Fitness buddy - The importance of having one.

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					There are so many reasons to want to have an exercise buddy or partner. Finding an
exercise buddy is easy. He or she could be a colleague, a neighbour or even someone
at the gym you already go to. You have so many options when it comes to connecting
with an exercise buddy. So get an exercise buddy today to get into shape and lose
weight but what are the benefits to having one?
  One of the major benefits of having an exercise buddy is that you don’t want to let
one another down. We all are human beings and it can be much more tempting to stay
in your warm bed on a cold, wet morning than jog around the park several times at
6am but if you have an exercise buddy, there is someone counting on you. If you don't
get up it is going to look bad and this shaming effect has a very powerful effect in
motivating people.
  Motivation is a major element in the relationship you and your exercise partner.
Verbal encouragement doesn't work for everyone but it's surprising how many males
react (well!) to insults and general banter. wise guy. Bets are also good. I'm not talking
about big money values, but rather something fun and/or challenging like who should
pay for the post-workout drinks? Pizza is not a recommended option.
  I’ve recently been using Gym Buddy, application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and
iPad which allows you to record all of your workout data. The app costs £1.79
which I think is a fair price as you'll definitely get your money's worth. Sadly it won’
t replace a real life gym buddy, but I wouldn’t want it to either (who’d pay for the
  It's your and your partner's duty to bring each other to the point of maximum
performance. You'll suffer on your end but at least you get the benefit of knowing that
they’ll be suffering at their end too :)
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