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									Max Thornton
7112 Wellington Point Road, Dallas, Texas, 75070
(408) 823 2161 ~ ~

   8 years experience producing award winning 2D and 3D mobile games on Brew and J2ME platforms
   7 years experience producing 3D games, edutainment, and promotional online content
   Proven project management skills including project plan creation and maintenance to ensure on schedule / on
    budget product delivery
   Understands the importance of communication and documentation to set clear expectations to keep
    developments on track
   Managed external development teams around the world including US, Brazil, UK, Spain, Germany, and
   Extensive experience managing licensor relations with leading world brands from 20th Century Fox,
    Universal Studios, Disney, Kid Group, Global Wireless Entertainment, Vir2L and Sony Pictures
   Designing mobile games of all genres
   Interacting with, testing, licensing, sales, marketing, and other departments; recruiting and running internal
    development teams

Glu Mobile, Inc., San Mateo, CA                                                           March 2008 – Aug 2008
Creative Director
Glu Mobile acquired Superscape in March of 2008.
   Produced and co-authored the design of Sudoku by Verizon, a 3D white label game to replace Superscape’s
    top selling 2D version
   Produced Hamster Mansion a 2D action platformer with Russian developer 1C Wireless, and also Galaxy on
    Fire a 3D space shooter with German developer FishLabs
   Supported Glu’s sales team with the promotion and integration of Superscape’s catalog
   Directed successful white label concepts for Sprint and T-Mobile in the US, and for Vodafone, Orange and 02
    in the UK
   Member of a 4 man world wide creative team pitching game concepts into the publishing department
   Received green light for submission of two original game ideas
   Coordinated the transition and integration of Superscape’s Southern Californian development teams to San

Superscape, Inc., San Jose, CA                                                           Oct 2004 – Feb 2008
Global Creative Director
   Worked directly with executive management to define the strategic direction of portfolio. A combination of
    cutting edge 3D, family orientated casual themes, and high production values created a strong reputation
    with carriers, propelling Superscape into the top 5 North American mobile games publishers.
   Responsible for the creative direction and production quality of Superscape’s worldwide catalog.
   Reduced the company’s annual portfolio to focus on fewer products with higher production values, resulting
    in a significant increase in revenue and stronger carrier relationships.
   Directed the global title planning process for original content development. Created game concepts that
    became top ten revenue generators.
   Supervised the integration of a Moscow studio acquisition. Implemented project management, process flow,
    and game design methodology to the development teams. Nurtured initial group of novice developers into
    professional teams by maintaining constant input and direction. (408) 823 2161                                                                           1
   Managed four California development teams, responsible for all phases of the product development cycle
    from concept to Gold Master.
   Pioneered technical innovations such as multi layered audio, user generated content and feedback, player
    usage stats, multiplayer, wiki based game design, subscription based content release, recordable sound
    effects, camera support, and in game video promos using real-time 3D.
   Defined new corporate identity.
   Authored design for Alltel’s Game League, a game community based around a collection of white label
    parlor games.

Superscape, Inc., San Clemente, CA                                                           Feb 2002 – Sept 2004
Executive Producer
Superscape transitions to a wireless business model driving the development of JSR184 a global standard for 3D java
applications on mobile devices.
   Recruited and managed San Clemente development teams.
   Produced multiple internal titles, and managed external development relationships with Venan, Barking
    Lizards, RTZ Interactive, Reaxion, Iomo, and Lavastorm.
   Authored multiple game designs for internal developments including Kingdom Hearts and Incredibles 3D
    for Disney.
   Worked with technology and porting leads to identify key device groupings, define milestone deliverables,
    and best practices.

MediaDome, Santa Clara, CA                                                                   May 2000 – Dec 2001
VP Product Development
An Intel funded start up company creating branded browsers with realtime 3D content for companies including Gamespot,
CNET, Intel, and NVIDIA. Product generated over 1 million sessions of use without paid promotion in first 6 months.
   Responsible for technical development and creative vision of product.
   Managed team of designers and programmers to deliver robust products on schedule to meet customer and
    business goals.
   Revolutionary 3D to HTML and back technology, integrated media, aggregation, chat, and browsing
    experience into a single interface.
   Defined corporate identity.
   Commissioned choreographer, performers, and directed motion capture sessions for products virtual dance

Superscape, Inc., Palo Alto, CA                                                              June 1995 – April 2000
Project Design Leader
   Project managed and authored a $1.1million Interactive Virtual Reality training application for Nortel
    Networks Meridian 1 Attendant Console.
   Designed and project managed an immersive Virtual Reality experience for 1,600 executives from around the
    world by showcasing Xerox Business solutions at the 96 Olympics in Atlanta.
   Designed and managed development of promotional online 3D games for movies including MGM’s
    ‘Turbulence’, Universals ‘The Game’, New Line Cinemas ‚Lost in Space’ as well as 3D music webisodes for
    Herbie Hancock and Stone Temple Pilots.
   Designed and produced an online 3D kitchen creation application for Sears/Whirlpool.
   Designed and produced two 3D online edutainment experiences, ‚Inside the Space Station’ for and ‘Virtual Solar System’ for
   Designed and produced Mpeg Dancer a WinAmp plugin for Intel featuring beat detection driven 3D dancers.
   Recruited and managed development teams for Palo Alto and Texas studios.

Superscape, Ltd., Hook, Hampshire, UK                                                        Feb 1993 – May 1994 (408) 823 2161                                                                                   2
3D Designer
   Authored multiple applications and simulations for clients as diverse as British Telecom, British Gas, The
    Ministry of Defense, Intel Gmbh, Marks & Spencer, and Broadsword TV.
   Provided training and consultancy worldwide; US, Korea, Spain, and UK.

Superscape, Ltd., Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK                                           Dec 1991 – Jan 1993
Support Supervisor
   Supervised two support engineers providing technical support for Superscape’s client base
   Created and managed training courses on Virtual Reality Toolkit.
   Supported sales team with software demonstrations.

Freelance, London, UK                                                                     Oct 1989 – Nov 1991
Photographer’s Assistant

Peter Bailey Company, London, UK                                                          March 1989 – Sept 1989
Personal Assistant
   Personal assistant at a photographer’s agency

The LIST Magazine, Edinburgh, UK                                                          Aug 1988 – Feb 1989
Staff Photographer

Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
   Bachelor of Arts with Honors - 2.1 Multi-disciplinary Design

Bradford School of Arts and Media, Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
   Foundation Course Art and Design – Upper Credit

   Sudoku3D by Verizon                     Classic Mini Golf 3D                    Swerve Basketball
   Hamster Mansion                         Ali Boxing                              Harlem Globetrotters
   Sushi Shuffle                           Alien Vs Predator 3D                    Kingdom Hearts
   Capone Casino                           Scuba Solitaire 3D                      Fight Club
   Meteor Mania                            The Incredibles 3D                      Independence Day
   HeliStrike                              Street Hoops                            Chesscapade

   For further information on projects please check out

  WGWorld Platinum Award (
  IGN Editors Choice Award (Capone Casino)
  WGWorld Editors Award (Classic Mini-Golf 3D)
  WGWorld Editors Award (Scuba Solitaire 3D)
  IGN Editors Choice Award (Scuba Solitaire 3D)
  IGN Editors Choice Award (The Incredibles 3D)
  IGN Editors Choice Award (Swerve Basketball) (408) 823 2161                                                                            3

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