Find the Best Meat Slicer for Your Cooking Needs

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					It used to be that you’d only be able to see an electric meat slicer in the local deli.
They are an efficient tool for slicing meat because they are able to make precision cuts
without damaging the muscles of the meat. Because of the very sharp blade, you’ll be
able to cut your meats as thin as you want. This is the reason why many home cooks
have been realizing the potential of electric meat slicers. These machines do not just
cut perfect meat; it also slices cheese for hors d’oeuvre. You could even slice bread,
fruits and vegetables. Get the perfect slice every time with meat slicers.
  Depending on the carriage size, you’ll usually be able to slice meat up to about seven
to twelve inches in diameter as the bigger the carriage, the bigger the meat. High
quality meat slicers usually have a retractable food carriage, which allows you to slice
big food items like roasts and hams. Steeper carriages allow you to feed meat easier
through the blade. Usually, you’ll find meat slicer motors anywhere from a fourth to a
half a horse power high. The higher the slicer’s horse power is, the faster it can slice
  Stainless steel blades are the best choice, as they are more precise. These blades are
very sharp, and should be handled with care. This is what enables the slice meat so
  If you’re looking for an electric meat slicer that can prepare big batches of sliced
meat in just a small amount of time, the Chef’s Choice meat Slicer Professional
Model 667 is for you. It costs about $270, and is worth all your money. Caterers and
restaurant owners can really save up a lot of money on these things. Slicing your own
meat is not only convenient; it also saves you a lot of money.
  You won’t have to mess around in the kitchen and no more confusing manuals to
study. You’ll find that most electric meat slicers come in only one speed. Usually, the
blades come in nine to fourteen inches in diameter. For those who are looking for a
more basic piece of equipment, the nine inch blade should do the trick. However, if
you’re planning to slice up heavier meat, twelve to fourteen inches would be best.
  Those looking for a high end electric meat slicer won’t be disappointed. The two top
brands when it comes to these kinds of slicers are Berkel and Hobart. However,
Hobart is usually the choice for most professionals as it has the versatility any chef
can use in the kitchen. It also slices meat smoothly. If you’re on a budget, you don’t
have to skimp on this kitchen appliance. While these Hobart meat slicers cost about
one and a half thousand dollars, you’ll find variants in Chef’s Choice that sell for only
about a hundred dollars. They can also stand up to higher end electric meat slicer, and
can really revolutionize how you cook in the kitchen.
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