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									XHR150 - Single Room heat recovery ventilator

     BEAB                   CE             3yr Guarantee

The XHR150          range.       An   effective    remedy       for   damp      problems        associated   with
Key features
Type: Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Application: Single room

Control options: Pull cord / Humidistat

Hole diameter: 150mm
The range
In existing buildings, single room heat recovery ventilators can be quicker and less disruptive to fit than ducted wholehouse heat recovery systems.

Xpelair LoVolt XRH 150 units can be installed quickly using a standard core drill.

Suitable for domestic applications in bathrooms, utility rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Also suitable for commercial applications such as hotels,
offices and meeting rooms.

Xpelair LoVolt XRH 150 is the energy efficient alternative to extract ventilation. It is an effective remedy for damp problems associated with household

The two speed unit removes moist air from the room, which then passes through a heat recovery cell, giving up it’s heat to the incoming air flow.
As it is warmed, the RH reduces dramatically, providing a flow of dry air which in turn acts as a ‘sponge’ to soak up further moisture in the room. Intake is
fixed at less than the extract rate to ensure a slight negative pressure on the room, so that moist air does not migrate to the rest of the dwelling.

XHR150 is more energy efficient than normal fans both in terms of heating and fan running costs. It also complies with current Building Regulations.
LoVolt XHR150 range
Effective solution for condensation problems in individual rooms
• Suitable for solid and cavity walls 229-356mm thick
• Easy installation - a 150mm hole can be drilled in minutes using a core cutter, the unit is then simply slid into place and fixed into position
• On trickle mode, the unit is whisper quiet. At boost speed it is a mere 41dB(A)
• The tamper proof design ensures it works constantly against the effects of condensation
• At the heart of the unit is an efficient aluminium heat recovery cell combined with LoVolt motor assembly for complete safety, especially in the splash
zones of bathrooms and showers
• A separate 12V SELV transformer is supplied with the unit. This is installed outside of Zones 1 and 2
• At most times the unit will ’idle’ at trickle speed.

LoVolt XHR150PC
Ref. 90821AA
• Built in pullcord override switch for On/Off operation
• SELV safety LoVolt motor operation with separate SELV transformer
• Tubular construction with integral air intake/outlet and wall bezel • Aluminium heat exchange cell
• Fascia with built in filters
• Two speed trickle and pullcord boost operation

LoVolt XHR150HP
Ref. 90820AA
• Features over the XHR150PC:
• Built-in humidity sensor automatically detects humidity levels and switches the unit to high speed should a higher percentage RH be detected from
showering, ect.
• Two speed trickle and automatic humidity sensor control boost operation
Technical specification
The unit is to be supplied from the Xpelair XHR range by Applied Energy Products Ltd. Morley Way, Peterborough PE2 9JJ
Tel. +44 (0)1733 456789

Model / Ref
XHR150PC / 90821AA
XHR150HP / 90820AA

• The single room heat recovery ventilator shall be a Safety Extra Low Voltage LoVolt product and supplied complete with exterior weather resistant bezel
and a remote SELV transformer

• The unit shall have two speeds: trickle for constant background ventilation and a boost speed operated manually by way of a built in pullcord on the PC
model and by way of an automatic humidity sensor control on the HP model

• The unit shall be of cylindrical construction with integral outside intake / extract points

• The internal grille shall be moulded in white ABS with a high gloss finish and incorporate a safety finger guard. To avoid cross contamination, the
incoming air shall be delivered to the room at the side of the grille ensuring a 90º separation from the outgoing air. The incoming air shall be filtered
through a foam filter medium.

• The ventilator shall be fitted with a long life aluminium heat recovery cell having an efficiency of up to 80%

• BBA Agreement Board Certification                                                1
XHR150 - Single Room heat recovery ventilator

• Overall dimensions:
200mm x 180mm x 532mm

Product variations
                                               XHR150PC   XHR150HP
Code                                           90821AA    90820AA
Integral pullcord                              yes        yes
Automatic control from remote humidistat       no         yes
Maximum efficiency (%)                         80         80
Speeds                                         2          2
Extract performance (m³/h) boost               31         31
Extract performance (m³/h) trickle             12         12
Extract performance (l/s) boost                9          9
Extract performance (l/s) trickle              3          3
Sound Pressure level (db(A)@3m) boost          41         41
Sound Pressure level (db(A)@3m) trickle        21         21
Power (W) boost                                46         46
Power (W) trickle                              9          9
Hole (mm)                                      150        150
Wall thickness range (mm)                      229-356    229-356
Guarantee (years)                              3          3

XHR150 - Single Room heat recovery ventilator




Dimensions: All dimensions in mm


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