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					  Fistak – worldwide buy & sell online
            market service

Fistak is a web application to service typical buy and sell operations. The website started at 2009
and it expands to other countries to be a worldwide buy & sell online market service. Customers
may post their offers for free except special extra paid offers.

Local agents administering local Fistak web application in their country may take advantage with
google adsense advertisements to achieve some earnings according to actual web traffic statistics

Gain chart
Below you can see how your earnings (using google adsense) are depending on web traffic (page

                                                           Daily Earnings


                 90                                                                                       88,5



   US Dollars

                 50                                                                                              Dollars


                 10                                                         8,85
                                                       1,77      3,54
                  0     0,177     0,354     0,885
                      100       200       500       1000      2000      5000       10000     20000     50000
                                                       Daily Page Views

Figure 1 shows daily incomings approximately
                                                        Monthly Earnings



   US Dollars

                1500                                                                                     US Dollars

                1000                                                                       1062

                 500                                                             531

                                                     53,1      106,2
                   0      5,31      10,62   26,55
                       3000      6000   15000   30000       60000   150000   300000    600000 1500000
                                                    Monthly Page Views

Figure 2 shows monthly incomings approximately

For example, if you gain 150.000 page views per month you will earn $265 approximately

First of all you are responsible to translate sentences table (about 500 strings) to localize website
in your country (about 2 – 3 hours).
Next you may do is to register in google adsense for your account to place advertisements on
localized fistak web site to gain your earnings
There is other things on your account as to improve fistak performance like SEO and positioning
in google for your country.
At last you could register domain for your own,
for example redirected to

You do not need to do most of tasks, first a translation (localization) should be made to start
operating in your country.

Summarizing you are involved to keep SEO and marketing in your country to achieve big impact
in page views of your localized fistak web site to earn money for your own with google adsense.

Cooperative contract
If you are interested in cooperation to administer fistak web site in your country, please contact
us at