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					MERSC – Company Holiday / Special Events
Company: Amerilab
Event: Holiday Celebration of Warmth & Good Will
MERSC Rep: Wendy Hutchins
Phone number: 763-525-1262
Holiday Event Location: Marriott, St. Louis Park
Time / Date: 2:00 – 6:00 PM, 12/14/05
Invited: employees only
Cost to employee: 0
Food: lots of hot & cold hors d‘oeuvres, non-alcoholic beverages
Activities: slide show of history of company & employees – running continuously.
Caricatures of employees, whole departments. Mime. Bonus check. Gave out little blankets (for
car, laps, etc.). Mugs filled with coffee, soup & cocoa mixes (theme was ‗keep warm‘).
Event organized by: 3-person committee

Company: Boston Scientific Corp
MERSC Rep: Judith Juergens
Phone number: 763-2736
Holiday Event Location: onsite at company
Time / Date: lunchtime, December
Invited: employees only
Cost to employee: 0
Food: full meal
Activities: food drive
Event organized by: Employee Communications / HR
Comments & suggestions: We include all shifts, all buildings

Company: Classic Manufacturing, Inc.
MERSC Rep: Terri Coutolenc
Phone number: 651-704-1365
Holiday Event Location: Holiday Inn, McKnight & 94 (‘05)
Time / Date: Friday evening in December
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: Used to do a seated dinner, but transitioned to a buffet – employees seemed to like it
Activities: Dinner & dancing, but will be looking to change it up for 2006, with maybe a black
jack table or poker. I will be looking into a ―themed‖ party this year.
Event organized by: Terri Coutolenc – HR Administrator
Comments & suggestions: We solicited donations from our vendors and used the donations as
drawings for employees & guests. We also honor our 10-yr employees with a watch.

Company: Concordia University
MERSC Rep: September Nelson
Phone number: 651-603-6163
Holiday Event Location: Concordia University
Time / Date: Friday evening
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: heavy appetizers
Activities: piano music, conversation, speech from president
Event organized by: Staff Organization committee / Conference & Events
Comments & suggestions: Nice and inexpensive, but not fantastic by any means.

Company: ECM
MERSC Rep: Christine Ehman
Phone number: 763-712-2420
Holiday Event Location: Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
Time / Date: Oct 28, PM
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: drinks, catered dinner & dessert, full service bar (not paid)
Activities: costume ball, awards, drawings/raffle, dancing, other misc activities
Event organized by: marketing assistant
Comments & suggestions: We call our event the ‗Harvest Ball‘. This is our first year doing an
October event. We do our event every other year. We also decided to do a costume event for the
first year. We had done our event at a golf club but decided on something more central.

Company: Employers Inc.
MERSC Rep: Terri Peterson
Phone number: 763-253-9187
Holiday Event Location: Northland Inn, Brooklyn Park
Time / Date: 5:50 PM, December
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: buffet
Activities: DJ
Event organized by: committee

Company: G.E. Commercial Finance
MERSC Rep: Dave Crowley
Phone number: 952-828-2018
Holiday Event Location: corporate office in Eden Prairie
Time / Date: 11:30 – 1:30, 12/13
Invited: employees
Cost to employee: 0
Food: salad, rolls, corn, potatoes, turkey, chicken, assorted pies
Event organized by: Employee Club
Comments & suggestions: Every employee received a fleece jacket.

Company: Greatbatch-Globe Tool
MERSC Rep: Yer Thao
Phone number: 612-676-7200
Holiday Event Location: Four Points Sheraton, so. Mpls
Time / Date: February
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: $10 couple / $5 single
Food: catered by hotel
Activities: ―The Newly Wed Game‖, prize drawing, dancing
Event organized by: Employee Fund Team

Company: HealthEast
MERSC Rep: Cyndi Hanson
Phone number: 651-232-4599
Holiday Event Location: Mall of America
Time / Date: January 15
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: employee free, guest $15
Food: buffet
Activities: prize drawings
Event organized by: Cyndi Hanson
Comments & suggestions: Great room overlooking the Mall.

Company: Hormel
MERSC Rep: Max Pecht II
Phone number: 507-437-5813
Event: Beat the Winter Blues
Holiday Event Location: Austin YMCA
Time / Date: evening during the winter
Invited: employee & family
Cost to employee: 0
Food: hot & cold beverages, cookies
Activities: various athletic events, face painting, tumbling, moon walk, bean bag toss, fish pond,
swimming, basketball, volleyball
Event organized by: Employee Enrichment Committee
Comments & suggestions: Attendance is dependent on the weather. Families who attend
generally have children around 10 yrs of age.

Company: ICM Plastics
MERSC Rep: Fay Krischt
Phone number:
Holiday Event Location: Valleyfair
Time / Date: August
Invited: employee, spouse, dependent kids
Cost to employee: $5 each
Food: hot dogs, chicken
Activities: rides & shows
Event organized by: human resources
Comments & suggestions: employees love this event, but it‘s pretty costly to employer

Company: Imagine!
MERSC Rep: Mayko Moline
Phone number: 952-903-4457
Holiday Event Location: Earle Brown Heritage Center
Time / Date: 12/16/06
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: optional cash bar
Food: catered by Earle Brown
Activities: social hour, dinner, band
Event organized by: Mayko, human resources
Comments & suggestions:

Company: LaMettry’s Collision
Event: Summer BBQ only
MERSC Rep: Joanne LaMettry
Phone number: 612-866-0016
Holiday Event Location: Cedar Lake Farms, New Prague
Time / Date: 9/10/06
Invited: employees & families
Cost to employee: 0
Food: BBQ food provided
Activities: various summer family oriented activities & baseball
Event organized by: Cedar Lake Farms
Comments & suggestions:

Company: Larson Management
MERSC Rep: Dawn Edlin
Phone number: 715-834-2449
Event: We have eliminated the traditional holiday party (due to alcohol & guest issues) and
replaced it with an employee only summer celebration. Last year we invited all managers and
corporate staff (30) to a Milwaukee Brewers game - rented a motorcoach, a large box at the ball
park, enjoyed lunch catered in the box and on the return trip to Eau Claire we enjoyed dinner at
one of our TGIFridays restaurants. All in all, a very low budget event with loads of fun. This
year we‘re considering a golfing best ball event or a pig roast at the owner‘s estate in Eau Claire.

Company: MN Masonic Bloomington
MERSC Rep: Heidi Middleton
We have our holiday event here with our catering department.

Company: Morrie’s Automotive Group
MERSC Rep: Annette Hruby
Phone number: 952-543-7678
Holiday Event Location: Morrie‘s Corporate Event Center, Long Lake
Time / Date: Sat evening in Jan or Feb
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: lots of food
Activities: casino night
Event organized by: each dealership, plus Annette‘s help
Comments & suggestions: With 13 locations it is hard to have just one event. Also, we wait until
after the holidays as the end of the year is hard for everyone. Our employees love casino night as
we give away huge prizes. Usually, we spend about $5,000 for super cool gifts. I think it‘s very
important to have some type of event. We have found that it brings a new energy and it is great
to meet spouses and family. It is also important to let your employees know what the vent will be

as they need to get ready and excited. We always have great turnouts. It is also important to have
someone act as the host / hostess. Greeting is very important when your guests arrive.

Company: North Memorial
MERSC Rep: Sue Merritt
Phone number: 763-520-5685
Holiday Event Location: employee cafeteria
Time / Date: December 13
Invited: employees, usually 2,000 attend
Cost to employee: 0
Food: appetizers, punch, holiday cookies, served by upper management
Offsite locations are sent platters of cookies and tins of popcorn.
Activities: entertainment
Event organized by: Recognition Event Committee
Comments & suggestions: Cost to company $35,500

Company: Northwestern College & Radio
Event: Annual Holiday Event & Years of Service Recognition
MERSC Rep: Sue Ek
Phone number: 651-631-5327
Holiday Event Location: sometimes at the College, sometimes off campus – has been at
Edinborough and Bandana Square
Time / Date: usually week before college Christmas break begins
Invited: faculty/staff, sometimes spouses
Cost to employee: 0
Food: varies from sit down dinner to fancy buffet (last year we had a chocolate fountain, went
over very big)
Activities: recognition awards
Event organized by: Sue Ek, human resources

MERSC Rep: Charlie Bacon
Phone number: 516-237-6029
Holiday Event Location: Chateau Briand
Time / Date: week after Christmas
Invited: employee
Cost to employee: drinks
Food: combination
Activities: dancing
Event organized by: HR Dept
Comments & suggestions: Great time

Company: Pace Analytical Services, Inc.
MERSC Rep: Evie Jones
Phone number: 612-607-6357
Holiday Event Location: Radisson Roseville
Time / Date: 6:00 PM, 1/21/06
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: buffet, plus appetizers
Activities: casino
Event organized by: Evie Jones
Comments & suggestions: Casino was a big hit! Every year we have a theme of sorts. We have
done game show themes the past few years. Radisson Roseville is AWESOME! Food, staff, cost,
etc. which is why we‘ve had our event there for the past six years and keep going back!

Company: Park Nicollet Health Services
MERSC Rep: Donna Morton
Phone number: 952-993-5064
Holiday Event Location: 2 onsite locations
Time / Date: 2 times for all shifts
Invited: employees
Cost to employee: 0
Food: hors d‘oeuvres, desserts & beverages
Activities: Renaissance Festival quartet to sing holiday music
Event organized by: Employee Activity Committee
Comments & suggestions:

Company: Possis
MERSC Rep: Susan Crosson
Phone number: 763-717-1036
Holiday Event Location: Blainbrook Bowl in Blaine, MN
Time / Date: noon, Friday, Dec. 8
Invited: employees only
Cost to employee: 0
Food: buffet
Activities: carnival games & casino
Event organized by: human resources & holiday committee
Comments & suggestions: After the holiday luncheon ends, around 3:30 PM, employees &
guests are invited to bowl which lasts until 9-10 PM.

Company: Questar
MERSC Rep: Lisa Ross
Phone number: 651-688-1976
Holiday Event Location: Gastof Zur Gemutlichkeit
Time / Date: Nov 3, 6:30 PM
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: 0
Food: buffet
Activities: music & dancing
Event organized by: company social committee
Comments & suggestions: ―October Fest‖ theme this year. Wanted to take the party out of
December. We are hoping for a great turnout this year.

Company: Regions Hospital
MERSC Rep: Tara Rickard
Phone number: 651-254-4704
Holiday Event: Generally, Regions Hospital does not have an employee-wide event. Usually,
these events are done at the department‘s discretion. In HR we usually have a potluck for those
who want to participate.

Company: Shooters Billiard Club
MERSC Rep: Duane Marquardt
Phone number: 952-894-1100
Holiday Event Location: Shooters Billiards
Time / Date: Christmas week
Invited: employees
Cost to employee: 0
Food: appetizers
Activities: pool / gift exchange
Event organized by: general manager

Company: SLB of MN, LLC
MERSC Rep: Jenny Taschner
Phone number: 952-882-0352
Holiday Event Location: Location changes each year; next year‘s Radisson, Roseville
Time / Date: No holiday event, we do a management banquet in March.
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: Meal & drinks and overnight accommodations are paid by company.
Activities: Activities change each year, last year was Comedy Sportz, year before casino, not
sure for 2007.
Event organized by: Jenny & Jodi plan the event.

Company: Smiths Medical
MERSC Rep: Kathy Brown
Phone number: 651-628-7327
We have a baseball day. One of the employees collects baseball memorabilia and he brings that
in and we use it to decorate the cafeteria. This year he had a photo of the Kirby Puckett memorial
and all those who spoke and were past teammates of Kirby. From this picture we created a trivia
contest for which we gave tickets to a Twins game. We have a drawing for prizes for those who
wear baseball attire for the day. We have also gone to the Wholesale Club and purchased
Cracker Jacks and peanuts and gone around during the day and sold them to the employees for
$.25 just to make it seem like game time to create a little more festivity and recoup a small
amount for the Employee Club. The Employee Club sponsors this event. It is held in our
company cafeteria & outdoor seating area. Aaramark caters the event. Menu - brats and hot dogs,
beans, chips and cheese, dessert is usually ice cream. They decorate for the event and we give the
employees a free lunch. This event is received well by everyone.

Company: St. Jude Medical
MERSC Rep: Joan Mins
Phone number: 952-351-1456
Holiday Event Location: Xcel Center
Invited: employee & guest
Event organized by: committee, headed by HR manager
Comments & suggestions: We have 1,500 employees and our last holiday party was at Xcel
Center but the turnout was poor and it took some employees over an hour to get to the Xcel
Center from Hwy 94 because there as a hockey game. This year we are having an all employee
event at Valleyfair, because it is more economical and it will require less time from our staff.

Company: St Paul Metalcraft - event 1
MERSC Rep: Elaine Olson
Phone number: 651-486-2126
Holiday Event Location: our plant
Time / Date: noon & 8 PM, to cover day and eve shifts
Invited: employee
Cost to employee: 0
Food: catered by Famous Dave‘s
Activities: presentations made by top management
Event organized by: Elaine Olson
Comments & suggestions: We do not get 100% participation when we hold offsite vents. This
way all employees participated.

Company: St Paul Metalcraft – event 2
MERSC Rep: Elaine Olson
Phone number: 651-486-2126
Holiday Event Location: Holiday Inn, Arden Hills
Time / Date: mid-December, Friday evening 6 PM
Invited: employee & guest
Cost to employee: $5 at sign up time (refunded to employee at party)
Food: appetizers, open bar for 3 hrs, buffet 3 main courses & desserts
Activities: presentations by top management, door prize drawings, DJ dancing
Event organized by: Elaine and party committee, 4 people total
Comments & suggestions: In the future we will try and hold this event on a Saturday night
rather than a Friday night to allow employees more flexibility with time – i.e. daycare, picking
up guest, etc). We do not get 100% participation but those that attend comment that they had a
wonderful time.

Company: Sysco
MERSC Rep: Jill Davenport
Phone number: 763-785-7321
Holiday Event Location: company conference center rooms
Time / Date: December week day
Invited: employees only
Cost to employee: 0
Food: bountiful lunch buffet
Activities: after meal, senior mgmt greeting & circulating
Event organized by: employee activities committee
Comments & suggestions: We choose to NOT do a fancy party with guests, so we also give our
employees a nice holiday gift (usually a gift box of meant and/or seafood) which they pick up
during a week or two in December.

Company: Toro
MERSC Rep: Peggy Sipulski
Phone number: 952-887-7316
Event: Christmas / New Year
Holiday Event Location: Bluffs of Mendota Banquet & Event Centre, Lilydale. This is a
Mystery Dinner Theater. The cast sits among the diners and put on a ski. You have choices of
several different mysteries—we chose Caribbean Cruise Conspiracy and had the employees
dress as if they were on a Caribbean cruise. We advertised the event as a quick winter getaway.
Time / Date: 6:00 – 9:30 PM, happy hour at 6, dinner at 7
Invited: Can have up to 250, we had approx 200
Cost to employee: $32 per employee. Employee Club paid half the cost with the employee
paying the remaining half.
Food: choice of several menus
Activities: Prizes for people who solved the mystery. The gifts were not the best, so if we do it
again we would most likely add to the prizes.
Event organized by: Peggy Sipulski and 2 other employee club members.
Comments & suggestions: Good location-not far from Toro. Easy to find. Not a late night so
people coming from a distance would not be out too late nor would babysitting costs be too high.
Event was over early enough that if you wanted to get together with others at another location
you could. We had a cash bar that worked out well. Good event because you could come single
or as a couple.

Company: US Postal
MERSC Rep: Kay Belille
Phone number: 612-349-4906
Holiday Event Location: Old Log Theater
Time / Date: 1st two Sundays in December
Invited: employee & family
Cost to employee: $7
Food: candy & stuffed animal for all children after the performance
Activities: play & Santa
Event organized by: Social & Rec Committee
Comments & suggestions: This is our biggest annual event. We have had it for many years.
Some people who attended as children are now bringing their own children.

Company: USTA Northern (Tennis Association)
MERSC Rep: Patty Egart
Phone number: 763-422-9867
Holiday Event Location: Cooks of Crocus Hill
Time / Date: December
Invited: employees
Cost to employee: 0
Food: Moroccan dinner
Activities: Employees placed in teams, cook meal with help of chef.
Event organized by: Danielle Pellicano
Comments & suggestions: This was a blast.

MERSC Associate Member – Event Locations
additional locations listed on

Location for Company Event: “Church Basement Ladies” Plymouth Playhouse
MERSC Rep: Tim Drake
Phone number: 763-383-1073
Time / Date: Wed-Fri 8 PM, Sat 4 & 8 PM, Sun 2 & 6 PM
Cost: varies, call for info
Food: catered by Green Mill
Comments: ―Church Basement Ladies‖ is our most popular musical ever – great choice for a
holiday event.

Location for Company Event: Prokart Indoor Racing, Maple Grove, MN
MERSC Rep: Mike Meath
Phone number: 763-428-1924
Time / Date: call for availability
Cost: MERSC – 2 rides for $25, $50 track rental
Food: catering available
Activities: go-karting & a video game room
Comments: Prokart Indoors is Minnesota‘s premier indoor karting and entertainment facility.
We specialize in Team Building, Fundraisers, Private Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties,
etc. Fully organized racing with a computerized timing system with printouts for every driver.
Prokart offers catering, trophies, t-shirts, memorabilia to enhance your party.

Location for Company Event: Triple Espresso, Minneapolis
MERSC Rep: Emilia Zellmer
Phone number: 612-874-9000
Time / Date: Wednesday – Sunday, year round. Private performances also available. I will set
up a couple of comps to preview the show.
Cost: Approx. $26.50 - $36.50 per ticket.
Food: Light refreshments available for purchase at the theatre: coffee, tea, soda, hot chocolate,
brownies, cookies. Multiple restaurants conveniently located across the street form the theatre.
Activities: Hilarious entertainment in a theatre setting.
Comments: This is a show that everyone will love! Choose Triple Espresso and you‘ll know you
made the right entertainment choice! If you‘re not familiar with us, call me for a couple preview
tickets, Emilia 612-874-9000. For more info, visit

Location for Company Event: Wild Mountain Ski Area & Banquet Rooms
MERSC Rep: Monique Schaffer
Phone number: 651-465-6315
Time / Date: call for availability
Attendees: Bring the whole family for a day of skiing and/or snow tubing and then enjoy a great
meal prepared and served by our professional food service staff.
Cost: will depend on activities, menu
Food: Variety - casual BBQ, chips & cookies or a formal sit down dinner.
Activities: skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and banquet center
Comments: Our goal is to make your holiday event fun filled and hassle free.