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					                         OLD KINGSMEADIAN ASSOCIATION
                       August 2010

                              The Old Kingsmeadian Association
                             would love you to join them for
                             On Saturday 11 September 2010
                                 At 12.00 for 12.30 pm
                                   In the Lange Hall.

  Cash Bar                                                         Ticket Price: R 100.00
              R.S.V.P. Sue: by 8.9.10 on 083 264 1733 or 011 883 6306
                     Make up your table now! It’s a fun day! Come and enjoy!
Dear Kingsmeadian,                     Our AGM last year was held on a    spend a very long day at
                                       beautiful spring day and it was    Kingsmead. A new music and
                                       great to see more of the           culture centre will be built
Apologies for sending this out so      younger girls attending. We        along with a large auditorium –
late this year but we wanted to        managed to persuade some of        the current music wing is too
give you the latest updates on         them to send their daughters       small to cope with the number of
the Kingsmead House project – it       back to Kingsmead – they were      pupils doing music. The foyer of
is so exciting! Refer to page 4 of     so impressed with what they        the new auditorium will be used
this newsletter.                       saw and the changes that have      for art exhibitions or for the
                                       been made. Do try to join us       display of work.
                                       this year on 11 September – it
Well the World Cup Soccer has          is always such a relaxed and
come and gone and what an event        enjoyable day with the emphasis    The current music wing will in
it turned out to be. Spirits soared,   being on friendship and happy      turn house support staff –
flags flew proudly, the stadiums       memories!                          speech and hearing therapists,
were amazing and people                                                   psychologists, remedial
behaved! Everyone joined in the                                           teachers etc. The parking in the
“gees” (spirit) and the crime rate     Kingsmead is certainly moving      driveway has been looked at so
seems to have dropped. I even saw      with the new trends in             as to allow as many cars as
S.A. policemen patrolling in the       education and the world. There     possible to park. The boundary
Kruger National Park – I couldn’t      is a strategic plan in place and   wall along Oxford Road has been
believe my eyes – it was almost        there will be enormous changes     raised and the San now has a
better than a big 5 sighting.          made in the next few years. Of     crèche for staff children from
                                       importance at the moment is        Kingsmead, Pridwin and
                                       consolidating the different        Bellavista. The workshop has
The Gautrain is up and running         academic, cultural and             been moved down to the old
and I must say it is very              sporting departments into the      swimming pool area and the
impressive. It will certainly make     same area and the space            foundation courtyard is
life easier for those wanting to get   gained by moving the               currently undergoing a
to the airport and back as it only     administrative staff into          dramatic facelift! If you haven’t
takes 15 minutes! Life will really     Kingsmead house and                been to school recently I suggest
change when it is completely           surrounds will allow for this.     you do – things are looking
finished – a whole generation of       Areas for the girls to relax or    good!
Kingsmead girls will be able to        work after school have been
take the train to and from school.     planned for, as many of them
Our bursar matriculated with four distinctions         Please send in your new contact details to
last year and we were delighted. Our other bursar Visit the school website
is currently in grade 10 and is managing well!         regularly – there is an enormous amount of
She plays netball for Gauteng A and is also part       information to be digested here!
of the Gauteng A athletics team. Bursaries are         (
only given for one year and are renewed only if
the bursar is seen to be making an effort and          I look forward to hearing from you and I do hope that
contributing to Kingsmead. Monies are also given       you will all come and see the newly restored and
for sporting tours, outings etc if deserving.          magnificent Kingsmead House soon – I will keep you
Bursary applications must be submitted before          updated !
August of each year. We also helped with a
current pupil’s trip to the United Nations, USA        Regards
this year and it was heart-warming to hear of her      Sue Brereton-Scott (1976)
experiences – it is a great feeling to be able to
help when a case is deserving and so appreci-
ated.                                                  Letter from Mrs Lisa Kaplan—Kingsmead College
We ran a bridge drive this year in March and it
was well supported and raised monies towards
                                                       Dear Old Girls of Kingsmead College
our Bursary funds. A big thank you to Penny de
Villiers, who worked hard to sell tables for the
evening. If you would like to play bridge at our       I write to you at a most exciting time of the school’s
fundraising drive next March, please contact           history, when the restoration of Kingsmead House is
Penny on 0833028147 for further details.               finally becoming a reality and at a time when we are
                                                       looking back to where we came from in order to
                                                       inform where we will be going in the future.
The old girls’ committee is not paid for their
work or time and neither do we employ anyone
to do newsletters or answer e-mails etc. We do it      Part of our strategic planning this year has been to
voluntarily and willingly but sometimes we may         reaffirm our values, ethos and mission and this has
take longer to get back to you than normal or          led us back to DV Thompsons’ words. This has served
sometimes our e-mail does not work for various         to remind us of what a wise woman she was and one
reasons, so please be patient!                         that was completely ahead of her time.
Thank you to the committee who work so hard in
keeping the necessary funds rolling in and
                                                       The museum was moved in the holidays and this
keeping us in touch. Are there any volunteers out
                                                       unearthed many long-forgotten and valuable bits of
there who would like to help?!!
                                                       memorabilia. I have all the old school magazines from
If you would like to send your daughter to             1940 in my office at the moment and I do enjoy
Kingsmead please put her name down as soon             reading through them. In December of 1940, the
as you can as the waiting lists are very full          report on the Senior Picnic reads “Hitler can change
especially in the Junior School and siblings do get    our picnic spots, give us no picnics at all, but still we
preference before old girls. Also remember that it     will enjoy ourselves” and in 1941 a hockey match was
is often easier to get your girls into the school in   played against Pridwin where: “at first we thought it a
the in-between years as grade 0, 1 and 8 are           great joke to play against boys…… all the Pridwin
often very full. If you get desperate, phone us        team waved their sticks and shouted “we’ve won,
and we will see what we can arrange.                   we’ve won!” ……. and then we went to have tea…. “
You will note that our news section is almost
non- existent this year. I think this is largely due
to the unbelievable number of Kingsmead                Miss Wilkinson, whom many of you would remember
Facebook sites. We are in the process of setting       and who has been serving the school for 35 years this
up an official Facebook site for old girls, so         year talked to the staff at a recent staff meeting. She
look out for it. We do understand that not all our     reminded us of the following: “2010 is a special year
members are Facebook or even internet fans so          for Kingsmead. It would seem that the spirit of D.V.
we will continue to update you via the post. For       Thompson, the founder, is resounding again through
those interested please send in your news and          the school. The original house, Kingsmead House, is
that of others to Sue at         being restored.

                                                                                                Page 2
Already, the builder’s fence is up and there is movement within the rooms. The great surprise was the
discovery that the original roof was shingled and not metal. The importance of the House is that it is one of
the five Miss Thompson buildings… a room at the back was her office and many a student of that time
remembers going to her office to show her their handwriting and their work. The building is intended as
offices for the Headmistress: how wonderful it is how time goes in circles.

The H-block has changed its function since being the boarding house, but the doors still say Limpopo,
Chineeka, Tugela and Sabie.
The Chapel is special as a place of quiet and Etunzi reminds us of how much support Miss Thompson must
have received from her father, Handel Frederick Thompson….she built it for him after his retirement as an
inspector of schools and one of Lord Milner’s Kindergarten after the Anglo-Boer War.
The big wooden cross at the back of the Chapel is in his memory too.

Miss Thompson’s humility was demonstrated when she refused to have any building or anything named af-
ter her. We see her in some pictures and the bust outside Lange Hall; the Matrics of 1983 sneaked her name
onto the Thompson Bell outside the Chapel and her words of inspiration remind us of the ethos of the School.
She also lives in the hearts of those older women who were the pupils of her time.

When I wrote about Miss Thompson a little while ago, I realized just how phenomenal she was. She instigated
a new educational system based on the 1923 Dalton Method developed by Rosemary Broadhurst in America.
In every aspect, her educational approach matched whatever OBE has to offer today. The problem solving
skills, the creative teaching approach, the emphasis on research and individual contributions… these too,
have come a full circle. The importance of the individual has always been important but is worth stressing
once again.

The nature of the modern world is negative. A recipe given by Miss Thompson in 1941 reads as follows:
“Beauty, love, goodness – these things in their perfection are rare, but when we meet them we know that
they are the only absolutely real and lovely things in the world. The power that they wield is greater than
the power of riches or force or selfishness. It is a power that acts in the silent moments, a power that stands
four square when one is badly hurt or let down; a power that is the very power of God Himself. Although
spoken in 1941, these words are for all time.

This is the year of restoration: let the spirit of happiness be restored that it may be the substratum of all
that we do and say. Let the spirit of happiness be guarded. May a great vision be carried forward just
because we are here.

Hear these words: “Guard that good thing that is committed to thee.”

I hope to welcome each and every one of you back to Kingsmead in the next while and I invite you to come
and have a cup of tea with me in the new offices in Kingsmead House. After all, we build upon those who
have gone before us in every way, so you are, and always will be, a valuable part of the school.

With fond regards,

Lisa Kaplan
Headmistress: Kingsmead College & Senior School

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                          KINGSMEAD HOUSE UPDATE
The Gautrain and BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) projects in Rosebank did not help our cause and until we
knew where they were going we had to patiently wait before we could plan and move accordingly on
Kingsmead House.

After many meetings with the Council and with those who were moving into the house, we finally
came to agreement and the plans drawn up by Henry Paine( the architect and brother of a
Kingsmeadian) were accepted. This was the first important milestone and it took up a great deal of
everyone’s time!

The historian, Dr Johann J. Bruwer, then completed an amazing study of the House and its importance
for its time and for the school and once this was done we were finally able to submit the plans to the
Provincial Heritage Authority: Gauteng – all buildings over 60 years of age have to have a permit
before any changes may be made to the building. This took longer than expected and you can
imagine our delight when we were issued with our permit allowing us to do as we planned.
The plans and permit were then submitted to the Johannesburg Municipal Planning Offices and they
were approved.
Then we began the tendering process – 6 companies tendered and after due process we chose Barrow
Construction. I am particularly pleased about this, as the Barrow family have long been involved with
Kingsmead – the third generation of Barrow girls is now in the Junior school and the family has been
very generous to Kingsmead over the years. On Tuesday 21 July we handed the site to them and
hopefully all things going in our favour, Kingsmead House and the Hobbies rooms will be
completed by 12 December 2010 so that they can be occupied in time for the first term 2011!

In one week I have watched the roof come off and the closed in verandahs being demolished – it
already looks so much better – I cannot wait for the finished product! Mrs Kaplan (the headmistress)
and all the administrative staff, the bursar, accounting department and the marketing department are
all as excited as I am and they are also looking forward to moving in.

A couple of facts you perhaps didn’t know about Kingsmead House:
It was built in 1903 and is one of the few houses of its time to have concrete foundations – apparently
houses of that time were built on stone foundation walls. They must have been good as it has stood
this long and survived the daily Gautrain blasting!

The original roof was shingle, the corrugated iron roof was added later. Whilst it would be wonderful
to restore the shingle roof it is not possible as according to Henry, the roof pitch is too steep for shin-
gles hence the corrugated iron.

The plans for Kingsmead House which were finally located by the historian in the archives of Johan-
nesburg Council were drawn up by John B. Nicholson, an Australian architect who was well known for
his buildings in Brisbane, Australia. It is believed he only designed two homes in South Africa, both in
Johannesburg and sadly his other house, Glencrew in Parktown was demolished many years ago.

Kingsmead College takes its name from Kingsmead House, the first building to be purchased for the
development of the school in 1933 for the sum of £5000.
Cleaning out Kingsmead house was an exhausting, dusty but fascinating job! Over the years it had

                                                                                                Page 4
become the storage place for everyone’s junk. The museum memorabilia has all been packed away
and will be stored until the restoration is complete – this provided us with many hours of hilarity and

Did you know that there was an old girls’ blazer – it’s white and has a green braid around the edge,
similar to the prefects’ braiding of today. We would love to know when this blazer was worn and any
other information about it. Please contact us if you know anything about it.
I did notice that some of the uniform collection is not complete and if anyone has the following
we would be most grateful-
The summer straw hat
The winter felt hat – worn by junior school
The pillbox hat - senior school
The coat - boarders
The Sunday church uniform - boarders.
Any of those hideous green bloomers we all had to wear!
Any other items of interest would also be great. Please contact me so that I can collect or arrange to
get them.

Once the house is complete we will be able to sort through the memorabilia and display it properly –
for far too long it has all been hidden away in cupboards and the new generation of Kingsmead girls
need to see and appreciate it.

Obviously this is all expensive and we would really, really appreciate any donation towards the
restoration of the house and the displaying of memorabilia – come on girls – I know many of you
have already sent us donations but to those who haven’t, think of the great education you
received and of the values that were passed onto you. We were all indeed very privileged to have
been at Kingsmead.

Payment can be made directly into the OKA bank account, the details of which are:
Account: Old Kingsmeadian Association
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 004305
Account No.: 002044366
Reference: Your name followed by Kingsmead House
We suggest that you make direct transfers into the bank account, as most overseas & local cheques
have been lost in the post.
Please send Cathy an e-mail on to confirm that a transfer has been made and to
provide an address.

All donations will be acknowledged and very happily received! We look forward to putting your name
up on Kingsmead House!

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                                                      THE KINGSMEAD HERITAGE
     SEND YOUR                                                      Jill Jaques

        NEWS                                     Buy your copy now on the last 25 years
                                                        of Kingsmead’s history.

      PLEASE!!!!                                 Copies can be purchased from Cathy.
                                                 The prices are as follows:
                                                 Local collected from Cathy R175
             1991 LEAVERS
                                                 Local posted R225
Laura Kent (Evison) is planning a reunion for
your class in 2011. Please contact her at        International surface mail R350
                                                 International airmail R450

                                                 Payment can be made directly into the OKA bank
         2009 MATRICS                            account, the details of which are:
                                                 Account: Old Kingsmeadian Association

  64% of candidates achieved at least one        Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
               distinction.                      Branch: Rosebank
                                                 Branch Code: 004305

   96% of girls qualified for a BD Certificate   Account No.: 002044366
 (candidate has met minimum requirements         SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ
to study for a Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma or
     Certificate at a Higher Institution in      Reference: Your name followed by Book
                 South Africa)
                                                 We suggest that you make direct transfers into the
                                                 bank account, as most overseas & local cheques
8 Distinctions – Michaela Bolton, Andrea         have been lost in the post. Please send Cathy an
Icely, Alexia Rossi                              e-mail on to confirm that a
                                                 transfer has been made and to provide an address.
7 Distinctions – Alexa Buck, Jessica
6 distinctions – Brenda Karanja, Georgina                SCHOOL LEADERS 2010
McCormack, Mulalo Liphosa                                         Headgirl : K Patel
5 Distinctions – Natasha Chance, Samantha          Deputy Headgirls : C.Durr & B. Witts-Hewinson
                                                             Head of Baker: C. Pearson
4 distinctions – Sarah Bruchhausen, Taylor
Golach, Zaria Malindi, Jordan Swiegers,                       Head of Kruger: S. Vania
Meghan Whyte                                                Head of Timlin: N.Shabangu

5 girls attained 3 distinctions each
                                                     Have you changed your details or
9 girls attained 2 distinctions each                            address?
16 girls attained 1 distinction each.              Please let us know: Contact Cathy at
                                                   011 444 3161 or

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                                       OLD GIRLS’ NEWS
1980s : Karen Clothier (Eggmann) would love to know if anyone is organising a 30 year reunion for
their class! E mail:

1990s : Lucinda Callie has moved from Sydney to Perth, Australia and is currently the Head of Digital
Strategy for her company. E-mail:

2000s : CLASS OF 2000: 10 YEAR REUNION
“On Saturday, 9 January 2010, the class of 2000 met on the Kingsmead grounds for a picnic lunch
next to Etunzi – a nostalgic get together. About 28 girls from those who matriculated in 2000 were
able to make it, and were joined by a handful of teachers, including Miss de Villiers, Mrs Robinson,
Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Southey, Mrs van der Merwe (Lombard), Mrs Browne, Miss Pines, and Mrs Maritz.
Many of the girls had not seen each other in 10 years and had lots of news to catch up on...
including those who are climbing the corporate ladder, getting married or having children. It was
lovely to meet Lisa Kaplan the new headmistress and to see how much the school has changed, with a
number of new and exciting facilities.”

Bronwyn Shaw is living in East London and is working with her fiancée in his Enviromental Waste
Management Company. She really enjoys running the management division of the company. She is
getting married in April 2011 at Fundu Lagoon, Pemba, Tanzania and is looking forward to a dream
wedding. E-mail:

Seymour & Ethel Smith celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently – wow! Congrats!
Liberty Bell and her husband are now back in SA having spent time sailing around the Indian Ocean
for the past 3 years! They have settled in Howick, Kwa-Zulu Natal.
Toni Gennrich (Weber) is lecturing for the Wits Education Department and is currently doing a
Linda Toms spent time in Brisbane, Australia last year and then spent time in the UK over the festive

Mark & Guiomar Holme (Garcia) – a son Benjamin on 28.11.09
Martin & Jill Nejthardt (de Villiers) - a son
Simon & Alison Turck (Fyfe) – a daughter Olivia on 6.4.10

Claire Alp & Rob

Justine Henning & Ryan Holmner - 21.3.2009 - apologies for error in last newsletter.

Eve Hall - just received but happened three years ago.
Gillian Hochstadter 13.3.2010

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