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					                                             East Hanover PTA
                                                 400 Ridgedale Avenue
                                                East Hanover, NJ 07936
                                   Carol Menniti & Diana Scerbo — Co-Presidents

                                 Executive Board Meeting / March 18, 2009

    Call to Order 7:05 pm
    Attendance (18 attendees)

1. Corresponding Secretary (Gina Lucarella)
         I.     Correspondence Received
                        a. Thank You note from Mrs. Cerhushka for ―Sports Illustrated Year in Sports‖ book
                        b. Thank You note from Miss Leen’s class for books
                        c. Thank You letter from Mr. Ricca for contribution to Library/Media Center, 8th
                            Grade Washington, DC Trip & Band Chorus Trip

2. Recording Secretary Report (Lora Camporeale)
        I.      February 18, 2009 Minutes - approved

3. Officers Reports
         I.      Presidents Report (Carol Menniti & Diana Scerbo)
                 a. See New Business Discussions
         II.     Treasurer Report (Lisa Kiss)
                 a. No report
        III.     School Officer/Administrative Reports
                 A. FJS
                         1. Officer: Donna Glinko
                                 a. No Report
                         2. Administrative: Ms. Kerri Quinn
                                 a. Queen Nur program was well received
                                 b. Field Day – June 12 - preparations under way
                                          - PTA requested list of how they would like us to help
                                 c. April 21, 2009 – Budget Vote w/ Art Fair 6-8pm
                                 d. K-1 Report Cards come out next week
                                 e. Kindergarten Readiness Preparation
                                 f. Read for a Reason Program initiated
                                 g. Recycling Assembly scheduled for 4/21/09
                                 h. Kindergarten Screening – 4/22, 4/24 & 4/29
                                 i. Field Trips planned
                                          -Kindergarten – Environmental Center
                                          -Kindergarten – Suessical (Block Lunch Ordering 4/29)
                                          -1st Grade – Turtle Back Zoo (Block Lunch Ordering 5/1)
                                          -2nd Grade – Foster Fields (4/23 & 4/24)
                                          -2nd Grade – Community Theatre (5/6)
                         3. Teacher Rep: Ms. Marinaro – No Report
                 B. Central
                         1. Officer: Roberta Jandoli – No Report
                         2. Administrative: Ms. Melissa Falcone (presented by Ms. Quinn)
                                 a. Grade 4 finishing Ron McBee Cultural Arts Program
                                 b. Queen Nur/Storyteller program was well received
                                 c. Student Counsel from MS visited to explain roles/responsibilities of
                                     officers etc
                                 d. March Birthday Celebration scheduled for March 24
                                 e. MS Peer Mediators expected April 9 to explain ―No Zebras‖ Program
                                 f. Earth Day Assembly scheduled for April 21
                                 g. E H Library Open House – April 25 – 9am to 3pm
                   C. Middle
                           1. Officer: Mary Sakin – No Report
                           2. Administrative: Mr. Joseph Ricca, Jr.
                                    a. Cultural Arts program – Living Voices – received well
                                    b. Cultural Arts program – Dating Awareness – received well
                                    c. Honor Roll recognition for students – names posted and free snacks at lunch
                                    d. Student Council Assembly re: United Way program about mutual respect
                                    e. Pie Day and Dodgeball Fundraisers for Auditorium Seat restoration held
                                    f. Looking into enhancement of the 7th Grade Science Program
                                    g. Next week is Spirit Week
                                    h. Middle School entry into Math/Science Quiz Bowl held in Princeton NJ went
                                       well. First time entry with great result – Team placed in middle of competition.
                                    i. Three out of Four Teams entering the Regional Science Fair will be going to
                                       Washington, DC
                           3. Teacher Report – Miss Dennis
                                    a. Thank you for book Fair and Donations of Books
                                    b. Consider bringing in an author for next year
5. New Business—
          I. Class Moms – In order to be a Class Parent 2009-2010, must be a PTA member and on a committee
         II. Lunch Vendors/Menus will be updated for last two ordering sessions. Details to be posted to site
        III. Upcoming events:
                   1. Secretary Day – April 22 –
                   2. Earth Day – April 22 – ―Go Green‖ bag raffle
                   3. Teacher Appreciation Day Luncheon - May 5 (Lisa Decroce)
                   4. Nurse’s Day – May 12 (volunteer?)
                   5. Kindergarten Screening at FJS – April 22, 24 & 29
                      - PTA Volunteers to attend, pass out info flyer and host tours
                   6. Kindergarten Orientation at FJS – June 3, 2009
         IV. Smartboard Presentation following April 22 PTA Meeting
                   1. Casino Night Profit purchased 3 more Smartboards for our schools
          V. Need volunteers to head committees
         VI. Nominations (April 22, 2009) & Voting (May 13, 2009)
                   1. Nomination Committee Formed in March
                       -Anna Lombardo, Carol Stox, Lisa DeCroce, Trish Fagan & Patty Walters
                   2. Nominations to be presented at April Meeting
                   3. Vote at May Meeting
                   4. Newly elected effective after June PTA Meeting
       VII. Need to work on Next Year’s events for inclusion in the BOE calendar
      VIII. Bereavement gift to Breese Family (donation to Animal Shelter or Carol G Simon Center
              at Morristown Hospital
        IX. Vote on standard amount of bereavement gifts and creation of policy if staff death in
            Immediate family so that we can send in timely fashion
                   -This was done last year – need to research for outcome
         X. Mr. Santos presentation regarding 2009-2010 Budget
                   1. PTA members requested to promote voting by community
                   2. Approximate increase in taxes (based on assessed property value of $355k)
                   3. Flyer presented to explain 2009-2010 budget
                   4. Township rateables decreased this year by $26,000,000 resulting in $30.00 of increase
                   5. Insurance/Healthcare costs increased by 30% from last year
                   6. Money saving initiatives put in place for next year, including shared busing services and
                       administrative services as well as new purchasing regulations and guidelines to cut costs
6. Committees Reports - ACTIVE (In Alphabetical Order)
                                1. Bunco Night- cancelled due to lack of response
                                2. FJS (Judy Nuciforo)
                                         a. April 20 – Clown w/ guitar & Singing
                                         b. May – Snakes & Reptile Show
                                         c. June – DJ Dance Party w/ games & Karaoke for 2nd Grade
                                3. Central (Carol Menniti)
                                         a. April 8 – Magic Variety Show
                                         b. May 15 – Stories from Around the World
                                         c. June – End of Year celebration for 5th Grade
                          BOARD OF EDUCATION REP (Trish Dubeau)
                          CULTURAL ARTS(FJS=Lisa Porrazzo/ Central=Robbin Salmeri/ Middle=Peggy Doyle)
                          COMMUNICATIONS - Website/Newsletter (Deborah Korkodilos)
                                1. All ―flyer‖ information must be approved by Mr. Santos.
                                    Committee submissions for website should be ―copy ready‖
                                    with date of removal from website identified. Send to Deborah
                                    via email with ―website‖ as subject
                           FUND RAISING –
                                        Bricks (Trish DuBeau)
                                                  1. Sale in progress - 45 sold to date
                                                  2. S Raibick of Irrigation Landscape Management of EH offered
                                                      to draw up a plan for walkway. Cost of plan undetermined.
                                                  3. Note sent to Class Parents to purchase bricks for Teacher Gifts
                                                  4. Flyer to go home next week
                                         Box Tops (Donna Glinko)
                                                  1. Next contest ends May 30
                                                  2. Earned $3000 this year beating our goal of $2500
                                                     and increase of 30% over last year.
                                                     and increase of 30% over last year.
                                                  3. Planning Middle School Grade Initiative to purchase Auditorium
                                                     Seat Renovation with class name plaque

                                          Clothing/Toy Drive (Roberta Jandoli)
                                                  1. 4000 pounds of clothing/toys collected
                                                  2. Raised $600
                                          Gertrude Hawke (Carol Stox)
                                                  1. Order delivery scheduled 3/25/09 – 9:30am
                                                  2. Pick Up will be 3/25/09 from 3pm to 5pm
                                                  3. $11,700 in total sales (@ $4300 in profit)
                                          Gift Cards (Tracy Batinger)
                                                  1. Flyers on Website
                                          Go Green Bags (Roberta Jandoli)
                                                  1. $3.00 each
                                                  2. Lisa Schroeder designed logo
                                                  4. Combine Earth Day with Sale
                                          Market Day(Diana Scerbo)
                                                  Ordering Cut Off         Pick Up Dates
                                                    3/19/09                  3/25/09
                                                    4/23/09                  4/29/09
                                                    5/21/09                  5/27/09
                                                   *6/18/09                 *6/24/09 *subject to change
                                          Mothers Day Plant Sale (Gina Lucarella)
                                                  1. May 8, 2009
                                                  2. $1.25 per plant
                                                  3. Flowers Ordered. No hanging basket pre-order this year
                                     Photos (Denise Hand)
                                              1. Vendor for 8th Grade Graduate Photos found
                                              2. No obligation to purchase – will be done on line only
                                                 (need to get written policy with regard to credit card info)
                                              3. All profit to go to Graduation Party
                                      School Supplies (Lisa DeCroce)
                                              1. Request out to teachers for lists of supplies
                       HOSPITALITY - FJS & Central(Gina DeMassi)
                                     April 22 – Secretary Day
                                     May 5 - Teacher Appreciation Lunch
                                     May 12 – Nurses Day
                                     June 15 – End of Year Luncheon, Hanover Manor, 12pm – 2pm
                       LUNCH - FJS (Tracy Martorelli)
                                Central - (Tracy Martorelli / Carol Menniti)
                                Middle – (Carol Menniti)

         IV.    Committees Reports – INACTIVE or COMPLETED (In Alphabetical Order)
                       BOOK FAIR (Lisa Kiss)
                       FUND RAISERS
                              -Casino Night (Renee Artiges)
                              -School Spirit(Barbara Marchitto)
                                       1. Notice posted to PTA website re: availability
                      GAME DRIVE (Natalie Castaneda)
                      GRANT APPLICATIONS (Kristen Huamani)
                       HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE (Trish Fagan/Lisa Monticello)
                       MEMBERSHIP (Dawn Ross)
                              1. 525 Members to date significant decrease from this time last year (709)
                                  finding either husband or wife – not both as in past years
                              2. All volunteers for events must be member in good standing
                       PUBLIC RELATIONS (Barbara Miele)
                       RAFFLES (Diane Salvemini)
                       SPELLING BEE (Natalie Castaneda)
                       SMART BOARDS
                       SPECIAL SERVICES
                       VENDOR NIGHT (Mary Sakin)
                       VOLUNTEERS (Donna Glinko)
                      YOUNGEST CHILD LIST (Diane Salvemini)

7. Meeting Adjourned: 7:55 pm