Fit the American semiconductor full of trees and win dragon's flag and control interest and issue

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					Primary high performance, high efficiency silicon scheme supplier who apply to
green electronic product fit the American semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) full of
trees Claim to win global and leading technological products and service provider
dragon's flag of wireless communication and control interest (are abbreviate as " Long
Qi " )The ones that issue " Outstanding supplier in 2009 " Reward. This it is the
intersection of dragon and flag that control interest, authorize, fit full of trees
American the intersection of semiconductor and leading supplier's reward four year
Dragon flag control interest Zhen elect fitting a few cooperative partners such as the
American semiconductor full of trees in 200 supplier. The assessment standard of this
reward includes the supplier meets technology, quality, ability to respond speed,
delivering and cost goal.
These reward cites the outstanding behavior of setting up the American
semiconductor full of trees, has offered them to Long Qi and regarded key products
and service as, succeeded in, including the mobile phone in the broad range designs
using high efficiency products and scheme, such as luminescent diode (LED) Driver,
noise cleaning digital signal processor (DSP) System, electromagnetic disturbance
(EMI) Electric-wave filter, overvoltage protection (OVP) The device and suppressor
of transient voltage of low capacity (TVS) .
Holding chief operating officer (COO) of dragon's flag Tang XiaoXun says: " The
American semiconductor full of trees is that our cooperation has plain a strategy
supplier. Their first-class technology and scheme of the high efficiency play an
essential role, help Long Qi to offer the more competitive and appreciation type
terminal products to customer. "
Fit the American semi-conductive Greater China district full of trees and sell to
executive vice president Xie HongYu and say: " Obtain the award in the fourth year
continuously, further reflect our long-term commitments and partnerships. We pay
attention to the cooperation relation with dragon's flag, will offer the technology,
products of innovation and support continuously, cooperate with Long Qi to strive for
high growth, more customers and greater market share. " More information can be
found article-top at

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