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					         Chinese Progressive Association – San Gabriel Valley
                    SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2009

Join CPA-SGV in the fight for worker justice! This is a great opportunity to grow a strong
organization that can fight for Chinese low-wage workers.

This is a six-week internship from July to mid-August 2009. Interns will work eight hours a
week. Hours are flexible; interns can work another job or take classes while completing this
internship. Interns will either work in San Gabriel Valley or from home.

CPA-SGV is dedicated to empowering Chinese low-wage workers in the struggle for social,
economic, and environmental justice in the San Gabriel Valley. Through our initial research,
we found that the top three issues workers are dealing with are workplace rights, access to
health care and affordable housing. Through education, community organizing, and
research, CPA-SGV strives to build a strong low-wage worker voice in San Gabriel Valley.


      Participate in an orientation about issues facing Chinese workers in San Gabriel
      Complete one project with the assistance of other CPA members or interns.
       Examples include:
          o Outreach to workers
          o Assist in a collective wage claim process
          o Create a newsletter or report
          o Research an industry or organizing spaces
      Participate in an end-of-the-summer celebration to honor your work.


      Multilingual in Chinese
      Familiarity with San Gabriel Valley, esp. Monterey Park, Alhambra, El Monte and
      Passion for social, economic and environmental justice
      Access to a car or alternative transportation
      Self-motivation and initiative

Travel and meals will be reimbursed. Class credit and a small stipend are available.

To apply, please send a resume and the attached application to by
Friday, June 19, 2009. For more information, email or call Sophia
at 925-330-4448.
         Chinese Progressive Association – San Gabriel Valley

Please fill out this form and send it to along with your resume. For
more information, email or call Sophia at 925-330-4448.

Contact Information

   1.   Name:
   2.   Birth Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
   3.   Gender:
   4.   Permanent Address:
   5.   Mailing Address, if different from above (valid from ___ to ___):
   6.   Home Phone Number:
   7.   Cell Phone Number:
   8.   At which number do you prefer to be contacted?

Personal Information

   1.   Did you immigrate to the U.S.?
   2.   Are you multilingual? What language(s)?
   3.   Your occupation:
   4.   Your parents’ occupation:

Short Answer (3-5 sentences)

       Why are you interested in this internship?
       What skills would you like to develop through this internship?


Please list two references, their contact information (phone and email), and their relation to