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					                                                              Your Field Committee sends
                                                                   CHRISTMAS GREETINGS
                                                                                       To you all

                                                                 Message from the Chairman
                                                              It seems hardly believable, but it is nearly Christmas!
                                                             The year has flown by and the Club has had another
                                                                             exceptionally busy year.

                                                      I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that I will be
                                                      resigning as Field Chairman with effect from the end of this year.

                                                      Since having taken on this portfolio some years ago, I have
                                                      received immense support from all members of the Club and the
                                                      Committee in particular. I would like to thank everyone for their
                                                      support and assistance, and especially those who sometimes
                                                      allowed their arms to be twisted! As always, it is the collective
                                                      effort of the team that counts, and I have been very fortunate to
                                                      work with a group of dedicated people over the years.

                                                           I wish you all peace and joy over the festive season.

                                   Club Test – 22 November
                                   Amazingly enough Saturday the 22 November was a beautiful sunny day. The final test of the
                                   year organised and managed by Rob Mackillican was GREAT. Held at Eston on the Dukes’ farm,
                                   we could not have wished for a better backdrop. From my very comfortable armchair under the
                                   pecan trees it was possible to keep an eye on most of the retrieves and simply relax! Judges for
                                   the day were Dave Forder, Andrew Templeton and Ken Walton. Ken also doubled as captain of
                                   the dinghy that served as the launch pad for the third series!

                                   The results are:
                                   Juniors                 1st Place           Calvin 85.6% Rob Mackillican
                                                           2nd Place           Lilly  78.8% Jenny Gray
                                                           3rd Place           Tazz 77.3% Margie Walton

                                   Seniors                 1st Place           V     87%   Rob Mackillican
                                                           2nd Place           Nessa 75.9% Jenny Gray
                                                           COM                 Amber 51.4% Sue Forder

                                         Highest scoring dog                   V
                                         Best Handler                          Rob Mackillican
                                         Chukkers’ choice                      Paul Hardman’s Tilly

Field Committee 2008/09

Chair: Rob Ainslie                                                                       Rob Mackillican keeping an
Treasurer: Hilary Wisdom                                                                 eye on proceedings
Inquiries to:
 Louise Welsford

Trophies: Gill Ainslie
Sponsorship: Wendy Sanzin
Training & game: Louise Welsford
                                                                                                         Carolyn Baker:
                      Hilary Wisdom and Dave Padbury get ready for the second series

     Intrepid ‘Captain Ken’ takes Sue Forder with Amber and Dave Padbury with Jasper, out into the dam

                        GRADING SYSTEM1
KUSA and the SA Veterinary Association, after numerous investigations and discussions requested that South
Africa change its Hip Dysplasia grading scheme to the more internationally recognized FCI (Federation
Cynologique Internationale) system. The new system was implemented in 2007. (Many members have been
asking about the new scheme, and hence this explanation)

   The FCI grading will be from A-E with 2 subdivisions for each. Attached is a table comparing old to new.
   No pre 2007 old SA gradings will be changed to new gradings and dogs cannot be re-radiographed under
   the new system.
   The various breed societies will have to adapt their breeding regulations.
   Large breeds must be done at 18 months. All other dogs are done from 12 months of age. Large breeds
   include Bullmastiff, other mastiff types, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and St Bernard.
   Rottweilers in SA are also done at 18 months.
   All examined dogs must be identified by means of a microchip or tattoo number. No exceptions will be
   Elbow dysplasia radiographs can be made at the same time. If not made together with hip radiographs, point
   5 still applies. All breeds can be done at 12 months.
   A form must be signed by the owner stating that the dog is the one as described on the certificate and that
   the results may be utilised as seen fit by the diagnostic body/KUSA. The veterinarian has to verify the
   microchip/tattoo and also sign the form. A single application form for hip and elbow dysplasia will be
  available on the KUSA website at under HD/ED documents as from December. A legible
  copy of the dogs pedigree certificate must be attached to the application.
  Please note that the radiographs remain the property of the veterinary practice who made them and have to
  be kept by that practice for 3 years (as per the SA Veterinary Council guidelines).
  Ensure that your veterinarian knows the requirements of the new scheme. Positioning must be optimal and
  to achieve this general anaesthesia or sedation is required.
  A single certificate is issued stating the grade of hip or elbow dysplsia where applicable.
  Dogs may not be submitted more than once for hip or elbow dysplasia grading. Should you wish to appeal
  the grading, the process will be on the KUSA website at under HD/ED documents as from

Description of grading applicable to dogs aged more than one year, provided positioning is correct and
                                    radiographic quality is optimal.


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         "             )        '                                                           *
                                                            Results of Retriever Field Trial 5C(1) Changes Ballot - 30 September 2008

                                                                                              Gundog          Kennel                     Pmburg
                                                                 OPTION   CFTC   CGC   GRC    Club     HHKC   Association   LRKC   NGC   KC       TFTA   WGCC     WRC     FOR    CARRIED
A.3.2.2.     Junior Stake 18 months                                 *                                                                                                      10
A.3.2.2.     Junior Stake 24 months with proviso                    *                                                                                                       2
A.3.2.2.     Junior Stake, No Change                                *                                                                                                       0
A.4.5.1.     SAHR Awards, 1 FTF OK                                                                                                                                          2
A.4.5.5.     NHR, WHR & MHR automatic                                                                                                                                      10
A.4.5.5.     Standard attained instead of surpassed                                                                                                                         9
A.4.5.5.     Senior judge SAHR card carry forward                                                                                                                           8
A.4.5.8.     GMHR automatic when approved by FTLC                                                                                                                          11
A.6.         Dates for Field Trials (Calendar Procedures)                                                                                                                  11
A.   Guide to restriction of number of entries                                                                                                                      9
A.9.2.7.     FTM can select saluted game                                                                                                                                    3
A.11.1.2.    FQ A and B Judges                                                                                                                                             12
A.11.2.7.    FQ Pass standard = 60%                                                                                                                                         5
A.12.7.1.           Withholding of placing'
             Remove '                                                                                                                                                       4
A.12.11.     Remove fur                                             *                                                                                                       4
A.12.11.     May'
             '   use fur                                            *                                                                                                       2
A.12.11.     Fur, No Change                                         *                                                                                                       6
RULE 6       Use test or pickup dog to honour                       *                                                                                                       6
RULE 6       Use test/pickup dog or apply first/last rule           *                                                                                                       4
RULE 6       First/Last Rule, No Change                             *                                                                                                       2
RULE 17      Handler must remain in line (hardmouth)                *                                                                                                      11
GUIDE 17     Handler should remain in line (hardmouth)              *                                                                                                       1
RULE 17      or GUIDE 17, No Change                                 *                                                                                                       0
GUIDE 17     Expansion of hardmouth guide for salutes                                                                                                                      12
RULE 27      Typo correction, insert Judge                                                                                                                                 12
RULE 30      New FTF Guide, consistently work in area                                                                                                                       9
RULE 51      Expansion of poor line manners                                                                                                                                 9
RULE 59      FT Placings not prescribed by 70% standard             *                                                                                                       0
RULE 59      Elaboration of 70% criteria                            *                                                                                                       4
RULE 59      Dog with FTF may still be placed                       *                                                                                                       2
RUKE 59      Standard - First Place, No Change                      *                                                                                                       6
GUIDE 59     Awarding of top places, Open and Champs                                                                                                                        8
RULE 60      Dog with one FTF may continue                                                                                                                                  3
D.3.                fun'
             Remove ' guide to Maiden Stake                                                                                                                                 5

                                                                                                                                                     Carolyn Baker:

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