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November 2010 KOHLER CO


   ONCE DESTINED FOR LANDFILL Kohler partners with businesses, municipalities
   to keep porcelain waste out of landfills for past 15 years

                                 Throughout its 137-year history, Kohler Co. has remained
                                 true to its founding vision of defining the frontiers of new
                                 ideas, craftsmanship and technology. An appreciation and
                                 commitment of sustainability and sustainable practices has
                                 been a common thread in the mindset of Kohler’s
                                 leadership and workforce since the very beginning. In an
                                 effort to reduce its manufacturing waste, the Kohler Kitchen
         Enlarge photo          and Bath manufacturing team has partnered with local
                                 businesses and municipalities, and even with other Kohler
  entities, such as Whistling Straits golf course, to create reuse programs for its discarded
  porcelain pieces, otherwise known as cull.

   This vitreous china (porcelain) cull comes from toilets and lavatories that have not passed
   inspection for sale to customers. If a defect is found after glazing, the standard protocol
   has been to send the porcelain waste to the landfill, but, the company has been able to
   avoid depositing cull into landfills for the past 15 years at its pottery operations in
   Kohler, Wisconsin.

   By partnering with Wausau Tile, Kafka Granite, the Village of Kohler, and other Kohler
   business ventures, Kohler has provided cull to be used as aggregate in road pavers and
   drainage projects, epoxy overlay, blended in concrete and tile products, and used in the
   golf courses drainage systems, among other projects.

   “We are extremely proud that we have been able to find alternative uses for porcelain cull
   that support our commitment to sustainable business practices,” says Jim Lewis, vice
   president of Kohler brand and channel marketing. “To know that you are walking on a
   street paved with discarded toilets, or sit on a concrete patio bench constructed from
   broken sinks, it really makes you understand and appreciate that sustainability is only
   achievable when we can work together.”

   Across the country, similar reuse programs are being tested and implemented in a variety
   of Kohler manufacturing locations where cull is being used in landfill roads, drainage
   structures and plant parking lots.
“Utilizing Kohler’s porcelain cull has proven to be a cost-            Enlarge photo
effective endeavor for the Village of Kohler and its
residents,” says Bruce Neerhof, Public Works and Zoning
Superintendent for the Village of Kohler.
“So many times customers perceive green products as being more expensive,” says
Rodney Dombrowski, vice president of operations at Wausau Tile. “But by recycling
Kohler porcelain cull into our concrete and tile products, we are able to offer our
EcoPremier line at basically the same price as our standard lines, making for an
affordable green option in any building environment.”

An additional benefit for builders is that Wausau Tile products which utilize recycled
Kohler cull will increase LEED points potential for projects through the material reuse
and recovery resources section of LEED, the United States Green Building Council’s
internationally recognized green building certification system. For more information on
Wausau Tile’s recycled products, visit

As a global leader in kitchen and bath design, technology and water efficiency, Kohler
Co. offers plumbing products under its KOHLER and STERLING brands that are
designed to conserve natural resources while remaining true to a singular level of quality
of performance and design. Whether specifying plumbing products that help buildings
earn LEED® water-efficiency points, reducing facility operating costs or accommodating
the preferences of homeowners, environmentally friendly KOHLER fixtures and faucets
address the challenging demands of customers and preserve one of our most precious
natural resources. For more information on water savings and Kohler’s WaterSense-
labeled products, visit

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