12 learners and other prospective students.
The KCD is the first contact with UFS, as well as the start of the adjustment, decision-making and
development process.

            Career office
            Provides liaison with outside companies for possible recruitment, placement and selection of prospective
            graduates, career opportunities and possible provision of bursaries.

            Community projects
            KCD is also involved in community projects at schools. This includes reading development, study skills
            and occupational guidance.

            Students with disabilities
            The Unit for Students with Disabilities co-ordinates attempts to ensure equity in all fields of university life
            for students with disabilities. Assistance is rendered with regard to specialised academic support, as well
            as assistance in respect of sport and recreation. If you feel you need help in any way, please contact us
            at 051 401 3713.

            Language proficiency testing for first-year students
            •   All first-year students must sit for language proficiency tests in English or Afrikaans. These tests are
                conducted in the language chosen by the student as medium of instruction, in other words students in
                the English track sit for the English language proficiency tests.
            •   Students who do not meet the required level of language proficiency, must register for a language
                proficiency module in English or Afrikaans (depending on the choice of medium of instruction). This
                module must be passed before such a student can be awarded his/her degree.
            •   Students will be advised by Kovsie Counseling with regard to the language proficiency modules that
                can be registered for.
            For appointments at KCD, call 051 401 2853, fax 051 444 3345.

            Social work services
            We assist Kovsie students to strive for successful academic and balanced student lives.
                This is a caring service for students who anticipate obstacles that could affect their studies. If social
            problems become a thorn in your flesh, you are welcome to contact Tannie Lenie on campus. We also
            have a 24 hour emergency number: 073 182 3048.
                Students always appreciate extra income. Contact us for part time work at 051 401 3258. It will give
            you the opportunity to gain practical experience while studying. For general enquiries for social work
            services contact 051 401 9117.
            Address: Thakaneng Bridge
                     Student Centre
                     Room 6

            In Kovsie land, sport is one of the cornerstones in the process of shaping the student. The achievements of
            our Kovsie sportsmen and women feature prominently in provincial, national and international record books.
               KovsieSport and its sports clubs invite all first-year students to become part of the proud tradition of
            sport in Kovsie land.
On campus

The UFS offers to everyone who wants to participate in sport:
• The best coaching
• The good facilities
• Opportunities for competition at the highest level
• Recreational opportunities
• High Performance Sport Centre

For any enquiry or advice, the staff members of KovsieSport are at your disposal on the following number
051 401 2580 or e-mail: spvdw.RD@ufs.ac.za.

    Our motto is:
    Participate, become involved, be part of Kovsie land and experience the fun of being a student. Make
    use of the opportunities that come your way in order to become a fully balanced person.

Enquiries: 051 401 2807
Sport codes and organisers
James Letuka:                 Director
DB Prinsloo:                  ABSA Athletics, Road Running, Cross-Country
De Wet Ras:                   Rugby
Frans van der Watt:           ABSA Hockey, Watersports and Bursaries
Burta de Kock:                Netball Coaching
Nomsa Mahlangu:               Soccer, Basketball, Taekwondo, Volley ball, Soft ball, Hand ball
Janine de Kock:               Squash, Karate, Judo, Fencing, Tennis
Karin Venter:                 Netball, Triathlon, Cycling, Chess, Badminton
Arno van Niekerk:             ABSA Cricket, Table Tennis, Golf

Sport facilities
•     Pellies Park, the heart of the UFS Athletics Club, offers a modern clubhouse and all the amenities.
•     Four cross-country tracks.
•     Shimla Park, the mecca of rugby, which boasts a fully-equipped clubhouse and an additional five
      rugby fields.
•     Three excellent soccer fields.
•     A tennis complex comprising 21 courts, two fitted with floodlights, and equally well equiped clubhouse.
•     A cricket clubhouse with four fields.
•     Netball facilities with six courts and a clubhouse.
•     A standard-size swimming pool.
•     Indoor facilities for indoor hockey, table tennis, badminton and volleyball as well as five squash
•     Hockey facilities including six grass fields (two with floodlights and a clubhouse) and two astro hockey
•     Two basketball courts.
•     High Performance Sport Centre

Enquiries: 051 401 3207
For those students who do not wish to become actively involved in sport, there are other options for
recreation. Aerobic exercises are offered for the fit and not so fit.
                                                                                                               On campus

            Other student activities… So you can only be yourself!
            Student Affairs, in conjunction with the SRC portfolios, create opportunities for Kovsies to become
            involved in various activities and leadership development projects. This forms part of students’ non-
            academic development towards achieving their full potential.

            Kovsie Rag is a fund-raising organisation that collects funds for underprivileged communities. Rag is
            packed with fun and enjoyment. Join in and share in the excitement of float building, gallivanting about
            and rigging out for an outrageous street procession. Helping the needy can be fun. You’ll receive a
            collection list soon – so get up and show you really care!
            Enquiries: 051 401 2718 / 3768

            Kovscom is the Kovsies’ Community Service Organisation. It reaches out to the community through
            projects involving the youth, the elderly, disabled persons and numerous other needy groups. Enjoy this
            unique opportunity of being a Kovsie in the fullest sense of the word, develop your potential and enjoy the
            fun of being involved with your residence’s Kovscom project.
            Enquiries: 051 401 2731 / 3768

            Kovsie Culture
            Kovsie campus provides culture vultures with the opportunity to take part in arts and culture activities.
            Kovsie Culture, in collaboration with the SRC Portfolio: Arts and Culture, presents a range of interesting
            and exciting projects. Examples of these include the serenade competition, first year Stage Door, Mosaic
            Day, drama, talent search, debating, prose and poetry, photography, art competitions and many more.
                One of the highlights on the culture calendar is the University Serenade Competition, a project which
            was inisiated by Kovsies in 1997, and involves different universities competing against each other. Kovsie
            Xtravaganza is a showcase of all the Kovsie Culture achievers and is annually presented in the Sand du
            Plessis Theatre. Groups such as the Choral Choir, the UFS Choir, Voices Incorporated (chamber choir)
            and Karpos (a religious dance and drama production) compete annually on a local and international level.
            Arts and culture bursaries are awarded to students who are actively involved and excel in arts and culture
            Enquiries: 051 401 2819

            Kovsie Leadership Development
            The Kovsie Leadership Development Office meets the basic need for student leadership and manage-
            ment training and development. The office deals specifically with students who have been elected or
            appointed into student leadership or management positions.
            Enquiries: 051 401 2716

                        Our vision is to have inspirational, transformational, and effective
                        Kovsie leaders on campus and in South Africa.
On campus

                        ‘Nothing is as hard as it looks; Everything is more rewarding than you expect; And
                        if anything can go right, it will, and at the best possible moment!’
                                                                                               Jim Dornan

AGS Universitas                       082 558 2255
                                                        Conference accommodation and
Anglican Society                      072 626 5250      holiday residence
AP Church Bainsvlei                   051 522 7836      During holidays the university offers accommoda-
Baptist                               051 522 8388      tion to conference delegates, sport spectators,
Christian Revival Church              051 525 2883      etc. Consequently students residing in some
                                                        of the residences are expected to vacate their
Creare/Agape Christian Family         072 937 7282
                                                        rooms during the holidays. No cupboards are
Evangelical Lutherse Church           051 448 0725
                                                        made available to conference delegates and
Fountainhead Church                   051 446 3988      students may lock up their possessions in their
Global Reconciliation Church          072 417 9292      cupboards. Larger items that cannot be stored
His People Christian Church           051 444 6603      in the cupboards are placed in the residence
Studente NG Kerk                      082 371 2905      storerooms.
Methodist Church                      051 447 2453           Students who wish to stay on in a residence
Nederduits Hervormde Kerk BFN         051 430 0825      during the holidays must apply beforehand
Roman Catholic Church                 084 376 2837      at Room 167, George du Toit Administration
Seventh Day Adventist Church          082 771 5652      Building. Female students will be accommodated
St. Augustine                         072 143 7082      in a guest residence and, depending on the
Universitas NG Kerk                   051 522 4911      circumstances, arrangements will be made for
Volle Evangelie                       051 448 0566      male students. The cost involved in residence
                                                        accommodation during university holidays will
Hervormde Kerk                        051 4461279
                                                        amount to R26,50 per person per night. The class
   (Bloemfontein Vleuels)
                                                        fees account of the student concerned will be
Bahá’í Community of Mangaung          084 511 5511      debited with the amount.

Thakaneng Bridge - Student Centre
Thakaneng Bridge’s tenants offer a variety of          Standard Bank and OTM
services and products within walking distances for     Sanlam
all students, and are eager to be of service to you.   Computer, copy and photo services
Superette                                              Bytes Document Solutions – Xerox Authorised
Friendly Seven Eleven                                  Distributor
Open until 23:00 and the food outlets offer good
                                                       Photographic services
quality food at reasonable prices, 051 401 9048
Food outlets
                                                       Telephone services
Steers, Pizzonia’s, King Pie, Sandwich Shop,
Vetkoek Factory, Chicken King, The Gatsby, Die
Deli, Cherry Lane, Mama’s Kitchen, O so Fresh,         Whirlaway (publieke fone)
Biltonghoekie                                          Ted’s Cellular

Hairdresser                                            Books, art and stationery
Varsity Hair Studio, Ethnic hair                       Van Schaik
                                                       Bloem Stationers
                                                       Brain Books
                                                       Kovsie services
Mellin & Vennote
Gift shop                                              Student information Centre
                                                       Kovsie FM Campus Radio Station
                                                       Advertisement and recreation
                                                                                                           On campus

                                                       Campus TV – 11 TV screens positioned in front of
Financial services             Centre Manager:
                                                       take-away places
ABSA Bank and OTM              Tel: 051 401 9042
Edu Loan                       Fax: 051 401 9041       General
FNB OTM                                                Moving tactics

            General information and liabilities
            As the university only insures its own risks, it cannot be held liable for accidents that happen to students.
            It is therefore recommended that students take out personal accident insurance.

            Damage to students’ personal possessions
            The university cannot be held liable for loss or damage to students’ personal possessions. Residence
            students also leave their possessions in the residences during the holidays at their own risk. It is therefore
            recommended that students insure their possessions. Protect yourself and the property of the university.
            Any damage and/or theft must be reported to the Protection Services Division. Distinguish between fun
            and crime and respect other people’s property.

            Vehicles on campus
            It is recommended that students who keep vehicles on campus take out SASRIA (riot insurance). All
            students and members of the public who wish to use the roads on campus should purchase an access
            disk issued by the Protection Services division of the university. The disc must be displayed on the

                Application for an access disk must be done at Security Services on campus at a cost determined
            from time to time. If you do not have an access permit, you could receive a traffic fine. Persons who
            are using the roads on the university campus or who park on the terrain do so at their own risk and the
            university do not accept any responsibility for any accident, loss or damage. Any damage or theft must be
            reported to the Division: Security Services.

            UFS identity document
            The Identity Card Division of the university will issue students with an identity card with his/her photo.
            Residence students’ identity cards will be issued at the residences. Other students’ identity cards will be
            issued during registration at the Callie Human Centre.
                This card will serve, on the one hand as an identity card and, on the other hand, as a user’s card
            offering access to the following systems:
            •   The library: Access control, the circulation of books and the making of photocopies.
            •   Squash courts: Reservation of courts.
            •   Residence dining halls: The serving of meals against deposits.
            •   Residence access control.
            •   Buildings and lecturing halls: Access control.
            •   Purchases at the Thakaneng Bridge: Books, take-aways, etc.
            •   The Sasol Computer Laboratory: Access control.
            •   The Computer Lab’s at level 3 and 6 in the library and at Thakaneng Media Centre and printing.

            Lost cards
            If an identity cards is damaged or lost, the student concerned must deposit an amount of R40 as soon as
            possible and present the receipt at the student card office, number 4, at the Thakaneng Bridge where a
            new card will be made.
                Such a new card will have a higher level number than the previous one and will therefore cancel the
On campus

            previous card on the system.
               Cards lost after hours can be reported and cancelled at telephone number 083 645 7173 or
            051 401 2799 during office hours.

Information brochures, rules and regulations
•      A faculty yearbook that bears reference to your intended field of study, a class and classroom timetable and a
       set of general university regulations will be given to prospective students during their visit to the deans on 12
       January 2008.
•      The general university regulations contain academic regulations that every student should be aware of.
       Please ensure that you receive such a document so as to be informed about the procedures for changing
       modules, degrees or diplomas, rules pertaining to conduct at examination venues, requirements for passing
       subjects, examination regulations, etc. It remains your responsibility to inform yourself of these regulations.

Library                                                        photocopying machines in the library.
The UFS Sasol Library is located on the West
Campus. Hours of service during semesters are as               Gymnasium
follows:                                                       Contact at 051 448 2653 for more information
Mondays – Fridays 08:00 - 22:00                                about the gymnasium on campus, or visit him in
Thursdays             09:00 - 22:00                            the basement of the Callie Human Centre. The
Saturdays             08:00 - 13:00.                           swimming pool is located on the southern side of
Undergraduate students may take ten books on                   the Callie Human Centre.
loan at a time for fourteen days. Books are issued
on loan via a computerised system. At registration,            Theatre
a specific code is placed on a user’s student card,             The Wynand Mouton Theatre and Scaena present
and the card must always be shown before you will              student drama and musical productions on campus.
be allowed to take books on loan.
                                                               Regular musical recitals are held during lunch hours in
     Remember: you need your student card to gain
                                                               the Odeion. Bloemfontein also has a variety of other
access to the library.
                                                               cultural entertainment events throughout the year.
A smart card ensures that you do not need to keep              Kovsiewas
cash on you at all times when you want to use the              The laundromat on campus 051 444 6348 .

                                                   To do list
    Have you made sure that you comply with the degree/diploma’s admission requirements?                 Yes      No
    Have you faxed an endorsed Senior Certificate or statement of symbols before or on 4
                                                                                                         Yes      No
    January 2008?
    Did you write your student number on your certificate before you faxed it?                            Yes      No
    Do you have a copy of all the faxed documents that you will need for registration?                   Yes      No
    If you are transferring from another university, have you received an academic record and
                                                                                                         Yes      No
    certificate of conduct from that university?
    If you are transferring from another university, did you receive your syllabus from that
                                                                                                         Yes      No
    university for when you want to apply for recognition?
    If you are an international student, have you received your study permit?                            Yes      No
    If you are an international student do you have proof of belonging to an accepted medical-aid
                                                                                                         Yes      No
    If you study with a loan or bursary, do you have a written record thereof due to the fact
                                                                                                         Yes      No
                                                                                                                           On campus

    that it must be shown during registration?
    Have you paid the necessary monies before 11 January 2008?                                           Yes      No
    Are you registering for the field of study you initially applied for? If not, refer to page 10.       Yes      No

     If you cannot answer YES to all the questions that refer to you, you will have problems at
     registration and it could result in long delays during processing.
             Geboue en kodes / Buildings and codes
             Gebou/Building   Afkorting/ Abbreviation

                    1         Flippie Groenewoud                     FGG
                    2         CR Swart-gebou /Building               CRS
                    3         Sielkunde /Psychology                  SG
                    4         Rindl-saal / Hall                      RS
                    5         Stabilis                               STB
                    6         Genmin Lectorium                       LCT
                    7         Fisika / Physics                       FG
                    8         Suidblok                                S
                    9         Noordblok                               N
                   10         Wesblok                                 W
                   11         Biologie / Biology                     BL
                   12         Landbou-gebou / Agriculture building   LG
                              Wiskundige Wetenskappe /
                   13                                                WWG
                              Mathematical Science
                   14         BOK (Mabalenggebou / Building          BOK
                   15         Opvoedkunde / Education                OG
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