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  Need to know contact details

  The governing body of Motor Sport in the UK is:                           The Vintage Sports-Car Club
  The Motor Sports Association                                              The Old Post Office
  Motor Sports House                                                        West Street
  Riverside Park                                                            Chipping Norton
  Colnbrook                                                                 Oxon
  SL3 0HG                                                                   OX7 5EL

  Telephone:           01753 765000                                         Telephone:          01608 644777 Ext 4
  Fax:                 01753 682938                                         Fax:                01608 644888
  Website                                            Website:  

  Deciding what you want to do
  Depending on what types of events you wish to take part in, you will need to have different licences. Below is a quick summary
  of the type of event, what licence is required, any special clothing and any other important points.

Type of Event                                                          Licence            Clothing               Other
Circuit Racing
The VSCC usually runs five race meetings a year offering a wide        Club Races         Overalls: Minimum      Fire extinguishers are
range of races for which your car may be suitable. Any event on        National B         standard: FIA 8856-    mandatory These must be a
a race track, including high speed trials and the Pomeroy Trophy                          2000                   minimum of 1.75 litres of AFFF
competition, requires a Race Licence. Depending on the event           Trophy Races                              or ZERO 2000 standard.
differing Race Licence standards will be required. See table to the    National B or A    Helmet: Minimum
right. You must first apply to the MSA for a "Go Racing" Pack                             standard BS6658 Type
which will cost £57 for 2010. The pack contains – among other          50’s Sports-       A/FR
information – a "2010 MSA Competitors' Yearbook", a DVD and            Cars
a novice application form. The pack contains simple instructions       National B or A    Competitors are
on the procedure for obtaining a Race National B Licence; there                           strongly advised to
is an additional fee for this which is £51 in 2010. Novice (new)                          wear flame resistant
racing drivers will be obliged to undergo a half day training                             gloves, socks,
course at one of the Association of Racing Drivers’ Schools                               balaclavas and
(ARDS) before they can obtain a National B Licence. These are                             underwear.
run at most of the circuits and cost approximately £200/300. If
you pass you will have a Race National B Licence and can enter
all of our race meetings. Budget at least £400 for helmet and
overalls. See pages 172-178 of the 2010 ‘Blue Book’ for more
Sprints and Hill Climbs
To enter speed events such as Wiscombe or Prescott the licence         Non Race           Overalls: Minimum      Fire extinguishers are
standards are lower and don’t require any formal assessment. To        National B         standard FIA 1986      recommended by the MSA but
apply for a licence, apply to the MSA or download the application                                                mandated by the Club. These
forms from the MSA website There is no                                       Helmet: Minimum        must be a minimum of 1.75
application fee or test for this. Just complete the form and pay                          standard BS6658 Type   litres of AFFF or ZERO 2000
the licence fee which is £37 for 2010. Some hill climb venues,                            A/FR                   standard which may be split
such as Prescott, offer training days but these are not                                                          into two smaller containers
compulsory. Budget at least £400 for helmet and overalls.See                              Flame Resistant        where mounting difficulties
pages 172-178 of the 2010 ‘Blue Book’ for more information                                Gloves: Mandatory      occur.
Trials, rallies and driving tests
For trials, rallies and driving tests you do not require an MSA        RTA Licence for    Warm clothing!         For Trials and Driving
licence, but you must be able to produce a VSCC membership             all road events.                          Tests Fire extinguishers are
card. Depending on the specific event regulations road licences        No specific                               mandatory. These must be a
may not be a requirement. The skills required for these events         competition                               minimum of 1.75 litres and to
are slightly specialist when you first get started, but the best way   requirements                              AFFF or ZERO 2000 standard,
to learn is to take part and learn from others.                                                                  but may be in two smaller

                                                                                                                 For Rallies Fire extinguishers
                                                                                                                 are recommended
Car Preparation
Cars entered into VSCC events are normally required to have a VSCC eligibility document, or ‘Buff Form’. This is issued by
the Club’s Eligibility Sub-Committee against information provided by the owner – simply apply to the Club office for a form to
fill in. In addition certain safety equipment will be required and this varies between disciplines. A chat with other competitors
or a scrutineer will answer most questions. Silencing of cars is important for Hill Climbs and Sprints. The maximum noise limit
is usually 110db or less, however, depending on the venue, this may change. The Supplementary Regulations for the meeting
will be quite specific about noise limits and silencing. J5.17 of the 2010 MSA “Blue Book” is also useful.

Handling your Entry to a Competition
The process of entering a VSCC event is very simple,

Process                                                                                                  Timescale
Event regulations and entry forms are published for download on our website, on the date                 Approx 3 months
that entries open for the event. To download these forms you will need to log on as a member (full       prior to each event
details are available on our website) You can also enter online. Should you wish to receive a paper      date
copy of the regulations and entry form please send us a Self Addressed Envelope, C5 Size, with the
name of the event written in the top left hand corner, we will then post the documents to you by
If you enter online you will see within your personal section that your entry status has changed from    Shortly after VSCC
pending to accepted. This means that your entry is confirmed and acknowledged for the event. If          receive your entry
you have entered through a paper entry form you will receive an acknowledgment card in the post.         form
Competitors Instructions will be emailed or posted to you. Within these you will find all of the         Approx 10 days prior
information you need to take part in the event, such as venue locations, timetable, entry list and       to event
specific event regulations.

We are required by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) to handle entries according to the rules and regulations contained in
the MSA Competitors’ Yearbook (the ‘Blue’ Book). For example we are obliged to specify a maximum and minimum number
of entries and provisions to cancel or to amalgamate classes if minimum numbers are not reached. Equally we are obliged not
to refuse an entry on ‘unreasonable grounds’ and all entrants have the right of appeal to the Motor Sports Council (MSC) if
they feel the grounds for refusal are unreasonable.

In the event of over-subscription to an event it is the duty of the Secretary to the Meeting to accept or refuse entries as
appropriate. In such circumstances one thing is clear; we cannot exceed the maximum number of entries allowed and
whatever we do, somebody is going to be disappointed. The Club has an established set of selection criteria so please be
assured that any selection decision may not be as random as it appears. A straightforward draw may be employed in the last
resort, when all other obvious or common sense decisions have been taken, as it is ultimately the most straightforward and
fairest way of deciding the last few places.

So now you know what you want to do, get all your gear together and we look forward to seeing you during the 2010 season.

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