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									  2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   1


                                                                   TO THE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE
                                                                            Today is the start of a new and exciting part of your lives.
                                                                            The University of Newcastle is one of the country’s top
                                                                            research universities with world-leading experts who will teach
                                                                            you new concepts and technologies that will form the basis of
                                                                            tomorrow’s world.
                                                                            In teaching and learning, we lead the higher education sector
                                                                            in many areas. Our programs provide a foundation of knowledge,
                                                                            skills and attributes that allow our graduates to contribute
                                                                            actively and responsibly to society.
                                                                            University study is also an opportunity to broaden your way
                                                                            of thinking, expand your horizons, and form and enjoy new
                                                                            friendships and relationships with people from a wide range
                                                                            of backgrounds and nationalities.
                                                                            I encourage you to become involved academically and socially
                                                                            in the life of the University. Take advantage of some of the
                                                                            best sporting and gym facilities in Australia and consider taking
                                                                            part in our exchange programs to study for a semester in
                                                                            another country.
                                                                            If you find yourself having some difficulty, please ask for help.
                                                                            The University is a big place, and we have many people to assist

                                                                            you. We will do all we can to ensure that your time here provides
                                                                            you with all you need to make your mark on this world.
                                                                            Congratulations on your decision to join the University of
                                                                            Newcastle. I am confident that you will find studying at our
For details on everything happening during Orientation visit                University a challenging but rewarding experience, and I hope
www.newcastle.edu.au/orientation                                            that you enjoy your time here.
                                                                            Professor Nicholas Saunders
                                                                            Vice-Chancellor and President

Make sure you grab a copy of the 2010 student diary,
available when you pick up your student card from a Student Hub.
4   | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   5

The University is made up of a Vice-Chancellor (who is the CEO of the University and leads
an Executive Committee) who manages the University under the guidance of a Council.
Below him are Faculties managed by a Pro Vice-Chancellor, who is a member of the Executive
Committee. There are five Faculties, one of which manages your program (your degree) and
related research areas. Within Faculties there are Schools (managed by a Head of School)
which manage and teach your courses (subjects). Sometimes there can be a number of
Schools responsible for teaching courses into your program.
Below is an organisational chart that shows you how this works:

                                                 FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW
                                                 Newcastle Business School
                               VICE-             Newcastle Law School

                                                 FACULTY OF EDUCATION AND ARTS
                                                 School of Education
                                                 School of Humanities and Social Science
                                                 School of Drama, Fine Art and Music

                                                 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
                                                 AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT
                                                 School of Architecture and Built Environment
                                                 School of Engineering
                                                 School of Electrical Engineering
                                                 and Computer Science

                                                 FACULTY OF HEALTH
                                                 School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
                                                 School of Health Sciences
                                                 School of Medicine and Public Health
                                                 School of Nursing and Midwifery

                                                 FACULTY OF SCIENCE
                                                 AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
                                                 School of Design, Communication
                                                 and Information Technology
                                                 School of Environmental and Life Sciences
                                                 School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
                                                 School of Psychology
6     | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                      2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   7

WHO LOOKS AFTER YOUR PROGRAM                                                                              UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS

                                                                                                          FACULTY OF HEALTH
                                                                                                                                                     POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMS

Each program has an academic staff member appointed as the Program Co-ordinator and an
administrative staff member appointed as the Program Officer.                                             There is no mid year intake into any       There is no mid year intake into on-campus
                                                                                                          undergraduate Health programs.             postgraduate Health programs.
Program Co-ordinators have overall responsibility for the conduct of a program and will provide
information to students on academic issues related to the program as well as decisions on a range
                                                                                                          FACULTY OF EDUCATION AND ARTS
of academic matters including credit assessment.
Program Officers offer advice, assistance and support to students on issues such as: enrolment in         Bachelor of Aboriginal Studies             Master of Applied Linguistics (or GC)
courses and programs; re-enrolment; applications for credit for previous academic work (if applicable);   Bachelor of Arts                           Master of Disability Studies
program structures; leave of absence; and, most importantly, the requirements for you to graduate         Bachelor of Fine Art                       Master of Educational Studies (or GC)
from the program you are enrolled in.
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Music                          Master of Leadership and
The following table lists the programs with a mid-year intake and the Faculty responsible                 Bachelor of Social Science                 Management in Education
for that program.                                                                                                                                    Master of Social Change
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/ B Arts
                                                                                                                                                     and Development (or GC)
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/ B Arts
                                                                                                                                                     Master of Social Science (or GC)
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Teaching
                                                                                                          (Primary)/ B Early Childhood Studies       Master of Social Science (Honours)
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Teaching                       Master of Special Education
                                                                                                          (Secondary) B Fine Art                     Master of Teaching (Primary)
    FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW                                                                           Bachelor of Teaching                       Master of Teaching (Secondary)
    Bachelor of Business                             Graduate Certificate in Business Research            (Secondary)/ B Health and PE               Master of Theology (or GC)
    Bachelor of Commerce                             Master of Professional Accounting                    Bachelor of Teaching
                                                                                                          (Secondary) /B Mathematics
                                                     Master of Professional Accounting
                                                     (Advanced)                                           Bachelor of Teaching
                                                                                                          (Secondary) / B Science
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Theology
    AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT                                                                                 (and Diploma in Theology)
                                                                                                          Diploma in Languages
    Bachelor of Computer Science                     Master of Engineering Management
    Bachelor of Construction Management              Master of Engineering Science (or GC)
                                                                                                          FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND
    Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)               Bachelor of Engineering                              INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
    Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)                  (Telecommunications)
                                                                                                          Bachelor of Biotechnology                  Master of Information Technology
    Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)                                                                    (International only)                       (and other nested MIT programs
    Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)                                                                  Bachelor of Development Studies             – MIT(P) and MIT(A))
    Bachelor of Engineerin (Environmental)                                                                Bachelor of Environmental                  Graduate Diploma in Pyschology
    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)                                                                  Science and Management
    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)                                                                Bachelor of Food Science and
    Bachelor of Engineering (Software)                                                                    Human Nutrition
    Bachelor of Engineering                                                                               Bachelor of Information Technology
    (Telecommunications)                                                                                  Bachelor of Mathematics (and combines)
    Bachelor of Industrial Design                                                                         Bachelor of Natural History Illustration
    Bachelor of Surveying                                                                                 Bachelor of Science
8    | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                                                                      2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   9

HOW YOUR PROGRAM WORKS                                                                               HOW THE UNIVERSITY CAN HELP YOU

The University of Newcastle uses terminology a little differently. What we call a “program” may
be called a course elsewhere (UAC uses this terminology) and our “course” may be called a
subject or unit at another institution or school.
While your program is managed by one Faculty it will be built up from a number of courses
(8, 12, 24, 32 or 40 depending on the program) which can come from various Faculties and
Schools. In most cases the course has a unit value of 10 units, so a 240 unit undergraduate
program has 24 courses each of 10 unit value.
All courses have an alphanumeric code which tells you the level and discipline (an area of study)
of that course e.g. POLI1020 is a basic politics course at 1000 level. The level usually indicates
what year you take the course ie 1000 level courses are taken early in the program (first year),
                                                                                                                  ENQUIRY CENTRE
2000 level courses in the second year, 3000 level in third year and so on (postgraduate courses                   The Enquiry Centre is your first point of contact with the Uni
are usually 6000 level courses).                                                                                  via phone or email between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Many undergraduate courses are also part of a sequence in a discipline, so a 2000 level course                    Call 02 4921 5000 or email EnquiryCentre@newcastle.edu.au
will assume that you have passed a 1000 level course in the same discipline and a 3000 level
course will assume you have passed 1000 and 2000 level courses in the same discipline. It is                      STUDENT HUBS
not recommended that you undertake 2000 and 3000 level courses in your first year of study at                     The Student Hubs provide a one-stop shop for you to access
University unless advised to do so.                                                                               essential student services at four of our campus locations.
You will also find that in most programs courses are divided into:                                                Each Hub offers a place for you to work on, submit and collect
                                                                                                                  your assignments, meet friends, buy something to eat and get
n   Core courses – ones that you must undertake to pass the program                                               advice and referrals from trained staff about issues relating to
n   Directed courses – ones that are chosen from a list (e.g. choose two from the following list                  your studies.
    of five courses)                                                                                              Shortland Hub – Callaghan
n   Compulsory courses – courses in a major or specialisation (see below) that must be undertaken                 Shortland Building
    to meet the requirements of that major/specialisation                                                         Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
n   Electives – courses that are not linked to your program but let you persue a wider interest,                  Hunter Hub – Callaghan
    so in a business program you might like to take a couple of French courses as electives.                      Student Services Centre
    The list of courses is available at: www.newcastle.edu.au/course/                                             Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
Many undergraduate programs have groups of courses called “majors” and you will be required                       City Hub and Information Common (CHIC)
to do one or more of them. Usually a major contains a sequence of courses in one discipline (e.g.                 University House, King Street
biological sciences) with a couple of fundamental courses at 1000 level and then a large choice of                City Hub: Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
courses at each of the subsequent levels. Some postgraduate programs also have lists of courses
that are known as “specialisations”. You may be required to take a number of courses from one of                  Student Hub – Central Coast (Ourimbah)
the specialisations.                                                                                              Opposite the main Cafeteria
                                                                                                                  Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
                                                                                                                  Student Hub – Port Macquarie
                                                                                                                  Cnr Oxley Highway and Widderson St
                                                                                                                  A Block
                                                                                                                  Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 4pm
                                                                                                                  Friday: 8:30am – 2pm
                                                                                                                  Central Sydney location
                                                                                                                  Level 11, 60 Bathurst Street Sydney.
                                                                                                                  Administrative staff are available
 10   | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   11

                                    Your responsibilities                                               Academic Integrity                                   In addition, career pathways showing sequences
                                    You are entirely responsible for your study patterns and            Academic integrity is taken very seriously in        of study leading to particular careers are
                                    performance. You are expected to attend lectures and tutorials      our University. You will be required to use the      available for students in some programs. These
EXPECT                              and a lot of assessment takes place in these sessions.
                                    Participation in your education, however, involves much more
                                                                                                        referencing system recommended by your
                                                                                                        lecturer and will need to cite your references
                                                                                                                                                             are available through the Faculty website (e.g
                                                                                                                                                             for the Faculty of Science and Information
                                    than just attending lectures and tutorials. You will be expected    correctly using that particular style (e.g. the      Technology programs visit www.newcastle.edu.
                                    to contribute, actively participate, have opinions, take part in    Harvard style). Copying of material, including       au/faculty/science-it/degree-programs/
                                    discussions and give presentations.                                 from the internet, is not acceptable. Further        index.html )
                                                                                                        information on referencing and style guides
                                    The University also assumes that you have a good level of                                                                How much should I study each week?
                                                                                                        can be found on the Library website at: www.
                                    computer literacy. If you are not comfortable with using a PC,                                                           Most students work part-time and it is important
                                    the web, email, etc. then you should enrol in one of the bridging                                                        to manage your time to balance work, study and
                                    courses to help you become familiar.                                                                                     social activities. A full-time enrolment (40 units a
                                                                                                        Academic Integrity Module                            semester) at University carries at least the same
                                    Independence                                                        This module is an educational tool designed          time commitment (40 hours or more per week,
                                    There are no text books which contain the whole course.             to help you avoid plagiarism, understand             depending on your circumstances) as a full-time
                                    You may have a prescribed text book but you will need to            referencing style, and hence improve your marks.     job. It is expected that you will spend a significant
                                    read widely, take comprehensive class notes and gather your         Although the questions in the module do not          amount of time on your studies outside of
                                    own information. Essential material not covered in text books       count towards your mark for any of the courses       class. Therefore, if you have extensive work
                                    is discussed in lectures and tutorials. Lecturers may pose          in which you are enrolled, it is University policy   commitments you should consider reducing your
                                    questions but not necessarily give all the answers; you will be     that you complete this module. Most Faculties        enrolment. It is much better to take an extra year
                                    expected to find information and develop a point of view based      will require you to indicate on assessment item      and do well, than to fail courses and still need to
                                    on your reading and critical thinking. All interactions are in      cover sheets that you have taken this module.        take an extra year. The latter will cost you more
                                    English and a strong competence in English is assumed in all        (the last Faculty, Education and Arts, will be       and be a much greater strain for everyone.
                                    programs.                                                           introducing this in 2011). Your assignments
                                                                                                                                                             Student guides
                                    Blackboard                                                          may not be accepted if you have not
                                                                                                                                                             On the University’s website at “Current Students”
                                    Blackboard is the web-based online learning system that             completed this module.
                                                                                                                                                             you can find answers to almost all routine
                                    enables you to access, engage and interact with fellow              Access to the Academic Integrity module is           questions about administrative matters relating
                                    students and lecturers. In most cases each course you               through Blackboard and will appear when              to your program, assessment, forms, and other
                                    undertake will have a Blackboard site where you will be able        you first log-in to Blackboard. Once you have        general information. Visit: www.newcastle.
                                    to find out what is happening in the course as well as access       completed the module, it will disappear from your    edu.au/students/current/ Some Faculties
                                    lecture, reading, and assessment material. It is often used as      Blackboard site.                                     will also provide a student guide for you on your
                                    the primary means of communication between students and                                                                  Blackboard site.
                                    the course co-ordinator.                                            How do I know which courses to enrol in?
                                                                                                        At University you are responsible for ensuring       NUmail
                                    There are workshops on Blackboard during Orientation and            that you are enrolled in appropriate courses to      You will automatically be granted a student email
                                    the first week of semester. See page 17 for details.                meet the requirements of the program. To help        account on completion of your enrolment and
                                    Progressive assessment                                              with this, we have provided Program Enrolment        you will be able to keep this account for the rest
                                    End of semester examinations are used in many programs              Checklists (PECs) to guide you in what you need      of your life. Official University correspondence
                                    but they will only form part of your overall assessment. You        to do to complete your program. Copies of these      will be sent via this email account, so you should
                                    will have to complete an assessment task such as an essay, a        checklists can be found on the web site for each     check your student email account regularly.
                                    report or a tutorial presentation, every few weeks.                 program under the heading “Further Information”      The student email system is hosted by
                                                                                                        at the top of the page. You can locate your          Microsoft’s Live@edu and is referred to as
 Studying at university is an       Enrolling, registering and dropping                                 program in the Program Handbook located at           NUmail. Access to NUmail is via a web browser.
 exciting and worthwhile            You are responsible for enrolling, through Myhub, in your           www.newcastle.edu.au/program/                        You can get there by clicking on any of the links
 experience but you need            courses and registering, (through the registration system), in                                                           provided on the University web pages, or by
 to be aware of what your           labs and tutorials you may be required to undertake. If you want    You may already have a career mapped out for         typing in the URL www.outlook.com. When you
 lecturers and tutors will          to drop a course, this can also be done through Myhub. If you       yourself but, if you haven’t, contact the Careers    sign in to your NUmail account, you must use
 expect from you, and               stop studying a course and don’t drop it, you may incur a HECS      Service in Student Support Services. They are on     you student number in the format c1234567@
 your obligations and               debt or be charged by the University.                               the web at www.newcastle.edu.au/service/             uon.edu.au as your Windows Live ID.
 responsibilities.                                                                                      careers/
12   | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                         2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   13

Student ID cards                                     There are a restricted number of allowable
Your Student ID card is your passport to our         special circumstances, and a limited number of
Libraries, computer access, examinations,            possible options (and extra marks is not one of
discounts at the Student Union shops and             them), identified in the Special Circumstances
(where applicable) transport concessions.            Affecting Assessment Items Procedure 000641
Your card remains current for the duration of        which can be found in the Policy Library at
your enrolment at the University of Newcastle.       www.newcastle.edu.au/policy/. Applications
To obtain your card, you will need to attend a       for special circumstances are done on-line, with
Student Hub at either the Callaghan campus,          documentary evidence supplied to one of the
University House or the Ourimbah campus,             Hubs after submitting the application. You must
provide the required ID and have a                   log in at https://intraweb.newcastle.edu.au/
photograph taken. To obtain a student ID card        sc/Pages/Login.aspx
you need to provide 100 points of identification
                                                     Credit, Cross Institutional
to verify your identity.
                                                     Study and Study Abroad
If you are a Sydney CBD or Port Macquarie            The University will allow you to undertake, or
student please complete a Student ID                 to bring into your UoN program, some courses
Card Mail Request form send it to the                undertaken at another University but only if
Administration office.                               they have been approved and conform to the
                                                     University’s Credit and Articulation Policy
Maths Diagnostic Quiz                                www.newcastle.edu.au/policy/000861.
Many programs assume some knowledge of               html . You should always check with your
mathematics. It is often difficult, however, for     Program Officer before applying for credit
students to predict whether their mathematics        or to undertake study at another University
background is adequate. The Maths Diagnostic         (here or overseas). Again, once this has been
Quiz allows you to gauge your understanding          confirmed, you can apply online at https://
of basic mathematical concepts and processes,        intraweb.newcastle.edu.au/catso/pages/
and provides feedback to help you choose what        credittransferhome.aspx
action to take. There are three levels in the quiz
and some programs require you to undertake a         If you are transferring from one UoN program to
particular level of the quiz – your program co-      another, you may be able to apply for credit from
ordinator will tell you which one.                   the first program into the second.
You are strongly urged to take the quiz, no          Student parking:
matter which program you are enrolled in. The        Newcastle and City precincts
quiz is there solely to help you and if you follow   Parking is free at Ourimbah and Port Macquarie.
the advice that is provided with your result in      There is very little free parking on campus at
this quiz then you have a chance to significantly    Callaghan and none in the City during business
improve your marks and success                       hours. Parking at all campuses is limited,
in your program.                                     especially at Callaghan and the City. Parking
                                                     Permits are available for purchase by students
Access to the MDQ is through Blackboard.             at the Student Hubs. These allow parking in the
It should come up as an option when you              General Parking areas only – these are clearly
first go into Blackboard.                            marked. When you collect your permit, a charge
Special Circumstances –                              will be raised against your student account
when things go wrong                                 and an email invoice advice will be sent to your
The University acknowledges the need of              NUmail address. This invoice can be paid using
students to seek consideration for the possible      BPay, at any Post Office or to the University
impact of adverse circumstances, especially          Cashier located on the third floor of the Student
medical conditions, on their assessment items.       Services Centre. Half yearly or annual permits
                                                     are available.
14    | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                            2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION   |   15

BRIDGING COURSES                                                                                       BRIDGING COURSE TIMETABLE – OURIMBAH CAMPUS
                                                                                                         Course Name                       Course Dates                     Venue
Why do a bridging course?                                                                                Computer Literacy                 Monday 5 – Thursday 8 July       IT Lab 2
To get a head-start on your studies you can enrol in a bridging course. These courses are designed       Code: EPWB065 D (day)             9am – 12pm
to provide the knowledge and skills necessary or desirable for students entering various courses
of tertiary study. Studies indicate that the first year of university is the most critical period in     Writing Academic Essays           Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       CN2104
determining the success of your career as a student. If you believe that you could benefit from          Code: EPWB062 C                   9am – 12pm                       Classrooms North 2
assistance with your studies at university or beyond, or wish to improve your academic interests and
                                                                                                         An Introduction to                Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       CS103
skills, you may find a selection of courses from the following list useful.
                                                                                                         Undergraduate Chemistry           9am – 12pm                       Classroom South 1
                                                                                                         Code: EPWB094 B
                                                                                                         Academic Survival Skills          Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       CN2104
BRIDGING COURSE TIMETABLE – CALLAGHAN CAMPUS                                                             Code: EPWB060 B                   1pm – 4pm                        Classrooms North 2
     Course Name                    Course Dates                     Venue                               Surviving Stats:                  Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       CS103
                                                                                                         Statistics for Tertiary Studies   2pm – 5pm                        Classroom South 1
     Academic Survival Skills       Monday 5 – Friday 9 July         V01, Mathematics Building
                                                                                                         Code: EPWB095 B
     Code: EPWB060 A (day)          1pm – 4pm
                                                                                                         Computer Literacy                 Monday 12 – Thursday 15 July     ITLab 2
     Computer Literacy              Monday 12 – Thursday 15 July     CT218, CT Building
                                                                                                         Code: EPWB065 E                   6pm – 9 pm
     Code: EPWB065A (day)           9am – 12pm
     Surviving Stats: Statistics    Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       C124, Chemistry Building
     for Tertiary Studies           10am – 1pm                                                         How to enrol – Online registration                  Be sure to avoid timetable clashes. There
     Code: EPWB095 A                                                                                   Registrations open at 9am on Friday 25 June         are optional times (day or evening) for
                                                                                                       2010. Enrol in advance, preferably at least         some courses.
     Foundation Mathematics         Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       V101, Mathematics Building
                                                                                                       five days before the commencement of the
     Code: EPWB063                  10am – 1pm                                                                                                             Costs
                                                                                                                                                           There are no charges for the undergraduate
     An Introduction to             Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       SRLT3,
                                                                                                       1. Log in at http://webapps.newcastle.edu.au/       bridging courses in 2010.
     Undergraduate Mathematics      10am – 1pm                       Social Sciences Building
     Code: EPWB093                                                                                                                                         Course cancellations
                                                                                                       2. Click on ‘Other Registrations’ on the left       Please note that if there are insufficient
     Writing Academic Essays        Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       V101, Mathematics Building           hand menu                                        enrolments in any course(s), the course may
     Code: EPWB062 A                2pm – 5pm
                                                                                                       3. Look under English Language and                  be cancelled. Students will be notified of any
     An Introduction to             Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       SRLT3,                               Foundation Studies Centre and identify           course cancellations by email.
     Undergraduate Chemistry        2pm – 5pm                        Social Sciences Building             the EPWB course code and course name –
                                                                                                                                                           Enrolment confirmation
     Code: EPWB094 A                                                                                      click ‘Register’
                                                                                                                                                           The record of your enrolment can be found
     Academic Survival Skills       Monday 12 – Friday 16 July       V01, Mathematics Building         4. Identify the ‘Session’ you wish to attend –      under current registrations on the left hand
     Code: EPWB06C (evening)        6pm – 9pm                                                             click ‘Book’.                                    menu of the registration system. If, after
                                                                                                       5. This will return you to your home page and       registration, you find that are unable to
     Computer Literacy         Monday 12 – Thursday 15 July          CT218, CT building                   a message will appear in a box at the top        participate in the bridging course(s) please
     Code: EPWB065 B (evening) 6pm – 9pm                                                                  of the screen indicating that you are now        drop your registration on the registration system
     Computer Literacy              Monday 19 – Thursday 22 July     CT218, CT Building                   registered for this activity.                    immediately so that your place can be allocated
     Code: EPSB065 C (day)          2pm – 5pm                                                                                                              to another student.
                                                                                                       Please note: bridging courses start on the day
     Writing Academic Essays        Monday 19 – Friday 23 July       V101 Mathematics Building         and time published on the Registration System       Further information
     Code: EPWB062 B                2pm – 5pm                                                          and, in most cases, run over a number of            Full details and course descriptions can be
                                                                                                       consecutive days.                                   found at: www.newcastle.edu.au/bridging
                                                                                                                                                           T: 02 4921 5558
                                                                                                                                                           E: enabling@newcastle.edu.au
 16   | 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION                                                                                                                                                 2010 MID YEAR ORIENTATION     |   17

 LIBRARY                                                                                                GET FAMILIAR WITH BLACKBOARD
                                    The library is an important resource that you’ll use regularly at
                                    uni. There are extensive book and journal collections held in
                                    each library, as well as a range of online resources and services
                                    that you’ll need to be familiar with as you commence your           Enrol in a ‘Building Familiarity with Blackboard workshop’.
TOURS                               studies. The library tours introduce you to the services
                                                                                                        Thursday 22 July – Ourimbah 2pm-2.30pm
                                    and study spaces available. Please meet in the library foyer
                                    10 minutes before the tour commences.                               Friday 23 July – Callaghan 10am-10.30am, 11.30am-12pm, 3pm-3.30pm
                                                                                                        Monday 26 July – Callaghan 9.30am-10am, 2.30pm-3pm
                                    UNISTART DAYS                                                       Monday 26 July – Ourimbah 2pm-2.30pm
                                    Auchmuty Library, Huxley Library                                    Wednesday 28 July – Callaghan 9.30am-10am, 2.30pm-3pm
                                    Wednesday 21 July @ 2pm, 3pm                                        Wednesday 28 July – Ourimbah 2pm-2.30pm
                                    Ourimbah Library                                                    To enrol in these sessions log into http://webapps.newcastle.edu.au/rego/index.cfm
                                    Thursday 22 July @ 2pm                                              When you enrol please note the venue for the activity.
                                                                                                        Go to the section called “To register for a non enrolment based activity, click here”.
                                    WEEK ONE OF SEMESTER                                                You will see several frames including:
                                    Auchmuty Library, Huxley Library, Ourimbah Library                  Learning Development – Callaghan
                                    Tuesday 27 July @ 2pm, 11am, 11am
                                                                                                        Learning Development – Central Coast Ourimbah campus
                                    Wednesday 28 July @ 11am, 11am, 11am
                                                                                                        Look for the title “Blackboard”. Select “register” on the right of the screen. You will see a list of
                                                                                                        activities, times and dates. Register by clicking ‘book ‘. You will receive a confirmation email.

                                                                                                        ENGLISH LANGUAGE
                                                                                                        SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS
                                                                                                        Diagnostic tool
                                                                                                        The Diagnostic Academic English Language Tool (DAELT) is an English language test designed
                                                                                                        for students with non-English-speaking backgrounds. The online DAELT is designed to provide you
                                                                                                        with an indication of your level of English language competency so you can independently assess
                                                                                                        and improve your academic language skills.
                                                                                                        DAELT is designed to be used primarily by first year students. DAELT enables you to assess your
                                                                                                        competency in reading, listening, writing and speaking. After completing the sessions, you are
                                                                                                        provided with detailed feedback regarding your level of English language proficiency and are
                                                                                                        provided with information about relevant English language follow-up workshops.
                                                                                                        The DAELT testing sessions will be scheduled for the first weeks of Semester Two. Students will
                                                                                                        receive further information about these sessions during Orientation.
                                                                                                        Further information
                                                                                                        T: 02 4921 5350
                                                                                                        E: ctl-ld@newcastle.edu.au
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GETTING STARTED                                         ORIENTATION                                       UNISTART DAYS                                        OTHER FUN THINGS
Monday 12 – Friday 16 July AND                          Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 July, 2010               AND ENROLMENT                                        TO DO AND SEE
Monday 19 – Thursday 22 July                                                                              Wednesday 21 July (Callaghan)                        Friday 23 July
                                                        Monday 19: The first compulsory session
Come to the International Student Welcome               for international students is the International   Thursday 22 July (Ourimbah)
                                                                                                                                                               Daytrip to Port Stephens – Sign up at The
Lounge to get helpful information, meet other           Student Orientation session on Monday 19 July     You should join the domestic students                Glasshouse by Wednesday 21 July @ 12pm.
new students or just relax. Located at The              at 10am in CT202. Here you will be welcomed       for all the day’s activities including               For more information see www.newcastle.
Glasshouse at the Bar on the Hill, students             and receive essential information about living    the Enrolment Help Sessions                          edu.au/students/new/orientation-2010/
will be ready to welcome you, help you to find          and studying in Newcastle, Australian culture,    (see next page).
accommodation and sign you up for social                visa conditions you must follow, safety and
activities. Ask about library tours specially
designed for new international students to
                                                        support services.                                 Full degree students – Your enrolment
                                                                                                          session will be held with your Faculty on
                                                                                                                                                               WHAT IF I MISS
get you ready for your studies.
                                                        Tuesday 20: The second interactive and
                                                        entertaining activity will be The Amazing Race.
                                                                                                          Wednesday 21July. You will receive academic          INTERNATIONAL ORIENTATION?
                                                                                                          advice and be shown how to complete your
STEP 1: Go to the Hunter Hub, get your                  You will be placed in groups with other new                                                            If you miss orientation, contact international-
                                                                                                          enrolment online. Details of these sessions will
        Student ID card and pick up a diary.            students and complete a day of fun challenges,                                                         support@newcastle.edu.au for an
                                                                                                          be provided at Monday’s International Student
        Then register for OSHC Health                   connecting with other new students and getting                                                         appointment so that one of the International
                                                                                                          Orientation Session.
        Cover at the OSHC Worldcare                     equipped to study and live in Newcastle. Great                                                         Office staff can help orientate you.
        counter. You will need to bring your            prizes to be won!                                 Study Abroad and Exchange students
        passport and a copy of your Offer                                                                 – You are a Study Abroad and Exchange
                                                        The Welcome Party at the Bar on the Hill          student if you will be studying at the University
        Letter with you when you do this.
                                                        is for you. Find out where the fun happens        of Newcastle for one or two semesters while
        Ask Hub staff for directions to The
                                                        on campus and make some new friends.              completing a degree at your home university/
                                                                                                          institution. You can enrol in your pre-approved
STEP 2: Visit the International Student                                                                   courses as soon as you arrive, by logging into
        Welcome Lounge located in The                                                                     MyHub at any of the computers at the Hubs
        Glasshouse at the Bar on the Hill.                                                                or libraries on campus. You are welcome to
STEP 3: Visit the Accommodation Hub at                                                                    come to the Enrolment Help Session of the
        Evatt House for advice on off-                                                                    Faculty that is looking after the majority of your
        campus housing.                                                                                   courses.

     INTERNATIONAL                 Student ID card         Student diary        Enrolment Help Session

     STUDENT                       OSHC

                                   Mobile/ Cell Phone

                                                           Friday’s Excursion
                                                                                Bank Account

                                                                                Activate email

     CHECKLIST                     Accommodation           Welcome Party        Amazing Race
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UNISTART DAYS                                                                                        UNIVERSITY LIFE
                                                                                                     FAMILIARISE YOURSELF                                If you want discounts, you can purchase a

                                                                                                                                                         Ucard. This will cost you $25 for the semester
                                                                                                     WITH THE FORUM                                      and gives you 10% discount at all the “U”
                                                                                                     Make the most of your time at Uni by joining        outlets and Gloria Jean’s, the Bar on the Hill
                                                                                                     in the fun at The Forum (Newcastle campus).         and the GT Bar, as well as discounted entry
                                                                                                                                                         to any event that is not free. A Ucard even
                                                                                                     There are heaps of sporting clubs to get            gets you a 5% discount on groceries at
                                                                                                     involved with including cricket, baseball, rugby    Coles and Woolies!
Unistart orientation days          Sessions will include:
                                                                                                     and hockey as well as a 50 metre indoor
are being held to step you         n   Faculty welcome                                               heated pool and an 18 metre high climbing wall.
through the key things
you need to know before            n   Q&A sessions with current students and University             Have a go at indoor netball, basketball, touch      CAMPUS CENTRAL
commencing your studies.               staff – A chance to ask any questions about your program
                                       and courses and participate in a general discussion about
                                                                                                     football, squash and soccer in The Forum’s          (OURIMBAH CAMPUS)
                                                                                                     social sporting competitions each semester.         Campus Central provides non-academic
A free morning tea                     university life.
and BBQ lunch will be                                                                                You can access all of The Forum’s facilities at     services for Ourimbah campus students,
                                   n   An introduction to learning development and the                                                                   including entertainment, sport, welfare issues,
provided on the day.                                                                                 the University and Harbourside (close to the
                                       University’s online learning environment – Information                                                            retail, food and beverage.
                                                                                                     Newcastle CBD) for the whole semester for
                                       regarding Blackboard and other university systems and
                                                                                                     only $299.                                          Our other services include:
                                       support services for students.
                                   n   Social activities – Get to know other students enrolled in                                                        n   Assistance with grievances – advice
                                       your program, make some new friends.                          UoN SERVICES                                            on the procedures to take, who to talk to,
                                                                                                                                                             and we can accompany students to meetings
                                   n   Campus tours – Familiarise yourself with our campus, get to
                                       know your way around.
                                                                                                     (CALLAGHAN CAMPUS)                                      if required
                                                                                                     UoN Services Limited (UoNS) is the                  n   Clubs and societies – there are a number
                                   n   Enrolment Help session – for those who did not attend the     organisation on the Callaghan campus that               of clubs and societies or you can create your
                                       specific Enrolment Help sessions in early July                provides and manages a range of services                own club – funding is available to new clubs
                                   n   Helpful workshops and seminars.                               and facilities, a functions centre as well as           and for activities/events of existing clubs
                                                                                                     the common meeting grounds and social
                                   For further information and activities during the                                                                     n   Student Representative Committee
                                                                                                     centres for students and staff of the University.
                                   Orientation days, check out our Orientation website:                                                                      (SRC) – is an avenue for students to discuss
                                                                                                     Facilities and services include the bars, food
                                   www.newcastle.edu.au/orientation                                                                                          issues relating to welfare, safety and equity
                                                                                                     outlets, personal services (like Hunter Area
                                   Campus maps can be found in your Student Diary or visit           Pathology Service and the dental surgery)           n   Collectives – get involved in awareness
                                   www.newcastle.edu.au/service/campus-maps/                         and the retail outlets like the Ushops, Uprint,         raising and/or fundraising for causes and
                                                                                                     UniMemorabilia, the United Campus Bookshop              social activities.
                                   NEWCASTLE (CALLAGHAN)                                             and STA Travel.
                                   Your Unistart day is Wednesday 21 July @ 9am                                                                          Campus Central has many outlets on campus:
                                   Venues: Our student mentors will meet you at the                  UoNS puts on all the fun events at Callaghan,       n   Campus Central Office and Help Desk
                                   Mathematics bus stop and direct you to the relevant venue         like the trivia and poker comps, wii wars and           – come in for all your Campus Central
                                                                                                     crab racing, free lunchtime gigs as well as             enquiries and many services
                                   CENTRAL COAST (OURIMBAH)                                          student party nights on Wednesdays and the
                                   Your Unistart day is Thursday 22 July @ 9am
                                                                                                                                                         n   Campus Essentials – a retail shop
                                                                                                     big gigs at the Bar on the Hill. UoNS also does
                                   Venue: Our student mentors will meet you outside LT1/2            great parties – landmark Callaghan events, like
                                                                                                                                                         n   Food Outlets at Lakes Complex, Cafe
                                   Lecture Theatres and direct you to the relevant venue             the O’Ball, Autonomy Day, Toga Party, Snow              Express, Cafe East and the Coffee Cart
                                   PORT MACQUARIE                                                    Ball, Halloween, Beach Party and the Cultural       n   Studio Central – for beauty, massage
                                   Your Unistart day is Thursday 22 July @ 9am                       Awakenings Festival. Get a “What’s On?” every           and hairdressing.
                                   Venue: K Block – look for the map at the main entrance            week of semester to see all the fun stuff
                                                                                                                                                         As a member you are entitled to discounts and
                                                                                                     happening on campus.
                                                                                                                                                         subsidies on Campus Central services as well
                                                                                                                                                         as many benefits off-campus.
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                                                                                                       PRESENTATIONS AND
                                                    NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY
                                                    POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS’

ASSOCIATION (NUSA)                                  If you are a postgraduate student enrolled at
The Newcastle University Students’ Association      the University of Newcastle then NUPSA is
exists on campus to provide effective               your student association. By being enrolled in a
representation and advocacy, support for clubs      postgraduate program (Honours students are
and societies, activities and the provision of      also welcome) you are a member of NUPSA.
necessary services, ensure a climate conducive      There is no charge for being a member.
to student excellence in academic performance
and personal development.                           NUPSA:
                                                    n   supports postgraduate students with issues            A range of presentations and workshops are available
Essentially NUSA is just like your student
                                                        of concern, such as grievances                        to assist with your transition to university and to help
representative council from your school days
with one big difference – we do stuff!!!            n   represents postgraduate students on a                 you settle into life as a student. These are usually
                                                        number of University Committees, working              held during the Unistart days and in the first week of
Whilst on campus make sure you pop into the             parties and sub-committees                            semester.
NUSA Building and make use of:                      n   conducts seminars/workshops during the                For more details about these sessions, please go to the
n    FREE All Day Breakfasts                            semesters for postgraduate students                   orientation website at:
n    Free tea and coffee facilities                 n   holds social activities, which provide
n    Grab a free lunch every Thursday from              networking opportunities as well as the
     12:30pm                                            chance to raise issues with the NUPSA
n    Pick up some tickets to see a Newcastle            executive
     Knights or Jets game                           n   distributes a newsletter on a regular basis
n    Buy your bus passes in advance with Ten            via the NUmail email.
     Ride passes                                    The NUPSA office is located in Room HA150,
n    Get a box of fruit and veg for just $10!!!!    Hunter Building, Callaghan campus. The office
n    Enrol in a Senior First Aid Course for just    is open on a part-time basis (9.30am to 2.30pm
     $120 (you may need this for your degree)       Monday to Friday).

There are also heaps more benefits for our          T: 02 4921 8894
financial members like discounts, prizes and        E: nupsa@newcastle.edu.au
exclusive access to some of our promotions          Check out the NUPSA web site –
and events.                                         nupsa.org.au
For the best deal around join NUSA for              Or join our facebook page www.facebook.
Semester 2 for JUST $20.                            com/group.php?gid=264598005764
A full list of the clubs, societies, collectives,
services and activities promoted by NUSA            OURIMBAH
can be found at our website at:                     At the Ourimbah campus student union matters
http://nusa.org.au/                                 are covered by Campus Central (see page 21).

                                                    PORT MACQUARIE
                                                    Students can receive benefits and savings by
                                                    joining the student association on campus.                We hope this booklet has been
                                                                                                              of help. If you still have questions,
                                                                                                              call in at a Hub and ask one of our
                                                                                                              helpful Frontline staff.

                                          UoN 2010/1237 I CRICOS Provider 00109J

9am – 5pm
Newcastle (Callaghan) – 02 4921 5000
Central Coast (Ourimbah) – 02 4348 4030

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