Firefox Uninstaller - How to Force Uninstall Firefox by gyvwpgjmtx


									Firefox is a free internet browser which enables the computer users to fully take
advantages of the information on the internet easily and conveniently. It can be easily
installed while it may also be a headache when you want to remove it from your
computer. Maybe you want to delete the old version and reinstall the latest version, or
maybe it is expired and you need to abandon it. No matter what it is, this article
describe how you can force uninstall Firefox from your computer easily.
Manually uninstall Firefox from the PC
1. Exit all the programs open.
2. Click Start,click Control Panel tab.
3. Find out Add/Remove Programs applet in Windows XP or Windows 2000, and then
Click Uninstall a Program in Windows Vista.
4. Click the Change or Remove Programs button on the top of the left list.
5. Scroll down the list and highlight this software, then click Remove to uninstall in
Windows XP or Windows 2000; Click Uninstall in Windows Vista.
6. Restart your computer after this removal is finished.
Up to here, the deletion has not finished yet since there are some folders and items
related to Firefox are still left on the computer, which will prevent you to take the next
step of your plan. There are generally two options for you to achieve this Firefox
removal. Therefore, it is very important for you to take the following measures to
completely uninstall the application:
Go to drive C, Program Files, and find out Firefox and then delete all the related files
directly from the computer.
Click Start, Run and input Regedit, and then click Enter to get access to the registry.
Delete all the following keys:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mozilla Plugins]
If you choose to manually remove Firefox, you will find how hard and complicated it
is. Why not adopt an easier and quicker way?
Force uninstall Firefox with an uninstaller
Using an uninstaller to help you conduct a removal is much more convenient than you
think. What's more, it is safe. It can keep you from deleting the wrong files which will
bring you a bulk of troubles. A program named Perfect Uninstaller can give you a
hand. Let's have a look how easy it is to get rid of all the useless files and items by
using the "Force Uninstall" function of this program:
1. Run Perfect Uninstaller.
2. Locate the program where you have put it and Choose Force Uninstall in the main
3. Then Perfect Uninstaller will help you to find out and remove Firefox and all
related traces clearly.

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