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									Let me tell it to you straight. Do you know what the number one female attribute that
will melt a man's heart and attract him right at your side? (Confidence comes in close
  Your clean, bright, amazing smile!
  You knew that, right? We'll if not, it's certainly a reminder for many women who
choose to be coy and hold back that almighty smile that will melt a man's heart. See, a
woman's smile is her confidence. It speaks volumes. Case in point...
  I have a woman friend in my life who is a single, bright, driven, energetic, beautiful
single gal. Most of her dates over the years have come from online dating. No
mystery there, right? Well, one day when she changed her photo on her online profile
to a new one that totally illuminated her effervescent smile, her email results blew her
away! The hits on her profile increased 300% when she had her pearly whites really
speaking through her photo!
  So ladies, let's get real here. Guess what comes next after the attraction? SEX appeal
and SEX. Ok, I said it. SEX. Yep. Your dynamic, clean, healthy confident smile
whether it's seen in an online profile, a restaurant, jogging in the park, walking on the
street, a glance across the room at a concert - ladies you have the best attribute to
attract, date, and then -well - make wild, passionate love! (Of course don't forget the
clean breath leads to lots of sensuous kissing!!)
  Now, I am far from a dating expert, but I do love my work as a transformation smile
artist. So with any attribute, you must have a maintenance routine to keep that asset
shining! So here are my 5 tips to a healthy, amazing, smile:
  1. Be sure you have a dentist with an artistic touch. You see, the art of dentistry is no
different than what a canvas does for a visual artist. Your dentist can do miracles with
your smile that will stop traffic and create dozens of traffic to your online dating
  2. Floss Floss Floss - I know. You've heard this over and over. Can't say it enough.
Sorry. Floss out that spinach or broccoli between your teeth, then jump in and brush it
all away with your tooth brush!
  3. Drink and rinse with Green tea! Today many of us have switched to the
antioxidant miracle from the highly acidic coffee. And for good reason! Did you know
rinsing with green tea can help reduce formation of plaque and counteract the acid
building in your mouth? Yep. Say you heard it from me.
  4. The Queen of health - Vitamin C! Did you know a minimum of 1,000 mg of
vitamin C per day helps manage bacteria involved in gingivitis? Let's hear it for the
  5. Practice that charismatic smile in the mirror a few times a week - you never know
what HOT hunk will come your way!
  Here's to your sex life ladies! May your smile be your best asset in and out of bed!
  Dr. Calvo is passionate about changing lives and increasing self-esteem in the
patients she has helped serve through Los Angeles Porcelain Veneers and other artistic
dental services. To know more about Dental Implants Los Angeles please visit our

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