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									                                                                                                  Exclusive Nissan Deal

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                                                 IA members around the country

     Picking the best vehicle for your                                                strength as a work horse. With powerful
                                                 are taking advantage of the          V6 petrol or turbo diesel engines, the
    business is now easier and more              recently negotiated deal with        Navara can take you anywhere you want
                                                 Nissan and are buying vehicles       to go, carrying virtually anything.
         affordable, thanks to HIA and   at hugely discounted prices.
                                            The Nissan Navara is proving
   Nissan. Lieske Tigchelaar reports.    popular and is so far the best selling              NISSAN Murano ST
                                         vehicle among members. Ted Eddison
                                                                                        RRP: $44,990 (before extras and
                                         from Eddison Builders in NSW bought
                                                                                        HIA member benefit)
                                         a Nissan Navara after reading about
                                                                                        Load capacity: 558kg
                                         the deal.                                      Engine capacity: 3.5L V6
                                                                                        Manual or automatic: X-Tronic
                                         ‘If you’re going to buy a car,                 Continuously Variable Transmission
                                                                                        with Manual Mode
                                         Nissan’s the way to go. They’ve                Fuel economy: 12.3L per 100km
                                                                                        Tank capacity: 82L
                                         got the best discount in town’                 Braking: Four wheel ventilated disc
                                            ‘I was after a dual cab for my business     Ground clearance: 180mm
                                         and I was more than delighted with the         Tyre size: 225/65R18
                                         vehicle and more than delighted with           Wheels: 18 x 7.5 JJ alloy wheels
                                         the deal,’ he says. ‘It was more than I        Safety features: AWD, ABS with
                                         expected and HIA helped me to get              electronic brake distribution and
                                         the best deal I could get.’                    brake assist, Vehicle Dynamic
                                            The Navara’s popularity could be due        Control including Traction Control
                                         to its versatility as a vehicle and brute      System, driver and passenger SRS
                                                                                        and side-impact SRS airbags, front
                                                                                        and rear SRS curtain airbags
                                                                                        reversing camera, stability control
                                                                                        Vehicle maintenance: 10,000km
                                                                                        Warranty: Three-year/100,000km
                                                                                        Roadside assist/after-hours
                                                                                        service: Three-year 24-hour
                                                                                        roadside assistance
                                                                                        Comfort/other features: Power
                                                                                        windows, central locking, Bose
                                                                                        240-watt audio system with six-disc
                                                                                        in dash CD changer with seven
                                                                                        speakers and steering wheel
                                                                                        mounted audio controls, climate
                                                                                        control air conditioning, satellite
                                                                                        navigation with 3-D mapping and
                                                                                        seven-inch LCD display, Xenon
                                                                                        headlamps with headlamp washer,
                                                                                        dual exhaust system.

HOUSING NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                         23
     Exclusive Nissan Deal

                                                                                         Navara Single Cab D22 $4824–6270
                                                                                         (depending on model)*
                                                                                         Navara Dual Cab D22 $6600*
                                                                                         Navara Dual Cab D40
                                                                                         $3180 (4x2); $6270 (4x4)*
                                                                                         Patrol Cab Chassis $10,090–10,440*
                                                                                         X-TRAIL $2661–3100*
                                                                                         Murano $7740–8843*
                                                                                         350Z $3375–4299*
                                                                                         *In addition to retail offer at the time of purchase.
                                                                                           No other association is offering such
                                                                                         substantial savings on new vehicles.
                                                                                           For more information visit the
                                                                                         member section on HIA’s website:
   The rear load area in the Dual Cab       satellite navigation with 3-D mapping, or contact your local
and King Cab ST-X P/U models is             a seven-inch LCD display, and reversing      Nissan dealer. H
larger, deeper and wider, designed to       cameras or rear park assist, as well as
accommodate a variety of loads              the other modern luxuries we’ve come
                                                                                            NISSAN 350Z Coupe Track
conveniently and easily, and all 4x4        to expect.
models can tow a staggering 3000kg.            Damon Stroud, of Stroud Corporation         RRP: $67,990 (before extras and
   Hyne Timber needs both performance       Pty Ltd in WA, says his new Nissan is          HIA member benefit)
and versatility in its vehicles, and the    the ideal addition to his business, after      Engine capacity: 3.5L V6
Navara meets its criteria. ‘It’s an         trading in a flashier make for the             Manual or automatic: six-speed
excellent vehicle,’ says Clarice Fletcher   understated style and sophistication           manual
of Hyne Timber in Queensland of her         of the Nissan Murano. Damon is so              Fuel economy: 11.7L per 100km
new Navara. ‘It’s being used in our         pleased with his deal he’s recommended         Tank capacity: 80L
forest and logging operations. We have a    it to others.
                                                                                           Braking: Four wheel disc brakes
large fleet of vehicles and being an HIA       ‘It was the icing on the cake; I’ve         with Brembo calipers
member actually made it cheaper for us      already told probably a dozen people
                                                                                           Tyres: High performance
to purchase it, over and above the fleet    about it.                                      Bridgestone Potenza
discount we usually get. I urge other          ‘I saved nearly $5000 on my Murano.
                                                                                           Tyre size: 225/45R18 91W
members to take advantage of this deal.’    If you’re going to buy a car, Nissan’s the
                                                                                           Options for wheels: 18x8 and
                                            way to go. They’ve got the best discount
                                                                                           18x8.5 Fr/Rr
‘We have a large fleet of vehicles          in town.’
                                                                                           Safety features: Six airbags, seat
                                               If you’re in the market for a fleet
and being an HIA member                                                                    belt pretensioners, stability control,
                                            vehicle, work horse or mobile office,          ABS with brake assist, Electronic
                                            a corporate sedan, smooth sports, or
actually made it cheaper for us to                                                         Brakeforce Distribution (EBD),
                                            family-sized four wheel drive at               Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
purchase it, over and above the             considerably discounted prices, then           including Traction Control System
                                            Nissan is the place for HIA members.           (TCS), Vicious Limited Slip
fleet discount we usually get’                 Choose from the:                            Differential (VLSD), driver and
                                            • Navara Single Cab, King Cab                  passenger SRS and side-impact
   As practical and functional inside as       & Dual Cab                                  SRS airbags, front and rear SRS
it is out, the Navara features plenty of    • Murano                                       curtain airbags
cleverly placed storage compartments        • DUALIS                                       Vehicle maintenance: 10,000km
all throughout the cabin. In the                                                           Warranty: Three-year/100,000km
                                            • Tiida sedan & hatch
Dual Cab the spacious rear seat                                                            Roadside assist/after-hours
                                            • X-TRAIL
accommodates three with storage                                                            service: Three-year 24-hour
underneath – making it the perfect          • Patrol wagon & cab chassis
                                                                                           roadside assist
choice for the mobile office.               • Pathfinder
                                                                                           Comfort/other features: Power
   The Murano All Wheel Drive is            • Or even the impressive 350Z coupe            windows, power mirrors, remote
another model popular among HIA                and roadster.                               central locking, Bose 240-watt
members, and combines the handling of a        Check out for more            audio system six-disc in dash CD
sports sedan and the space and functional   details on these great vehicles.               changer, 10-inch sub woofer, cruise
interior expected in a four wheel drive.       Discounts vary depending upon the           control
   The Murano offers sports-tuned           vehicle you choose. For example,               Additional comments: 0–100 km/h
suspension, a 3.5-litre V6 engine, and a    discounts off the registered retail price      in 5.6 seconds.
huge range of extras. These include         can be as much as:

24                                                                                                                      HOUSING NOVEMBER 2008

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